Buying Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia in 2023

Are you looking to purchase high-quality cannabis seeds online in Australia? You will find a choice of strains, seed bank options, delivery details, payment options, customer service, law and legislation, and many other vital factors for Buying the Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia. Read it thoroughly to settle on your perfect Cannabis seed-buying decision. 

Buying Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia


Is Cannabis Legal in Australia?

The government has decriminalized modest quantities of Cannabis in one state and two regions. Aside from that, cultivation, dealings, consumption, and distribution stay illegal. These days, the pressure to legalize the use of medical marijuana is a substantial issue.

A blend of 5.8 million Australians who have attempted Cannabis and 1 million people who have used marijuana in the previous year makes Cannabis the most common illegal substance in the country. Its use is more commonplace among 20-30-year-olds than some other age gathering. The use of marijuana frequently trails off as a person enters their late twenties and mid-thirties.

About 33% of Australians 22 years or older have used Cannabis. In Australia, the recreational use of Cannabis is among the most raised on the planet. The country ranks seventh in the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report.

Australia is where the possession, growing, buying, or selling of marijuana is illegal, and in every one of the country’s domains, the punishments are different.

In any of the Capital Territory, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and Western Australia all have different degrees of discipline for marijuana. Modest quantities of marijuana possession as much as 25 grams or growing up to two plants, is typically okay.

The person that has a ticket much of the time can decide to go to drug classes, so they don’t need to pay the fine. Growing multiple plants or being gotten with marijuana as well as with smoking material may trouble you with a fine.


Australia sanctioned medicinal Cannabis at the federal level on February 24, 2016. The government indicated that they intended to guarantee that Australia was a significant supplier of medicinal Cannabis, with atmosphere and rural conditions making Australia appropriate for a crop for industry-scale manufacturing.

Prominent, growing cannabis crops in Australia requires a broad licensing endorsement procedure and specific plans, including appropriate manufacturing forms.

The ongoing change is that possession and growth are presently legal to a constrained degree. The differentiation between decriminalization and legalization is essential. Legalization implies that something is permitted; decriminalization suggests that even though something isn’t allowed, it’s not a criminal offense.

Legalization Benefits

It may need up to 6-8 months to draft the necessary regulations. It takes time to take a goose at how production, distribution, and security will be supervised. All rules will depend upon whether it is for research purposes or growing and selling.

There is no uncertainty that this is a positive advancement for users of medical marijuana, as it will be legally easy to help patients experiencing chronic diseases. It isn’t just an advantage to the individuals; the suggestions for Australia’s economy are also incredibly positive.

The University of Sydney Business School appraises this new pursuit into the cannabis business for Australia as it could be worth $100 million in its first year.

The impact of this will be an increase in employment at each phase of its cultivation and distribution. The possibility for experts in Australia to get the chance to study medical marijuana could increase significantly. These benefits also help the world in the overall Cannabis export industry.

Given the considerable measure of land accessible to the Australian government and the effectively elevated expectation of exports, it is accepted that the cannabis business will be the same. We could be looking at some of the best strains originating from other areas of the world.

ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Law

The disputable new laws legalize growing, having, and smoking little amounts of Cannabis. If you are over 18, you can grow the plant, gather as much as 50 grams of dried bud, and smoke it as you like inside your own home, provided that there are no children around.

But the laws don’t offer any direction whatsoever on how it should be obtained. There won’t be any cannabis shops opening up, as buying and selling the drug remains carefully illegal.

It also cannot be gifted, starting with one person and then onto the next. Developing two plants — to the furthest reaches of four for each household — is legal, but buying cannabis seeds isn’t.

Cannabis plants must be developed on private properties. And just by individuals who typically live there. These laws won’t impact criminal offenses for the enormous scope of cultivation of Cannabis or the flexibility of cannabis or cannabis seeds.

The business offer of Cannabis through retail outlets or coffee houses will also stay restrained. Be that as it may, the laws brief the undeniable query: if individuals are growing cannabis plants, where are they getting the seeds?

