How to Buy the Best Cannabis Seeds in Spain?

With marijuana rules changing throughout the world and more extensive social acceptance of marijuana and cannabinoids, the Spanish government has been coping with its people and visitors’ legal concerns surrounding cannabis usage. Do you know the laws and how to buy cannabis seeds in Spain?

You’ve pulled the right string!

In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into the current situation of cannabis laws in Spain. Along with that, our expert team at 420 Expert Adviser has found some exciting events that take place in Spain. So, book your tickets according to the dates of these events and double your enjoyment in Spain!

But First of all, let’s take a look at the brief history of marijuana in Spain!

Background Check of Cannabis in Spain

Arabs were the first to carry marijuana to Spain in the early 8th century. They were already familiar with the psychoactive use of cannabis and influenced Spaniards to start utilizing cannabis.

Spain was still under Muslim dominance in 1150, who introduced hemp in Spain to obtain the paper. During the 12th century, the first hemp factory was established in Alicante, contributing to hemp usage for textiles, cordage, and clothing in Spain.

Historical findings from the ancient castle of Cornella de Llobregat prove that the recreational usage of cannabis prevailed throughout the 13th century.

Chemists examined the bowl of a pipe found in the castle and discovered cannabis remnants, confirming that Spanish Christians smoked weed in the Middle Ages.

Record from the same era reveals that hemp farming increased throughout the Iberian peninsula, where people used hemp for ropes, textiles, clothes, and sails for the Spanish ships.

Cannabis in Spain
The Columbus Monument in Barcelona, also known as the Monumento a Colón and Mirador de Colón in Spanish

Columbus and Cannabis in Spain

Christopher Columbus traveled from Palos in 1492, intending to arrive in Japan for commercial business for the crown of Castile. His three vessels entered in America instead, bringing 80 tons of hemp.

On his next voyage to America, Columbus’ ships carried hemp seeds along with rice, vines, sugar cane, wheat, and orange trees.

The Spanish rulers prioritized hemp cultivation, and people used hemp for food, rigging, candles, rope, clothes, and medicine from the 16th to the 18th century.

The hemp tradition lasted throughout the 18th century, and generators were producing hemp for the navy.

Spanish hemp was regarded as of high quality in the 20th century. People valued the hemp from Valencia and Alicante for its appropriateness for producing delicate fabrics.

Even though Spain signed several international conventions that regulated cannabis cultivation, the nation didn’t forbid hemp. With the rise in demand for synthetic fibers, hemp cultivation almost vanished in 1972. But it was reintroduced in 1999 due to the European Union’s subsidies for hemp and flax farming.

Is Weed Legal in Spain?

Yes. And no.

Cannabis in SpainEven though the government has decriminalized marijuana use for personal practice and many opinions regarding cannabis use are lenient in Spain, you have to be cautious.

There are some clear-cut basics of the laws about that use, but sadly, the legitimacy of it all gets a little more complicated.

Cannabis fans often consider Spain as the New Amsterdam” in recent years because of its cannabis tolerance. It may not be as tender as Amsterdam itself, but each user will be able to enjoy smoking weed legally in private areas.

There are many ‘cannabis social clubs’ across the nation, though social club managers work illegally as drug traffickers. The exemption is Catalonia. Here, the authorities have allowed the breeding, use, and delivery of cannabis in selected clubs.

Possession and Consumption of Cannabis in Spain

You cannot use or possess marijuana in Spain – in common places.

However, there is a loophole where the users can consume weed in the secrecy of their own houses. There are even ‘weed dens’ working in some major cities, though these aren’t officially legal.

Using marijuana in a public place is considered as a serious law offense. The offender often gets punished with fines between €601 and €30,000, following the law on the Protection of Citizens’ Security.

Moreover, the offender may be subject to have assets confiscated. If they’re utilizing cannabis in a public location such as a bar, the enterprise is at risk of being shut down.

If the police find a minor offending the law, they may suspend the fine if they willingly enter a rehabilitation or treatment program.

Spain is unique in that it works as several decentralized sectors, with some adopting alternative laws to others. As an independent region, the rules in Catalonia about cannabis are different from most.

The Catalonian government legalized the consumption, cultivation, and distribution of weed in 2017, for selected club members.

Grow Your Cannabis Plant in Spain

Overall, weed, or cannabis, is illegal for importing or selling cannabis products in Spain. Violating this law will end in penalties and can result in jail time. 

Yet, all other Cannabis-related things besides trading or selling are decriminalized, suggesting that the police can still fine you for violation (e.g., not using cannabis for personal consumption in private spaces). 

