Top 10 Best Led Grow Light For 5×5 Tent In 2023

Getting your hands on the best LED grow light for 5×5 tent can be costly and challenging. You’ll find multiple LED grow lights today that market a lot of features that are not needed.

So, in this article, I’ll reveal the best grow lights you can use for your 5×5 tent to maximize plant growth and, of course, not hurt your pockets!

Out of all the different LED grow lights on the market, I consider Grow Light Science’s PROGROW 850 as the best for a 5×5 grow tent. However, for growers who are looking for not only a sufficient light intensity but also a convenient main light controlled type of LED light, this is the best! I will discuss this and several other factors on why I consider it the best later.

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What Makes LED Grow Lights Good?

What Makes LED Grow Lights Good

LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes, have been the industry’s standard when it comes to indoor growing. Many growers strayed and disregarded the use of traditional Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), High-Intensity Discharge (HIDs), and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights to pave the way for LED.

But what makes an LED grow light good? The Best LED grow light, whether a single light or a multi-light fixture, will be able to capture everything you’re looking for with minimal power consumption.

NOTE: A cheap LED grow light is not the answer. Make sure that the LED grow light you are purchasing addresses everything you need for the best and maximized plant growth.

Materials Used

Materials Used

Of course, quality components last longer and operate more efficiently than those that are not. Examining and checking the materials used for the components of the grow light is one of the things you need to factor in and consider.

Most of the time, the fixtures of these grow lights will be made of aluminum. Be cautious, though, because there are brands that claim their products to be aluminum, but upon closer and more thorough inspection, it is far from aluminum.

Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation

A lot of people miss out on the brand when actually, it is one of the most relevant factors involving your option of choosing high-quality grow lights.

The market is filled with a ton of different options to choose from, and make sure that the manufacturer/supplier you’re going to choose is reputable, dependable, and known in the industry as a brand that’s capable of giving you everything you need.

Below, I’ll be giving you a glimpse of some brands that have built up reputations even though their products are cheap and inexpensive. Of course, I will also give you some type of idea on the best and prime brands in this industry.

Electricity and Energy Consumption

Electricity and Energy Consumption

In order to achieve maximum quality for your cannabis plants, your LED lights will have to be turned on for about 10 to 12 hours per day — in some cases, even more. Over time, the light cycles will be juggling, and for that, the thing you need to worry about would be your electric bills.

Try finding a grow light where it displays the actual power draw for you to calculate the electricity bill moving forward easily.

Grow Space

Grow Space

The need to finalize the space is important when buying grow lights. This is because the grow light you need to choose must fit the grow space well in terms of wattage and spread.

Remember, not all LED grow lights cover the same area or space, especially when it comes to the type of growth you’re planning. What I mean by this would be the differences in seedling, vegetation and flowering.

Generally, a square foot of space will need about 25 watts for vegetation and about 45 to 55 watts during the flowering stage.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Of course, who would want to use an LED light that’s powerful enough but not easy to use? After all, you’ll be the one burdened if you don’t get grow lights that are flexible and easy to utilize in terms of modifiability and adjustability.

The majority of the best LED grow lights would come pre-assembled, while some would come fully assembled. However, some brands or manufacturers deliver their products completely raw and unassembled.

Don’t worry, though, because all these LED grow lights will come with an instructions manual or a set-up guide that you can follow.

Heat Output

Heat Output

The common misconception is that if a light bulb emits a strong and powerful light intensity, it automatically emits heat. While that is partly true, a lot of the times, it is misleading.

For the benefit of everyone, just because they’re labeled as LED doesn’t mean they’ll already not produce heat 100% of the time. It’s an advanced science, not magic. There will still be heat, considering the fact that they emit light; it’s just that LED technology has been innovated to expel less heat than usual.

LED lights with a high heat output can be good, but they can also be devastating for the plants as they can dry them out if exposed too much. Therefore, most growers choose grow lights that would have a low heat output because it’s safer, more energy efficient, and requires less maintenance.

Light Output

Light Output

Other than heat output, you also need to consider the power of the light you want to have. Commonly speaking, the output of several grow lights would be between 2,000 to 3,000 lumens per square foot of growing space. In a much more technical sense, the light intensity of your indoor plants (in vegetative growth) should be 400-600 μmol/m−2·s−1. Double that, and you get the recommended amount for your plants in the flowering stage.

Value vs. Performance OR BOTH?

