Top 10 Best LED Grow light for 3×3 grow tent

Over the years, the list of the best LED grow lights for 3×3 tents changed as new technologies rose, beating old ones out of their current positions. So, in this guide, I’ll give you the best LED grow light for your 3×3 tent!

Best Led Grow Light For 3x3 Tent

Before we get started, I want to let you know that the Medic Grow LED Mini Sun-2 has been, so far, the best LED grow lights I’ve used in 3×3 grow tents and other similar spaces. It is a plug & play, easy-to-use, and highly-efficient lighting type that is perfect for a small or even a medium-sized grow space.

I’ll give you more information about this LED grow light, specifically in the latter part of this guide.

For the benefit of everyone, this guide is specifically made to help you not only improve the plants of indoor growers but also to help you save money!

Does Wattage Matter?

Does Wattage Matter

In our best LED grow light for 4×4 tent guide, we didn’t only discuss what light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are, but we also listed several of the considerations you need to factor in when choosing your grow lights for your 4×4 grow space.

That list didn’t include wattage — does it actually matter? What benefit would it bring if you knew the wattage of your LED light?

Yes and no — let me explain.

The wattage or the W you see at the end determines the amount of work done for the light to produce the necessary illumination. Its formula is simply the amount of electricity used per unit of time.

Yes, it matters IF you want to determine how much your next electricity bill will be. For thrifty and frugal growers, this will be key in determining whether a set of grow lights is something that’ll they patronize or not.

And, of course, no, it wouldn’t matter if what you’re trying to calculate would be the amount of light distribution the bulbs will have.

Now that we know the information surrounding LED grow lights let’s go straight ahead and discuss the best LED grow lights for your 3×3 grow tent!

Top 11 Best LED Grow Lights For a 3×3 Tent

A 3×3 grow tent is one of the smallest and most compact grow spaces you can get for your cannabis plants. But do you know the LED grow light that will work best with it?

DISCLAIMER: All items here aren’t guaranteed to make you experience what I have experienced and other growers. I’ll do my best to let you know each powerful LED grow light in this list without giving you false hopes and expectations.

Medic Grow LED Mini Sun-2: Editor’s Choice

Medic Grow 320W Mini Sun-2 LED Grow Light® 550


  • Good-quality light; extremely bright
  • Lightweight and easy-to-operate
  • Easy daisy chain design


  • Quite expensive for its type, size, and power
  • Extremely fragile and not that durable against force and stress

The winner of this list is none other than Medic Grow’s LED Mini Sun-2. Instead, it’s a compact LED grow light that is perfect to use for grow space options such as racks or grow tents.

It supplies a uniform type of light on a 3×3 grow tent, which is perfect for vegetative and flowering stages. One of the best things about this grow light is the fact that it’s capable of offering a PFFD value of 2,385 µmol/m2/s.

If you can’t find LED grow lights that can produce the perfect V1 Full-Spectrum Light to generate higher yields, then the Medic Grow LED Mini Sun-2 is the best LED light for you since it is powered by 1350 white LED pieces, with 24 pieces of OSCRM red LEDs.

System efficiency-wise, the mini sun-2 is the perfect one as it can cover 3×3 for blooming, as well as 4×4 for vegetation!

When it comes to operations, it’s easy and simple to work with and understand — it’s plug & play! That means if you mount and install it directly on top of the plant canopy, you need to plug it, and the light bulbs will turn on and function.

No need for other devices or equipment; it has its own controller for better control.

HLG 350R 350W Quantum Board LED Grow Light: Runner-Up

Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 350R Full-Spectrum LED


  • It has a uniform coverage area.
  • Ideal for a small-sized grow room and tight spaces
  • It has a passive-cooled design


  • Produces subtle heat when turned on for more than 12 hours
  • It can be difficult to operate for new growers

Horticulture Lighting is one of the most prominent light brands because most of its products promise to deliver the best and highest quality effects.

One of their flagship products, the HLG 350R, comes second in this list of the best grow lights. They’re perfect for many different types of grow rooms, but I found them best to work on a 3×3 grow tent.

This offers light distribution unlike any other. Thanks and designed to take the place of an HID or HPS grow light with 660 watts with only 330 watts, this product will be what you’ll be longing for.

It is sized 35 inches wide and is an ideal product when it comes to energy consumption and uniformity in effect. HLG’s 350R is inspired by two (2) major designs: a forced air LED-based fixture that’s called, and a pin heat sink with adaptations to be more lightweight, as well as passive cooling.

Have both warm white light full spectrum and red 660nm partnered up with high system efficiency and less energy consumption!