Cannabis in SpainThough one exciting thing to regard is that Spain is one of the best spots to grow cannabis, and people are willing too. There are already large amounts of illegal farms spread throughout the land that produces cannabis. 

Some declare that the majority of the weed sold in other nations are grown in Spain. Although the landowners cannot earn money for the marijuana itself, they are already creating prosperity by giving the land to those who produce it. 

It is no wonder that the Spanish people are eagerly waiting for the day for it to be legal in Spain. They have the land, the practice, and the warm weather to support it.

There are already thousands of euros that are describing the number of seeds that people export from Spain. They legitimately turn over a third of the global market of marijuana seeds. 

Medicinal Marijuana

Although Spain is lenient in its decriminalization of private cannabis usage, it is lagging behind in terms of its medical marijuana laws. These rules don’t distinguish between recreational and medicinal marijuana utilization.

It means that patients find it challenging to get a prescription for cannabis products that carry 0.2% THC or higher.

There are only confined medicinal marijuana products possible on medical prescription at present. The doctor can prescribe Sativex, Epidiolex, Nabilone, and Dronabinol, but they are all expensive.

For instance, Sativex costs approximately over €400 per bottle, and the vendors can only sell it to patients with multiple sclerosis.

As a result, Spanish patients like to cultivate their own instead or attend a cannabis social club.

Spreading Awareness

Carola Perez is the director of the Dos Emociones (Two Emotions) project and the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis. These are the two pioneering companies in Spain working to regulate medical marijuana and improve healthcare quality.

Behind these two grand projects, which are currently initiating a revitalized movement for medical marijuana regulation, is Carola’s personal story. Due to that story, she is now actively participating in enhancing the lives of several patients.

The Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis (OECM) is an organization that tries to increase awareness about the advantages of access to marijuana for patients across the nation.

They emphasized the difficulties correlated with the current laws, which were making patients buy marijuana from the black market.

Listen to what Carola Perez said in the TED Talks Madrid Here!

What About CBD and Hemp?

CBD is legal in Spain. The only requirement is that it should not contain more than 0.2% THC (the substance responsible for providing a ‘high’). It is even legal to produce CBD, as long as the manufacturer makes it in private.

Hemp has been a part of the history of Spain for ages. In the 21st century, the business has undergone a renaissance. Spanish farmers are focusing on the economic potential of the plant.

At present, EU directives allow the production of hemp as long as the THC ratios are below 0.2%. The Royal Decree 1729/1999 permits growers to cultivate 25 distinct species of hemp in Spain. All seeds must be EU-certified to be considered as legal.

Sales and Supply of Cannabis in Spain

When it comes to the marketing of marijuana, the law is more clear-cut. The government considers drug trafficking as a crime in the Criminal Code. The punishments are defined based on the nature of the offense.

If the offender sold drugs that don’t cause severe damage to health, then jail sentences vary from one to three years. For harder drugs, the authorities can extend the penalty to six years. If there are any aggravating conditions, prison orders can be as long as 21 years.

Penalties are also imposed for weed trafficking, and all substances, devices, and profits are seized. If the person is in a specific profession, they run the chance of being disqualified from it.

The judge can reduce the prison orders if the police find the offender reliant on drugs at the time of the arrest, and completes a therapy program.

The ‘cannabis social clubs’ are vaguer, with some people considering that it is allowed to use marijuana in them. However, the Spanish Supreme Court declares that any systematic, institutionalized, and persistent cultivation and distribution of marijuana among an organization open to new members is considered drug trafficking.

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Buying Cannabis in Spain

Buying marijuana in Spain isn’t a viable choice outright, but some loopholes will enable you to take a sac without any fear of prosecution.

Cannabis in SpainThe Spanish government decriminalized cannabis, though not entirely legal. It suggests that wherever you buy cannabis seeds from has to be regulated, such as social clubs. You can purchase cannabis seeds, but only at qualified stores.

If you aren’t a member of such a social club, you will not be able to bring anything home. You can only smoke inside the store.

This is because of the policy on cannabis in Spain. You can’t buy it from a second-hand reference. Cultivating a cannabis plant on behalf of your friends is fair. But you need to prove it during any inquiry.

The administration will let you plant your cannabis seeds and cultivate your own. This will only produce more seeds. Buying cannabis seeds from any unreliable source isn’t really required when low-cost memberships and private cultivation are supported alternatives.

However, you can buy cannabis seeds from a reputable seed bank that ships to the EU country. Such seed banks offer a wide range of strains with high-quality assurance. We recommend Crop King Seeds, MSNL, and Sensi Seeds seed bank to give it a go!

