Is weed legal in Cambodia? What is Happy Pizza? Should you try ?

Have you ever heard of ‘Happy Pizza Shops’ in Cambodia? Or still stuck with the question, Is weed legal in Cambodia? Though cannabis is illegal in Cambodia, there is much more to explore and fun! How? Sharing all about marijuana in Cambodia.

Where the World is looking to make marijuana legal, there is a country where cannabis is still not legal, yet you will find it easily. We are talking about Cambodia. Cambodia is a very developing country located in Southeast Asia. Marijuana is technically illegal here. But, still, you will find people enjoying weed in different forms in Cambodia.

Quite interesting! Read to catch the full story.

Cannabis In Cambodia: History, Local Laws, Happy Pizza, And much more!


is weed legal in cambodia

Though cannabis in Cambodia is fairly illegal, or you can say semi-illegal. Cambodians used to use marijuana as a top ingredient for their cooking purposes.

Let’s see how cannabis got introduced to Cambodia.

The Background of marijuana in Cambodia:

Weed was most likely acquainted with Southeast Asia around the 1600 years. Since then, Cambodians have made the best use of it restoratively in their cuisine. Cannabis was utilized as a spice in some Khmer cuisine dishes to supplement the flavor. Further, the herbs were used for medicinal or cooking purposes only.

By 1961, with the Single Convention on Narcotics settlement, cannabis became illegal; however, due to weak law enforcement, marijuana was kept sold in Cambodia.

In 1992, United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia arrived for its peacekeeping mission. It made even medical cannabis illegal. But again, the law was not enforced strictly.

In 1996, the country passed its first drug law, the Cannabis Act, which proclaims cannabis as an unlawful drug. However, Cambodians can grow few plants for medical or cooking purposes. Therefore, it is important to mention that the laws were only for the citizens of Cambodia. The tourists and non-Cambodians, like foreigners, remained refrained from this law.

Since the act was passed, government authorities kept a strong stance on the harsh drugs like cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines which were openly sold in Cambodia back then.

Cannabis Culture in Cambodia: Happy Pizza shops in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh

Cannabis Culture in Cambodia

Though it is not legal in Cambodia to smoke weed, you will find many Happy pizza places in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh and the cities like Siem Reap. Local people and travelers enjoy these happy pizzas all around Cambodia.

Cannabis is usually termed ‘Ganja’ in Cambodia.

What is Happy pizza?

Happy pizzas are the pizzas topped with marijuana leaves. As we have mentioned, the country uses cannabis widely for their food; Pizza is one of their top dishes and the center of tourist attraction.

You will find many happy restaurants that are serving pizzas, soups, and other dishes packed with cannabis.

Many customers’ reviews say these crazy happy pizzas don’t make high. But give you a happy feeling so that you can enjoy it.

Some customers said if you ask for extra happy pizza, prepare for its ‘high’ effects. Sometimes, it may put you to sleep for hours or even for the day.

Please have happy pizza in moderation. Remember, Cambodia is a very developing country with poorer medical facilities than any other country. Some people also felt hallucinations, and the report says that the maximum deaths in Cambodia are due to overdose of illicit drugs.

Stay Mindful always!

Surely, this pizza is a Cambodian way to enjoy weed. It is cheap and easy to find. So, giving it a try is worth enough! Isn’t it?

And yes, if you eat happy pizza, you are violating the laws. But don’t ell bad as the police will not disturb you till the moment you don’t draw their attention toward them.

Weed laws in Cambodia:

Indeed, Cambodia has very strict laws against illicit drugs. But, again, laws are hardly followed. and marijuana is sold freely in bars, restaurants, and markets. But remember that:

Smoking weed in public is illegal and may be subject to a heavy fine.

Usually, in Cambodia, police won’t send you to jail for having or consuming weed until you become a threat or danger to the public.

If you are caught with cannabis, you can try to bribe the police. It usually works. However, if your bad luck follows you, penalties will get worse.

Where to find weed in Cambodia?

Though weed-infused food is very easy to find in Cambodia, if you want to get real marijuana, that is also not difficult. If you are at the downside or the riverside, you will find people asking for ‘joints.’ Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are better places to buy weed.

Also, tuk-tuk drivers in Sisowath Quay sell marijuana at night. You can have them as well. But beware! As there are always pickpocketers around. They have their prying eyes on your wallet!

Don’t expect the weed to be of superior quality as you are getting them for a small amount of money and in a country where it is supposed to be illegal.

Also, we won’t recommend breaking the laws, especially if you are a tourist to the country. Better to enjoy the weed-infused cuisine of Cambodia to avoid police and law enforcement.

FAQs: Is weed legal in Cambodia

What cannabis can we find in Cambodia?

Cannabis, Cocaine, MDMA, methamphetamine, ketamine, and heroin are some narcotics you can get in Cambodia.

Can we possess weed in Cambodia?

Due to the Cannabis Act, possession, distribution, and sale is illegal in the country.

Can we grow cannabis plants in Cambodia?

Cambodian residents can grow one cannabis plant for medicinal and cooking purposes.

What is the cost of ‘Happy Pizza’?

You can get happy pizza from $5-$10 USD, depending upon the size and the type of cannabis put inside the pizza.

Is weed trafficking legal?

No. It is extremely illegal. And you will risk your life as you will be sent to jail. Don’t bring cannabis to Cambodia.

In which cities can we have the best cannabis Pizza?

In Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem are some best places to enjoy weed.

Is there any jail sentence for smoking weed?

Smoking weed is illegal, but you will not get into prison. Instead, you will likely pay a hefty fine or bribe the police.

When weed is so illegal in Cambodia, how is it sold so openly?

Well, Cambodia is a developing country. People hardly find ways to meet their needs met. Hence the law and police usually ignore it. But smoking weed in public will cause trouble. So, don’t try.


We can never encourage you to go against the laws. But, as weed is illegal, then why risk your life? It is better to enjoy cannabis-infused food if you are a traveler. However, that is also illegal.

But. police usually don’t interfere till it gets the wrong signals from your side. Being a tourist, you should follow the rules and regulations of the country you are stepping in. And if you are a citizen there, you can enjoy growing and having it in your food.

Buy your weed later in your town! It is always the best practice to make good decisions!

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