5 Best Grow Light Movers Review 2023

Here I bring Best Grow Light Movers Review for you. A light mover is extraordinary in case you’re hoping to expand light infiltration without getting extra light. There are numerous different advantages to having a grow light mover, for example, more beneficial plants or better dispersing of branches.

There are different models out there that are secured in this review. What to search for when purchasing a light rail or circle rail and the advantages. Do we likewise go over the inquiries a few producers have asked, like, do they increment the yield?

No need to worry. I am going to give you all-around info. But everything is one by one. So, first of all, I will make you familiar with those five best grow light movers, and then I will provide you info about why they are important and what they can do.

So, shall we proceed now?

5 Best Grow Light Movers Review 2023


Now, here I reveal the names and explain

Light Rail 3.5 Complete Kit

Light Rail 3.5 Complete Kit
Light Rail 3.5 Complete Kit

The Light rail 3.5 is ideal for a small grow room or grow tent we have to move the light around. Incredible for disposing of shadows on the off chance that you saw a few plants aren’t executing and additionally others. This light mover has a 10 RPM engine, and the speed can’t be balanced.

It moves at four feet for each moment. You can likewise set a deferral toward the finish of the cycle for up to 60 seconds. This is extraordinary to advance even covering development and to ensure every one of your plants are getting off the ideal measures of light.

Another extraordinary element with the light rail 3.5 is that the tracks are compatible with the rendition Light Rail 4.0. A reward on the off chance that you need to redesign.

The separation of the track is 6 ft 6 in and come in two pieces, so it is quite ideal if you might want to DIY for a little space like a grow tent. You can get extra rails in the event that you have to set an explicit separation, for example, 10 ft rather than 12 or 6 feet.

  • No hot spots and no shadow patterns.
  • powerful 10 RPM IntelliDrive Robotic Motor.
  • Low cost.
  • Works at 110V only, so not usable outside USA and Canada.

Light Rail 4.0 Kit Motor w Rail

Light Rail 4.0 Kit Motor w Rail
Light Rail 4.0 Kit Motor w Rail

The Light Rail 4 gives you the Extra separation you have to achieve the full  size of your garden. Now, the best thing about this light mover is that you can have two distinct rates of the engine. The paces contrast from 6 RPM to 10 RPM, and that converts into time changes of 2 to 4 minutes for every foot.

Contingent upon the span of your garden this can definitely expand no generation which at that point drives the buds and potentially higher yield. The light rail 4 can utilize a Robo stick.

The Robo stick can be utilized for different LED grow lights or standard knob lights relying upon your setup and tallness accessibility. Another incredible component with the light rail 4 on the off chance that you have old or extra tracks from the models 3.0 + 3.5 they can be exchangeable.

That is wonderful on the off chance that you need to DIY the light rail to accommodate your particular grow area. For either a grow room or grow tent, even in nurseries. The light rail unit 4.0 likewise accompanies a defer highlight for up to 60 seconds on each finish of the light rail.

This helps keep, and even covering all through the growth to keep the middle part of having more development than the end segments.

This can likewise build Bud locales and conceivably increment your yield. On Amazon, 50+ reviews are there and 4+ stars it has achieved.

  • No hot spots and no shadow patterns.
  • Durable.
  • 6 to 10 RPM motor.
  • Able to DIY your space.
  • Zero to 60 seconds delay.
  • Can work outside US and Canada also.
  • Needs oiling at intervals of time.

Light Rail 4.20 Kit Light Mover for 2 Lights

Light Rail 4.20 Kit Light Mover for 2 Lights
Light Rail 4.20 Kit Light Mover for 2 Lights

The Light Rail 4.20 give you what everybody has been requesting the capacity to have two lights on a solitary light rail. This is an extraordinary new extra that they produced using the 4.0 model. I guess a few producers out there requesting that light rail make a light mover that can bolster two lights.

However, that is littler than the business producer 5.0. The light rail 4.2 additionally has a two-speed engine from 6 to 10 RPMs and is likewise 8 ft 6 creeps long for the rail. It additionally accompanies your standard 60-second postpone which as you most likely are aware will give even light to the entire covering of your garden.

The reward with this light mover is that you can utilize it with two grow lights rather than 1. This gives you all the more light spread to your zone for conceivably expanded yields. This light you can even now complete a DIY on the off chance that you have to change the length of the rail.

  • Can support up to 100 lbs.
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Grade.
  • Built with top quality material.
  • Supports multiple reflectors.
  • Recommended for Multiple lights.
  • The motor is less durable.

Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit with Motor

Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit with Motor
Tenwell Adjustable Grow Light Mover Kit with Motor

The Tenwell flexible light mover Is extremely adaptable. You can DIY the rail in order to change the separation which is phenomenal. The rail length can most importantly go up to 7 ft 2 in long. Extra rails cost additional yet are accessible. This is a pleasant reward.

In spite of the fact that this light mover can just help 22 lbs., it ought to be sufficiently adequate for little LED grow lights or the single light with a reflector. The Tenwell accompanies a 10 RPM Motor most cultivators locate this sufficient speed when growing.