A person would not be accused of possession or cultivation of a cannabis plant under the new ACT laws. However, the person giving the seeds or plants would be an offense.

Federal Laws

Intense vulnerability, despite everything, exists over potential clashes between these new ACT laws and federal laws that criminalize the possession of marijuana.

As the Federal Criminal Code Act 1995 suggests, it would be an offense to have a controlled drug. It can convey a punishment of two years imprisonment.

Lawyer General Christian Porter MP has openly stated that the federal offenses will even now have full impact on the ACT. Accordingly, the Attorney-General’s office expects ACT police to enforce federal criminal laws after January 31. 2020.

It will bring an odd circumstance where individuals growing plants at home by following the ACT could be violating federal laws.

It’s challenging to state how ACT Police will react to individuals who use Cannabis. The circumstance will require proper action inside the positions of law enforcement to determine the fitting response.

State-wise Policies in Australia

Some states have specific approaches for punishing, depending upon how marijuana is grown. In any case, remember that if you need to grow Cannabis monetarily, you might sign up for risks and punishments. Here you will discover more data on the limitations for developing Cannabis in each Australian state.

Australian State Guidelines

Canberra (Australian Capital)
In this state, it is moderately safe to have as much as 25 grams of marijuana or grow up to 2 plants, except if you do it hydroponically. If you remain inside these cutoff points, you may have to suffer a $100 fine. In the end, when this isn’t paid in 2 months, you need to partake in a treatment program.

Victoria works with great care and precaution. You can overlook a notice twice as long as you don’t have over 50 grams.

New South Wales
If you have as much as 15 grams in this state, you get a warning. However, you can only ignore their notice twice. Next time you may not be that fortunate.

Northern Territory
Having as much as 50 grams of marijuana or growing up to 2 plants can put you at a risk of paying a fine of $200.

Western Australia
No criminal accusations will be documented against you in this state if you possess under 10 grams of weed, or grow it. You will, in any case, need to go to a Cannabis Intervention Program.

South Australia
In South Australia, you will get a fine of $50 to $150 for conveying under 20 grams of hush or 100 grams of Cannabis.

In this state, you can get off with a warning three times in 10 years, except if you have over 50 grams.

If you are found to have under 50 grams of marijuana in this state, you can be offered a redirection and may be free from criminal allegations. Remember, however, this applies to the first occasion when you are caught.

Medical Cannabis in Australia

You might have learned that it’s now legal to grow Cannabis for medical treatment. You can grow, but only if you accomplish the licenses from the ODC (Office of Drug Control). You’ll also require different import and export licenses and TGA endorsements.

If you need data on entering the therapeutic cannabis industry as a cultivation worker, breeder, landowner, experimenter, or business person, you can attend the 2020 Annual Medicinal Cannabis Conference or analyze available instructional courses in restorative cannabis cultivation and regulations.

What are the advantages of medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana contrives an ingredient that is known as THC. It can help lessen the side effects of severe conditions. It permits the person that is sick to have some quality of life. Besides, it shows a similar impact that is the same as other prescribed drugs, which have some side effects.

Medical marijuana seeds are also a conservative method to treat constant excruciating ailments because professionally prescribed medicines are costly, except they have the arrangement to take care of the expense.

How can medical marijuana be useful?

Individuals with medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, or AIDS, find that utilizing medicinal marijuana is a much-improved approach to treating the sickness.

Growing medical marijuana seeds remain therapeutic. At that point, THC can help decline the side effects of these extreme conditions. Even cancer patients doing chemotherapy find that buying and consuming Cannabis raises their appetite.

Patients who smoke medical marijuana have shown the effect of increasing intraocular pressure. Also, people use it for patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders.

Buying, Growing, Possessing, Using & Selling Marijuana in Australia

New cannabis cultivation and possession laws happened in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) on January 31, 2020. But they’re not what most cannabis lovers would trust.

