Is weed legal in Argentina? Latest News 2023

Is weed legal in Argentina? Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. It has a great population as well. But how is the weed culture in Argentina? Is weed legal in Argentina? Know the laws before it’s too late!

Read between the line to grab each detail of the weed laws in Argentina.

Argentina is the second largest country with the third most populated country in South America. So be its culture or sports like football, the country never failed to impress the world. Regarding cannabis, Argentina showed a huge welcoming gesture as the country has made medical marijuana legal and decriminalized recreational weed or personal use.

Drug use on private property is fairly tolerated.

So, what are you waiting for? Just keep reading to know more!

Drug Laws in Argentina: Laws


Is weed legal in Argentina

The drug is available in abundance in Argentina, and so is its usage. But still, you have to keep certain things in your mind before enjoying weed. Remember that Argentina takes its rules and regulations very seriously, and law enforcement is also strict.

So let’s understand the laws for drug users in Argentina.

Current Status on Marijuana:

Medical cannabis: Legal

Recreational cannabis: Decriminalized or personal use but still illegal.

Until now, Argentina has played well towards legalization. There are almost no rules for personal consumption in small quantities. Also, medical cannabis is accessible if you have a valid prescription.

It’s time for an in-depth look at the laws.

Legalization of Cannabis in Brief

Before 2009, there were strict rules and punishments for drug usage. However, in 209, the Supreme court ruled out the punishments over the personal consumption of weed, though still keeping it illegal.

Further, the acceptance of weed consumption led to the next step. And the country took a step forward toward the legalization of medical marijuana. Then, in 2017, the Senate of this Latin American nation accepted marijuana for medicinal purposes. Then, the self-cultivation of plants at home got a green signal from the government on 2020.

Argentina is moving slowly toward legalization.

Laws on Drug Possession and personal Consumption in Argentina:

As mentioned above, Argentina decriminalized weed for personal use in 2009. The travelers and the people of Argentina mention that you will not be prosecuted for any amount of weed only if it is for your personal use. However, you will be in danger if they doubt you have the cannabis or are selling it.

Argentina has not defined any small quantities of weed. That’s why police ignore people carrying weed with them.

However, a person can only smoke weed for private use on personal property. Smoking weed in public is illegal. However, tolerated.

Behavior in private is legal, as long as it doesn’t constitute a clear danger,” Supreme Court President Ricardo Lorenzetti said.

Laws on Medical Cannabis products:

In 2017, Argentina legalized Medical marijuana. The Argentine Congress approved the use of cannabis products like cannabis oil for some medical conditions. One can only use this medicinal cannabis when they have a valid medical prescription.

Here pharmacies can sell many cannabis products like cremes, lotions, oils, and other drug products. Also, many health insurance companies provide full coverage for medical cannabis.

Further, in 2020, the law has some new clauses by which patients can grow their plants strictly for medicinal use. For example, President Alberto fernández signed this decree and made it legal to grow marijuana plants for medical use.

To grow your plants, you need to have a cultivation license first. Home cultivation is not possible without a doctor’s prescription.

Get a Cultivation License:

REPROCANN, Argentina’s national cannabis registry (Registro Nacional del Programa de Cannabis), is responsible for providing medical cannabis cultivation licenses.

One must register in REPROCANN, if :

  • You are a patient and would like to grow plants for personal use.
  • If you are an individual that can grow on behalf of the registered patients.
  • If you are an NGO that would work to grow crops of the marijuana plant for the registered patients only.
  • To get access to cannabis products from Pharmacies.
  • To buy cannabis seeds from the local or outside vendor.

You can only register for this program when you have a written recommendation from the registered Doctor’s prescription. Many patients have benefitted themselves by registering into the program- an official gazette.

How to apply to REPROCANN?

  • First of all, get a recommendation from a registered doctor.
  • Go to the Mi Argentina platform. Open your account by placing all the details.
  • Attach your medical prescription to the licensed practitioner.
  • Find your Doctor on REPROCANN, and attach your profile with him.
  • Now, wait for the official mail for your status.

Notably, unlike other Latin American countries, Argentina has no defined list of health ailments for which medical use of cannabis products is recommended.

Hence a patient can apply for any health ailment. Like PTSD, Cancer, Epilepsy, Neuropathic pain, muscle spasm, insomnia, anxiety, stress, etc.

Rules for growing weed:

Before registering into REPROCANN, you must know the rules and regulations one must follow ahead of home cultivation.

  • One grower is allowed per household. The portal needs access to the location of the plant.
  • Once registered, a grower can grow up to nine marijuana plants.
  • Your garden should not exceed 6m2 indoors to 15m2 outdoors.
  • Six bottles of 30ml of cannabis oil or 40g of dried bud are allowed to transport at once.

Remember, breaking any rule would let you face severe jail time. So, better not try!

Laws on Drug trafficking:

Drug Trafficking is a serious offense in this South American country. The ruling party is also very clear about selling and transporting weed.

What is the Weed Culture in Argentina?

What is the Weed Culture in Argentina

If you look back, you will find massive support from the public for the cultivation and production of marijuana. People would like to decriminalize marijuana completely. They want easy access and no-pressure cultivation rights on weed.

For this, on May 4, 2019, around 140,000 people gathered in 19 different cities of Argentina to show their mass support for cannabis. The event attracted drug users, seed bank representatives, cannabis seed growers, politicians, and organizations like Mamá Cultiva Argentina.

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, has always been the hotspot for such rallies. Further, in 2013, neighboring Uruguay was the first country to allow cultivation for personal use. This type of law in the neighborhood also pushed for lax laws.

Weed Tourism in Argentina:

Weed Tourism in Argentina

Argentina is the second largest consumer of weed in Latin America. People enjoy themselves near beaches or on private property in Buenos aires. Even if you smoke on the roads, you will probably be warned by the cops. Usually, they ignore you until they find proof against you for selling weed.

Though recreational weed consumption is illegal, it is very common in Argentina. But there is no such legal weeded tourism, but you may find some good weed in Argentina. So unless you are having weed in small amounts for your consumption and not creating a nuisance, the law will spare you. But, like many countries, Argentina also won’t establish morality for consuming weed!


Where to buy cannabis in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina. It is indeed the smoking capital of the country. You may approach parks, beaches, and other public places from where you will get your favorite weed strain. Here people are very friendly and will guide you to get your goal.

Will I get jail time for smoking weed in public?

Public consumption is illegal, and the law forbade you from doing this. Yet cops usually spare the drug users. They hardly warn you.

How much expensive is a weed in Argentina?

Generally, weed is not very expensive in Argentina. You can get as low as $20 for 40 grams.

The future of Weed in Argentina:

Well, new regulations and rules have made the country desire to have legal marijuana status. All the possibilities are pointing towards that Argentina will be the next one to legalize weed in South America.

However, the country is working on its rules regularly to make cannabis easier to use. You may hear soon that Argentina is going to legalize marijuana very soon. But till then, you have to abide by the laws and enjoy the legal weed only.

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