Best Cannabis Strains for Headache: Get Rid of Your Migraines Quickly

Studies have shown that cannabis might help fight severe medical conditions such as various types of disease and give significant pain alleviation to patients suffering from an extreme and interminable pain condition. Read on this article to explore the best cannabis strains for headache (or migraine), and understand how cannabis helps in this severe condition.

When i think of the best strain for Migraines then the only strain comes to my mind is White Widow cannabis strain, get the strain.

Individuals have been turning to cannabis as a type of pain alleviation for as long as humans first started consuming the plant countless years ago. Cannabis can be an efficient remedy for treating numerous different medical issues and is exceptionally well suited for treating non-life-threatening conditions such as headaches and migraines. 

Even though we always advise seeking professional medical advice when using cannabis as a treatment for a medical condition, cannabis has consistently garnered distinction in the treatment of headaches. 

Usage of Cannabis for Headache

These days, nobody can bear to let a disease like a migraine slow them down. It includes balance troubles, nausea, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, disorientation, and blurred vision. Cannabis could be a workable treatment alternative for some ailments, including migraines. However, at present, research is still being continually done to treat these pains. Is Sativa or Indica better for migraines? Please continue exploring to uncover more about the topic.

What Triggers Migraines?

One thing to note is that every sufferer experience migraine differently. A migraine you have can be altogether different from how other people encounter them. 

Individuals who suffer from migraines can often identify specific migraine triggers. 


These can be seasonal or even allergic reactions. 

Irregular Environments:

It can incorporate bright lights or loud noises. Gathering lights and even strong smells can trigger migraines. 


It can be any type of stress. Examples incorporate business-related, depression, tension, and even physical stress. 


Tiredness, stream lag, or irregular sleep would all be able to prompt migraines. 

Change of Diet: 

Some migraine sufferers say that when they skip a dinner, overeat, or have a little something (nuts, chocolate, etc.), it triggers a migraine. Specific foods that contain tyramine (smoked fish, beans) or nitrates (salami and bacon) are also known to trigger the pain. 

Research on Cannabis for Migraine Treatment

Numerous studies suggest any type of headaches, including migraines, is helped by cannabis consumption. Medical research has used the number of the plant’s components and an assortment of formulations like pills, fluid, and fume. 

One of the most significant studies includes 121 adult migraine patients. The researchers used marijuana medications with inhalations and edibles. Out of them, 85% has recorded a drop in migraine recurrence. Furthermore, 11.6% of them felt the improvement in intense attacks and side effects. The most well-known side effect was the feeling of tiredness or exhaustion. 

There have been more studies, looking at how effective cannabis can be against ceaseless pain. According to such analyses, medicinal marijuana and cannabinoid extracts improve the pain thresholds and give relief. 

Furthermore, in a review of 38 published randomized controlled trials, 71% found that cannabinoids demonstrated a significant pain-relieving effect. In the same study, 91% of patients used medicinal cannabis as an intense and resolute treatment for migraines. 

Result of Cannabis Treatment for Migraines

The following is a report of late research summarized in a published study: 


Image: A clinical report showing the effects of cannabis as a treatment for headache

The substance classification of cannabis has dramatically restricted large scale research investigations. Moreover, we can expect large scale randomized and placebo-controlled studies to demonstrate clinical observations and initial findings. 

Besides, the current Schedule-1 classification of cannabis makes it incredibly difficult. As a result, proof for cannabis-based migraine treatment is more limited to several smaller recounted reports, case studies, and surveys. 

How Cannabis React to Migraines

The human body consistently creates endocannabinoids, and it has corresponding receptors in the cerebrum. Once the cannabinoids bind with receptors, some cannabis components augment the effects. 

Furthermore, some components work as antagonists that inhibit the effects. There is proof that states that cannabinoids may reduce irritation and diminish the sensation of pain, and CBD is the segment accepted to regulate these results. 

Core Components of Cannabis

Cannabis is famous for its two major components, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both of these can actuate numerous effects that can help medicinally. THC is ordinarily associated with the general feeling of being high and a state of happiness. CBD slows down mental activity and helps you feel relaxed. 

Indica or Sativa? Which One is Better for Migraines?

There are two primary subspecies of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. Among these two, Sativa contrives high THC levels and low CBD levels. Consequently, it tends to produce more uplifting, dynamic, and euphoric effects. Thus, Sativa is mostly useful during the daytime. 

Then again, cannabis Indica has a moderate THC level and extremely high CBD levels. It gives more calming, relaxing, and soothing qualities. Indica tends to convey a more full-bodied effect and might be more proper for use at night as it can bring the drowsiness.

Ways of Ingesting Cannabis


It is a traditional model of cannabis consumption. It produces the fastest onset and the shortest period of effects. From a wellness prospect, smoking the weed produces carcinogenic substances. It can also prompt aspiratory and lung issues. As a result, experts often prescribe healthier alternatives to use medicinal cannabis. 


Vaporizing has been emerging as a trending way of having cannabis. A vaping pipe is similar to an e-cigarette that heats the weed. Thus, you can inhale cannabinoid vapors without overheating. It causes smoke and respiratory toxins. Furthermore, it eliminates the messy piece of smoke. Vaping has a quick onset, such as smoking. 

Oils or tinctures:

It can carry cannabis through oil that if you place it under the tongue. It’s a comparatively safe consumption method than smoking and vaporizing.