The ACT laws are a fantastic initial step, but they negate federal laws that make cultivation and possession of Cannabis a criminal offense. And it’s uncertain whether these federal laws will be there in the ACT.

The new laws also do little to direct the gracefulness of Cannabis or its seeds. Instead, cannabis enactment and regulation should be drawn closer, like liquor and tobacco.


You cannot buy nor import cannabis seeds in Australia without the correct licenses and allows.

If you have been allowed the necessary licenses and permits, you must follow exacting governmental conventions, particularly if you intend to import seed or plant stock.

Australian organizations are, as of now, attempting to accomplish quality seed stock strains for licensed therapeutic cannabis organizations and hemp creation.


The new laws will permit an area occupant matured 18 or more established to grow cannabis plants at home. There will be a restriction of two plants for every person and four for each household. And every person will be permitted to claim nearly 50 grams of dried Cannabis. You can grow Cannabis plants on private properties. And just by individuals who generally live there.

The ODC (Office of Drug Control) application process for Cannabis is protracted and exposed to extensive checks and candidate investigation. They can also check your criminal records. Occupational researchers in the cannabis business may have to face security and police checks before entering the cannabis sector.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing forms must meet GMP, TGA’s TGO93, and other approved quality manufacturing regulations. It insists you take expert consultation for designing, life cycle approval, endorsement permits, and license applications.

Just licensed associations with ODC and TGA endorsement can grow Cannabis legally in Australia. You should present various complex license and grant applications to professionally grow marijuana in Australia, in any event, for therapeutic purposes or private use.


In Queensland, having Cannabis and smoking is illegal. A limited quantity of marijuana, when gotten, might land you in a treatment program.

There are may distinctive laws in some of the states or domains in Australia. People remember it for the Drug Misuse Regulation of 1987, which also includes a prison sentence of 15 years.

This sort of sentence is uncommon, and then the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act of 2000 incorporates laws that the person must have a choice to take a drug redirection program. It’s necessary if they possess under 50 grams of marijuana. They should not submit some other sort of offense at the time they caught them with the weed.

The enactment in 2006 diminished the measure of Cannabis that you can grow inside hydroponic arrangements. It would bring more difficult sentences under the Australian Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act that started in 1985.


It’s as yet illegal to use, sell, or distribute cannabis seeds or plants between people. Also, smoking stays illegal as per the rule. Almost 33% of Australians under 22 years of age have consumed Cannabis at least once.

Australia is famous for the recreational use of Cannabis. The country ranks seventh in the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report.

We advise you that this data is here for exploring purposes. If you live within the ACT-affected area, you don’t need to worry a lot. If you choose to violate the law, that would be your personal decision.


Sellers would know their clients if they request information about the germination or growth of cannabis seeds. At that time, sellers might refuse buyers’ orders. While storage for the conservation of seeds is permitted, germination and growth of some plants remain banned in some parts of Australia. So, please acquaint yourself with your state/national laws before buying.

Dispensaries may sell cannabis seeds to people with legitimate reasons to use it. The stores need to inform their customers that such items’ germination, trading, and non-medical use is illegal.

Cannabis Trends in Australia

According to the Australian Drug Foundation, about 39% of Aussies who are 14 years old have confessed to trying Cannabis at least once. About 18% of these individuals used Cannabis in the previous year. Typically, 17 was the underlying age at which people fiddled with Cannabis or started smoking consistently.

Roy Morgan surveyed in 2015, which was before the legalization of medical marijuana in Australia. And the outcomes showed tremendous cooperation by the Australian people for legalizing medical Cannabis. A 91% voted for the legalization of Cannabis for constantly sick patients with afflictions, for example, malignancy and epilepsy.

The indoor seedlings can regularly begin in October. At that point, the latter half a month, Aussies invite spring season. Marijuana plants can survive outside. It ordinarily starts in March and goes through May in districts with seasonal temperature changes.

In milder areas of Australia, cannabis seeds can grow outside in any season of the year. It provides growers with four harvests in a year. Issues with the sunlight may torture Australian open-air growers. The cannabis buds may also be helpless to mold, resulting in harvest failure.