One of the hardest and most challenging decisions growers need to make would be choosing between how much they’re willing to shell out versus how well the grow light could perform.

Just because this is what the situation entails doesn’t mean that cheap is always bad. There are tons of options to choose from when it comes to LED grow lights, and there are brands that are cheap but perform well, such as Mars Hydro, ViparSpectra, Philzon, and more.

On the contrary, you’ll also have highly-expensive, premium brands that will never fail you in terms of quality but could hurt your pockets.

The difference in these would be the value of the components. High-quality components, of course, mean that the products will perform well and that they’ll last long. A few growers choose the former with the thinking that they’ll be able to maintain it well, while others think differently.

Nevertheless, it will be up to you to choose which path you’re going to take.

These are the things that you need to look out for when choosing your LED grow lights. It’s more than just the brand; it is one thing, but it shouldn’t be the primary factor in choosing your grow lights.

Now, let’s go over ten (10) of the best LED grow light selections you can have for your 5×5 grow tent.

11 Best LED Grow Light For 5×5 Tent

The best LED grow lights for your big grow space could or could not be on this list. Of course, we all have different points of view regarding what the best is, but I’ll do my best to give you as much information needed to help you decide.

So, as a renowned professional grower, I’ve listed down what I think are the best LED grow lights you can ever get this year. The following are the top LED lights I consider when it comes to commercial planting and cultivating cannabis plants.

Grow Light Science PROGROW 850: Editor’s Choice

Grow Light Science PROGROW 850


  • It has decent light distribution
  • The dimmability function is excellent
  • Green Light (Green Photos) was at 33%; Blue Light (Blue Photons) was at 15%


  • Quite expensive for its spectrum (not full-spectrum)
  • The green spectrum is quite high for low-hanging height

For me, the best indoor grow light that has enough light, high power, and excellent coverage is Grow Light Science’s PROGROW 850. It’s able to cater to a few plants, but I think that the company engineered it as cannabis plant lights.

Its overall quality compared to traditional HPS and HID lights is intense, as it clearly advertises that it is the solution to both residential and commercial planting of cannabis.

One of the things that made me consider this the best is because of the PPFD delivery that it has in line with carbon dioxide supplementation. What this means is that you would be left with a grow room that is fan-noise free! No need to install cooling fans!

This high-safety performance is everything all growers want because it will keep your plants healthy while allowing them to yield the best they can while keeping your hands clean!

Made with durable but flexible materials, you wouldn’t worry about its overall longevity.

If you’re looking for the perfect single light for vegetative growth (even flowering), the PROGROW 850 could just be what you’re looking for.

You can purchase them directly from LED Grow Lights Depot and get a manufacturer’s warranty of five (5) years.

Specs of the Grow Light Science PROGROW 850:

  • Power Draw: 850 Watts
  • Spectrum: GLS HI-Red
  • PPF: 2261 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 47.2″ x 42.8″ x 3.2″

LUXX Lighting 645W LED Pro: Runner-Up

LUXX Lighting 645w LED Pro


  • Unique and rare design
  • High-quality full-spectrum
  • Excellent-quality customer service
  • Real energy efficient


  • Heats up when used 100% of the total power
  • Heavier at 31 pounds compared to other products in its caliber

The next on this list is LUXX Lighting’s 645W LED Pro. Akin to the complete line of LUXX products, this bad boy was built and engineered with the principle of design, innovation, and testing.

I don’t know about other growers, but when I tried this, I forgot that they had a local maintenance center in case of any broken, missing, or damaged parts.

It’s built on a total of 2,226 diodes, which are made up of Samsung Horticulture white LEDs and OSRAM reds, delivering full-spectrum lights from all the different wavelengths possible.

The LUXX 645W LED Pro is perfect for indoor growing as it is rated to be IP66 waterproof and dustproof, it is plug & play, and it is equipped with mounts for easier and more comfortable navigation.

When you purchase this LED grow light, it will come with a manual and a set of instructions on how you should use it, so you don’t need to worry about operating it!

This 6-bar design is truly wonderful because it allows growers to be more flexible and adaptable when it comes to setting up and installing the grow light. You’ll never have problems with the product in terms of efficiency, and I am the living proof of it!

This LED light is so flexible that you can dim it down to 40% power if needed!

