Is weed Legal In Aruba? – Is Aruba a Cannabis Paradise?

Is Weed Legal in Aruba? Let’s find out everything.

Aruba: is a small Dutch Constituent country of the Netherlands. This tiny country is a well-known attraction for tourists all around the world. Being a popular tourist destination, Aruba is influenced by many cultures. However, the country is well known for its natural heritage, like riverless beaches, white sand beaches, and limestone sand.

There is a lot more to explore about Aruba. It’s a paradise for tourists. Although, if you are a weed lover, you will be disappointed in Aruba.

Using or carrying marijuana is illegal in Aruba! Yes, It’s not the place for marijuana lovers.

Marijuana laws in Aruba: What’s legal?


Hey, Stoners! Aruba is not heaven for you.

Weed in any form is illegal in Aruba. Cannabis laws in Aruba don’t allow the usage of recreational cannabis and medical marijuana.

Huh! So, Tough!!


But the good news is that things are changing but slowly. Since 2017, the presence of a liberal government-supported and made a slight move by making CBD products legal in Aruba. However, the legal definition now says that you can use CBD products with less than 0.2% THC.

Indeed, you can hope for better years for cannabis lovers ahead as the government wants to legalize cannabis to boost its local economy.

So, in a nutshell, the following is legal in Aruba:

  • CBD products with less than 0.2% THC, including cannabis-derived oils, cremes. Lotions, gels, etc.
  • Medicinal cannabis is also partially legalized, but you need to go through several formalities. First, they made marijuana legal only for cancer patients after seeing the positive effects of cannabis on the patients.

Note that it is illegal to buy marijuana or sell marijuana or even smoke it in Aruba.

You will find inaccurate information on various websites claiming that recreational use or medical cannabis has become legal. But, THIS IS NOT TRUE! So, rely only on reliable resources.

Finding Marijuana in Aruba:

Yes! You may find weed there!!


Many Reddit users claim that they have bought cannabis in Aruba. But illegally. Aruba is a heavily crowded tourist place. It is possible to find weeds alongside beaches or other tourist places.

Indeed, you will pay at least double the price of that marijuana strain. Furthermore, heavy fines and imprisonment would welcome you if you get caught with the pot stuff, so beware!

A user stated, ” Cannabis is illegal in Aruba. But from What I’ve seen, just don’t smoke in front of the cops, and they won’t care. However, be aware, the laws are quite strict about it”.

Suppose you are trying to get some weed from a person on the beach. Do it at your own risk. Else don’t do it.

Now, please find more information in our FAQs segment.


Is it a good idea if I fly with marijuana prefilled pens or vape cartridges?

We advise, please don’t do it. This way, you can get caught, or else the correct cartridge leaks due to air pressure, and the dank smell of weed will let everyone know about it.

Should I buy weed from beach vendors?

No, the Beach vendors are looters. You have to pay high for marijuana. Also, many people complain about the quality and the taste of weed.

Will marijuana become legal in Aruba in 2023?

Nothing can be said. However, certainly, The chances of making recreational legal soon are. However, the government is planning to make medical marijuana legal.

What if a tourist gets caught with pot?

Tourists must abide by the country’s laws, being the country’s guests. They should respect the laws.

Is it okay to buy weed in USD?

Buying marijuana is an illegal and punishable offense in Aruba. However, Dollar or Florins, either currency is acceptable.

Are there any chances to legalize medical marijuana in Aruba?

Yes, the government once stated in 2020 that they consider making medical cannabis legal, but recreational cannabis won’t.

Where can I find weed in Aruba?

Legally, you will not get weed in Aruba. Though some Reddit users claim that you will get marijuana in Moomba beach, Seaport, and Palm Beach through dealers. But that is an illegal way of purchasing.

Why doesn’t the Aruba government make marijuana legal?

They have their concerns about its addictive and sedative effects. Also, health and road safety after getting high has major decisive factors.

Can I transport weed from a legal state to Aruba?

Don’t even try. Even the legal states don’t allow the transportation of marijuana. You cannot cross any state’s boundaries with such stuff.

Why shouldn’t I buy weed from the beach vendors?

First of all, it’s illegal in Aruba.
You have to pay a heavy price for a small amount of weed.
Even after paying a heavy charge, weed from the vendors is not reliable. Some users complained about the taste and reliability.
If you get caught, your whole life will be ruined.
Remember, the Aruba government doesn’t forgive tourists. Instead, they assume that you must be well aware of the facts and rules of the country.


Aruba is not a place for pot lovers. We recommend you should not carry your weed stuff along with you. Don’t let your weed love ruin your life forever.

If you stay in Aruba, you must follow your country’s rules. And if you are a tourist, it is always great to respect the rules of the place you are visiting. However, you can enjoy weed in the legal states. This is only the best option.

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