10+ Best Cannabis Strains for Female Arousal — Drive Desire, Passion, Energy, And Pleasure

It’s inciting to make a blanket commentary about which cannabis is best for women between the sheets. As we know that each sexual encounter is distinct, even with the same companion, it’s always essential to review your physical condition and mind before preceding with the marijuana for sex. Are you looking for the best cannabis strains for female arousal? These ten strains can intensify your libido, make every bit feel blissful, and improve your sex experience.

While considering the best cannabis strains for female arousal, the strain that comes to our mind to boost women’s sexual senses is Sour Diesel Cannabis Strain.

best cannabis strains for female arousal

Speaking in general terms, some strains are mainly known for their relaxing elements and the strength to elevate senses, all of which can help you get in the pleasurable mood, driving sensations towards O-town. 

Experimental studies have revealed that a low to a moderate dosage of weed can intensify sexual experiences by extending the length and depth of orgasms and supporting in bonding with a partner. And evidence hints that India had adopted cannabis as an aphrodisiac as early as the 7th century.

What is Arousal?

Arousal is a cognitive behavior that affects the psychological and physiological states of a person. Regardless of gender, arousal is a sensual stimulus that you can feel internally or externally. Arousal is an anomaly that is lacking in normal situations. 


Along with the physical effects of euphoria and relaxation, sharing puffs with your partner can help you attain a more powerful bond and a wholesomer relationship. While sharing a bed with your partner, smoking weed could drive an erotic infatuation, unlike anything else – and absolutely more pleasurable fun that may end up landing on cloud-9.

We can get arousal sensations from physiological activities as increased blood flow and increased heartbeat. Psychological perceptions for arousal differ from person to person and gender to gender. 

Arousal is the processing of acquiring an urge for physical pleasure. In simple words, arousal turns on with the desire of physical interaction that might prompt sexual engagement. 

It is a usually known fact among stoners that Indica strains are some of the best strains to try for the bedroom bliss. 

How The Human Brain Reacts to Cannabis?

The brain is the focal processing unit of human anatomy, as other stimuli brain also triggers sexual stimuli. Passionate responses triggered by our brains are one key component of arousal and its strength. 

Strains are herbs that supposedly have numerous medicinal effects such as an increase in appetite, pain help, muscle relaxations, lower anxiety, and increased sensual stimuli. Strains are of various types, inclusive of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis. 

best cannabis strains for sexRead more on the Best Cannabis Strains for a Wild Night of Sex, along with the best CBD- and THC-infused products to intensify your sensual pleasure.

Strains can be used in various ways and have various means of consumption. The mean of consumption includes smoking, vaporizers, tinctures, oil extracts, and edibles. The effect of strains varies from person to person and also subject to the quality of the product. Moreover, the legality of the strains is acknowledged and challenged in various regions. 

“What are the best cannabis strains for female arousal?” We heard this question all the time. It’s a great inquiry that just has one exact answer: it depends. There are numerous factors to consider when pairing a strain with sexual activity:

  • How do your body and mind respond to various strains? 
  • What is the method of consumption? 
  • What kind of sex would you prefer? (partnered, solo, wild fun, slow lovemaking, and so forth)

Best CBD and THC Products for Female Arousal

You may have caught wind of cannabis helping with insomnia, chronic pain, and seizures—but marijuana for ladies’ sexual pleasure? 

The research shows that cannabis can make a big difference in ladies’ sexual experience. Research into how cannabis can improve sex shows that the plant can:

For some ladies (and men), a less than ideal sex life might be the consequence of physical pain and anxiety. If you’re worried about bills, issues at work, or an upcoming event, you probably won’t be focused enough on your partner or yourself to find pleasure. And if you’re dealing with pain—whether intense from an injury or chronic from a health issue—forget about fulfilling sex. Cannabis can help around there as well. 

marijuana for women arousal

Individuals have been using cannabis to improve sexual experiences since the old times, and there’s even proof that cannabis consumers have more sex than the average person. 

we set up this list of our top five recommendations for marijuana products to attempt if you’re looking to improve your sex life with cannabis:

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Female Arousal

These are numerous good reasons to indulge in some of these cannabis strains before your next room experience. 

#1 – Cheese Autoflower from ILGM – Intensify Lovemaking Moodcheese autoflower cannabis strain

Cheese is a well-known Indica-dominant cannabis strain that has gotten mainstream because of its unusual fragrant characteristics. Named the “stinky socks” of strains, this plant has gained notoriety for being a solid relaxant and a constant high-yielding strain to growers. It is known for being a powerful mood-elevator that can leave you in stitches over something you can’t even recall. 

