Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Seed Banks

You often get confused while scanning for cannabis seed banks. It is always better to check the testimonials and frequently asked questions on different platforms. Here, we have collected a list of all of the most frequently asked questions about cannabis seed banks and tried to answer them. We really hope that this information will prove to be very beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cannabis Seed Banks


Is it reliable to order cannabis seeds online?

Yes, many cannabis breeders routinely get their cannabis seeds online and have performed so for many years. Some producers still visit their nearest seed shop for personal touch and advice.

But buying weed seeds online is still the most prominent and simplest way to shop. It’s safe, private, and quick. Once a producer has found a cannabis seed species they love, they often purchase a couple of packs and cold-store them in the fridge, where the marijuana seeds will remain viable for many years.

Some marijuana growers collect a large stash of their favorite seeds in the fridge. Simply ensure that the seed packs stay dry and cool, e.g., in a sealed plastic vessel.

Which is the best marijuana seed bank?

Although the “best cannabis seed bank” doesn’t exist, many organizations have been utilized by hundreds of real cannabis breeders like you and proven to be excellent and consistent sources of cannabis seeds.

Each of these cannabis seed banks, vendors, and growers has been put on this list based on their security, stealth, strain option, and how long they have been in the market.

However, there are many other seed banks in the market, and many of them are exceptional!

Can I get seeds addressed to any country?

You can get them delivered wherever you want if the provincial authorities permit you to bring seeds for medicinal and recreational objectives. 

Otherwise, many seed banks manage their delivery services from multiple places in Europe and North America. Security can confidently place online orders to get them delivered to your house.

How much do cannabis seeds cost?

Cannabis seeds regularly come in a pack of 5, 10, or 12 seeds and start at about $40 a pack and increase from there. Some high-end genetics can be sold between $200 to $500 a pack.

It would be helpful if you remembered that feminized and autoflower seeds would cost higher because more breeding work was put into producing them, and they take a shorter time for the grower to get buds.

ATTENTION:  Don’t forget to read the Terms & Conditions of the seed bank before buying your marijuana seeds.

Are cheap cannabis seeds worth the money?

One of the problems with weed seeds is that they look the same whether they were assembled following years by experts using careful breeding or whether a beginner grew them in his greenhouse.

Most cannabis breeders tend to examine their marijuana seed options thoroughly before ordering. After all, most growers buy just a few species each year and don’t want to spend 3-4 months growing a low-quality cannabis species.

What is the best way to pay?

Payment schemes include safe debit card and credit card processing, check or postal money order, bank deposit/wire transfer, cash in the mail, and the preferred alternative—Bitcoin.

Using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is the most secure option possible for buying weed seeds online. It is also better to get more significant discounts and extra free seeds with your order.

Is my payment data protected from online fraud?

At priority, if a website you have thought to make a deal with starts with “HTTPS” instead of “HTTP” is secure as they have installed an SSL certificate for transactions.

At the same time, your payments move from your system to the destination site without being encrypted by any other means or system. It is safe for you.

Which strain should I purchase for my first grow?

My best advice is to analyze the strain and grower and grow a strain that looks appealing or exciting to you. If you’re still not convinced, an excellent option for first-time breeders is Northern Light since this strain is potent, grows short, is easy to raise, is fast to harvest, and has a comparatively low smell compared to most other strains.

But there are lots of proper strains for those who’ve just entered the world of cannabis cultivation! What’s most significant is to pick a strain that fascinates you. That way, you’ll be remarkably excited when you get your seeds!

What kind of germination guarantee do seed banks offer?

Guaranteed delivery is an outstanding sign of excellent customer service of any seed bank, but guaranteed germination is on next-level stuff, and the sites that offer it are limited.

Before starting to grow your seeds, check out the germination page of particular seed banks. Some seed banks give the germination guarantee based on the method mentioned by them, while others give the guarantee on any methods you use.

Some seed banks also assure you to resend the seed if your seeds don’t germinate. You just need to contact the sales support team to discuss a replacement. You may be required to return the non-germinated seeds for examination.

How do I classify if I am receiving quality genetics?

Growers talk about “unstable genetics,” suggesting that the origin of a seed is unexplored. Ensure that when you purchase a packet of seeds it or the producers who created them can list where those seeds came from and how they were hybridized and/or backcrossed to get the seed that you carry in your hand.

If you can’t get a seed’s past, it could be anything and the outcome of inferior breeding methods.

An amateur grower might hybridize a male and a female one time and sell the resulting seeds as a unique hybrid strain. Still, professional growers normally put their strains through several backcrossing courses to stabilize the genetics and assure consistent plants that reflect those genetics.


Lastly, we have shortlisted a few points for you to check while looking for a seed bank.

The Best Marijuana Seed Banks

  • Provide a working telephone number with an actual support team
  • Have a privacy policy or terms and conditions page, and legal information
  • Sell genuine seed varieties from breeders
  • Send correctly maintained seeds in stable condition
  • Provide terms of refund or reshipment
  • Use an SSL-secured checkout
  • Deliver seeds on time


The Fraud Marijuana Seed Banks

  • Will not revert to inquiries
  • Have no privacy policy or terms and conditions page
  • Deal in non-authentic seed species
  • Send bunk or old seeds
  • Refuse refunds or a reshipment
  • Use non-secure payment options
  • Late or no delivery of seeds

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