Is weed legal in Chile? – Things you should Know

Like many other Latin American nations, Chile is making slow but significant progress towards the legalization of cannabis. So, Is weed legal in Chile? Well, to find out the answer, go on reading!

Chile- is the Southernmost country of the world and witnesses the varied forms of weather, from desert to snowy Antarctica. This lovely country of South America has developed a great interest in weed. But, like its geography, cannabis laws have varied shades.

Want to hear interesting marijuana laws in Chile? Could you stick with us?

Marijuana in Chile: History, Legal Status, The laws


Is weed legal in Chile

In brief, marijuana is legal for personal use and medicinal use. However, buying and selling recreational cannabis is illegal. We will learn about the laws in detail.

But, first of all, let’s look into the details of when cannabis got its space in Chile!

History of Cannabis in Chile

Chile, a South American country, has a long history of marijuana use. Even now, Chile perhaps tops the list of per capita consumption of weed.

Around 1545, hemp production started in Peru, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia to assist the army and the shipping. Only in Chile, Hemp production got a huge success.

According to Wikipedia,

Antofagasta and Tocopilla were the two port towns where American Sailors used cannabis in the 1940s. Soon cannabis use in Chile started soaring because of foreign sailors. From 1960-to 1970, cannabis and hemp became extremely popular among foreigners. Moreover, Hippies who came to Chile from the USA and Latin America started using weed for restoration and other purposes in their daily life and made marijuana extremely popular among locals.

Ministry of Education, Chile, reports that by the early years of the 1970s, more than 60% of Chilean High school students have tried weed at least once. The bill in 2005 has decriminalized the use of marijuana for personal use. It also allows you to grow your cannabis plant, but strictly for self-usage.

Cannabis Status and Laws in Chile

Chile is a cool place for using weed. Though the country has not legalized the production of weed and also made smoking weed in public illegal, it has generously made cannabis legal for personal use. Also, the country decriminalized medical marijuana back in 2015.

You can understand the generosity of using marijuana in Chile because the legal age is just 12 years to start cannabis use.

Insanely Awesome! Isn’t it?

Current Status: the legislation

Medical marijuana: Legal with Doctor’s prescription

Recreational marijuana: Partially legal in chile for personal consumption. However, the country condemns smoking in public. Consuming marijuana on the streets and in other public places is highly illegal. You can possess 5-10 gms of weed at your home for your usage. You can cultivate up to six plants for personal use.

Buying, selling, importing, and smoking on the streets of cannabis is illegal. Cultivation is allowed for personal use at home or in the medical marijuana industry.

Medical Cannabis in Chile: How to get medical marijuana?

In the year 2014, Chile started trials with medical cannabis. And soon, in 2015, Chilean Congress passed the decriminalization law on medical marijuana. President Michelle Bachelet signed and enforced the new law.

Since then, medical marijuana has become widely available across the country.

Unlike other Latin American countries, Chile has merged its cannabis laws with pharmacies. Any pharmacies with legal marijuana can provide you with the weed for medical purposes. So it is very easy getting medical weed there. However, being a rich country, you need a good amount to get marijuana. As per Marijuana Doctors, a patient needs to spend at least $310 for a month’s supply of weed.

Doctors can recommend medical cannabis for chronic pain, depression, cancer, nausea, PTSD, AIDS/HIV, multiple sclerosis, and many other severe diseases.

Thus, patients can purchase medical cannabis from pharmacies. To support medical use, the largest medical marijuana farm was opened in the capital city, Santiago in Chile, in 2015 and works under Chile’s Agriculture and Livestock Service. The farm harvested more than 7000 cannabis plants in 2016. It can benefit almost 4000 medical marijuana patients. Also, it can be used for research in universities and various labs.

Law: Penalties and punishments

Since cannabis was decriminalized in 2015, you have no jail sentence until you are into drug dealing or trafficking. Police will not bother you for recreational use on your private property.

Home cultivation of cannabis plants for self-use is also allowed.

The bottom line is, in general. Police will warn you and let you go if it finds you smoking in parks, beaches, or other public properties. However, you will be in big trouble if caught in dealing like buying or selling weed. In this case, you can talk to them and beg for mercy. Please never try to bribe Chilean Police like other countries! Remember! Chile has the best police and law enforcement in Latin America.

Tips: The do’s and don’ts in Chile

Although Chile is a weed-friendly country, you must still take care of some points if you plan to visit Chile.

Avoid smoking in public. However, you will find many people around you doing it. But it may cause you big trouble. Police are not always nice to let you go after a warning. Sometimes, you may have to pay a heavy fine.

Be nice to the police and never try to bribe them.

Buy weed only from a known person. Otherwise, you will pay a huge amount for a low-quality drug.

Though cultivation for personal use is generous in Chile, it may be subject to law enforcement. Make sure you are doing it within the limits of the law. Be nice to the police always.

You can get a quality weed in  Limache, Quillota, Los Vilos or Cabildo. These are interior cities in Chile.


How much weed is legal for self-use?

Approximately 10 gms of weed and up to six marijuana plants at home are legal.

Do medical pharmacies carry dry flowers and buds?

Pharmacies usually have cannabis-infused products like cannabis resin, lotions, sprays, cannabis extracts, and colorants.

Is the cultivation of cannabis plants allowed?

If the decriminalization law is passed, you could cultivate 6 marijuana plants at home. However, as of now, you can grow plants but should have a proper justification and the purpose you are growing them for.

Is hemp oil legal in Chile?

Yes, consumption and production of industrial hemp and hemp oil are legal in chile.

Can Chile make weed legal completely in 2023?

Well, already, Chile seems to have such a great and generous sight of cannabis. But we cannot say, but maybe soon you will hear that cannabis is legal in Chile.

What is the cost of weed in Chile?

It varies with the quality of weed. But, $85-$170 is the average price for a good quality weed in Santiago and other big cities. However, if you manage to get from the interior, the cost may be around $60 per ounce.

Where should I smoke in Chile?

Always must be on your personal property. It may be your home, hotel room, or any place that belongs.

What are marijuana strains popular in Chile?

Northern lights, Purple haze, super skunk, ak-47, white widow, orange bud, etc., are some common and excellent buds in Chile.

Can I get a jail term for drug trafficking?

Indeed. You can be sent to jail for 5-15 years if found with heavy quantities and for 541 days to 5 years for a small quantity of weed.

Is marijuana a hard drug in Chile?

President Michelle Bachelet removed it from the ‘Hard Drug list’ in 2015.

Is weed legal in Chile? The Bottom Line

Chile has taken some concrete steps to loosen its cannabis laws. But it would help if you did not make the laws for granted. So staying within limits will do your favor every time.

So, use cannabis as allowed and wait for the time till it gets legalized completely. You don’t need to hide and smoke in Chile. Luckily it is legal to smoke on your premises.

Be a wise tourist or citizen! It is our duty and gentle gesture to stand by the laws and to show our respect to the country.

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