Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Review in 2024

Chemdawg has gained quite a bit of fame for itself over time. Between its obscure origin, enigmatic genetics, and the numerous successful hybrids the strain has created, Chemdawg has secured itself a permanent spot in the cannabis hall of fame. To know more about this mysterious strain, read the following Chemdawg Cannabis strain review.

If you have been living under the shades and haven’t overheard of the wonder that is Chemdawg, then sit back and be ready to have your mind driven by the astounding cerebral strength of this THC-rich marijuana strain.

The strain is merely recognizable with its rounded buds, wide Indica shapes, emphasized with dark lime Indica tones and lots of light lemon, glowing reddish, orange, and tan Sativa bits glued together with big, shining, quartz-like trichomes.

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Review


Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Review

Chemdawg is a perfectly balanced cross marijuana strain that’s become quite successful over the past several years for both its results and sharp smell.

Its fragrance and flavor are typically cannabis, being of diesel and spicy wet soil. Its harvest-ready buds are round and bright green.

Over time, there has been more than one story wandering about how Chemdawg came into existence, but we are left questioning with no way to verify the rumors. Hence, Chemdawg remains on to be one of the most enigmatic strains on the cannabis market.

One point is for sure, though, and that is that Chemdawg has well and surely earned the title for itself as one of the best strains to attempt if you have a love for weed.

This hybrid claims between 15 and 20% THC, making it rather strong, but the actual draw for us is its fiercely potent smell and quick-acting effects.

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Genetics of Chemdawg

Chemdawg has been the original strain of many world-famous flowers, such as Sour Diesel and OG Kush, both of which are cannabis like the fireballs in their potency!

However, as we said earlier, nobody knows where Chemdawg originated from, with some assuming it was part of an intricate seed trade at a Grateful Dead Concert. Others believe that it is the offspring of a Colorado strain called Dog Bud.

Whatever its origins, Chemdawg has become a predominant strain in the U.S. cannabis business for its unusual flavor and upbeat, energetic high.

It has also been utilized to crossbreed many famous and prosperous strains of cannabis.

The Chemdawg strain immediately produces a rush of cerebral power that directly overtakes the mind, representative of any Sour Diesel smoke session!

However, the significant difference between Chemdawg and Sour Diesel is that Chemdawg has an extra and particularly noticeable body-melt.

This energetic body high is probably formed from the OG Kush found in the ChemDawg strain.

Cultivation of Chemdawg

Chemdawg is one of the marijuana strains whose cultivation is quite suited to more skilled growers.

However, if you like challenges and have time to make it, this could be an outstanding project strain for the enthusiastic new grower.

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain Review

For a while, it could only be cultivated as a clone if clipping was taken from a mature plant; presently, however, many seed banks sell packaged seeds of Chemdawg.

It is more often raised indoors than outdoors, as it needs a good amount of serving to combat mold and mildew. Growing indoors takes some attention.

This Sativa-typical plants often stretch over 5 feet tall, and as such, breeders should lean and prune them early in the vegetative period in order to keep them at a controllable height.

Such high yields on such moderately tall plants can make for branches that bend under the weight of the flowers. We recommend that breeders to utilize tall supports like wooden dowels to keep plants standing in the flowering period.

Lastly, because of the pungency of Chemdawg, any breeders who want privacy or discretion should spend in indoor odor-control devices like carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

A word of caution: Chemdawg is particularly potent strain if we haven’t made this obvious previously! Consider some odor control systems for those breeders who live in residential neighborhoods with snooping neighbors before getting started!

Growing Difficulty

Chemdawg is a strain that is usually grown indoors. It is inclined to ailments such as mildew and molds and is, hence, best managed in an optimized setting. This strain isn’t easy to cultivate and can be receptive to intense weather situations.


This plant requires proper air-conditioning, the perfect amount of moisture, and adequate air circulation. Ideally, Chemdawg should be planted in organic soil and managed with a conventional volume of fertilizers.

This strain is recommended only to expert growers, as it can be very conscientious and challenging to grow.


Beautiful. Vibrant. Spectacular.

All these words describe the buds of this strain perfectly. With the ability to raise pretty tall, possessing long and tapered, medium-sized flowers, it is really a sight to behold!

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain ReviewThe leaves are beautiful, vibrant green, and are coated in sticky trichomes, giving off a glittering look. Splattered everywhere are fascinating charred orange pistils, making for a delightful looking plant for the breeders!

Chemdawg has medium-sized nugs that look somewhat different from those of hybrid or pure Indica heredity. Long and narrowed rather than popcorn-like, the buds have almost loose and wispy leaves.

Due to the blend of their loose construction and sticky texture, buds of Chemdawg plant are particularly hard to break up by hand. The users preparing buds for joints or pipes will have a more manageable time with a grinder.

Chemdawg has a scent suggestive of diesel fuel, which many people say is the “chem” reference in its name. The sharp flowers also give off smells of natural musk and some pine.

Flowering Time


When planted indoors, Chemdawg can yield very handsomely. This plant requires about nine weeks to flower.


Cultivated outdoors, this hybrid strain can be a bit complicated to manage. Chemdawg gets ready for harvest sometime in the month of October.


When you cultivate this strain indoors, you can assume an average yield of 28 ounces of fresh bud per square meter during harvest.

While outdoors, once you have gotten the circumstances right, this strain can provide a yield of around 35 ounces per plant.

