Attitude Seed Bank Review in 2024

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Overview of the Attitude Seed bank in 2024


Attitude Seed Bank is one of the most known online seed bank, which provides marijuana seeds via postal orders. Thousands of buyers who have already bought cannabis seed from them vouch for their seed quality and customer service.

You will get a wide array of marijuana seeds as well as a wide choice of delivery and payment options.

According to them, Attitude Seed Bank is the world’s largest marijuana seeds superstore. They have the greatest number of cannabis strain for sale on their online market.

If you head over to their website, then you will see that they have listed all the major breeders of marijuana on their online store.

What are the best alternatives

Attitude Seed Bank Review

Well, for any reason, if you would like us to tell you the best online seed banks, then we would undoubtedly tell you to go and buy your cannabis seeds from:

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) or MSNL (Marijuana Seeds NL) or Seedsman Seed bank.

ILGM: This is our Top Trusted Online Seedbank. They are professionals and will give you the highest quality marijuana seeds directly from the breeder’s lab. You can rely on them 24/7 for customer services.

Some of the Top Cannabis Strains provided by ILGM seed bank are:

What is the online reputation of Attitude Seed Bank?

There is a huge difference of opinion when it comes to the attitude seed bank reputation. A lot of the people really love this seed bank for providing the best marijuana seeds, but on the other hand, there are people who do not like attitude seed bank at all.

People have written great reviews of the attitude seed bank, and some of them have also given this seed bank poor reviews for having bad marijuana seed buying experience.

So, what do we recommend you to do?

Well, we would advise everyone to do basic research on what kind of cannabis strain seed they want and to see if that strain is available in MSNL or ILGM, then go there and buy it.

MSNL and ILGM seed banks have positive reviews everywhere, and if you can buy from them, then you should do so without hesitation.

If you are really keen to buy seeds from attitude seeds, then make sure you follow all the rowing tips and procedures after getting the cannabis seeds to prevent problems during germination.

What about the Attitude Seed Bank Website?

The first landing page of the website is really very bright and just explodes in your face.

The website has so many things on the homepage, which can confuse you. Lots of colors, lots of texts and pictures, all this can be overwhelming for a new buyer.

If you explore around more on the website, then you will notice how good it is. The online marijuana store has a lot of filters in place, so you can filter out cannabis seeds based on things like type, brand, breed, etc.

One of the tabs on the home page is for marijuana apparel. In this store, they sell things like bags, t-shirts, pouches, caps, and many other marijuana-related things.

They even have a huge promotion area on their website. At the time of writing this post, there were 100+ promotional offers going on their website.

Cool, yeah?

Another great feature that we love is the cannabis cup winner page. If you go to that page, you will see only those cannabis strains which have won cannabis cup awards.

Very hand, right?

Lastly, they have also added contact us page for customers to contact them in case they have any queries.

How many marijuana strains does attitude seed bank have on their store?

You would be surprised to know that they have more than 2,000 marijuana strains on their online cannabis store.

That is a huge collection, right? We are sure that you will get lost in that pile if you have not decided on what type of marijuana you need.

There is a strain for everyone in that store, no matter if you need, regular, feminized, autoflower, high CBD or high THC marijuana strain, we are sure you will find something for yourself.

They have marijuana seeds from the most famous breeders of the world, as well as, seeds from not so known cannabis breeders.

We would recommend you to buy marijuana seeds from reputed and established breeders only.

The following is a small list of some of the marijuana seed breeders and brands:

  • G13 Labs
  • CBD Crew
  • Nirvana Seeds
  • Ace Seeds
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Dinafem
  • DNA Genetics
  • Big Buddha
  • Delicious Seeds
  • Serious Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • Paradise Seeds
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sensei Seeds

What about the Quality of Cannabis Seeds?

If you buy cannabis strains from reputed breeders, then you can rest assure that you will get only the high-quality seed.

However, judging the overall seed quality of 2000+ marijuana seeds is not that easy. The quality will vary from brand to brand.

One thing that we found out with attitude seed bank is that they believe in quantity a bit more than quality.  The general practice among all the best online seeds bank is that they filter out the best seeds and then they send out the order from that.

But with the attitude seed bank, what they don’t do is remove the high-quality seeds separately. They give out orders from a huge lot of all kinds of marijuana seeds with varying quality.

If you have knowledge of cannabis seeds, then you can look in their online store and buy the highest quality cannabis strain seeds.

But, if you are just going in blind and buying seeds, then we would recommend you to buy marijuana seeds from the following seed banks only:

  • ILGM
  • MSNL
  • Seedsman
Which are the Best Marijuana Seeds Packs for BEGINNERS?


If you are just getting started in the marijuana field, then this is a great mix pack for you. It includes White Widow, AK-47, and Bubble Gum strain seeds. All of them are really great strains for getting high yields as well as a potent high.

The Complete Marijuana Grow Set by ILGM SEED BANK

Attitude Seed Bank Review – Largest Collection of Cannabis Seeds

What are the things that beginners look for when growing marijuana?

