Is weed legal in Bangladesh? Know the laws before it’s too late!

Is weed legal in Bangladesh? Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world. This South Eastern country has a strong name in the textile industry. Do they use weed? Is weed legal in Bangladesh? If you would like to know more about Bangladesh, read ahead!

We all know about Bangladesh being surrounded by so many problems. It’s religion, refugees, flooding, and many more. Like many countries, Bangladesh has banned the cultivation, buying, selling, transport, and possession of Marijuana in all forms. Strict laws regulate weed. Still, it has a very high consumption of cannabis. Notwithstanding, the cannabis laws are quite lax and lenient.

We have come up with a summary of laws and law enforcement in Bangladesh.

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All about Cannabis laws:


Is weed legal in Bangladesh Know the laws before it’s too late!

Current Status of Marijuana:

Medical purposes: Illegal

Recreational purposes: Illegal

Cannabis production, cultivation, and possession of Marijuana are illegal in Bangladesh. Each activity related to Ganja is strictly prohibited.

However, tolerance for smoking marijuana is quite high. But still illegal even for Medicinal purposes.

Narcotics control act 1990 controls everything about cannabis in Bangladesh. So, what does the act say?

Narcotics Control Act:

Narcotics Control Act

National Narcotics Control Board has been controlling Marijuana since the Narcotics control act came into existence.

The Narcotics act was approved in 1990 by the Parliament of Bangladesh. This act canceled all the old drug laws like the Opium Act of 1878 and the Excise Act of 1909. And the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1930, the Opium Smoking Act of 1932, and the Prohibition Rules of 1950.

However, the government made many amendments public in the years 2000, 2002, and 2004 and finally, the law was enforced on 2 January 1990.

Drug Laws: Law enforcement agencies

Under the Narcotics Act, the following penalties are there

  • Possession of under Two kilograms of pot could bring about 10 years of Jail time.
  • However, possession of more than 2 kgs of Marijuana could bring about lifetime imprisonment or even authorizes the court’s discretionary ability to announce and impose the death sentence in some cases. ( the report on the death sentence is according to the Deputy news editor- Tareque Habib)
  • The act permits the manufacturing, process, supply, selling, import, and export of Narcotics drugs for making medicines or for any scientific research under a popular license. There is no medical marijuana concept in Bangladesh. However, you can consume it as medicine.

Though cannabis laws suggest not to use weed there in Bangladesh, there is a strong tolerance for possessing a small amount of Marijuana for personal use. Likewise, cultivation is not legal. Still, marijuana plants are the top choice for growers. Let’s know more about the cannabis culture.

Law Enforcement:

Laws are quite strict. Yet, the police don’t care much for tourists. They usually warn and ignore. The one thing you will find is that in the country, corruption is very high. If the police catch you, you can bribe them, and they will set you free.

According to the UN report, approximately 70 lakh people in Bangladesh use weed daily. Strange!

Cannabis Culture in Bangladesh:

Cannabis Culture in Bangladesh

Cannabis usage is not new in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi individuals have been using marijuana and opium due to various customs.

The drug continues as a part of daily life by the citizens and the foreigners in Bangladesh. Consistently In a celebration in Kushtia, Bangladesh, in remembrance of the late society vocalist Fakir Lalon Shah. Individuals come from India and West Bengal too. They enjoy chillum openly.

Further, there was a report published in UNODC 2005. This states, “Cannabis is still cultivated, particularly in the districts of Naogaon, Rajshahi, Jamalpur, and Netrokona in the northwestern region. Also, as the hilly districts near Cox’s Bazaar, Bandarban, Khagrachhari, and Rangamati in the southeast (bordering Myanmar). Reliable figures for the total area of cannabis production in Bangladesh are not available, but cultivation in the Chittagong Hill Tract region is reportedly on the increase. “

Where to find Marijuana in Bangladesh?

However, the sale of Marijuana is illegal by law. Yet, you will not find it difficult to get weed, especially in the capital Dhaka. You may find weed in the following places:

  • Gulshan
  • Dhanmondi
  • Cox’s bazaar

Moreover, the cost of Marijuana is also very competitive in the country. So, Chill!


Will Bangladesh legalize Marijuana soon?

Well, nothing can be said. But, as of now, Bangladesh Government is making cannabis laws stricter. So, we can say that no sooner you will hear about legal Marijuana in Bangladesh.

Why, after having strict laws, is weed consumption getting higher in Bangladesh?

The country has a high crime rate, and jails are often crowded with criminals. So, cops, generally, ignore the people smoking weed.
Further, the refugees and Rohingyas don’t take up any jobs there by the law. Thus, they often take paths of crime or indulge in drug cultivation and sale.

What if cops hold me for possession of weed?

Try to bribe them, as Bangladesh tops among the most corrupt nations. It often works. Else, tell them about not knowing the drug laws and apologize,

How can I get a License for weed?

Well, there is no such license exists in Bangladesh. It is completely illegal whether you are using it for medicinal purposes or personal use.


As the government seems to get stricter on Marijuana, the legalization of cannabis is not likely soon. However, as the country shows leniency about drugs, you can use them.

Although, it’s better to keep in mind the laws and legislation. Obviously, It’s always better safe than sorry!

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