Specs of the LUXX Lighting 645W LED Pro:

  • Power Draw: 645 Watts
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
  • PPF: 1800 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 47.2″ x 42.8″ x 3.2″

Horticulture Group (HLG) 650R V2 RSpec: Best High-Power Grow Light Setup


  • Excellent quality components that come with UV supplement bars
  • It has a great light spread and overall intensity
  • Intense light, perfect for vegetative and flowering stages
  • Excellent heat dissipation and distribution


  • Risk of developing burn marks when used for 16+ hours per day
  • The mount is flimsy and can deteriorate easily if not maintained properly

The Horticulture Group (HLG) is one of those companies that hailed its focus in the innovation and development of LED grow lights for both residential and commercial growers.

If you are part of the latter, then you need to know and take advantage of the HLG 650 V2 Rspec LED grow lights. This LED grow light is designed to replace an HID lamp with a 1000-watt power draw, meaning it has a serious light intensity!

Talk about boundaries; HLG really went out of their way in manufacturing grow lights this good! They designed it to have excellent heat sinks, to ensure proper ventilation and cooling systems within the grow light.

In addition, this can cover a 7×7 grow space for plants in vegetation and a 5×5 space for those in the flowering stage. It truly is one of the best quantum boards you will ever set your eyes on in the market today.

Equipped with a dimmer for less concentrated light, you can play with the light intensity and get the specific power you’re looking for. Its corners come with diffused light, which helps in the overall concentration of light, helping it not to get damaged.

Among all its features, one of the best and most notable is its passive cooling system. What it does is cool the entire system down using conduction’s thermodynamics, saving the right amount of electricity and making sure that all the light produced is spread out evenly.

Specs of the HLG 650R V2:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 60 to 650 watts
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
  • PPF: 1770 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 26″ x 21.25″ x 4″

Gavita Pro 1700e Gen2 Led Grow Light: Best For Light Intensity and Coverage

Gavita Pro 1700e Gen2 LED Grow Light


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Flexible and dimmable to up to 50%
  • Cheap LED grow light compared to other products in its caliber


  • Has little difference in electricity bills
  • Blue wavelengths aren’t defined properly, but the full spectrum is balanced

The Gavita Pro 1700e is an excellent LED grow light if you plan on using it for commercial planting. Commonly used in greenhouses and climate rooms, the Gavita Pro 1700e boasts an amazing 2.6 μmol/J, an excellent value that produces high-intensity and full-spectrum light.

This LED light boasts an excellent high output of 1700 μmol/s, which is perfect for the growth and cultivation of cannabis plants. This full-spectrum LED grow light is perfect if you’re looking for blue light, green light, red light, and even white light!

Made with a total of eight (8) passively cooled bars, you wouldn’t have problems with heating even if you’re powering it at its 100%! Instead, use it for both the vegetative and flowering stages straight!

The Gavita Pro 1700e is rated to be IP-66 or high-quality protective covers from dust, moisture, and water seeping in. Moreover, this can be used in moist and humid environments without having any problems. It won’t give your indoor plants light burn, which will eventually lead to death and withering of the plants.

So, if you are looking for a single light with excellent light output and high energy efficiency, the Gavita Pro 1700e will be the best LED grow light for you!

Specs of the Gavita Pro 1700e Gen2:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 670 watts
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum White With Enhanced Red Seed
  • PPF: 1700 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 44.1″ x 43.7″ x 2.3″

Franklin F7000 LED Grow Light: Most Flexible and Adaptable LED Grow Light Setup

Franklin F7000 LED Grow Light


  • Daisy chainable, which means it is flexible and adaptable
  • Perfect for indoor grow plants
  • 100% actual power draw, you can anticipate your electricity bills


  • Heats up a fraction of the grow tent if it’s smaller than 5×5
  • Challenging to maintain because of the high-quality components

Franklin is a brand considered by many as one of the leaders in LED technology. Their F700 LED grow light takes pride in its full-spectrum capability, making it ultimately efficient and effective in all the different wavelengths needed by indoor cannabis plants.

One of the primary features the Franklin F7000 has is the blood orange light color, which is the perfect functionality that is responsible for it being energy efficient and economical.

The product is easy to install and is the perfect replacement if you’re looking for one for your old lights that do not yield the best and highest results. Equipped with multiple mounting clips, the Franklin F7000 is one of the best LED grow lights that contains full spectrum lights, which means it has a white and blue spectrum to red and IR functionalities, too!

Upon installing it inside your greenhouse or your grow tent, you’ll easily be able to adjust the light bar to gain wider and girthier beam angles for a better light output.