The general atmosphere and soil conditions in Australia make it a great domain wherein to grow marijuana if you are a professional with numerous long stretches of instruction and experience in the field.

Buying Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia Review in 2023

The price of cannabis in Australia

You can find hydroponically grown Cannabis for AUD 300-320 per ounce. Bramble cannabis, which is outside Cannabis. It can range between AUD 200-229 for an ounce. The price for a gram is about AUD 20-35 throughout Australia.

Marijuana in rustic networks can bounce better than expected. In some areas in the Northern Territories, prices typically range between AUD 50-100 for a gram.

The quality of cannabis from Australia

In their 2009 Drug Trends Bulletin, the National Drug and Alcohol Research Center requested that members rate the quality of Cannabis. People who took part were regular cannabis users. Hydroponic systems are extraordinarily intense and of high quality. Because of the numerous factors at play with outside cultivation, bramble weed is as less severe and of lower quality.

Cannabis strains from Australia

People import only a small amount of Cannabis into the country. Also, privately grown weed is promptly available. The country’s atmosphere is perfect for open-air cultivation, and hydroponic and bramble grown Cannabis are standard throughout all states and domains.

Australian Blue is a well-known Australian strain. This Sativa-prevailing strain is a hybrid of Blue Haze and Australian Duck. The smoke with this bud is a practically hallucinogenic, uplifting high.

When hoping to choose your cannabis seeds, you have to stay mindful of a couple of fundamental things. Cannabis seeds are assorted, and there is a wide range of varieties to browse all options. 

Seeds are available in several essential categories: Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids. CBD-rich Ruderalis hereditary qualities are another most loved among growers. Ruderalis qualities are common for therapeutic purposes and for the most part, reproduced with Hybrids to make new, one-of-a-kind, auto-flowering strains. 


Sativas ordinarily have a lot higher THC content than different strains but are low in CBD. It delivers a substantially more cerebral, uplifting, lively high. 

Sativas are some growers’ personal top choices. Plants of this scientific categorization can initiate sentiments of positive thinking and well-being. It is spacey and produces stimulating impacts. It’s a reasonable option for the daytime. 

Sativa plants are generally known for being tall, with numerous examples growing to well more than two meters. You can reach its long and slim leaves very quickly. 


Indica hereditary qualities trace their source back to the hemp of the Indian subcontinent. Much like their Sativa partners, Indica strains by and large, contain high levels of THC. In any case, Indicas also contains similarly significant levels of non-psychoactive CBD, which basically ‘offsets’ the psycho-activity of THC. 

Indicas are a lot shorter than Sativa, bringing about littler yields. While some strains are considerably more compact than others, Indicas can grow big and thick. It generally becomes more extensive and rounder than the Sativas. Numerous Indicas look a ton like bushes. 

Indicas usually produce loads of littler side colas and parting branches, making them the most straightforward to grow inside. Indica examples are also incredible relaxants, giving tranquility and stress alleviation. They’re also profoundly compelling for decreasing aggravation, mitigating torment, and treating conditions like epilepsy and insomnia. 


Hybrids are the type of Cannabis that one can achieve by crossbreeding two different types of Cannabis. It contrives a blend of different characteristics from their hereditary guardians — Sativa and Indica.

Hybrids are half Sativa and half Indica – or something in between. For Hybrids strains, it’s pivotal to know the hereditary properties of your specific seeds. You may have to get some ideas on growing the plant. 


Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a brilliant choice for indoor growers. It’s a good thing that these seeds can bloom at a fixed rate, even with low sunlight. You will get your harvesting result within 70 days

Auto-flowering Cannabis rose out of the short, stalky Ruderalis species. For the most part, Auto-flowering won’t grow significantly more than a meter tall. After the seed germinates, the plant will automatically bloom at around 21 to 30 days, henceforth the expression “auto-flowering.” 

