5 Best LED Grow Lights Under $300 That Actually Works

Hey, you all there! Here I make an entry with 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews to add weight to your knowledge pot. There is such a flood of LED grow lights in the market, but do not worry; we pull you out of that flood of confusion and present you the best 5 LED grow lights, which will make you jump in joy! Yes, that brilliant yield they all are capable of providing!

It required much experimenting, testing, and hard work to bring you these best five. I know you are feeling excited to learn.

Control your excitement. I will present you with those five LED grow lights one by one and explain everything about them. You will not have to look here and there to get info. I am here to help you out.

So guys, ready, steady, and review!

Grow Lights Under $300 Reviews 2023

Have a look at the quick comparison table!

LED grow lightMaX coverage areaPower drawHPS ReplacementCheck price
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light Reviews table
Bestva DC 2000W




Check Price
Marshydro Reflector 720W LED grow light reviews table.jpg
Marshydro Reflector 720W




Check Price
Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W LED grow light reviews table
Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W




Check Price
Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light reviews table
Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W




Check Price
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light Reviews table.jpg...jpg
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W




Check Price

Let’s dive deep into the reviews, Shall we?

1) Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light reviews – Amazon’s choice

Boom! Here comes our first LED Grow Light model. It is none other than Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light. That is undoubtedly one of the best creations of this company.

This LED Grow Light is highly successful and deeply pleasing. On Amazon, it earned 4.5+ stars out of five from 250+ reviews. When you go through what all users have written about this LED Grow Light, a very big “Wow” will automatically come out of your mouth.

First of all, let us do some math here. We will know about the specs.

Dimensions 20.66 x 8.46 x 2.36 in
Weight 10.36 lbs
Core Coverage Area 7.8ft x 4.5ft at 24″ Height
LEDs Angle 120°
LED Chips 200pcs Dual-Chip 10W Bridgelux/Epileds LEDs
Avg. Power Draw 390W
Input Voltage AC85-265V
Working Temperature -68~104℉
Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Warranty 3 Years
Moneyback guarantee 30 Days


If you want to boost up your cannabis yield, your LED Grow Light must be feature-rich. Yes? Agree? Here, it is Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light, which is entirely stuffed with features. Are you asking what all features are included? I would have demonstrated that even if you had not asked. Here they are.

High durability

No! No need to worry about the durability at all with premium quality LED Grow Lights. Usually, durability is the biggest issue, and it is highly responsible for decreasing the star ratings of a grow light.

Here, no such problem. Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light has been triumphantly satisfied with the durability. Very few chances are there that the LED chips go out before time.

After all, they are manufactured by the most dominating company. If you are asking me the company’s name, you have skipped the specs part.

Cooling system: Worth salute

I deliver two words for the cooling system of Bestva DC 2000 Watt LED Grow Light. The first word is POWERFUL, and the second is QUITE. These are the two words you must look for in any led grow light’s cooling system.

Holes are made on the aluminum panel and the glass for better heat convection. Makers of this grow light are smart! Brilliant work is done!

This cooling system is as soundless as the pump in your aquarium. Now you know? I do not prefer providing decibels. I calculate it that way and make it easy for you to figure out how quiet or noisy.

Great PAR value

676 μmol from 24 inches in height and 760 μmol from 18 inches. That much powerful this grow light is. Yes, the PAR value determines the power of a Grow Light up to some extent.

The PAR output is not the best at the given price ranges, but this one is powerful. So powerful that you can even grow aquatic plants with it. It is powerful enough for replacing the 1400W HPS lamp.

Full-spectrum LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a humongous yield of cannabis, you need to buy a LED grow light capable of providing a full spectrum. 12 bands spectrum is what this grow light provides your plants.

The light is quite similar to natural sunshine. Yes, it is a rectangular human-made sun only (But this sun runs on electricity).

Humongous coverage area

Hardly you find a LED grow light under the $300 mark, which offers you a coverage area of 7.8 feet by 4.5 feet from 24 inches height. That is double mind-blowing (Yes, two minds were blown! One is yours, and the second is mine). So, it is a thing to enjoy. With that much grow area, you can grow more than a dozen plants of cannabis in that much wide area.