Overall, the product’s efficacy and overall quality are out-of-this-world. It is the perfect grow light if you are looking for flexibility and adaptability in a single light!

You just have to mount it between a 12 and 24-inch canopy height, and it’ll be perfect for your plant’s vegetation and flowering stages. Adjust the mounts and clips all you want without feeling that it’s such a hassle!

Specs of the Franklin F7000 LED Grow Light:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 720 watts
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum with “Blood Orange,” which is rich yellow-red
  • PPF: 1857.6 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 47.24″ x 42.91″ x 3.38″

Scynce LED Raging Kush II: Best Wireless LED Lighting

Scynce Led Raging Kush II LED Grow Light


  • Excellent-quality technology
  • Top-of-the-line diodes
  • Security is high quality compared to a cheap grow light


  • Software control can be a bit confusing and might not follow 100% exact commands all the time
  • The Bluetooth range is weaker than what was expected

Scynce is one of the leading brands, and manufacturers of grow equipment, and they’re most known for their series of LED lighting for different sizes of grow tents and grow spaces.

Out of the multitude of LED grow lights they have in their arsenal, I find the Raging Kush II as the best and ideal LED light for a grow space that is 5×5.

It’s not far from all other types of LED grow lights, but how it’s flexible and set up as wireless is what sells it to most. Yes, you read it right — it has wireless control, allowing growers to control the light without being close to it.

The light is also equipped with 120-degree secondary optics, designed to cover a larger and wider area, which means more plant growth in a single space.

When it comes to light energy and efficacy, the Scynce LED Raging Kush II is the perfect solution to your vertical grow light needs. It gives out the full optimal spectrum of light, which ranges from 3000K, 5000K, and 660nm of red light, as well as 730nm of IR.

If you’re looking for a 5×5 LED grow light that is the closest to the ray of natural sunlight, you can never go wrong with the Scynce LED Raging Kush II grow LED grow lights.

Specs of the Scynce LED Raging Kush II:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 650 watts (900W OVERDRIVE)
  • Spectrum: White (2700K) and White (6500K); Red (660nm) and 730nm IR
  • PPF: 1400 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 43.25” x 40.5” x 5.25”

TotalGrow MH Lumyre 720 LED Grow Light: Most Efficient LED Grow Light

TotalGrow MH Lumyre 720 LED Grow Light


  • The cord length is long enough to be built and situated high enough
  • It’s easy to install and operate (plug & play)
  • It produces excellent levels of uniform light coverage
  • The energy efficiency is true and is capable of helping you save on electricity bills


  • The product is not made with highly durable materials
  • Does not contain blue wavelengths, which can further increase the quality of leaves, buds, or the overall plant

From the name of the company alone, you already know what’s up. Kidding aside, TotalGrow is one of the many manufacturers loved by experienced and veteran growers when it comes to their grow light, simply because of the thought that the company has put in with almost all of their units.

The MH Lumyre 720, one of their flagship products, boasts multiple, high-light intensity and low maintenance life. Engineered to be thin and flexible, these bars carry the power of the entire color spectrum, with built-in dimming to help with the modification and changing of power.

This full-spectrum LED grow light comprises six (6) high-quality, solid, and flexible bars and has a service life of about 50,000+ hours. In terms of efficiency, TotalGrow’s MH Lumyre will never be defeated.

Comparing it to standard HPS grow lights, it has up to 60%+ reduction in total energy and electricity consumed without compromising the amount and quality of yields.

This robust set of LED grow lights can be yours without burning a hole in your pocket! Achieve the best carbon dioxide (CO2) light levels while maintaining the perfect light intensity to maximize plant growth and yield.

Specs of the TotalGrow MH Lumyre 720 LED Grow Light:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 720 watts
  • Spectrum: Full-Spectrum White (3500K); Deep Red (660nm)
  • PPF: 1875 µmol/s
  • Dimensions: 44” x 44” x 2.3”

AGLEX K4000 LED Plant Grow Light: Most Innovative Best LED Grow Lights

AGLEX Newest K4000 LED


  • Multiple dimming functionalities perfect for each growth stage
  • One of the best LED grow light replacements for an HPS grow light
  • The best sunlike light spectrum in its caliber


  • It can be too small for a 5×5 grow tent, according to some growers
  • Not that energy efficient compared to other grow lights in its category

One of the lesser-known brands in the grow light industry, AGLEX is a brand that’s starting to gain traction in being one of the best and most reliable grow light suppliers and manufacturers in the market.