If you buy feminized seeds, it will smooth the whole growing procedure for you. You genuinely need female plants, as they produce the flowers. Male seeds do not produce flowers. You can spare a great deal of time and money if you get your hands on some feminized seeds.

Australian Seed Banks &
Seed Banks That Ship to Australia

There are no official stores selling cannabis seeds in Australia, but there are a couple of online seed banks you can visit. As it’s legal to grow your Cannabis in Canberra, we can legally share data to buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Get some answers concerning seed banks, the best seeds to decide for your necessities, how to buy safely online, and more. 

That’s right; we’re almost there! Currently, the country has decriminalized Cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory. And, it’s about time for all who are under ACT law, can start growing. But how would you get cannabis seeds? We should investigate our options here. 

It’s easy to buy weed seeds in Australia. A respectable seed bank is the most important thing to discover, and there are loads of them. While you can do a Google search, it’s somewhat freaky to pick one and go with it. It is the reason experts at 420ExpertAdviser have done thorough research so that you can find the most reliable Australian seed bank to buy cannabis seeds.

#1 – ILoveGrowingMarijuana (ILGM) Seed Bank

I Love Growing Marijuana (or ILGM) is one of our preferred seed banks for many reasons! ILGM offers eminent customer support, a vast choice of seeds, terrific discounts, and deals. It also provides a far-reaching assortment of free online growing resources for novices and seasoned growers. 

The seed bank provides excellent quality seeds with a germination guarantee. Here’s our full ILoveGrowingMarijuana review, with all you have to know before placing your request with this seed bank. 

Visit the seed bank’s official website: 

ILGM isn’t just an extraordinary place to buy cannabis seeds; their website,, is also an excellent resource for growers. Notwithstanding a blog brimming with accommodating data about different strains and how-to-grow guides. The company’s “Marijuana Grow Bible” is there to download for free. You will get it automatically when you place a request. This sort of service makes ILGM a genuinely unique brand for new growers. 

ILGM also has a free help forum where clients can get their specific inquiries replied by expert growers. The Forum is exceptionally active and is ILGM’s best resource for your growing questions. ILGM also includes growing guides for the United States, Canada, and Australia that permit you to penetrate your specific state or region. 

You can also peruse point-by-point, grow diaries, and investigate ILGM’s cannabis strain database to assist you with selecting the best seeds as per your growing demands.


One of the most famous rotating publicity is their buy 10 get 10 free deals. A half reserve funds on such great seeds isn’t something to leave behind! Besides, you can get an extra 10% off on top of the deal price if you use bitcoin. 

ILGM also shows their gratefulness for their clients by offering a Loyalty Program where each order earns you valuable points that you can utilize for free gifts and future orders. 

Germination Guarantee

ILGM is so sure about the quality of its seeds that they offer a germination guarantee. If you effectively follow their six suggested growing steps, and if it doesn’t grow, ILGM will replace your seeds at no extra cost

Customer Support

ILGM expects to satisfy clients with client care and backing as high-quality as their seeds. The ILGM group of “Bolster Angels” is overly responsive and anxious to assist you with any requests. They also give guidance on which strains to buy. Handling shipping issues is tedious, but they already explain it thoroughly. 

The best method to contact ILGM is through the contact form on the company’s website. Their staff intends to respond to all messages within 24 hours. If you have specific growing inquiries, you can bring them up in ILGM’s active Forum, and one of their expert growers will be glad to reply. 


The company dispatches all the seeds from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. ILGM presently sends to every one of the 50 US states, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Western Europe. Stealth shipping is always an available option with this seed bank. 

It implies that you will get your bundle. Be that as it may, your bank statement won’t uncover any insights that you’ve requested from a cannabis seed organization. 

ILGM gives a safe delivery guarantee, so you can have confidence that you will get your pack. If you don’t get your seeds, the seed bank will resend your order at no extra charge. If your seeds haven’t shown up within 25 business days, you should contact ILGM and let them know, and they will start working on your application. 