  • Brilliant cooling system.
  • Humongous coverage area.
  • Full 12 bands spectrum.
  • High durability.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • No daisy chaining feature present.

Bestva DC 2000W LED grow light reviews : Final verdict

Did you read the pros and cons properly? If yes, then you can already decided whether to pay bucks for this item or not. The ratings are so high, the selling of this grow light is increased regularly, and the most importantly thing is that even after providing so many advantages, it is not asking you for a big sum.

Say hurray if you are having $300 in your pocket. Yes, I highly recommend you bring home Bestva LED Grow Light as it is one of the best LED grow lights under $300 to grow cannabis.

2) Marshydro Reflector 720W LED grow light reviews – Editor’s choice

This Grow Light is a big eye-catcher! Attractive looks! Such a silent killer it is. Not just by the appearance but by functioning also it is decent. On Amazon, 250+ users found it useful to write a review, and it earned 4+ stars there.

This one is the most successful and highest pleasing one in the whole Reflector series. I found it useful to buy one and check myself. I tested it, and I say that I am delighted with its performance with both my hand. My weed had a great aroma.

But that doesn’t mean there are no cons. There are a few, but let us not spread negative here; I will mention the specs first, Then features, pros, and then after I will spread negativity.


Dimensions 23″x14″x6″
Weight 12.13 pounds
Max Yield 1.6g/watt
Actual Wattage 317w/110v, 311w/220V
Amp Draw 2.6A/110V, 1.43A/220V
Coverage Area Veg 2.5’x4.5′
Input Voltage 85V-265V(AC)
Frequency Range 56-60Hz
Life Rating 50,000-100,000 hours
HPS replacing capability 960-1000W HPS/HID lights
LED View Angle 90°/120° Mixed


Regarding features, Marshydro Reflector 720W LED grow light comes with plenty of offers. As you know, such a major part of the features play a role in achieving success. The fantastic features of this grow light make it a special one. Let us see what we have got here.

Full-spectrum LED Grow Light

I have given spots in my 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews to only those grow lights with a full spectrum to provide your plants better health. With this one, you are getting. This light’s full spectrum is like 440nm-460nm, 630nm-660nm, 730nm(IR), 2700k-3000k.

Veg and bloom switches

The presence of both these switches indicates that you have got manual control over the spectrum of your LED Grow Light. No need to elaborate much; just turn On either of the switches, the whole LED panel will start emitting light, which is the best for that growth stage of your plants. Yeah, it is a sort of luxury!

Decent PAR value and durable LED Light chips

You are getting fantastic PAR output from this grow light. 873 μmol at 18 inches height! Something near to 660 μmol at 24 inches height. That is incredible at that price rate.

Now let us talk about how long are the LED chips going to survive? Guys, too long! Anything between 50,000-100,000 hours is the estimation. 144 x 5W watt LED chips are used here. If a few stop working, then do not cry. Contact the warranty that would be smarter.

Easily understandable instructional manual

Now, you do not need to ask about what height I must place the LED lights in my grow room or what should be done in which growth phase, etc. The instruction manual is providing you all that knowledge in a very understandable manner. So, the chances of error are less. However, you need to read it just once or twice. Then you will be familiar with the usage. Then you can make paper planes of that manual and remember childhood!

  • Acceptable price tag.
  • High durability.
  • Presence of VEG/Bloom switches.
  • Full-spectrum LED Grow Light.
  • Decent cooling system.
  • Saves energy.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • Confusion regarding the Wattage.
  • No UV light.

Mars Hydro Reflector 720W LED grow light reviews: The verdict

With this particular reflector model, you can get a rocket yield of cannabis! Trust me; it is something which I have experienced myself. The Veg and Bloom switches make growing easy.

Did you look at its price? Yeah, that makes it entirely worth purchase. Even if you are not interested in growing cannabis and want to produce something like tomatoes, pepper, underground vegetative growth such as reddish, potatoes, carrot, you will be highly beneficial! It will last longer; just BUY IT!

3) Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W LED grow light reviews – Most attractive LED Grow Light

Such an extraordinary piece! Just look at its design! Just look! It seems much more expensive and modern. You can even tease your friend by just showing it off. He will, indeed, feel jealous.

I also felt jealous when one of my buddies showed it to me. So, I know the pain! I got one for myself to check out how efficient it is. Guys, very efficient. The cannabis and tomatoes yield that I received filled me with joy.

However, I tasted just one tomato; the rest my sibling took out of my refrigerator (Stole them). Now, let me describe this LED Grow Light with the help of Specs and features.


Product Dimensions 19.7 x 11.8 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 17.2 pounds
Vegetative Coverage 3x3ft
Flowering Coverage 2.5×2.5ft
Avg. Power Draw 325W±3%
LED Chip Power 140pcsx5W
HPS Replacement 600W
Switches/Dimmers R,B,W Dimmers
Warranty 3 Years
Moneyback guarantee 30 Days
Reflecting angle 90 degrees


Read these features properly, as I have elaborated in giving a bit of explanation for you so that if you are a newbie, you get an idea of each function’s purpose. These features are going to determine how fit is the product for you to buy. Let’s read it.

Outstanding Heat Dissipation System

You have a little bit of twist here as you would know that the fans are always on the backside of the LED panel. But here, you get them on the front. That has added to the attraction.

Moreover, these three fans run smoothly and correctly and do not let the heat affect your plants. They do not trouble your ears either. Thus, they are silent performers! The aluminum heat sink is also upgraded for better heat dissipation.

Adjustable red, white, and blue dimmers

Here you are not getting the On/OFF buttons for veg and bloom. Here, you are getting something better. You have got timers here, to control the intensity of various lights. So, you are in even more control. The dial read from 0-100, and you can set them as your plant requires at a particular stage of growth.

However, in the early days, you can trouble someone to help you who has a better idea of using these switches. Once you get it, you are a LED champ!

You can increase or decrease the blue and red light for veg and bloom stages, while the white light is beneficial during the winters mainly.

Highly powerful and energy-efficient

This LED Grow Light surprises with its power and brightness. It is so powerful that it is my best choice for growing aquatics. It is powerful enough to replace a 600W HPS/HID/MH light system, and guess what? It is consuming only 325W±3% from the wall. That is brilliant!

Full 12 band spectrum

I do not like repeating things, but once again, let me tell you that a 12 band spectrum is the best for your plants, and it leads to max yield. Indoor growing experts have spent years of experimentation and testing before providing you this spectrum.

If you utilize this spectrum fully by perfectly controlling those three dials, you will surely notice that your flowers are much bigger, with a high coating of resin!

Different height placement than other LED grow lights

You hang other LED grow lights generally at 24 inches and 18 inches for veg and bloom stages, respectively. Here, the scene is a bit different. Just have a look; I have provided a chart.

Plant Stage–Height(above the plants)—-Hours—-Brightness(B/W/R)

Acclimation period —44″-48″ —10 on /14 off—40% B/40% W/15% R

Seedling/germination–40″-44″–12 on /12 off—60% B/60% W/30% R

Vegetative stage—-32″-40″ —18 on /6 off—-100% B/100% W/60% R

Flowering stage—24″-32″ —12 on /12 off—100% B/100% W/100% R

  • Full spectrum.
  • Low price.
  • Highly-efficient and silent cooling system.
  • Pleasing PAR value.
  • Highly powerful and energy saver.
  • Comes with a 3-Year limited warranty.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.
  • Needs perfection in spectrum control.
  • Limited grow area.

Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W LED grow light reviews: The verdict

The more you add perfection in controlling the spectrum, the better the results are going to be. That is the summary. This Grow Light has got every quality for bringing you the record-breaking yields, but you must be smart in operating it for that.

The placement height is also different, which I already made you familiar with by providing valid numbers.

So, shall I finish now by saying that I highly recommend Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W LED grow light? Ok, I finished! Now you can buy it.

4) Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light reviews – Best for low budget

When we are talking about the best LED grow light under $300, here comes Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light, which is available below the $250 mark and is much better than many of the LED Grow Light models, which are available even more than $400-500!

