Is weed legal in Barbados? – Things you must KNOW

Do you know that the country most loved among other Caribbean countries is Barbados? The dream place welcomes millions of tourists every year. Wondering about the weed culture in Barbados? Would you like to know ‘if weed is legal in Barbados?’ Read on to find all the answers.

Barbados is the most visited beautiful island country in the Caribbean islands. You must have heard about the scenic views, mesmerizing beaches, the local rum, picturesque landscapes, and Rhianna. Barbados exists near Jamaica and the west indies. The country is extremely travel-friendly. But is it weed-friendly?

Well, Barbados accepted marijuana for medical use. But, Recreational use remains illegal. However, consumption is quite high.

Let’s look at the laws.

Cannabis laws in Barbados:


Curious to know Is weed legal in Barbados

The current situation in Barbados:

  • Medical cannabis: Legal
  • Recreational cannabis: Illegal

Cannabis usage is quite complex yet interesting. Though being illegal for recreational purposes, the People of Barbados love to offer weed to tourists. However, Cannabis use is not objected till usage for medicinal use or religious purposes.

In Barbados, local dealers source marijuana from St. Vincent and Jamaica.

Cannabis Laws:

According to the drug law in Barbados, It is illegal to grow, sell or possess weed. In case of medicinal use, you must have a license.

Law on Possession of marijuana:

The law says that if a person possesses up to 14 grams of weed or ganja, he is liable to pay $200 as a fine. This fine is payable in 30 days. In general, the law doesn’t impose criminal charges.

Also, if police catch any young one less than 18 years with half an ounce or less, they will have to face the National Council on Drug Abuse for counseling.

However, people usually get orders to do some community services if they cannot pay.

Laws on the cultivation of marijuana:

Laws about growing weed are not described much. But, as published in Nation news, There was a case of cultivation of marijuana, where the accused was sent to prison for 5 years.

Indeed, cultivation is a criminal offense in Barbados. However, it is legal if you possess a license to grow medical marijuana for your needs or religious purposes like Rastafarians.

Medical Marijuana in Barbados: The medicinal cannabis industry bill & Medical cannabis industry

Earlier medical use was also an offence. But in November 2019, the new law came into the picture.

However, during this time, the two main bills, the medicinal cannabis industry bill, and the Sacramental cannabis bill, were passed through the parliament. The legislation made a commendable milestone in medical cannabis reform.

The Governor-general of Barbados signed the bills, and laws were passed into legislation. Cannabis wire published the news in detail.

And soon after the medical cannabis industry bill and the Sacramental bill passed, there was a strong need to govern the use of cannabis for both religious and medical purposes.

Thus, this established the route to form the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority.

Responsibilities of this authority include

  • Issuing medical marijuana licences
  • regulate medical cannabis use
  • Prepare a system for the electronic tracking of cannabis.
  • List out the registered practitioners, patients, and caregivers.

It supports research, income development, and cooperation with worldwide marijuana experts and bodies. Also, pot is ready for development in the clinical business because of interest and financial possibilities.

Clinical investigation into weed will assist with understanding its utilization and impacts better for the country.

The Weed Culture:

Fortunately, Barbados is a weed-welcoming country despite illegal recreational use. You will find people smoking weed in many places, including public places like parks, colleges, etc. Young citizens of the country strongly favor the legalization of weed.

They offer weed to tourists even without asking, as per tourists’ experiences shared on Trip Advisor. 


What if the police catch me smoking weed?

Police usually ignore. Yet you will face court if you play stupid, like look heavily stoned or create any nuisance.

Can I trust local people to get weed?

Yes, you can. Try to find Rastafaris. They will help you.

Will Barbados legalize marijuana soon?

Maybe. But we don’t know till when. However, marijuana can soon get a legal certificate in Barbados for continuous public demands and economic welfare.

What can marijuana cost in Barbados?

Marijuana prices may range from 50$US – 80$US for a half ounce!

The Bottom Line:

If we put it in a nutshell, Barbados is a must-visit country. Whether you are a stoner or not, you will love this country.
For weeders!

The country is worth visiting as well. In fact, despite illegal recreational status, you can enjoy cannabis here. You must remember that if you are a tourist there, always stay sober.

Furthermore, Smoke weed moderately and be nice to cops and the locals. You will have a memorable time in Barbados.

Happy staying in Barbados!

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