With their latest and newest grow light, the K4000, can cover both vegetative growth and the flowering stage seamlessly and smoothly. Known for its newest SMD LED technology, the upgraded diodes make it one of the best LED lights for a decently-sized grow space.

It boasts a sunlike light spectrum, complete with 10 levels of dimmability. Comprised of a full light spectrum from 3500K 6500K, as well as Red 660nm LEDs, you can use it for the continuous growth of your indoor plants.

The K4000 is constructed and built with solid materials, where its diodes are overly protected from damage, not to mention the fact that it has an IP65 waterproof driver, too.

Get the most out of your plant yields, and get one of the best LED grow lights you can for such a decent and affordable price.

Never worry about switching grow lights ever again in different life cycles of your cannabis plants!

Specs of the AGLEX K4000 LED Plant Grow Light:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 360 watts
  • Spectrum: Full-Spectrum White (3500K); Deep Red (660nm)
  • PPF: 2047 µmol/㎡s
  • Dimensions: 28.27″ x 21.26″ x 2.56″

GrowPros HM660 LED Grow Light: Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

GrowPros HM660 LED Grow Light


  • The light intensity is strong and notable — it’s a powerful LED grow light
  • Flexible and foldable
  • The installation is fast and easy — it is extremely lightweight, too


  • Energy consumption is more than what’s expected
  • The fixture is not robust and durable enough, not as long-lasting as other grow lights

Another brand most known as one of the best LED grow light manufacturers, GrowPros, might just be the manufacturer you’ve always been looking for. Popular for many products, their HM660 has been one of the leading grow lights in the market.

This product is equipped with one of the best and most advanced LED technology in the industry. With a full-spectrum capacity, the HM660 will be an excellent product for your 5×5 grow tent for vegetation and flowering.

Among the dozens of features, this grow light has, one of the primary ones would be the 100% power converted into high-quality, growth-targeted energy, which functions as its primary source of power, naming it one of the best LED grow lights you have ever encountered.

The product comes pre-assembled, which clearly translates to the fact that it is less time-consuming when it comes to installation. It’s also structured to be IP-66-rated, which means that it is safe from droplets of water and moisture, and you’ll be able to operate it faster and more urgently compared to other grow lights.

Furthermore, the HM660 is also foldable and is guaranteed to give you 30% more savings in comparison to using HID and HPS grow lights. Akin to many different types and kinds of grow lights, GrowPros’ HM660 contains a dimmer that you can adjust in multiples of 25 — it even has a 110% range for an extra power boost!

You can never go wrong in choosing the HM660 as your grow light because, apart from the fact that it has a full-spectrum LED capability, it also delivers superior-quality light coverage for both vegetation and flowering.

Get your hands on GrowPros’ HM660 via LED Grow Lights Depot now!

Specs of the GrowPros HM660 LED Grow Light:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 660 watts (Boosts up to 720W)
  • Spectrum: Full-Spectrum
  • PPF: 1716 μmol/s (1820 μmol/s MAX)
  • Dimensions: 46.85″ x 42.8″ x 3″

Timber Grow Lights Model 4VS: Best Mid-Price Range LED Lights

Timber Grow Lights


  • It has been rated to be extremely robust and high-quality
  • You can fit it even in small spaces
  • The product is extremely durable, but it is lightweight


  • Not much information about the product is out online
  • It runs only on 400 watts, which could be insufficient power

If you have a 5×5 grow tent and you can’t find the grow light with market-leading efficiency, then Timber Grow Lights’ 4VS might be the one for you.

Now, compared to other products in its caliber, this one is a bit rare and different — in a good way. Timber Grow Lights 4VS is one of the most underrated indoor grow lights because of how different it is.

The product is made from robust and high-quality aluminum frames, and it is perfect for a grow tent as it can cover up to a total of nine (9) square feet. The fixture is equipped with a potentiometer, making the entire dimmability experience more flexible and adaptable.

Akin to the other best LED grow lights on this list, the 4VS will come fully assembled, so you wouldn’t have to worry about how to set it up. — the only thing you’ll need to worry about would be how high you plan on setting or putting it up.

Daisy chainable and fully flexible, Timber Grow Lights’ 4VS is one of the most affordable, inexpensive, yet fully operational and high-quality grow lights you will ever get your hands on.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality grow light that you’ll see yourself using for the next few years, the 4VS is the one you can rely on. It’s one of the newest and more advanced types of LED grow lights, too!