Now you see, no matter how well the company is attracting you by advertising, the only thing that matters is good results, at a low cost.

That is the ground on which I have written my 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews for you. Now, do you allow me for a bit of number game in specs?


Dimensions 20.1×11.2×2.6 inches
Item Weight 13.6 lbs
Power replacement 1000 watt HPS/MH
Avg. Power Draw 400±3% watt
LED Quantities 200pcs 5Watt Bridgelux/Epileds
LED Lens 90°
Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Core Coverage at 24″ Height 4x3ft
Max Coverage at 24″ Height 5x4ft
Warranty 3 Years
Moneyback guarantee 30 days moneyback guarantee


I know you got a little bit of idea from the number game in the specs only. Those numbers are very pleasing. Now, that is not enough. You need to dig deeper to know about the product before investing bucks. Am I right? So, don’t go too fast, first read the features properly, then decide whatever you want. No, not even there! You need to read the cons as well.

Full Spectrum 12-Band

The spectrum of Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light is even better than those three LED grow lights that I mentioned in 5 Best LED Grow Lights under $300 Reviews up there.

Do you know what the reason is? The inclusion of IR and UV in such a fantastic proportion. 380-760nm full-spectrum LED Grow Light is what you are getting. Perfect for supporting all growth stages of various plants.

Red(650-660nm, 620-630nm), Orange(610-615nm), Yellow(580-590nm), Green(520-530nm), Blue(430-440nm, 450-460nm, 460-470nm), UV(380-400nm), IR(740-760nm), White(2700-3000K, 4200-4500K) is exactly what you are getting.

Selectable Veg/Bloom Switches

Just turn On the right switch as per the plant’s need, and the whole LED molds itself to emit perfect light for that phase. That is how it works. Now, a few folks turn ON both the switches during the veg stage and end on burning their plants due to excessive light. I know you do not want to roll that way.

So, be smart with the operating of these switches and avoid trying anything fancy.

Excellent cooling system

Three cooling fans are present on the LED panel’s backside, which harmoniously blends with the upgraded aluminum heat sinks and forms one of the best cooling systems.

There are no cases of high noise. You can trust this cooling system, but not at a place where the sun is more fierce, and the temperature is over 40 degrees C.

Supremely powerful

It can replace a 1000W HPS lamp, which shows the strength and ability of this model. It is not sucking much electricity either only and only 400±3% watt from the wall for generating so much power. That is the max power draw. If you are rolling on with the Veg switch, then the power draw will be lesser.

High durability

However, the companies claim that their units can work these many hours and that many hours, but sometimes, the words fall! The number doesn’t matter.

The thing that matters is that what users say about the durability, as they are using the units for a long time and have a better idea. On Amazon, 82% of users have given 5 stars rating among 151 users. That means the unit is durable.

  • Meager price.
  • High durability.
  • Presence of Veg/Bloom switches.
  • Full-spectrum LED Grow Light, including IR and UV.
  • Brilliant upgraded cooling system.
  • Exceptionally powerful.
  • 3 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 Days moneyback guarantee.
  • The power cord provided with the product is very short.

Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light reviews: The verdict

Seriously, if you are a cannabis grower, a weed lover, then trust me, at this price range, no other LED grow light is going to satisfy you more than Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light.

Using this grow light is going to rocket up your yield. It is easy to operate, easy to install, and most importantly, it is the best when we talk about durability. You are not losing much bulk from your pocket either.

So, do you still think that anything can stop me from highly recommending Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light? Yeah, I do!

5) VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light Reviews – Best of Viparspectra

Here comes one for Reflector Series LED grow light of Viparspectra! A total of 100+ consumers found it essential to review this item, and it has received 4+ stars out of five stars.

I have tested almost all Reflector series models, but I found that this one is the best. Maybe the others had a bit better reviews or ratings, but ratings do not always show you the product’s real face.

The coverage is excellent; besides, it is highly powerful. It is entirely built with top-grade materials all-over. Here we start to play with the numbers in the Specs.


