Pineapple Express Strain Review – Everything you must KNOW

Pineapple Express strain is one of the widespread weed strains right now.

The incredible fruity flavor with moderate potency that hits you perfectly in the body to relax in the evening of a tough day makes this strain the perfect choice for weed lovers.

But this strain got its popularity and recognition after the release of Pineapple Express on the silver screen in 2008.

And, since then, this strain has never looked back regarding popularity.

Pineapple Express Strain Overview

Pineapple Express is a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica hybrid cannabis strain, which became popular after the release of Pineapple Express (movie) in 2008.

The genetics of Pineapple Express is believed to originate from the Hawaiian landrace strain, which, after it is crossed with the Trainwreck, makes the Pineapple Express.

The dominant Sativa side of this strain uplifts your body and mood with an energetic high, which ultimately relaxes your body and mind. Thanks to the THC, which ranges from 16% to 26%.

While not only for personal usage but also in the medical field for treating different conditions, Pineapple Express has been helping so far.

There is also a phenotype of Pineapple Express, which dominates the CBD content leading to help in different medical conditions.

Quick Strain Information

THC: 16% – 26%

Effects: Uplifting, increase focus, creativity, and relaxing

Flavors: Fruity Pineapple, tangerine

Usage: Anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and depression

History And Origin Of Pineapple Express

The genetic history of Pineapple Express gets related to the landrace Hawaiian strain and Trainwreck.

While the catch is Hawaiian strain does not originate from Hawaii, this strain’s genetic characteristics are more likely to the plants produced in that climate.

And this led to naming this landrace strain Hawaiian.

Being a 100% Sativa strain, when Hawaiian gets crossed with Trainwreck, it led weed lovers to get a new potent strain, Pineapple Express.

Even though it is a hybrid this time, Pineapple Expresses possessed the features more likely a Sativa one.

Further, Pineapple Express got a celebrity status in the marijuana world when a movie featuring Seth Rogan and James Franco was released in 2008 with the same name.

Some experts even say that before the release of that movie, no one knows if the Pineapple Express strain exists.

Somehow, after 2008, this strain got so popular that even in 2021, weed enthusiasts looked for this beauty.

Due to its popularity in the market, many different phenotypes are available. With that said, every phenotype of Pineapple Express will have other characteristics.

Therefore, finding the original Pineapple Express might be tricky.

Pineapple Express Strain Review

Let’s dive deeper now:

  1. Cannabinoids in Pineapple Express

Talking about the cannabinoids first, Pineapple Express consists of around 20% THC, going below 16% or even as high as 26%.

Whereas most likely, the THC stays around 21% in the strain, which is potent enough to make you avoid all the worries and escape to heaven.

However, the slight traces of CBD are also there in the strain.

Though for medical patients specifically, the different phenotype of Pineapple Express is a much better option which is dominant in CBD.

When you inhale Pineapple Express, you get the rush of energy which quickly bursts the stress over your body and mind. It helps to focus better on your task.

While overdosing on this strain can also result in couch-lock effects. So, better to start with smaller doses first as a beginner.

2. Effects of Pineapple Express

Do you know what makes the weed lover, even us fall in love with Pineapple Express?

Its effects!

Pineapple Express leaves you with a beautiful rush of positiveness and open-mind bliss to the new possibilities once you inhale them.

When you are tired and need a shot of something to pick you up for another task, Pineapple Express has got your back!

This strain has the perfect balanced potency to lift you when you feel low with its effects. It boosts the mood, helps you to socialize better, and helps you get over the tiredness.

And this is why weed lovers treat this great strain as their weekend strain!

3. Taste And Aroma

As the name suggests, the taste is more likely to Pineapple with hints of tangerine.

While the aroma is intense, making you feel something different and unique every time you take a whiff of Pineapple Express.

As the effects with aroma and taste take hold over your body, you feel like you are lying on a beach with your friends chilling somewhere at Hawaiian beach.

And your every worry and stress fade away as you fly high in the sky.

Sounds amazing?

It is what Pineapple Express is capable of delivering!

4. Appearance

At first glance, you will feel like this strain is an Indica beauty.

While analyzing for some more time, you will get to know the tapered-like shape with denser buds and dark green shades Pineapple Express possesses.

Further, the long leaves touching the sky will allow you to give it more space upward. However, this might be a concern for indoor growers.

However, this beauty produces crystalline, sugary buds of green shade with some hazy yellow color spots and catches every weed lover’s eye.

5. Grow Info

The growing experience with Pineapple Express favors the outdoor growers. This strain grows taller, touches the sky, and gets ready for the harvest until the end of October.

Additionally, it has a moderate difficulty level for the growers.

That means beginner cultivators can push a bit to get the most out of this beauty. In contrast, experienced growers will not have any issue growing this strain.

The plus point of this strain is that it is highly resistant to mold, powdery mildew, bugs, pests, and diseases. That means growers will have to put less effort into maintaining the plants.

Growing Pineapple Express: What You Need To Know?

Growing Pineapple Express is moderately challenging.