Cheese can produce a feeling of euphoria, being an effectual mood-elevator, you might feel the urge to be imaginative and feel excited. As it is an Indica dominant strain, you may feel slightly tired and, in some cases, even succumb to a chair-lock. 

This Indica weed is sure to increase appetite and make them look over through your storeroom for something munchable. 

#2 – Sexxpot by Weedseeds Express

sexxpot cannabis strain

Have you known about Sexxpot and its wonders? It is a must-have strain in the list of female arousal strains, and believe us, you won’t forget it. Cannabis entrepreneur Karen Wagner noticed its effects after smoking a joint with her partner before setting the ball rolling. Karen Wagner’s narrative is a very relatable one. 

Numerous ladies make some hard times reaching orgasm. It is especially valid for those with plenty of worries or insecurities. Through her organization, Paradigm Medical Marijuana, Wagner made Sexxpot – a strain devoted to improving the female sexual experience. Its THC content is 14%, just enough to increase the senses and get free of repression. So, when she introduced her product to ladies in a cannabis forum, it knocked some people’s socks off immediately. 

As alluded to before, Sexxpot has an energizing high that is quite uncharacteristic of its Indica structure. But, if anything, the stimulation just serves to enhance the full-bodied action. Its onset is swift and starts with an uplifting cerebral buzz. When you utilize it, you’ll feel inspiring pleasure from head to toe. 

Ladies love Sexxpot!

Named as the ‘Female Viagra,’ the characteristic aphrodisiac takes away societal and physical inhibitions. These psychological barriers regularly shield ladies from being their unapologetic self. To many, the new-discovered freedom is arousing, and it should be no surprise. Besides, Karen Wagner made it for that very purpose. Sexxpot is often useful at night in an intimate setting. 

#3 – Trainwreck by ILGM – To Spice Up BDSM

Trainwreck cannabis strain

Trainwreck is a hybrid Sativa and has a mind-bending effect, as most plainly delineated for the sake of the compound. This strain has an incredibly euphoric and happy effect with a great sense of uplifting. 

It is perhaps the best strain to accomplish exciting and sensual sexual experience. It provides the user with cerebral high and enhances sensations. This strain may cause dizziness if the dosage is not proper. 

#4 – Bubblegum by ILGM – Intense Foreplay and Climax

bubblegum cannabis strain

As an Indica-dominant strain, Bubblegum Kush is suitable for long, relaxed sessions of staring into your partner’s eyes and feeling chilled as waves of pleasure turn over you for ages. You can anticipate a euphoric high that lasts for hours, although it does take some time. 

Despite its sugary sounding name, Bubblegum tastes strongly of orange and lemon. However, it does have undernotes of consumed candy, and it is pretty sweet. Watch out, as it is associated with the inducing bursts of giggles that could slaughter a sensual vibe if you aren’t expecting it. 

#5 – Dr. Funk by Pacific Seed Bank

Dr. Funk cannabis strain

Blueberry and Bubba Kush are two of the industry’s best Indica strains available. The former, a well-voyaged exotic hybrid, took the world by storm after it took home the best Indica grant in 2000. Then, the last gained notoriety for its relaxing full-body effects and chocolate-coffee flavors. With such qualities, it was just a short time before the two cross paths. 

Though it has little Sativa influence, Dr. Funk kicks off its psychedelic high with a pronounced mental buzz. The euphoric rush inspires happiness, bursting from inside out. Such an effect usually leaves users in a state of unadulterated bliss. 

Not long after, the Indica effects of Dr. Funk creep in marijuana lovers. It renders a tingling sensation in the head. As it drifts down, it envelops the body in profound relaxation. Although intense, it does not glue users to their couches. Instead, it complements the cerebral buzz. 

For some individuals, this combination allows them to dig introspectively. But, for most, it usually leads to arousal. It is because Dr. Funk is a doctor of affection, or what many would consider a characteristic aphrodisiac. As such, it is best to use this strain in the evening and, possibly, with a friend or family member. 

#6 – Grandaddy Purple by ILGM – for Intense Arousal


Granddaddy Purple is an Indica dominant hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big Bud and broadly known for its arousing properties. The color itself is an extraordinary blend but also brings an assortment of effects to users. 

The users always have sedated and relaxed sensations and highly persuasive arousals. This stain hits the body and mind simultaneously but gradually fades off as smooth physical buzz. 

A fusion of euphoria and anatomical relaxations bringing better arousal is what a user should anticipate from this strain. Powerful and amazingly arousing is the testimonial by numerous users. 