You can raise any delivery issue promptly to expect quick service. Note that ILGM won’t resend a request if the delivery delay is due to mistyped information on the marking. However, the company may provide you with a discount code for your next purchase. 

ILGM delivers its seeds to Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe, and the United States. Furthermore, if you spend $150, shipping to Australia and New Zealand is free. The growers at ILGM select high-quality seeds and guarantee you’ll get your order. 

Modes of Payment

  • Credit card
  • Cash or Check
  • Electronic Payment/Bank Transfer
  • Bitcoin

#2 – (MSNL) Seed Bank

Is it reasonable to say that you are hoping to buy seeds? You may have gone over the seed breeder’s brand and its online shop MSNL. This seed bank is notable as MSNL. Peruse the review to choose for yourself whether it is the cannabis seed bank for you. At MSNL, you will discover just the MSNL brand of items that are sold at other seed banks. 

Visit the seed bank’s official website:

Most marijuana fans know about MSNL. People see this seed bank as being genuine. It sells what it guarantees, and you get your request securely from the company. Instead of getting unreliable weed from someone off the road, you get a unique item at reasonable prices at MSNL. 

A couple of big reasons for the brand’s solid notoriety incorporate its quality item, online offers, quick delivery, and stock that comprises the most sought-after strains. MSNL offers just new seeds and won’t preserve them for over two months. 

The company is in the UK, but it transports worldwide. So, you can order if you have a shipping address to complete the delivery. The external item bundling is discreet on all requests. 

The website is overly easy to use, regardless of whether you’re not very well informed. Pick the classification of enthusiasm, from standard to feminized, High CBD, auto-flowering, or all strains from the top menu, and go from that point. There are even value packs, top strains, and discounts. 

MSNL Seed Pricing 

Our MSNL review must refer to estimating in 2020. The prices are reasonable. This organization can bear to sell the seeds at such ease because they buy directly from Dutch makers and do as such in mass so that you profit by the reserve funds. 

A full page on the MSNL website shows deals and unique offers. THC Bomb Feminized Marijuana Seeds are on for 20 percent off, while Sour Grape Kush is 30 percent off

There is even an MSNL Rewards Program where you can get credit to your online account if you spend more money. The points never expire, which is a good thing. You would then be able to redeem points on future payments. 

Choice of Seeds 

There is a full scope of weed seeds, including many honor champs. Get indoor and open-air assortments, just as Sativa and Indica. Any review of MSNL would be inappropriate without referencing the considerable online stock incorporating Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Seeds, White Widow Feminized Seeds, Northern Lights Feminized Seeds, and Classic Feminized Seed Pack. 

In our MSNL review, we note that there is an extensive FAQ page that responds to the inquiries of potential buyers. The company is easy to reach through a Contact Us page by basically filling out a small form. They state on the contact page that you will get a reply within 24 hours.  


Perfect shipping is the priority for this seed bank. And it appears in the client reviews for MSNL online about how quickly individuals got their requests in 2020. Depending on how discreet you need the item in your delivery, there are three shipping choices. 

The more “stealth” you need with the bundle, the more cost for the shipping. Three shipping options include Standard, Stealth, and Guaranteed Stealth shipping. The customer service is excellent, which shows that MSNL, first and foremost, actually thinks about its customers.

Modes of Payment

  • Credit / Debit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash payment
  • Bitcoin

#3 – SeedsBay Seed Bank

When we visited Seeds Bay’s online store, we learned that it offers five feminized ACDC seeds that cost just under $100. Based in Amsterdam, it is one of the seed banks that offer free shipping to Australia

You can visit the seed bank’s official website by the following link:

The website is neat and clean, and you can easily navigate to the webpage of your requirements. The company claims that it’s the largest directory of cannabis seeds that is available online. 

Selection of Seeds

It offers more than 10,000 seeds, covering almost every available cannabis variety. This seed bank aims to offer you a one-stop solution where you can look for any details on any strain to order your favorite seeds online. 

This seed bank provides many types of seeds, such as Feminized seeds, Auto-flower seeds, High THC seeds, High CBD seeds, Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, Hybrid seeds, and High Yield seeds.