Specs of the Timber Grow Lights Model 4VS:

  • Power Draw: 400 watts
  • Spectrum: Full Light Spectrum Coverage
  • PPF: 932 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 21″ x 20″ x 4″

Spider Farmer SF 4000: Most Affordable LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer® SF4000 450W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob


  • Better than most quantum boards you will use and encounter in the market
  • Excellent-quality performance, and definitely worth it for its value
  • The best replacement for a cheap grow light that you have
  • Little or minimal adjustments are needed throughout different stages in the life cycle


  • The heat sync is terrible and needs to be looked at every now and then
  • Dimmability needs to be worked on, too, as it is not accurate

And the last, but most definitely not least, is the ever-famous brand, Spider Farmer. Spider Farmer is one of those brands you’ll easily recognize, even in just a glimpse, because most, if not all, of its products, are high-quality.

One of the best ones in their arsenal, the SF 4000, boasts of running on the newest SMD LED technology, Samsung LM301B diodes. It guarantees the delivery of high-quality, powerful light output without the risk of burning or fully heating up the plant canopy.

Similar to almost all Spider Farmer products, the SF 4000 uses all the different wavelengths, promises an excellent mixed full light spectrum, and is fan-noise-free. It truly is one of the best LED grow lights because of its exterior and interior structures.

The Spider Farmer SF 4000 is daisy chainable, flexible, and highly adaptable. Therefore, you can customize it to your liking!

I have no other words left for Spider Farmer’s SF 4000. Not only is it one of the best LED grow lights in its caliber, but it’s also what I consider the cheapest and most affordable, considering its overall quality and effects.

Many growers tried out different brands, but they’ve stuck with Spider Farmer for some reason, and I’m sure that you will do, too.

Specs of the Spider Farmer SF 4000:

  • Power Wattage Draw: 450 watts
  • Spectrum: Full Light Spectrum Coverage
  • PPF: 1217 μmol/s
  • Dimensions: 648mm x 536mm x 50mm

If you’re trying to say goodbye to your old LED lights and you want to give enough light to your indoor plants without ripping you off in electricity bills, these 11 LED grow lights are considered the best!

In terms of energy efficiency and maximization of plant growth, you wouldn’t be able to find other light bulbs as crucial and as remarkable as these!

Get a powerful LED grow light and make sure that your plants get the most out of the light they’re getting!


If you feel like you have more questions about the right LED light for your 5×5 grow space, I’ve collated the most asked questions about them!

What Size Grow Tent For 1000-Watt LED?

The answer to this depends. However, according to most growing experts and cultivators, the perfect grow tent for a 1000-watt LED would be a 4×4 grow tent. That is, of course, dependent on the light output, overall power, intensity, as well as coverage.

What is the Best Brand of LED Grow Lights?

The best brand of LED grow lights can’t just be singled out as one. As a matter of fact, this position is debatable, especially since more and more brands and manufacturers are coming to life. Nevertheless, the best ones (in almost all aspects) currently are ViparSpectra, Mars Hydro, Gavita Pro, California Lightworks, and Spider Farmer!

How Much Light Do You Need For a 5×5 Tent?

Based on the standard calculation, generally, you will need about 1250 watts for your 5×5 grow tent. However, should you be unable to find that amount, two (2) 600 or 660-watt grow lights would do and can give enough light for it.

How Many Plants Can I Grow With a 600-Watt LED Light?

Assuming that we’re talking about either the vegetative or flowering stage, the number of plants you can grow using a 600-watt LED grow light would be between one (1) to six (6) medium-sized plants. There’ll be times when you can fit at least eight (8) in, but that would require the plants to be smaller and thinner.

Can You Have Too Much LED Light In a Grow Tent?

Yes, and I’m not just talking about cannabis plants; almost all different types of plants can give out signs that they are receiving more than the recommended amount of light they should. The most obvious signs would be leaf burning or discoloration of the leaves; instead of them being bright green, they turn yellow with black spots, especially those that are under the grow lights.

Bottom LineWhat Size Grow Tent For 1000-Watt LED?

The search for the best LED grow light for a 5×5 tent will never come to a stop, especially since most of our LED technology is now becoming better and much more adaptable.

This year, though, these 11 LED grow lights are what I consider the best simply because of their overall structure, as well as the savings they can absolutely help you with.

Don’t worry — our team won’t stop giving you concrete feedback and results just to help you in your journey of acquiring the industry’s best LED grow lights for your indoor growing!