Speed Greens Review 2024: Is it Legit?

Speed Greens Review: Speed Greens is one of the most trusted online dispensaries if you look to buy weed online. Do you agree? If not, and if you would like to know more about Speed Greens, then look at this detailed review to see the Speed greens through a broader lens.

If you are an avid pot lover of Canada, you must be familiar with the Speed Greens. And if you have not tried the company yet, you should now. They have made buying weed online a real fun! Top-quality cannabis products, great deals, excellent customer service, and great customer reviews have made it stand out among the top online dispensaries in Canada.

I will tell you everything about the Speed Greens brand in this review. That’s too with my experience! You have not read such a curated detailed, and authentic review until now.

So, let’s get started.

Speed Greens Online Dispensary: Is it the best


Speed Greens Review

The cannabis industry is a witness to some incredible cannabis dispensaries. Only in Canada, there are more than 400+ MOM online dispensaries.

So, if you are shopping online for cannabis products or cannabis strains, it seems like a dispensary. Yes, Speed Greens is a famous online dispensary in Canada. But, you should carefully check all the aspects before spending your money.

I have decided to provide the best Speed greens review to assist you! We will check the Speed Greens on all the possible points together.

Let’s dig into the history.

Speed Greens: History

Speed Greens is a dream venture of some cannabis enthusiasts. The company founders have been said to have experience in the cannabis industry for more than 45 years. Due to the lack of information about the establishment year of Speed greens or the founder’s name, It is difficult to say more about their background.

Yet, we can say that the company is a pioneer in selling cannabis products and has been serving this industry for many years. As a result, speed Greens have been adding trusted edibles brands to deliver quality cannabis products.

So, there is no doubt that Speed Greens is a well-established and trustworthy cannabis seller. So it’s time to check how well or not their team works.

Market Reputation of Speed Greens

What does the cannabis industry think about Speed Greens? This obvious question strikes the mind while trying to get cannabis products from a brand.

Well, Speed Greens has a solid and good reputation in the market. It is considered one of the top online dispensaries in Canada. Whether its product quality, customer care, customer reviews, or service quality is concerned, Speed Greens stays on the top.

You can search the internet yourself and find the customers’ reviews about this online dispensary. Unfortunately, there are hardly any negative reviews.

Speed Greens: Website

The website of Speed greens can make you fall in love with it! It’s brilliantly designed and crafted. I have reviewed so many dispensaries and visited several websites. But the attraction I found on the Speed Greens website is nowhere else.

So, let’s check its website in detail.

Visit Speed Greens Website


Such a beautifully designed website! The excellent theme will take you to your childhood days. You will feel it is as easy as a child is playing.

The website works great both on mobile and desktop. The banner mentions all the offers and discounts to keep the customer engaged. While downwards, there is a plethora of information regarding their massive range of producer rewards and affiliate programs.

I loved their color scheme as well. Though many brands prefer keeping light colors, Speed greens uses many lights and dark colors on its homepage. What a funky look of their website! They have used the color palette beautifully. Also, the text is well-readable.


Like the beautiful design, the website of Speed Greens offers its users a very smooth and easy exploration. You can search for whatever you want. All the information is accessible by clicking on your mouse.

Or, you can navigate via smartphone as well without an issue. Their well-planned and designed menu further invite you to dig for more information through the subcategories.

So, you can learn a lot about their products. Everything is making the website pristine and crisp to visit again!

User Experience:

When design and navigation are superb, the user experience must be remarkable. Undoubtedly, Speed Green does not disappoint its users. You don’t need to think much, as everything is laid so perfectly that you will have everything in front of you.

Overall, Speed Greens offers its customers a tremendous hassle-free website enhanced user experience.

Products @ Speed Greens: Impressive selection, Superb Quality

Likewise, selecting the right dispensary and product quality is a daunting experience. You are now in luck if you have suffered a lot while buying weed online from other dispensaries.