Mars Hydro FC 3000 LED Grow Light: Best Ultra-Quiet LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro FC 3000


  • Effective for cutting down on electricity bills
  • Perfect from seedlings or young clones, vegetative growth, and the flowering stage


  • The power cord-to-driver connection is short-lived.
  • The switch is fragile and needs to be handled with care all the time

If you’re unfamiliar with Mars Hydro, then you’re missing out. Intermediate growers — even veteran and expert growers would agree that this brand has produced numerous grow lights that have extensively been useful for growing cannabis plants.

Their FC 3000 LED grow light is one of the many grow lights they consider the best, and it’s due to multiple reasons. The unit has been rated to have 50% better PPFD than HID lamps but 50% better power and system efficiency.

Powered by 896 Samsung LM301B with OSRAM 660nm LED chips, you’ll never doubt its high-efficiency capability and property.

It handles heat dissipation like a rock star, considering the fact that it has a no-fan design and an aluminum heat sink. In simpler terms, it can cool the temperatures down without being too noisy and too fragile.

Furthermore, the Mars Hydro FC 3000 has also been rated to be IP65 waterproof, so you wouldn’t worry about moisture seeping inside the light fixture. It contains all the features you’re looking for when it comes to an LED panel that’s minimalistic, simplistic, and effective simultaneously.

Moreover, its driver is removable. Therefore, you have the option and entire flexibility to perform an upgraded if you think you need more!

I would say that this is one of the best LED lights in the market, not only for growing plants but also in terms of room usage and adaptability.

SPIDER FARMER G300W: Best LED Grow Light in Cost-Efficiency

Spider Farmer® G300W Cost-effective Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • The package comes with an extra driver cord.
  • It gives more light than what you expect for its price
  • It is full-spectrum, but apart from that, it also comes with UV and IR light


  • Customer service is hard to reach
  • The light gets pretty hot with the spread, so be careful and be sure not to have it turned on 24/7 if you wouldn’t be able to check on it periodically.

As one of the best light brands in the market today, SPIDER FARMER doesn’t leave you out if you need the perfect 3×3 grow tent lights.

SPIDER FARMER’s G300W takes pride in its promise of delivering the full potential of light spread to a small-to-medium-sized grow tent. It has an advanced full-spectrum white light, complete with a UV and infrared spectrum, too.

The product contains 896 pcs of Bridgelux diodes, a 300W power draw, and a dimming daisy chain — all of which are for the purpose of better and brighter light output.

You can use it for various light wavelengths, as well as temperatures ranging from 3200K, 4200L, 4800K, 5000K, and, of course, the red light spectrum of about 650 to 665nm.

The G300W is the role model when it comes to energy efficiency, as well as superiority, thanks to all its known features. So, if you’re trying to get the “perfect” lighting for your grow space, you can never go wrong with SPIDER FARMER’s G300W.

You’ll come across many LED lights in the market, but I know, and I am sure that SPIDER FARMER’s G300W is one of the top ones because of the multi functionalities that the fixture delivers.

California Lightworks SOLARXTREME 250: Most Versatile Power Consumption


  • The best COB LED grow light for its price
  • It’s small, but the light spread is decent, and the coverage area is perfect for a 3×3 grow tent


  • It can be too hot for tents smaller than a 3×3 one
  • The heat sink was a rough cut, isn’t polished and finished correctly

California Lightworks is one of the best and most trusted light manufacturers because of its reputation in the light industry. For a 3×3 grow tent, what many consider their ultimately best would be California Lightworks’ SOLARXTREME 250.

The SOLARXTREME 250 is built with specially-designed AC electronics for higher efficacy and to maximize the yield to become faster, bigger, and more efficiently.

This specially-engineered LED grow light offers excellent light spreads, which are perfect for every growth stage your marijuana plant canopy needs.

With an overall heat output of 640 BTU and a power draw of 200W, it’s definitely all home cannabis growers would want — I knew it was what I wanted, and I’m pretty sure you do, too.

I would suggest preparing lanyards and other types of rope because it’s a ceiling mount, and to raise or lower it comfortably, you’ll need at least two (2) lanyards.

No need to make grand adjustments throughout the plant’s life cycle; as mentioned earlier, it is powered with direct AC electronics, so you’ll never worry about technicalities of your indoor growing because from day 1 to day 90, you don’t need to replace it!

ViparSpectra XS1500 150W: Best Infrared Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

ViparSpectra® XS1500 150W


  • The dimming knob is perfect and is easy-to-locate
  • The power is top-notch and superior; perfect for both primary and supplemental lighting
  • Cheap and inexpensive for the overall effects it’s offering


  • It heats up, especially if powered at 100%
  • Pretty heavy for its size

Are you looking for a cheap, reliable, but efficient 3×3 LED grow light for indoor growing where you wouldn’t have to spend north of $200? Well, ViparSpectra’s XS1500 150W is the perfect product for you!

