The Vault Seed Bank Review in 2023 – 4.7 Stars from 1,000+ Customers

Are you looking for a place where you can find a lot of marijuana seeds from various seed banks and breeders? Well, The Vault Seed Bank can be a great choice for you then!

Customers have been going to buy marijuana seeds from The Vault Seed Bank because of their reliability, excellent customer services, and high-quality seeds.

They sell cannabis strain from a lot of different breeders, so you will definitely find whatever kind of marijuana strain you are looking for.

Instead of going around on the market and browse different websites of different breeders and growers, you can just go on to The Vault Seed Bank and browse their collection of high-quality marijuana seeds.

Check out the in-depth The Vault Seed Bank Review Down Below.





Customers who already bought cannabis seeds from this seed bank are quite happy and satisfied. On Trustpilot, more than 1,000 buyers gave The Vault Seed Bank a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.

That is amazing, right?

A thousand people cannot lie. The Vault Seed Bank is indeed a great place to fulfill all your cannabis seeds needs.

Over the years, they have made a name for themselves by taking care of their customers and providing them with excellent marijuana seeds.

This seed bank is considered one of the finest seedbanks in Europe.


The Vault Seed Bank was founded by Jack and George. They are the people who go on for an extra mile to satisfy their customers.

People at The Vault Seed Bank believe that not they are a great marijuana seller, but they are also a movement. They believe in the use of medical marijuana and advocate this cause openly.

Cool, eh?

They have been on the streets campaigning about medicinal marijuana. They even assist other organizations in spreading awareness about this cause.

The Vault Seed Bank Online Store Website

The website of The Vault Seed Bank is straight-forward. You will see the menu bar with options like Feminized Seeds, Regular Seeds, Autoflowering Seeds, Breeders, and Offer.

Each of these menu options has sub-options as well. You can browse all kinds of marijuana strains from there.

 As you can see in the picture below, you will get a clear category wise strain management on their website, that makes it easy for everyone to use their website quickly.


There is even a Top cannabis seeds bar on the left which shows all the best-selling marijuana strains.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

There are so many strains available on their online store. As all of the cannabis seeds have been sourced from different breeders and seedbanks, they will vary a bit in terms of quality.

But wait!

This doesn’t mean you will get bad seeds in your order. The Vault Seed Bank have their own quality standard, and they only source marijuana seeds from breeders who qualify this quality standard.

Whatever kind of seeds you order, they are sure to be of really good quality if they come from The Vault Seed Bank.

The Vault Seed Bank Strains Variety

You will find all kinds of Feminized seeds, Regular seeds and Autoflowering seeds on The Vault Seed Bank. They have thousands of strains available in their online store.

There are 1906 Feminized strains, 1130 Regular Strains, and 780 Autoflowering strains on sale on their store. All these marijuana strains are sourced from nearly 140 different seed banks and breeders all over the world.

Some of the famous breeders from where The Vault Seed Bank sources its cannabis seeds are Seedsman, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Exotic Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Ace Seed, and Royal Queen Seeds.

The following are their most selling strains:

Cannabis Information

They have been part of a lot of campaigns and are vocal about their support to medicinal marijuana. If you would like to read about their latest new, then you can go to their official news page.

Also, they provide instructions on how to store marijuana seeds for a long time.

If you order seeds in bulk and you want to keep some of them for later usage, then you can check out their Cannabis Seeds Storage page to see how to store seeds.

Do all of the cannabis seeds germinate?

Seeing all the positive reviews on marijuana forums, we have noted that the germination ratio of the cannabis seeds bought from The Vault Seed Bank is very high. In fact, some of the buyers say that they have got 100% germination on their seeds.

If you encounter any problems during germination, you can contact The Vault Seed Bank, and they will help you out with your situation.

They do not official say that they provide germination guarantee, but we are sure, they will everything they can once you go to them with the problem.

Shipping & Delivery

Inside the UK, the parcels are sent by signed royal mail and DHL express delivery. Usually people get their parcels within 3 working days, however, you can expect up to 5 working days to get your parcel.

You can even opt for express delivery if you are in a hurry. In that case, you will get your seeds with 2 working days. Make sure you order before 12 noon to give them time to ship it the same day.

The shipping is not free, and you would have to pay a 5 GBP charge.  If you spend more than 100 GBP in their store, then you will get free delivery.

The parcel will be sent via DHL express delivery if the order is from within the EU. If you live outside EU, then the seeds are sent in a royal mail international tracked delivery.

The stealth deliveries are only done for the USA and EU countries although they would send seeds as normal delivery all over the world.

EU deliveries tent to take about 2 to 14 working days and the US order take up to 10 days. You would have to pay 10.90 GBP for EU and international deliveries.

To know more about delivery information, please click here.

Package Protection

All the orders in the UK are covered by their guaranteed delivery promise. If your package gets lost on the way, then they will send you a new one for free.

Amazing, right?

Is ordering from The Vault Seed Bank Safe?

It is completely safe to order from this seed bank.