You can find specifications like CBD and THC levels according to your requirement, taste, and effects. Besides, on the strain page, you will find all those seed stores that are selling the seeds. Moreover, you will be able to find and compare offers and deals that can benefit you with discounts on your purchase. 

Modes of Payment

  • Australian bank wire transfer 
  • Cash payment 
  • Cryptocurrency 

#4 – Australian Seed Bank

Here’s a review of Australia’s legit Seed Bank with domestic shipping. The company has the most discreet shipping method for customers with privacy needs. You can order online and get 100% guaranteed delivery. All your payments will be made through Holland for legal reasons, as a T-Shirt or Souvenir purchase. You will get your package fast domestically by your local Postie.

Visit the company’s official website:

You can pay the company in bitcoin for the fastest purchase. You can also pay them via credit cards. You can select money orders and many other payment modes at your convenience. The company claims to be the legit seed bank in Australia with over 20 years of 100% safe delivery experience.

Selection of Seeds

Aussie Blues, Pot of Gold Feminized, Aussie Blues Feminized, Green Crack Feminized, Kangaroo Crack Feminized, White Widow, White Widow Feminized, AK47, Chronic, Chemo, Amnesia Haze, Haze, Aussie Sativa, Outback Mix, Girl Scout Cookies Feminized, Kush, Kandy Kush, and Rainbow Kush.

The seed bank is dedicated to preserving and storing cannabis and marijuana seeds for future crops. It uses seed vaults worldwide to ensure its strains survive many years. One of their favorite seed vaults is in Norway because of its crystal environment and uniform temperature. Thus, the company can rest assured that the seeds will survive for a long time.

Modes of Payment

  • American Express AMEX
  • Bank Transfer
  • Bank/SEPA
  • Wire Transfer
  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Western Union
  • Discovery Card
  • Visa / Master Card
  • Money Orders
  • Bitcoin

#5 – OZ Seed Bank

OZ Seed Bank is Australia’s leading Cannabis seed shop. It offers a 100% guaranteed delivery, so you don’t have to worry about your package delivery. The company is pleased to offer pure cannabis seeds to all its beloved customers.

Visit the company’s website by the below-given link:

Most seed banks are not in the business as Australia is working on legalizing medical marijuana. On the other hand, there is an immense demand for Australian Cannabis Seeds among many Cannabis lovers.

The company offers all Aussies the most discreet shipping. It guarantees safety and discretion as it puts these factors as its top priority. The seed bank provides a 100% no-worries delivery guarantee and claims that you are in the best hands.

Selection of Seeds

Indica Strains, Sativa Strains, Hybrid Strains, White Widow, Aussie Blues Feminized, AK47, Chemo, Hazardous Creation, White Widow Feminized, Aussie Blues, Indoor Seeds, and Outdoor Seeds.

The company appreciates your loyalty. You can always look for new strains and promotions on its website. Furthermore, you can add a small amount to your shopping cart to get free Aussie feminized seeds.

Modes of Payment

  • Master Card

Our Thoughts

Australia currently permits medical cannabis usage. The laws for cannabis seeds are in line with this decision. The legal outcomes of buying cannabis seeds exist along a continuum. To a large measure, these laws are a function of the perceived intent of the purchaser or seller and the state/province where the deal is happening.

It is necessary to make it transparent to law enforcement officials that cannabis seeds are for medical purposes if you need it for that purpose.

If you want to import cannabis seeds from outside of Australia, you must ensure that your vendor knows all the procedures. It means that they send the seeds discreetly, so they hold a more favorable possibility of getting through customs.

If you plan to buy Cannabis seeds online and want to possess or use them, always remember to examine the distinct laws where you live or travel in Australia to avoid criminal punishments.

Do you want to discuss further Buying the Best Cannabis Seeds in Australia? Feel free to express yourself in the comment section below. We will joyfully address any of your questions about cannabis seeds in Australia.

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