The company takes pride in its technology of boosted power without the unnecessary power consumption and heat accumulation. Powered by Samsung LM301B diodes, you know that the components are top-notch.

Furthermore, it has been rated to have varying temperatures, effectively mimicking authentic sunlight. You can have the light set to 3000K or for warm white, you can have it set to 5000K or for white LED, or 660nm for a deep red LED. It also has an infrared spectrum at 730nm, all of which are perfect for every stage of a plant’s growth.

The board is water-resistant and has a dimming knob you can use to accurately adjust the brightness’s intensity. Unlike others, it doesn’t have bloom switches, but for me, this is a better way to adjust based on the full spectrum of light.

The removable or detachable driver was one thing I was looking for that was not here. Overall, though, the product was A1, and I would recommend it to growers looking for a full infrared LED grow light.

ECO Farm DBL3000: Most Durable Indoor Growing LED Light

ECO Farm DBL3000 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 320W for 3x3ft Coverage Dimmable Daisy Chain LED BAR


  • The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years
  • Perfect for a coverage area of a 3×3 grow space — it can also accommodate a 4×4 coverage area
  • Its voltage is AC 100 to 277V, which is ideal for most households


  • It is a lot heavier than it looks
  • The onboard dimming function could be too dim for some plants

ECO Farm is one of the brands that are lesser-known when it comes to LED grow lights. Nevertheless, I still found their DBL3000 to be one of the best and actually most durable indoor grow lights in the market.

Besides its strength and overall longevity, ECO FARM’s DBL3000 also boasts of its unique design, especially when it comes to its form and exterior.

Powered by 846 pcs of LM281B diodes, this grow light draws 320 watts, which conspires to achieve 2.5 μmol/J. Similar to other LED grow lights in this list, it also is a full-spectrum LED grow light, with 3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and 30nm for infrared.

What this means is that you’ll be able to control temperatures that are delivered by these lights.

When you look at the design, you’ll notice that it has the highest quality of style because it is meant to improve circulation and airflow, to make way for air to go in and out of it — that means that the heat dissipation will be better. You won’t worry about frying your plants!

It’s water-resistant, completely sealed, and it’s certified across all important standards, too.

Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar: Best Natural Sunlight

Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


  • 50% energy efficiency is true
  • Foldable and extremely versatile
  • The low-voltage device doesn’t need a switchboard
  • It is equipped with a full spectrum


  • Needs an extra fan because of the way it heated up
  • Dimmer than usual because of how it’s structured

The Best natural sunlight is usually not achievable, but the Advance Spectrum LED grow light is no stranger to that. The 400W Sun Series 4-bar is a full-spectrum LED grow light that you can use for the indoor growing of your plants.

Natural light or not, the Sun Series 4-Bar can accommodate everything from blue, red, and white light!

In addition to that, it is also equipped with a manual dimming technology, which is perfect for the full life cycle of plants, from seedling to flowering.

Each bar contains 278 pieces of LED, and the LED efficacy is 2.7 μmol/J, totalling 1080 μmol/s.

You can use it to control humidity and temperature as it has an auto-shutdown feature for when both of them either exceed or lacks the recommendation for the grow space.

In addition to that, the design is also foldable, which is perfect if you plan on giving your grow room a rest from time to time!

With its optimal light penetration technology, both the heat and light won’t just be touching the plant’s canopy — it will penetrate through the entire plant!

Dorm Grow 560W G8LED C2 Enhanced: Best With Built-In Flower Boosters

Dorm Grow 560W G8LED


  • The flowering stage is easier and better because of the boosters
  • The light spread has a decent coverage area
  • You’ll be able to save 40 to 55% of electricity


  • The fixture delivers heat quite noticeably
  • Bigger-than-the-normal size with its specifications

Are you looking for a grow light that has excellent advanced capabilities? If so, then Dorm Grow’s G8LED C2 Enhanced is the light that you’ve been looking for.

This product is perfect for a 3×3 grow room for vegetation — and it can even work as a flowering light for a 4×4 room, too! Its 4×4 coverage area is perfect for whatever type of indoor plants you have!

One of the primary things I love about Dorm Grow’s G8LED is that its light intensity can be easily toggled and customized. This can be done via the dimmer, which is simply a push button. So, you will never have a problem when it comes to boosting the development of your flowers!

Having a draw of 460W for veg and 560W for flowering or blooming, you’ll really be able to target the amount of light you want your plants to have!