That means it is not one of the easiest strains, but it is not even hard to get the most out of it either.

Hence, before you step out to grow Pineapple Express, know these things which will help you out to get a better result in gardening:

  1. Growing Difficulty

As said before, this strain is moderately tough to cultivate.

That means it requires the optimal climate conditions to thrive. Therefore, a warm climate with controlled RH levels needs to be taken care of specifically.

While the good news is that Pineapple Express is highly resistant to plant diseases, bugs, mold, powdery mildew, which can help you get a better gardening result even with less maintenance.

Though that does not mean you can be completely relaxed after putting the seedlings into the soil.

A good cultivator always keeps an eye on the health of their plants.

2. Grow Environment

Pineapple Express is suitable to grow both indoors and outdoors as well.

The plant size gets taller, which might be a concern for the growers with limited space or indoor growers.

If you want to grow this strain indoors, this beauty can easily thrive and produce excellent results even in hydroponics.

However, the traditional soil method is always a good-to-go option.

Outdoor growers will have an edge of larger space to provide this beauty to stretch their arms more.

3. Flowering Time

Pineapple Express is a fast strain.

The average flowering time of this strain is around 7 to 9 weeks; therefore, it gets ready for the harvest up to late October month.

Therefore, this is another plus point to grow Pineapple Express strain, unlike the average Sativa strains that take time for the harvest up to November month.

It gets ready in just 55 to 65 days.

4. Yield

Yield is excellent from this beauty.

While growing Pineapple Express strain indoors, you can expect to yield up to 18 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoor growers can get up to 19 ounces per plant.

Therefore, considering yield as well, this strain impresses ultimately.

Medical Benefits Of Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express marijuana strain is much more than to make you high.

It has medical benefits as well.

Though for medical patients seeking help from this strain is recommended to go for a different phenotype of Pineapple Express enriched in CBD content.

Also, apart from CBD, terpenes are parts of a cannabis plant that play a vital role in producing effects and fragrance.

And, in Pineapple Express, you get these terpenes:

(i) Beta-caryophyllene

This pepper-scented terpene (also known as BCP) can produce anxiolytic and antidepressant effects.

As it is not intoxicating, it works like a cannabinoid in our body and connects with receptors such as THC and CBD.

Pineapple Express is enriched in this terpene and produces a calming and relaxing effect.

(ii) Myrcene

Another terpene that is enriched in Pineapple Express is Myrcene.

Being one of the most common terpenes in cannabis plants, it is responsible for relaxing muscles and producing some tranquilizing effects.

Myrcene is also capable of relieving pain. However, it is an intoxicating compound and can make you feel a little tired.

(iii) Limonene

With a citrusy aroma, limonene works as an uplifting and energetic compound. Limonene is one of the compounds known for its antidepressant properties and antioxidant features.

Even experts have also been referring to this terpene having cancer-preventing properties.

Again, Pineapple Express possesses this terpene along with Myrcene and Beta-caryophyllene. It is why this strain is helpful in different medical conditions.

Now, let’s have a look at some different medical symptoms on which Pineapple Express works:

  1. Anxiety and PTSD

Pineapple Express can help you burst the anxious thoughts in your mind with mouth-watering fruity taste and relaxing effects.

Even in the symptoms of PTSD, this strain is found helpful.

2. Chronic Pain

Pineapple Express strain has muscle relaxing properties that cut off the mild pain and relax your body. Concentrates, edibles of Pineapple Express can help better as they contain much higher cannabinoids.

3. Depression

Even some medical properties of Pineapple Express are also helpful in clinical depression. And this is one of the best medical properties of this strain.

4. Fatigue

This strain’s energizing and uplifting properties can also help you get over the fatigue.

5. Stress

One of the most reported medical benefits of Pineapple Express is that it bursts the stress. That is why at the end of your tiring day, this strain can help you get relaxed.

Final Thoughts:

Hopefully, with the end of this Pineapple Express strain review, you will be able to have an excellent knowledge of this famous strain.

Even though this strain possesses medical benefits, keep in mind that before using this or even any cannabis strain for medical symptoms, you should get your physician’s recommendation first.

While with its powerful genetic properties, high THC, mouth-watering taste, and medical benefits, it is one of the most significant strains that a weed lover can try out.


What Kind Of High Does Pineapple Express Give You?


Don’t worry! It does not make you stuck in one place.
Even though Pineapple Express has a higher level of THC, the effects of this strain are pretty moderate.
With the inhalation of Pineapple Express, you will indeed feel a rush of euphoria, which will make you feel uplifted. Additionally, it will boost your mood, making you better focus on work.
Also, you can feel a desire to laugh, go out, socialize, and even you might feel the body pain fading out if there’s any.

Does Pineapple Express Make You Sleepy?

No, not at all.
Pineapple Express does possess a high level of THC between 16% to 26%, but it does not make you sleepy until or unless you over consume it.
It is the perfect strain that you can take in the evening to burst your stress off. While if used even in the daytime at work, it can help you focus better on your task.

Where can I get Pineapple Express strain?

You can get through your nearest dispensary, or you can also look at online stores.

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