Sprays can also be useful in cannabis consumption. Cannabis can be blended into a fluid and used in nasal sprays or mouth sprays. 

Topical formulations:

A lotion or cream that is applied straight to the body’s surface. It is useful for fast-acting relief of pain. Cannabis topicals usually are non-intoxicating, which enables patients to have the plant’s healing effects without experiencing psychoactivity. This growing section of cannabis medicines has developed to introduce transdermal solutions. Some lubricants often combine essential oils such as wintergreen and clove for further relief.


You can also blend cannabis in with varieties of foods. Healthy foods incorporate candy, brownies, and other baked stuff. However, you should take care as the effect is typically different. It can take one or two hours before you notice side effects. Secondly, it is also can be more intense when ingested, and the effects can last longer.


You can also blend cannabis in with a tea or some other drinks. That way, you can also have your preferred taste while consuming cannabis. 


It can contain cannabis and help control the dose when made by an accredited manufacturer. You should also take advice from your doctor about the dosage before using any pills.

Cannabis is the most effective substance if you sedate when the headache starts before an all-out migraine begins. Here are some of the top strains for migraine treatment and avoidance.

The Best Cannabis Strains for Headache and Migraines

Along with its significant pain-reducing advantages, some medical cannabis strains require to be anti-emetic and anti-inflammatory, targeting more precise migraine symptoms. Do you want to explore it further? Read on to discover the best cannabis strains for migraines.

#1 – White Widow from ILGM Seed Bank



Recognized for the resin composition, White Widow, a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, is famous for its resin production and energizing effects. Though this strain is not as well-known for the flavor, individuals use it for its high cerebral effects. 

Most users say that they become more conscious of their surroundings after having this strain. They felt tuned into sounds and patterns that some might not usually notice. 

Enthusiasts also describe an almost quick uplift in the energy and disposition that can help boost your focus. Numerous individuals are fans of using this for relieving migraines, fatigue, and depression. 

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#2 – ACDC from i49 Seed Bank


Just as refreshing and revitalizing as any magic plant, the ACDC strain has all the substances to revitalize your mood. It surely works in migraine as it has a super high CBD level. It is one of the top high-CBD strains for medicinal usage. 

ACDC can assist with all sorts of conditions, from tissue pain and MS to migraine and PTSD. All with almost no psychoactive effect. Numerous marijuana strains are available to get you high, have some good laughs, and adjust your cerebrum chemistry to where you don’t take life so seriously. However, there is a medicinal pot domain whose sole purpose is to mend the body and brain with no psychoactive effects. 

Such marijuana strains are a reasonably new development in the medical marijuana industry. They just started gaining traction once individuals understood that high levels of CBD could create profound therapeutic results, with virtually no high. As of late, numerous individuals have been requesting breeders to create strains with a high percentage of CBD for these specific goals. 

#3 – Harlequin from ILGM Seed Bank


Harlequin is a famous CBD-heavy strain whose popularity originated from its healing effects. It is a product that originated from Colombian Gold, Nepali Indica, Thai, and Swiss Sativa.

It is around 75% Sativa, and according to analytics, it has 4% to 10% THC and 6% to 15% CBD. Harlequin is known to bring painful condition at ease. It can relieve the pains associated with stiffness and joint.

It also has powerful mitigating properties that are valuable for fibromyalgia and neuralgic pain. Besides, this strain also permits users to have a sustained mental focus. 

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#4 – OG Kush from ILGM Seed Bank


The OG Kush is an excellent marijuana strain that is well-known all over the world for its qualities. It is a cross genetic strain between the Hindu Kush and the Chemdawg. It might have up to 27% of THC levels.

The cerebral effect that this strain provides is more focused on the mind rather than the physical body. It is a versatile smoke that allows users to intensify their mindset. 

It can diminish uneasiness and depression because it allows individuals to live at the time. Numerous individuals have demonstrated how much it helps fight against headaches and migraines. It is also useful for a loss of appetite and nausea.

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#5 – Purple Kush from ILGM Seed Bank


Individuals who suffer from migraines are always told just to sleep the pain away. Well, that is easier said than done. When migraines keep you from getting your essential rest and sleep, it is an ideal opportunity to get an Indica-heavy cannabis strain, and that is where the Purple Kush comes in. 

It is a pure Indica cannabis strain having 17% to 22% of THC. Moreover, it has 0.07 to 0.01 percent CBD. Besides, it provides a soft numbing feeling, relaxation, and a night of rejuvenating sleep. With just a trace of Purple Kush, there would be no migraines to keep you up anymore. 

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Final Verdict

Although these strains offer alleviation from migraine symptoms, everybody reacts remarkably well when acquainted with a marijuana strain. 

You won’t find this strain in each dispensary, but it is one that should be on your list. ACDC is a strain that will instantly battle your migraine but won’t put you down and out. 

Make sure that you just purchase cannabis strains from trustworthy dispensaries and companies so that you will have no issue with intensity and quality. 

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Have you ever used cannabis or related products to help alleviate your headaches or migraines? Have you ever attempted any of these strains previously? Are there some other pain-relieving strains that you would add to the list? Then please give your comments below, and we would be happy to read your thoughts as well.

And yes, Before using cannabis to treat your migraines, make sure to consult with your doctor. 

If you’re new to cannabis and need to learn more, take a glance at our 420expertadviser’s website. We trust this post helps you choose the best marijuana strain and the best seed bank for all your needs.

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