Product Quality:

Speed greens provide cannabis products after strict quality assurance checks.

Not only this, the best online dispensary in Canada keeps on sale products from the most trusted edibles brands. The Speed Greens marijuana dispensary has collaborated with a determination of cultivators, raisers, and manufacturers to guarantee that their choice of items is dependable on the extraordinarily excellent that they expect from their clients.

As I mentioned, product quality is the main objective at Speed greens. The dispensary has its own in-house lab that permits the products to undergo rigorous testing before queuing among on-sale products.

Therefore, you cannot question their promised quality cannabis products.

Product Selection:

One more commitment that Speed Greens has not failed to make is the large selection of exotic cannabis products.

The quality products fall across a wide assortment of classes, from buds, pre-rolls, kief to concentrates, CBD, flower, Magic Mushrooms, edibles, colors and topicals, and accessories like disposable vape bongs, lighters, etc.

It will not be more if I say that you will get everything cannabis products at Speed Greens. Their cannabis-type products include indica dominant hybrid, indica, sativa, AA, AAAA quality premium quality cannabis products. You can purchase their in-house edibles like candies, chocolates, etc. Indeed, Speed Greens is the one shop for all cannabis in its beautiful forms.

The product collection is according to cannabis consumption. Their extensive line of products is as follows:

  • Cannabis: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, AA, AAA, AAAA, Top Shelf, Trim, Pre-Rolls.
  • Concentrates: Shatter, Live Resin, Hash, Budder, HTFSE, Diamonds, Distillates, Oils
  • Edibles: Candy, Chocolate, Baked Goods
  • Accessories: Bongs, Bubblers & Pipes, Vaporizers, Grinders, Lighters & Torches, Rolling Papers, Rolling Trays.
  • Mushrooms: Dried Mushrooms, Mushroom edibles

Definitely, for the quality and choice of cannabis products in Canada, you will not find anything better than the Speed Greens online dispensary.

Pricing: Guaranteed Lowest Price

I am sure you must be flattered seeing these vast ranges of products. If you think that these products will be available at a very high cost, then let me tell you that Speed Greens promised the lowest price.


Now you can get your dream cannabis products at an affordable price. Speed Greens is among those cannabis dispensaries that find many ways like deals and discounts to make the products affordable to everyone! For example, you can purchase the items like Bubba kush smalls for just $99 from Speed Greens.

After knowing this, you will enlist this online dispensary of Canada on your wishlist! Go ahead!

Want to know more! Check the next segment about their team.

Customer Care @ Speed Greens

Speed Greens’ review can not be completed without mentioning their team. We have to come across customer care at some point in our shopping. The customer service has to be top-notch. That is why great companies always ensure they can provide excellent customer service.

And Speed Greens also has taken care of their customers very well. Their team of true professionals who are well trained to sort your queries can assist you at any time. You can get their solid support via emails, chats, etc.

The Internet is filled with positive reviews about customer service:

SpeedGreens is the best!

I’ve been ordering from SpeedGreens for about a year, and the 1 time (I order monthly), there was an issue; it was resolved within 48hrs. They have made a loyal customer with their excellent service. I recommend this site to everyone!”

Deals & Promotions @ Speed Greens

Each one of us attracts towards sales and discounts to save more. Speed Greens knows that these work well to keep the customers loyal.

Therefore, the company spared no effort; thus, Speed Greens Offers huge and time-to-time best deals, coupon codes, and discount codes.

Their banner is dedicated to sales and promotions. You can also look at their promo to get the coupon code, bulk deals, discounted products, sale items, and free weed deals. You can avail free weed deals if,

  • Upon your first purchase, You can receive complimentary 3.5g AA cannabis.
  • If your orders are above $299, you will be eligible for a free 3.5g AAA, mini grinder, or House Edibles.
  • If your orders are above $499, you will be eligible for a free 3.5g AAAA or 1g Budder or 1g Shatter or disposable vape.
  • And if you have ordered more than $799, you will get a Free 3.5g AAAA top shelf, Sky tincture, or 1g Live Resin.