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Most areas now will offer only topical options of the CBD products. It includes therapeutic creams, balms, and oils. If you are looking to use CBD supplements or other consumables lawfully, you will have to get it imported from an EU nation that legally allows the consumption of CBD.

Cannabis Clubs in Spain

First and foremost, make sure that the club you visit is regarded as a private place. The popularity of cannabis clubs increased with the law of decriminalizing marijuana products in private areas.

Cannabis in SpainIt is only inside the club walls that you can socially enjoy your cannabis. You cannot take it outside the gate.

The main temptations of the cannabis clubs are its private places. You might see the following boards on such stores:

  • Cannabis Club
  • Coffee Shop
  • Cultural Association

The cannabis social clubs of Spain survive because of a knothole in the law, which decriminalized the consumption of marijuana in private areas.

There are numerous of these clubs across the nation, and they all work as private institutions. They cultivate cannabis plants on the premises, and the members of the club pay a charge to obtain the cannabis in a legal, controlled form.

The members typically have some authority over some aspects of the works of the club. For instance, what strains of cannabis are grown and how the club is operated.

Cannabis social clubs present many benefits to their members. They set the quality of cannabis, unlike marijuana sourced from the black market. Members can also have it for a fair amount.

Rules to be Followed by the Cannabis Social Clubs

  • Registration: All cannabis social clubs have to enroll in a local registry of associations.
  • Harm Reduction: They must try to reduce any abuses related to the supply and consumption of weed.
  • Closed to the Public: Only the members can access the club. The clubs grant membership upon an existing member’s request. Alternatively, people can join if they have a doctor’s note, verifying that they would benefit from marijuana for medicinal objectives.
  • Placing Limits: Daily individual quantities must be adhered to, to stop members from trading cannabis on the black market.
  • Immediate Consumption: You should consume cannabis on-site, though small amounts are allowed to be taken away.
  • Non-Profit: Members only pay fees to include production and administration costs. The clubs reinvest all the revenue into the club activities.

You would find the majority of cannabis social clubs in Catalonia – especially in Barcelona. Here, the clubs often have very distinct characters, with some being charismatic and ‘high-end’ and others being more rough and appealing to the ‘eco-crowd.’

Cannabis Events in Spain


Cannabis in SpainSpannabis is Europe’s most significant cannabis expo, trade show, and festival. Every year, thousands of people gather to Barcelona to listen to talks from some of the world’s most prominent business figures.

The trade show also exhibits the latest cannabis innovations and keeps the visitors up to date with technological advancements in the field.

The authorities postponed the Spannabis cannabis conference from March to Sept 11-13, 2020, amid a coronavirus pandemic.

The event this year has passed, but not to worry! You can book your ticket for 2021 and reserve your place!

Get all the details for 2021 HERE!

World Cannabis Conferences

The eighth version of the World Cannabis Conferences will be held synchronically with Spannabis in April 2021. In this new release, you will have a chance to witness the presence of scientific, medicinal, and political personalities, as well as primary agents of the marijuana sector.

The World Cannabis Conferences have become a connecting event thanks to the transmission of progress and efforts carried out in the realm of cannabis. You will be able to explore this controversial plant’s different dimensions via thematic sections in a forum format and special conferences.


Cannabis in SpainThe International Cannabis Business Conference is merging forces with Spannabis, Europe’s top cannabis expo, to create a super-conference that began in Barcelona, Spain.

Spannabis has been the world’s most fantastic cannabis trade show for more than sixteen years. While in just five years, the ICBC has become the world’s premier B2B cannabis networking event for administrators and investors attendees from over 50 nations.

Expo Grow

Cannabis in SpainThe experts appreciate Expo Grow as “Much more than a Cannabis Fair during the last seven editions.”

The main focus of the Expogrow is to combine three ideas into one to provide added benefit to both visitors and exhibitors. It is a trade exhibit, a festival, and a forum.

Visitors can appreciate the latest grow trade news, attend performances with artists of the highest order and take part in an international cannabis forum.

Future of Weed in Spain

Given the stress placed on the management to properly legalize medicinal marijuana in Spain, it seems likely that this will occur in the near future. It is mainly the case given that so many other EU nations have now done so.

What about recreational usage? It mostly depends on the political party in power at the time. While many of the parties are pro-cannabis legalization, others embrace a more traditional path. Only time will tell whether the law changes or not.

Last Thoughts

Lastly, make sure you keep one thing in mind that the cannabis laws in Spain are more lenient than those of France and Gibraltar, so do not try to bring the drug across the border.

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