#7 – Asian Fantasy by Mynushop – Lost in Your Lover’s Touch

asian fantasy cannabis strain

Sativa-dominant Asian Fantasy has become something of a Holy Grail strain because of its strength and the fact that it’s not always easy to find. The search for Asian Fantasy is worth the effort, though. The flower’s one of a kind high is said to deliver sizable euphoric uplift both in the brain and other organs south of the waistline. 

In praising Asian Fantasy, author Nichole Richter writes for Marijuana Break, “It’s the perfect get-away sex weed. This one will keep you hopping (and humping) like the energizer rabbit.”

#8 – Paris XXX

Paris XXX cannabis strain

Its name alone is suitable to arouse thoughts of erotic excitements. One thing that may approve such an assumption is its ability to lead users to the path of arousal. On that note, one can imply that calling it Paris XXX is indeed amusing. 

It is ordinary for hybrids to produce cerebral effects before the bodily high. Thus, there is no basis to assume otherwise when utilizing Paris XXX. However, it is the strength of the psychological stimulation that may find some first-timers napping, regardless of how experienced. 

Soon after smoking or vaping, it frees the mind and sharpens the ability to focus. Even more impressive is how it seems to uncover the undiscovered creative side of users. Throughout the cerebral high, the strain inspires new perceptions and ideas. 

As the physical effects begin to manifest, the calming sensation that centers all over the body, followed by enhanced desire. For some persons, the hybrid’s relaxing qualities, combined with its remarkable cerebral high, can prompt sexual arousal. Some individuals may use Paris XXX to set the mood for a passionate evening. However, if you take it excessively, all the best-laid plans could go to waste. 

#9 – Love Potion No. 1 by Pacific Seed Bank

love potion no. 1 cannabis strain

The users of Love Potion No. 1 starts to feel an overflowing sensation towards the partner. Such a feeling begins to intensify into a furious passion, followed by an intense sensual desire. 

Love Potion is a form of aphrodisiacs that could boost libido and therefore spurs amorous engagements. Likewise, smoking Love Potion No. 1 strain scatters love and euphoria, leaving users very horny. Users who are up for a move with their significant other can take the passion to greater lengths by adding Love Potion No. 1. 

Love Potion No. 1 comes with a better than expected power. If you use it a lot, it might get overpowering. However, utilizing it within boundaries allows users to feel the best of its psychoactive qualities. At its onset, a fast-moving wave originates from the spine to the fingertips that raise the cerebral intensity. 

Moreover, it leaves users feeling super ecstatic and uplifted. It complements the psychological high by spreading the uplifting sensation all over without sedation, laziness, or lethargy. Staying consistent with its name, Love Potion No. 1 enhances libido and provides an energetic boost. 

#10 – Sour Diesel by ILGM – Lead to Multiple Orgasms

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

Sex has gotten more normal with Sour Diesel. You can get a rush of excited energy after smoking this strain, which can prompt intense “continue onward and-don’t-stop” sex. 

It’s the type of sex where you crave your partner with an intense desire, where you can observe your heart racing and your skin getting blushed, and every touch lights a fire under your partner. It is, unquestionably, a transcendent feeling, and a high-energy strain like Sour Diesel just serves to augment it.

We can’t keep Sour Diesel separate from this list because it’s such a well-known strain, and several lovebirds adore its effect before having sex. However, some users discovered that it could create anxiety if you are not cautious with the dosage.

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Final Verdict

What works best for intensifying sexual pleasure with cannabis can differ from woman to woman. Whether you consume Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, edibles, vaporizers, or topicals, there’s an option that can help you achieve a truly pleasant sex experience.

When it comes to evaluating sexual delight, researchers look at psychological, biological, and social factors associated with attraction, arousal, orgasm, and overall performance.

But again, good sex for one woman may not be so for another. Furthermore, this uniqueness of the feeling may reveal why some find weed useful for sex while others do not. 

Because cannabis affects everyone differently, it may be helpful to start with low dosage and measure to see what cannabis strains work best for you before using it into the bedroom. It is undoubtedly true that cannabis can heighten arousal and intensify lovemaking, although it is crucial to remember not exaggerating it.

stoned-sex-logoWhile you dream about it, you can also get yourself an all-night sexual glory by growing cannabis at your backyard. It takes nearly eight weeks to blossom. So what are you waiting for, beloved readers? Check out the best 25 Sativa and Indica strains that you can grow and enjoy.

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The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements made regarding these cannabis products. Moreover, the FDA approved research has not verified the effectiveness of these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, heal, prevent, or cure any disease. All information given here is not meant as a replacement for or alternative to health care products. Please consult your doctor about possible complications before practicing any product.

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