Did these deals excite you?

Packaging and Shipping@ Speed Greens

Additionally, Speed greens take care of the safety and security of your parcel. You will not find any signs of Speed Greens branding on your package. All you will receive is the unmarked box with no sign of cannabis.

Your products inside will have the details you will feel to be printed through an inkjet printer. Speed greens branding combine technology even for their pill bottle labels. Even they decide whether it is best for day or night use.

Even they ship through Canada Xpress post for speedy delivery. These days they offer free shipping for orders above $99. Usually, free shipping is offered on all orders above $149.

Above all, all the orders for free shipping are eligible for insured delivery. Indeed it is worth buying weed from this famous online dispensary in Canada.

Customers’ Reviews:

Customers e is all you can see while exploring their reviews. Unfortunately, there are hardly any dissatisfied customers. On Trustpilot, Speed Greens received 5 stars and excellent reviews. All praise their customer service, Canada post xpresspost high-speed delivery, free shipping and free deals, coupon codes, product quality, THC and CBD levels of their products, competitive pricing at every purchase, and almost everything.

I also witnessed their high-end, top-notch cannabis products, great price, and excellent customer service. They deserve to be the top online dispensary in Canada.

“I have been ordering for about 2 years, and let me tell you, I have not been disappointed with any of the products.
I mainly get the hash products and have tried most of them. Diamond hash is so far my fav.
Fast shipping and Always within 3-5 days and well packaged.
I will continue to buy from Speedgreens.
If you watch for the coupon codes, you can also save a few bucks along the way.”

“Placed my order late Friday and received it the following Thursday. WOW!! Very impressed by the “SPEEDY DELIVERY. Such a nice selection. I don’t know which one to pick first. Thanks again, guys. You do a great job; I wouldn’t think of shopping anywhere else. Keep up the good work!!!”

Pros and Cons: Speed Greens


  • Top-notch products
  • Huge range of products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Great offers
  • Free deals available
  • Discreet Shipping
  • Guaranteed shipping
  • Affiliate program and reward available


Mix n match or customizable packs are not available.

Limited payment methods

FAQs: Speed Greens Review

What payment modes do Speed Greens accept?

The only payment mode they accept is Interac E- transfer.

Do they charge any shipping fees?

Yes, $15 for all orders. But free delivery if your order value is greater than $99.

What is the expected delivery time?

In general, delivery takes 2-3 business days, but it all depends on Canada’s location. For rural areas, delivery might take 5-6 days.

Can they ship to the USA?

No, Speed Greens only ship in Canada.

Do they have any minimum or maximum order amount limit?

As mentioned on their website, they take minimum orders of $75, and the maximum limit of purchase is $3000.

Can I trust Speed Greens Dispensary Canada?

Speed Greens is a legitimate cannabis dispensary. They have been serving for more than 45 years. Also, a substantial colossal fanbase and positive customer feedback make them a trustworthy dispensary to buy weed online.

What are their best-selling cannabis strains?

Afghan Haze organic, Island Pink, Purple Nuken, and Yoda OG are some of their best-selling strains. Click here to know about more best sellers.

What about their reward program?

Speed Greens reward its loyal customers for friend referrals, product reviews, daily login, etc. These points will help you in saving more money on your next purchase. For more information, click here.

How can I become an affiliate?

Click on the link below to register yourself as an affiliated to know more.
The affiliate program at Speed greens

Final Words: Speed Greens Review

If I simplify my review, I strongly recommend Speed Greens it’s their excellent products, customer service, and pricing. Honestly, the dispensary has everything a buyer wants.

Hats off to their team! Who knows their clients well.

If you don’t find what you want in their products list, you should only move to other dispensaries in Canada. Else Speed Greens will make you a fan of its for sure!

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