Dorm Grow has its deep red, hyper-red, and far-red diodes magnified, so you can expect the effects to ultimately intensify!

The hanging height of the G8LED can be anywhere between 6 to 18 inches for the best and maximum efficacies!

PhytoMAX-3 2SC: Most Minimalistic and Simplistic LED Grow Light

PhytoMAX-3 2SC Grow Lights


  • It is lightweight and high-quality
  • The dimmability is superb, making it a perfect grow light
  • Long-lasting without the hefty price tag


  • The length of the power cord sits just at about eight (8) feet
  • Not as bright as other LED grow lights in the same price range; it also has a minimum light output

If you’re more of a simplistic and minimalistic type of grower and you don’t want all the lights to be flashy and detailed, then the PhytoMAX-3 2SC is the perfect grow light for you.

The PhytoMAX-3 2SC is a simple LED grow light but actually contained whopping basic features that would be beneficial for your lights. This truly full-spectrum light uses the best quality of light, perfect for growing, drying, and curing!

It’s a one-of-a-kind type of full-spectrum grow light that can open up bigger, higher, and more fruitful yields than what you expect.

The PhytoMAX-3 2SC boasts 20% violet and 3.4% ultraviolet light, responsible for superior plant canopy penetration.

Get the PhytoMAX-3 2SC grow light now and expect bigger, better, and higher-quality leads! At first glance, it seems like this product is not certified, but it actually is! It has ETL, CE, FCC, as well as RoHS certifications!

It has been rated to have a total lifespan of 70,000 hours, which is good for both personal and commercial growers!

SPIDER FARMER SF2000 200W: Best For Supplemental Lighting

Spider Farmer® SF2000 200W LED Grow Light With Dimmer Knob


  • This grow light emits very bright light
  • Cheap and inexpensive for what it can do
  • You’ll need just a single light even for your 4×4 grow tent


  • It is pretty expensive when it comes to electricity
  • Not a good grow light for large cultivation and growing

Last but most definitely not least is SPIDER FARMER’s SF2000. This 200W grow light is one of the newer and most advanced pieces of technology SPIDER FARMER has.

It’s constructed and built with a reliable aluminum heat sink, which is perfect for when you’re experiencing high levels of moisture. The driver is detachable and has been proven to dissipate heat properly.

The SF2000 also has an excellent full spectrum, complete with blue, red, and white, as well as infrared! It’s daisy-chainable with a full mix of the light spectrum, too!

The product comes with a complete manufacturer’s guide or a manual that can help users operate it. Furthermore, this LED grow light is noise-free and it is well-structured and constructed!

You can never go wrong in choosing this type of LED grow light if you need an all-in-one type of grow light for all the stages of your cannabis plant’s life cycle!

These LED grow lights are what I consider the best for a 3×3 grow tent. It might not be what you love, or it could be far from what you have expected, but in terms of usage, benefits, and functionalities, this list of the best LED grow lights will be what you’ll be looking for.


Here are the questions new growers have regarding all the lights they can use for their 3×3 grow tent!

What Size of Grow Light Do I Need For a 3×3 Tent?

A grow light that draws 200 to 300W of high-efficiency LED will be the perfect type of LED grow light for your 3×3 ft., or 1x1m grow area. In terms of size, I would highly recommend getting a 648 x 268 x 59mm light, but that can be anything slightly bigger or smaller than that.

How Much is the Yield In a 3×3 Grow Tent?

A 3×3 grow tent can yield anywhere between 8 to 12 oz of cannabis. It can go up as high as 1lb if you have high-yielding strains.

How Much Area Does a 1000W LED Grow Light Cover?

Usually, a 1000W LED grow light can accommodate spaces of up to 7 square feet. This may be too much for grow spaces that are only 3×3 or 4×4, and for those, a 400 to 500W LED grow light will be enough.

How Many Grow Lights Do I Need?

Determining the amount of grow lights you need can be tough, especially if you are a beginner grower. However, typical residential or home-based cultivation would only need a single grow light. The only time two (2) LED grow lights are better than one (1) would be when you have a grow area larger than 4 x 8 feet.

How Many Plants Can You Grow in a 3×3 Tent?

Now that you’re fully aware of the recommended number of LED grow lights you need for your 3×3 tent, do you know how many plants you can grow inside it? The recommendation for a 3×3 tent would be up to 9 plants in vegetation.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best LED Grow light for a 3×3 tent can be intimidating, but once you learn the ropes and get the hang of it, you’ll never worry about your plant growth because it’ll be flawless, smooth, and easy!

Never waste time choosing an LED Grow light for your 3×3 grow tent ever again!