Nirvana Seed Bank Review – Quality Cannabis Seed Seller Since 1995

Nirvana Seed Bank is one of the oldest marijuana seed banks in the world. It has been running successfully since 35+ years.

Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

The seed bank from the Netherlands is a people’s favorite from so many years now. It is one of the most known names in the cannabis seeds market.

Their love for cannabis and passion for growing the best strains is really impressive. They are an ever-growing company which is focused on improving their cannabis strain stock as well as the customer base.

Their marijuana seeds are even sold on other seed banks as well.

Let us see what they offer in this Nirvana Seed Bank Review.


The reputation of Nirvana Seed Bank

Customers buy cannabis seeds from Nirvana seed bank because they love the support and the quality of seeds that they get from this seed bank.

Nirvana online shop is a place where you can find cannabis seeds, germinations kits, nutrients, grow bags, propagator kits, and many other marijuana-related grow supplies.

It’s a one-stop-shop for everything marijuana.

Amazing, right?

Another reason why we love them is that they offer very reasonable prices to their customers. If you are a beginner, then you can choose this place to start out your cannabis journey.

All the marijuana seeds you are going to get from them are going to be stable and of good quality.

History of Nirvana Seed Bank

Nirvana Seed Bank started in 1980. The owner of this marijuana seed bank traveled a lot in the past and had a great collection of different types of marijuana seeds.

He loved growing cannabis and breeding it to make new types of strains. Slowly this passion of growing blossomed into a full-fledged marijuana seed shop in 1995.

They wanted to offer these seeds and the knowledge to other people, so they started selling worldwide as well. Today, Nirvana seed bank is one of the best seed banks in the world.


Nirvana’s website is clutter-free and shows the most important thins on its homepage. You can see all the latest deals as well as the types of seeds menu on the homepage. This makes it easy for anyone to their favorite section quickly.

If you scroll down, you would see top strains listed. This is great for a quick buy for anyone who wants to try out famous marijuana strains.

If you go to their all seeds page, you would see a long list of all the marijuana strains they offer.

You can filter out your favorite strains by using the product filter facility provided on their website. You can filter out strains on the basis of Seed type, Plant Type, Plant height, Average yield time, Flavour, THC and CBD levels, Flowering time, and many other parameters.


The seed quality at Nirvana seed bank is really good as they stock only the best; all the mediocre seeds are expelled from the stock to maintain a high-quality standard for their customers.

They breed their own seeds as well, which gives them total control over the quality of their marijuana seeds.

Other online seed banks sell Nirvana seeds on their shops, so you can imagine the quality of the seeds. Why would anyone sell other breeders seeds on their store, only if they are really good, agreed?

There are thousands of positive reviews on the internet which express their happiness of getting high-quality seeds from Nirvana seed bank every time.

Strains Variety

You can get so many different types of marijuana seeds on their online store.


Currently, there are 62 different types of marijuana strains which include High CBD strains, High THC strains, Autoflowering strains, Feminized strains, Regular strains, etc.

Use the product filter tool to find the strains which require.

No matter if you want costly high-end strains or low range beginner strains, Nirvana seed bank will cater to both of those needs.

Additionally, you would get extra benefits if you buy cannabis seeds in bulk. If you grow marijuana commercially, then you have a great opportunity here to buy stable seeds on mass.

Some of the most famous and best-selling strains on Nirvana seeds are shown below, check them out and see their information by clicking on them.

Are you a complete beginner in growing marijuana? Then read these articles where Nirvana seeds bank has explained how to grow marijuana and how to care for it.

You will see articles on nutrients, growing mediums, grow space, after care of cannabis plants, etc.


Nirvana seeds provides this Awesome Yield Kit which you can use to grow marijuana easily in your premises.