Dimensions 22.5×12.8×3 inches
Item Weight 17 lbs
Replacing ability 1000W HPS/MH
Vegetative Coverage at 32  4x4ft
Flowering Coverage at 24″  3x3ft
Avg. Power Draw  410W±3%
LED chips 180 pcs. 5W Bridgelux/Epileds
 LEDs Angle  90°
 Input Voltage AC100-240V
Frequency  50-60Hz
Lifespan 100,000 hours
PAR output at 24″ 590
Warranty 3 Years
Moneyback guarantee 30 days


This LED Grow Light has beaten some of the much expensive grow lights out there with the feature-rich model. There are many features, but here I am going to explain those which matter the most.

The spectrum is very similar to that of a 700W model of the same series, which I have mentioned in the same review.

Very bright and less power consumption

This LED Grow Light is exceptionally bright and powerful. So powerful that it can replace an HPS lamp of 1000W. You will not have to cry about your electricity bills, as they will not hike up much.

410W is all that this model is going to suck from the wall. Now, that much brightness with that much power consumption is deeply satisfying.

Bigger coverage area

Seriously, there are very few LED grow lights cost level that can provide you with a coverage area measuring 16 sq ft from 24 inches in height. Yes, you are getting 4′ x 4′ as your veg area, which you measure from 24 inches, and 3′ x 3′ as your bloom area, which you measure from 18 inches. 5 Cannabis plants are suitable for that much grow area.

Fabulous cooling system

When you are talking about the Viparspectra company, you don’t have to worry about anything related to the cooling system. They design the cooling systems of their grow light in the best way possible.

With this model, you are also getting such a fabulous cooling system that consists of three advanced high-speed, quiet fans, and a brilliantly designed aluminum heat sink. The whole unit stays very quiet while working.

High durability

When you go through what the consumers have written on Amazon, you will hardly notice anyone complain regarding the durability. Till it is a question of chips, then even if a few of them go out before time, you can conveniently replace them.

5% durability issues with these LED chips and many of them also run out due to overuse. The lifespan estimation of the chips is 100,000 hours.

All the outer material and the inner components are made in the USA, so trust motherland! No durability issues!

  • Affordable price.
  • Brilliant heat-dissipation system.
  • Highly powerful.
  • High durability.
  • Power saver.
  • Reliable brand.
  • 3 Years limited warranty and 30 days money return guarantee.
  • Supports bloom stage more than the veg stage.
  • Doesn’t support underground plants much.

VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light Reviews: The verdict

So guys, I already explained about it, what you understood? If you are a big garden grower, then this one is not for you. Secondly, it is not going to support the underground vegetation much.

If you are talking about cannabis, marijuana, etc., then this LED Grow Light is a bang on target. Invest money in it, and enjoy great yields for a very long time.

Veg and Bloom switches are also there, so you have better control over the light intensity. Now, if you are not using these switches properly, then it is your problem. But if you do it the right way, you are going to be very joyous. I highly recommend you to buy VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light.

5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews: The revision

Now, I presented you 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews and made you familiar with the LED grow lights, which were the best. Now, I will repeat the whole thing once again. Do not worry. It is like a summary. Ok! You can also go for the King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light with Double Chips, Full-spectrum, UV light, and IR light for the Greenhouse indoor plant

If you ask which LED grow light under $300 has satisfied the consumers, I recommend Bestva DC 2000W LED Grow Light.

If you ask me which one I had chosen with just $300 in my pocket. Then I would have like to go with Marshydro Reflector 720W LED grow light. That is the editor’s choice.

If you are looking for a LED grow light, which is perfectly functional plus very attractive at the same time, then Viparspectra Dimmable Series 700W LED grow light is going to please you the most.

If you are not having even $300 in your pocket (Or just want to save as much money as possible), then go on with Higrow Optical Lens Series 1000W LED grow light. That is the cheap LED Grow Light on my list.

Are you asking me which one is the best creation of Viparspectra under $300? I would say VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series R900 900W LED Grow Light.

I wish you enjoyed my 5 Best LED grow lights under $300 Reviews and learned something valuable here. See you the next time, buddies!