The name on your bank statement will be ‘The Vault.’ There will be no marijuana reference. If you are ordering from the outside UK, then you might get ‘CB online’ as a name on your bank’s transaction.

The seeds are packed inside bubble wrap envelopes to make sure that the seeds don’t get damaged when in transit.

Is The Vault Seed Bank Parcel Discreet?

Yes, the parcel is going to be very discreet. Even if the parcel comes in someone else’s hands, they are not going to get suspicious at all. It will look like any other ordinary parcel.

The marijuana seeds are going to be well hidden inside DVD boxes, cardboard boxes, and other non-marijuana related items.

They send the seeds in original breeders packaging, but some time to be stealthy, they may send you the seeds inside some other kind of packaging. Don’t worry about that; those are going to be the same seeds you ordered.

What are the different Payment Methods?

Payments options include a wide variety of options on The Vault Seed Bank.

You can pay with Credit and Debit card on The Vault Seed Bank. These payments with the card are 100% safe, and the seed company always keep your security as their first priority.

You can even pay with Bank transfer if you like. Check out their official payments page to know more.

Other payment methods include Pay on the phone, Cash, UK postal order, Bitcoin and UK cheque.

Promotions and Discounts

One of the best things about this marijuana seed bank is the maximum amount of free premium seeds with every order.

Pretty cool, yeah?

We all love to get freebies in our orders. The larger your order, the greater the number of free seeds you are going to get.

The Vault Seed Bank has it on dedicated offers page on their website.

You can choose the following as your free seeds currently:

  • Sweet tooth Auto
  • Peyote critical
  • 8 ball Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Red diesel
  • Tangerine dream auto

There are many other offers on their website, keep an eye on it so you can get the latest offers and promotions.

Is The Vault Seed Bank Customer Services good?

People vouch for their excellent customer services. They take solving customers problems as a priority. They seem to know that the most important pillar of any company is their customers, and they need to keep them happy and satisfied.

As soon as your order is shipped out, the guys at the seed bank will let you know where your parcel is every step on the way.

They reply and solve customer queries quickly, as well. We like how they handle the buyers with importance and as a priority.


Last Words

We hope The Vault Seed Bank Review has helped you see all the services they offer.

Overall, we like this seed bank mainly because it has so many strains to choose from, and all of these seeds are of high quality.

They even send out free seeds with every order, isn’t that amazing? If you are looking for a seed bank that will ship out stealth orders containing the best quality cannabis seeds, then this is a great choice especially, if you like in the UK or anywhere inside the EU.

Fell free to drop a comment below, we would love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the seeds in the vault safe?

The seeds are entirely secure, and there has been no damage to the facility. As per a press release from the seed bank, “it is taking proper precautions to preserve the seed vault and upgrade the building to avoid repeat disasters.

What are the most trustworthy seed banks?

Reputable seed banks include Marijuana Seeds NL, ILGM, Ministry of Cannabis, Seedsman, and The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store.

Is Ilovegrowingmarijuana a legitimate website?

Yes, absolutely! ILGM is an entirely legal seed bank from which to order. For over seven years, ILGM has been selling cannabis seeds and is well-known in the cannabis world for its exceptional customer service and germination guarantee.

What is the lifespan of seed vaults?

Seed vaults can be preserved for a minimum of five years or longer for anyone wishing to save seeds for survival. The containers are small, save space, and are watertight. Most significantly, seeds are gathered in seed vaults from plants cultivated in various environments.

What is the distinction between a seed bank and a gene bank?

A seed bank (or seeds bank) is a gene bank that saves seeds from conserving genetic variety. The main reason to save seeds is to maintain the genes required by plant breeders to promote production, disease resistance, drought tolerance, nutritional quality, flavor, etc.

What Seed Banks Ship to the United States?

ILGM, Seedsman, and Crop King Seeds are among the seed banks that ship to the United States.
ILGM and Crop King Seeds, on the other hand, have speedier and more acceptable US delivery schedules. Typically, you’ll have your marijuana seeds delivered to your door within a week of placing your order.
Furthermore, all orders come with a germination guarantee and a fair possibility of receiving 10 other marijuana seeds with your purchase.

How Do You Know Whether a Seed Is Male or Female?

It is nearly hard to discern whether a marijuana seed is female or male based on appearance.
To test for the Y chromosome, you can use a lab test or a plant sex kit to determine the sex of a seed. 
However, as the seeds begin to pre-flower, observable variations emerge. And here are two tips for identifying cannabis seeds:
When male seeds are pre-flowering, they develop a pollen bag at the branch junctions.
Male marijuana seeds develop far quicker than female marijuana seeds.
Female plants produce a pale white pistillate.
Female seeds, on average, take longer to grow.

Are Crop King seeds worth it? 

Crop King Seeds is a famous seed bank known for its high-quality goods and assured shipping ways. The firm ships globally and accepts a variety of payment ways.

Which is superior, autoflower or feminized?

Autoflowering seeds are more suited to indoor cultivation, while feminized seeds are better suited to outdoor cultivation. In addition, on average, feminized seeds produce larger and taller plants than autoflowers.

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