The extra component to this is it has a postponement from just two seconds to 2 minutes in length. Much the same as different makers of light rails the defer factor is basic in ideal growth and development for your cannabis plants.

  • Reasonable price.
  • One can DIY the rail for changing the separation.
  • High speed 10 RPM Motor.
  • No sales on Amazon.

Hydrofarm – Sola Rola Complete System

Hydrofarm - Sola Rola Complete System
Hydrofarm – Sola Rola Complete System

The Hydrofarm light track framework is an essential light mover. With this light mover, one can go to 6 feet separate on the rail. Lamentably, you can’t DIY this rail, and they don’t move additional pieces as different makers do.

The speed is a steady 4.5 rpm, and you won’t be able to set a postponement toward the finish of the track this may affect even shelter development. The Hydrofarm can bolster up to 50 lb which is sufficient for a light and reflector. The best thing about it is that you do not have to spend much in buying HydrofarmSola Rola Complete System.

You will not find reviews about it on Amazon, that is a different thing, but it proved itself fit enough when we tested it.

  • Can go to 6 feet separate on the rail.
  • Supports 50 lbs.
  • Supports 50 lbs.
  • 4.5 rpm motor
  • Reasonable price.
  • Not that durable.

What all factors do you need to notice before buying a light mover

There are many things to notice before you incest your valuable money in buying a light mover. I have tried to explain you in short, without consuming much time. Here are the factors:

Number of pieces of the track and whether you can adjust them or not.

Tracks are incredible however in the event that you have one that is only one length this may be an issue with the scope of your grow space.

A few producers enable you to physically change the track they move additional tracks also increment your length. A period delay is basic to have even light on all sides of the growing space.


It’s decent to have a choice to where you can either hang it in the grow room, or a grow tent. Some different interesting points.

Suggested 1000 watt knobs. You can utilize a lower wattage relying upon your space, yet generally, 1000 watts is the place you get your best Potential from your cannabis plants. Not a swap for one light rather than two. Need appropriate lighting for the required territory.

Speed of the motor

A few kinds of grow room light movers have diverse sorts of speed on which they move. You can alter them too, or they have just a single rate. It varies from company to company. Durability is also a thing, but you surely can’t check the durability of the motor. So, that is the reason I write a review for you and suggest you the best.

Variety of light movers

There is different sort of light movers out there some on rail or track, and some are a roundabout track. The track based movers come in different lengths and capacities like having the capacity to hold numerous lights.

Or on the other hand to have the capacity to change their track by altering the size utilizing DIY. The round light movers can hold up to four lights with reflectors. By moving in a roundabout, it keeps the light tight and centered in all zones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do grow light movers work?

Light movers can cover at least 30% more ground than static grow lights. This is because they not only use automation in the grow room, such as tighter coverage for optimum PAR and more leaves working for the plant’s benefit, but they also allow each light to cover a more significant portion of the grow room.

Are light Movers influential?

Yes, light movers result in quicker plant growth in our indoor grow setups. Using grow light movers as part of our grow light system allows us to achieve the necessary development pace. And that single tweak may make all the difference when it comes to optimizing our grow light installations.

What exactly are growing light movers?

A grow light mover is a rail installed in your grow room that you slide the grow light over to modify its position.
To compensate for the increased light the middle plants receive, most grow light movers have a slight delay near the conclusion of the Rail. Furthermore, grow light movers with customizable lengths often feature an adjustable delay period.

What are the advantages of using a grow light mover over stationary grow lights?

> A grow light, like the sun, provides plants with the light they require to thrive. However, unlike the sun, grow lights do not travel from one side to the other, which results in certain plants or areas of the plant not receiving enough light.
> Your plants will receive enough light from a grow light mover to migrate from one end to the other.
> Because the bulbs are not positioned in the exact location, grow light movers reduce hotspots and shadows. This also implies that, rather than hanging lights from a distance for fear of burning them, you may hang them closer because light will not be focused in a single location.
> Furthermore, distributing the heat across the growing area will improve ventilation and overall performance.

Do light railways boost yield?

There are two major theories on this, and some argue that they can. First, some have experienced a 5- to 25% boost in yield.
While some say no, don’t bother, you’d better get another bulb

Is it possible to rotate the arm by 90 degrees?

It is, indeed, a nut and bolt coupling. Keep adding washers until you get it correct. Following that, I’d employ thread lock. If you don’t want it to come free, use a blue lock rather than a red lock.

What exactly are growing light movers?

A grow light mover is a system that moves grow lights, including the plant canopy. They eliminate hot spots and shadows while reducing wasted light. The rail or track light mover is the most frequent form of the light mover. The length of this system varies, although 6′ is the usual length.

What can I do to protect my grow lights from moving?

LightRail is a grow light mover. Rail has switch stop stoppers that are attached to it. These stoppers are put at locations where we want our LightRail engine to halt, pause, or reverse course. They are also put on the real Rail.

How far should a light mover move?

A three-foot run is most likely a suitable distance for how far to move a grow light. That is for an indoor grow space, including indoor grow tents.

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