The yield kit includes 3 different things:

  • 5 Sachets of Root Xtender
    • These sachets of Root Xtender has 5 grams of Mycorrhiza each. These are soil bacteria which make perfect conditions for your cannabis plant to grow.
  • 5 Flower tabs
    • You will get 5 completely organic tablets which are bio-degradable and will give out little nutrients slowly. These nutrients will make the roots strong and will help them thrive.
  • 5 Solitabs
    • These bio-degradable tablets contain a mixture of humic acid and bacteria to help grow marijuana plants.

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate?

All the seeds are bred by them in a very controlled environment to ensure the quality of the cannabis seeds is maintained to highest.

People who bought seeds from them swear of more than 90% of germination. Nirvana Seed bank offers a germination guarantee where, if you don’t get an 80% germination ratios, then they will give you another set of seeds for free.

Coo, right?

Shipping Rates & Timings

Nirvana Seed bank ships their marijuana seeds to every country in the world except Argentina, Australia, and Japan.

As soon as your payment is made, your order will be processed. The quickest way to make sure you get the seeds asap is to pay with a credit card.

The shipping is not all free. You would have to pay a little bit of shipping charges. This small fee will ensure that you get your seeds as soon as possible.

To get the exact amount of shipping fee, please enter your country at the checkout and see the total shipping charges on the cart.

The delivery times can be different for different parts of the world. Check out the following to see the different timings:

  • European Union
    • Handling: Up to 4 Days
    • Shipping: 1 to 2 Weeks
  • United States
    • Handling: Up to 4 Days
    • Shipping: 2 to 3 Weeks
  • Rest of the World
    • Handling: Up to 4 Days
    • Shipping: 2 to 4 Weeks

Package Protection

The parcels sent by Nirvana seeds always arrive, a bit late maybe but they do for the majority of buyers. If your parcel has not arrived for more than 4 weeks, then contact them, and they will be happy to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Sometimes the orders are sent in parts if you have multiple things in the cart, then you have to wait for them for 4 weeks before contacting them.

Getting a tracked shipping at the checkout is the best way to ensure and have a peace of mind while the parcel is on its way.

Is ordering from Nirvana Seed Bank Safe?

Yes, all of their cannabis seeds are packed in a very creative way to ensure secrecy and protection of the seeds. The well-packed parcel will not let the seeds damage along the way to your place.

Is Nirvana seeds bank parcel Discreet?

Nirvana Seeds takes the privacy of their customers very seriously. Therefore, they have made a rule that all of their orders will be shipped with stealth.

You would usually get marijuana seeds in an envelope which will look simple and ordinary. These parcels are really like everyday parcels and don’t feature any kind of marijuana-related text or imagery on them.

What are the different Payment Methods?

The payments options change a little bit, depending on the part of the world. But generally, you would get the following payment options at the checkout:

  • Cash
  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer

If you pay with cash, then you have to send them either Zloty, GBP, Euro, USD or CAD currency only.

Promotions and Discounts

Do you love freebies?

Well, you would be happy to know that they give out free seeds on every order. These seeds are mystery seeds, so you will not know what type of seeds you are going to get.

But as long as they are free, who cares, right?

Getting 10 free seeds with every order is a great deal!

Check out their offers page to see what marijuana seeds are on offer. They have promotions and discounts all year round.

Keep checking their offers page to stay up to date on all the latest deals.

Is Nirvana Seed Bank Customer Services good?

The 2 people who work for the customers services department at Nirvana seeds are very helpful and always glad to solve buyers’ queries.

You will be helped with your problems very quickly and in a professional plus friendly manner although we do suggest you to check their customer service page beforehand to see if you find your answer there.

There is also another forum by Nirvana seeds team where you can ask a question, interact with the staff, and get expert advice on your personal growing operation.

Last Words

If you are looking for a low budget but high-quality marijuana seeds, then this is an ideal choice. Furthermore, all the beginners can take advantage of their other marijuana-related products which are sold on their online store.

The reputation of Nirvana seeds is really good among the marijuana community, and they even have been given great ratings and reviews by customers.

We love the deliveries, stealthiness, and a reliable stream of unlimited marijuana seeds. You ought to order from them to see how good they are!

Happy shopping the Best Marijuana Strains.

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