  • Easy to grow
  • Gives maximum yields
  • No lighting tweaks needed
  • Huge bud production
  • High potency

Guess what?

This Complete marijuana growing kit comes with White Widow Autoflower strain, which fulfills all the above wishes.

The pack comes with a plant protector system and fertilizers as well. Buy it today and start growing marijuana at home.

How can you pay attitude seed bank after making an order?

Attitude seed bank provides a wide array of payment methods.

You can pay them with a debit card, personal checks, credit card, money order, or postal order if you are ordering from the UK.

Whereas, if you are ordering from outside the UK, you can pay with Visa card, Bitcoin, Cash, Prepaid gift cards or other cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, since 2019, the attitude seed bank has stopped using Mastercard and PayPal for their payments.

All the payments regardless of the country, are going to be charged in GBP currency.

When paying the seed bank with online services, you can rest assured that the process will be safe and secured for you.

Customer services of the attitude seed bank

The attitude seed bank will reply to you within 24 business hours upon contacting them. The customer service team is very helpful and cooperative when dealing with questions and queries.

They will help you out in all the things except with the quality or the germination of your seeds. They tend to explain to the customer how that is the fault of breeders, so buy cannabis seeds grown by reliable breeder only.

As the law in some countries states that keeping non-germinated marijuana seeds is legal, but germinating them is illegal, you will notice that attitude seed bank keeps mum on matter of germination.

Emails with questions related to the germination or asking for germination guide will likely be unanswered.

Promotions! Free Seeds! Discounts!

There are more than 100+ offers going on right now on attitude seed bank. They will also give you free seeds with every order as well.

Amazing, right?

Mainly, all the offers and promotions are based on breeders. You can visit their site now to see full list today!

How about delivery?

The attitude seed bank has various options when it comes to delivering marijuana seeds to their customers. They are very sure and confident in their delivery process. They even challenge their customers to find a better delivery system if they can.

Cool, isn’t it?

As soon as you pay, you will get a tracking number which can be used to keep an eye on the location of your cannabis seeds.

Depending on the country, they even send out signed and confirmed delivery parcels as well.

Furthermore, the deliveries they send out are guaranteed. If in case, you don’t receive your parcel or if it is lost, then they will send out another one for free.

There will not be any kind of marijuana reference on the parcel that you receive. The package will only have your address, name, and return address on top of it.

The delivery and packaging are going to be very discreet!

Attitude seed bank sends out marijuana seeds hidden in things like cups, t-shirts, and pens to avoid detection by prying eyes.

Once you place an order, it will take no more than 3 working days for the order to be processed and shipped out.

Deliveries within the UK are done by the 4th working day, whereas if your order is international, then it can take 15 to 21 days for the seeds to reach you.

The seed bank will take back the order if you have not opened it and keep it in the original packaging. If you want to return the product within 3 months, then you just have to show the receipt, and you will get the money back (you have to bear the cost of return shipping).


We do recommend attitude seed bank but only in cases where you can find the marijuana strain on other seed banks like ILGM and MSNL.

They definitely have a huge collection of strain, and if you are in the store looking for variety, then this is one of the best places online.

Take advantage of the promotions and discounts on their online store, and we are sure you will grab a sweet deal.

Another great thing about them is the variety of payments options and delivery options, their stealth delivery is really great and will get seeds to your doorstep without any problems.

Have a great shopping experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Attitude Seed Bank Ship to America?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank ships to the United States!

Is the attitude seed bank reliable?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank is a reputable cannabis seed bank that is well worth your money. They have a great track record and an excellent reputation in the cannabis community for their service and strain.

What seed bank has the best genetics?

Ilgm, Seedsman, SeedSupreme, Sensi Seeds, MSNL, and Attitude seed bank have a collection of the best genetics.

Does attitude seed bank ship worldwide?

Yes, Attitude seed bank ships worldwide.

Do attitude seed bank ships discreetly?

Yes, the Attitude seed bank will discretely ship to you. They frequently send you seeds in gift articles and other products that are difficult to detect during delivery and inspection. You may also choose super-discreet shipping and even guaranteed arrival with them.

Can I pay with gift cards on attitude seed bank?What is Attitude Seed Bank?

Attitude Seed Bank is a cannabis seed bank situated in the United Kingdom. They are well-known for their extensive seed range, international delivery, and exciting promotions.

Where is Attitude Seed Bank Located?

Attitude Seed Bank is based in the UK, but they ship globally.

Is Attitude Seed Bank Safe?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank is safe to buy from, with a long list of satisfied clients and a secure payment mechanism.

Can I pay with gift cards on attitude seed bank?

Yes, Attitude Seed Bank accepts foreign gift cards as payment. You may also pay with numerous gift cards for a single transaction. The cards should be international and certified for foreign use to facilitate the transaction.

Does Attitude seed bank accept payment via cryptocurrencies?

Yes, the bank welcomes crypto payments. In fact, their options are not limited to Bitcoin only. the bank accepts payment through Bitcoin, Z-cash, Verge, Monero, Litecoin, DGB, Ethereum, and others as well.

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