Flavor and Fragrance of Chemdawg

The first thing that catches your attention with Chemdawg is the scent; think eye-watering sharp smell with signs of chemicals and diesel, and you may get around close to the potential of Chemdawg.

The earthy tones linked with the diesel-like smell makes for a severely musky strain, which you will likely either love or hate!

If you can get it past that strong, hard-hitting odor, then the flavor of Chemdawg will probably come as no wonder – with a super rich-tasting diesel with hints of pine and a bit tang, it is undoubtedly a taste sensation!

As long as buds are well cured, this strain has smooth smoke that feels sour and when inhaled. The smoke of Chemdawg reveals its signature diesel flavor with an ammonia-like taste that strikes the top of the palate on the exhale.

This strain savors much the way it scents. Its pungent appearance clings to your tongue and inevitably leaves an enduring impression.

Chemdawg has a robust diesel taste that can hint you of chemicals sometimes. However, due to its pine and lemony aftertaste, it still performs a unique and enjoyable smoking experience.

Effects of Chemdawg

Chemdawg is one of those cannabis strains that can really take you out for hours on end, only to come back into reality and question how much time has passed.

With Chemdawg, what feels like hours is a couple of minutes!

Chemdawg offers both dynamic mental well-being and deep physical relaxation at the same time. While small doses can seem underwhelming, higher doses can feel hallucinatory and may be too hard for beginners.

The high from Chemdawg hits immediately, sometimes before users can thoroughly appreciate its unique diesel smell. Smokers may feel a sharpening of the thoughts and an extended hyper-awareness of their surroundings.

Chemdawg is uplifting and therefore is ideal for those who seek a way to let go of their work/life stresses and just find a solid chill moment.

This initially disorienting head high grows into more productively cerebral and thoughtful in the best condition and environment. Chemdawg can lend itself to a pleasant conversation.

Chemdawg is also helpful with those who work in the artistic field, as it can despise them on into a deeply inspired creativity streak. A few whiffs are said to be sufficient to set off a case of the uncontrollable giggles, and while the high can’t be defined as severe, it is known to be very intense.

Many users report a tangible sense of physical relaxation -- although nothing like couchlock -- leading to some thinking that Chemdawg has some Indica in its heredity as well.

Medical Benefits of Chemdawg

Medicinally, Chemdawg has a lot to give, with the cerebral and upbeat strength being a great way to fight mental ailments such as anxiety, stress, PTSD, and depression, and the physical relaxation is perfect for pain and migraines. This is an all-rounder strain for those who are looking for a powerful high.

Chemdawg typically has really high THC levels between 15% and 20%. One strain of Chemdawg exceeded out close to 25% at a Denver Medical Cannabis Cup in April 2011.

The strain is also filled with caryophyllene and myrcene terpenes, which makes the strain excellent for managing depression, chronic anxiety, PTSD, and migraines, as well as nausea, bowel movement disorders, and muscle and joint stress.

Chemdawg is also suggested for pain control and has therefore been extensively used to heal back pains, muscle spasms, and nerve damage. 

It creates a deep state of physical relaxation and soothes the mind, in order to make the pain much more comfortable to endure.

Insomnia is also easily prevented with the usage of Chemdawg, as it can help relieve melatonin and help you into a night of peaceful sleep.

People living with Cancer who have to experience chemical procedures can expect much-needed relief from the usage of Chemdawg.

It can be used to re-introduce a proper diet, which can help those who have endured radiation and chemotherapy to start regularly eating again.

Some users report that Chemdawg can produce a disorientating sense first, so we suggest starting with small amounts and working up from there. However, after a few moments, the hyper-awareness will take over, and you can get your potency full-fledged.

Side Effects of Chemdawg

Other than the sensation of disorientation due to the extreme levels of THC, Chemdawg has also been identified to cause paranoia if utilized in abundance, particularly in users who undergo mental health issues initially.

We would like to suggest here that people who are new to marijuana continue with the utmost caution, and even those who are experienced smokers take precautions with the THC here.

As is the problem with most marijuana strains, Chemdawg is also likely to cause dry eyes and a dry mouth. The best solution to avoid this is to keep a moisturizing eye drops and water bottle on hand.

What We Liked

  • The extreme amount of THC up to 25%
  • The fast flowering period for quick results
  • Connoisseur-grade buds
  • Peaceful mental high

What We Didn't Like

  • Hard to grow
  • Sensitive to mold
  • Grows very heigh
  • Not suitable for stealth breeders

Final Thoughts

Chemdawg is one of the most prevalent strains of marijuana due to its distinct smell, taste, cerebral euphoria, and its undeniable ability to ward off a wide array of physical and psychological distress.

The mystery of the genealogy of this strain, it’s named by the Grateful Dead Community and its legacy of successful, potent, highly sought-after strains, only adds to the appeal of this classic strain of marijuana.

Even if the source of this strain is unknown, what is undisputed, however, is the impression this great strain has made on the market.

It is particularly challenging to grow, something only trained and well-equipped growers should attempt. However, it is well worth it, as it also yields way above average, producing plenty of high-quality buds for the enthusiastic grower.

If potency is not your thing, then you may need to give Chemdawg the slip. However, if you are a fan of intense characteristics and hard-hitting highs, we couldn’t suggest this strain more!

We hope this Chemdawg cannabis strain review will be helpful when you want to try this one out! Want to know where to buy your marijuana seeds from? Click Here to get the list of the best marijuana seed banks in the market.

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