Is weed legal in Croatia? Must know the Drug Laws ahead of stepping in!

Croatia is among the top travel destinations around the world. So if you want to capture the beautiful Meditteranean landscapes, then the country must be on your list. So before stepping into the Republic of Croatia, you should know the country’s laws. We are here discussing ‘Is weed legal in Croatia?’ for all our pot lovers.

To be a smart weed-loving visitor, read between the lines.

Croatia, or the Republic of Croatia a beautiful and welcoming tourist destination that sits at the intersection of Central and Southeast Europe. Marijuana has always been a controversial topic across the country. Cannabis is legalized for personal use. However, restricted medical use.

But what’s more legal? What are the laws? What are the things you should take care of?

Read ahead to get the answers…

All about Cannabis legalization in Croatia:


Croatia has come a long way from a strict prohibition on cannabis to a soft approach. However, before becoming aware of the laws, you must know the background briefly.

History of weed in Croatia:

Till the dawn of 2000, everything related to weed was illegal. It is hard to believe that not only the possession, selling, and growing of weed remain illegal substances, but also the signs of marijuana were also banned.

Interestingly, once the pictures of the rapper Eminem faced ban as he released his album with the cannabis cover.

How can a country move towards cannabis legalization that has such strict prohibitions!

Current Status of Cannabis in Croatia:


Medical cannabis: Legal for limited use

Recreational use: Decriminalized for personal use; rest illegal

Croatia has shown a progressive approach by taking steps toward legalizing cannabis. However, the country has strict laws for growing and selling cannabis-based drugs. Law enforcement is also commendable.

Therefore you must stay safe from the laws.

Read the cannabis laws carefully.

Marijuana Drug Laws in Croatia: A must check

Marijuana Drug Laws in Croatia

Croatia passed its Drug Abuse Prevention Act (DAPA) in 2001 and has been refreshing it. The DAPA and Croatia’s Criminal Code manage the circumstances for drug assembling, ownership, and exchange. In addition, the DAPA regulates the cultivation of illicit drugs, selling, and possession.

Also, the DAPA frames a system in the people who violate the law are indicted under the Criminal Code.

Let’s check the breakdown of the laws:

Laws for possession of marijuana: Is marijuana legal for personal use

Indeed, personal use of marijuana is no longer a criminal offense in Croatia

In the year 2013, the DAPA categorized illegal substances into two categories-

  • Heavy drugs
  • Light drugs

Cannabis became the part of light drugs, and a small amount of weed and other light drugs for personal use is a minor offense for the prosecution.

But it doesn’t mean that you can keep marijuana along with you. So there are some very strict laws you must take care of.

  • If you are caught with a fairly small amount of marijuana, like one or two grams of dried flowers or fresh one, cops may ask you to pay the fine immediately. It is always good to do so; then, you will remain safe from other legal consequences. Else you may be sent to up to six months in prison.
  • Remember, no small or maximum quantity of marijuana is defined by Croatian law. Thus, even if you carry a small quantity, you may end up paying a fine of up to €2,600. However, the quality of weed matters, and mostly fines from €650 to €1,300.
  • Also, remember that your penalty depends upon the arresting cops, and your age, quantity of possession, and kinds of various illegal substances play a major role.
  • If the amount of weed is large, then you are in trouble as they might think if you are going to sell cannabis.
  • In Croatia, each case is handled differently. In some cases, the judge presiding and a police officer just set you free by warning you or, in other cases or offering some community service. Else y, you may face tough legal matters.

Laws for cultivation and sale:

The cultivation or production of cannabis is a felony punishable offense with or without intentions to sell the marijuana plants.

Cultivation of illegal plants leads to a mandatory prison sentence of six months to 5 years. If the accused is found guilty of growing marijuana for sale, the jail time is 1-12 years minimum. In some cases, it may reach up to 15 years.

If the person is a drug trafficker, he just spent 20 years in prison.

Breaking any of these laws can lead to severe penalties and alternative measures. For example, the accused must sometimes attend compulsory drug treatment for up to three years.

Medical cannabis in Croatia: Treats drug addiction, MS, and many more!

In 2015, like many European countries, Croatia officially legalized drug use for legal, medical purposes. This happened after the efforts of social activists when a man was arrested for the cultivation of marijuana to treat his multiple sclerosis. The agony after this incident compelled the government to legalize marijuana.

Patients above 18 with MS, AIDS, cancer, and epilepsy can enter the Croatian marijuana program.

Croatian medical marijuana program, anyone suffering from the diseases mentioned above can buy medical weed directly from the pharmacy. The condition is that they must have a digital prescription and can only have a maximum of 7.5 grams per month. Therefore, the prescription has to be renewed in 30 days.

What is Croatia Up to Now?

In recent years some development for marijuana shows that Croatia might become the first European country to legalize marijuana for adult use completely.

The following instances made everyone think so-

A few years ago, the European monitoring center for drugs and drug addiction surveyed that by 2018, many young adults in Croatia from 18-34 years have used cannabis. The ratio is, surprisingly, one out of every 5 people!

In February 2020, Croatian MP Mirela Holy announced to legalize of growing weed for personal needs. She stated.

“When I started talking about it a few years ago, the reactions were terrible, but things have changed,” She further said that to legalize, we have to educate our people first before full legalization. She further stated,

We propose a state agency hybrid (state/private) model to maintain the high quality [of the product] in the market. When it comes to the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, the bill will allow every adult to grow as many as nine female plants with high THC content for their personal needs.” — Mirela Holy.

The bill would be sent for public debate very soon and then for parliamentary debate. And she agreed that no one has ever died using this natural cannabis. Also, many other countries like the USA and many other European countries have used marijuana’s addictive potential to reform their private sector and economic benefits their countries.

Also, in some debates, it was observed that the hemp industry could thrive in the economy and contribute to checking climate change.

These things further claim that Croatia is soon heading towards full legalization.


Can we smoke in public in Croatia?

You should not. Drug law does not mention the quantity of weed, and the cops can be after you anytime. It would help if you avoided such circumstances.

How to get weed in Croatia?

You may get good-quality marijuana if you know someone local.

Is marijuana expensive in Croatia?

Weed was cheap, like 50gms for 50 Euros, but now it is very high. Sometimes 10 gms hash would cost you around 40-100 euros!

Can you name some good strains to try?

White Widow, Skunk, and Northern Lights are some good weed strains in Croatia.


The situation in Croatia indicates that we can listen to the complete legalization of weed. If it happens, the country will become the first one in Europe to legalize cannabis completely.

So, the good news is about to come. But till then, enjoy weed yourself and follow the rules. Be a wise visitor, stoner, and human!

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