SeedSupreme Seed Bank Review 2024 | Is it Legit?

Unlike many other Seedsupreme reviews, this review will not only be about discussing seeds, but you will also learn all the different factors involved in labeling a cannabis seed bank as good, legitimate, and trustworthy.

If you’re in the market for the best cannabis seeds, you’re just in the right guide because we will relay to you, detail by detail, what Seedsupreme has to offer as a seed bank.

Before we discuss Seedsupreme, it is imperative that you know and understands what separates a quality cannabis seed bank from those that are just regular.

What You Should Look For in a Cannabis Seed Bank


What You Should Look For in a Cannabis Seed Bank

You’ll find a ton of different seed banks offering big libraries of cannabis seeds in the market; Whether you are in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, or wherever in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia, here are a few of the most important factors you need to look for in a cannabis seed bank.

Factor #1: Legalities

The first thing you need to know and figure out is the legalities involved with the seed bank. Seed banks are ultimately oversaturated in the market, and that is true — that’s why you’ll find tons of seed banks that are either unregistered, unlicensed, or unrecognized by authorized agencies and departments.

If you see this red flag with a cannabis seed bank, you should already think twice about working with them.

NOTE: Some of the most common forms of legalities would be a permit to operate, public safety and health licenses, registration and tax certificates, and many more!

Factor #2: Customer Service Team

A customer service department is always necessary for whatever industry you might be in or at least interested in. Of course, you would have questions about certain stuff like their products, information on various seed strains, and even guides in growing cannabis. So, where would you get the information you need without a good customer service team?

One (1) trait of a seed bank with an excellent customer service game is the speed in response and product knowledge. These two (2) things go hand-in-hand in attaining a certain level of customer satisfaction.

Factor #3: Flexible Payment Methods

Many argue that this is not something you need to put your mind to, but we say otherwise. Imagine this, you’re in a rush to purchase seeds, but the company only accepts unorthodox methods of payment like Bitcoin, other cryptocurrency types, or Interac Bank Transfer — what would you do?

Always remember that convenience is always the partner of quality, and that goes for every industry.

Factor #4: Discreet Packaging or Stealth Shipping/Delivery

Anything cannabis-related is a cause for concern, and I’m not just talking about not abiding by the law, but also in terms of the product being mishandled or worse — stolen.

While most seed banks guarantee stealth shipping, you ought to find one that gives you this particular guarantee. Stealth shipping, in the area of cannabis, is as important as quality.

You want to somehow conceal the package when you buy seeds or at least keep it discreet. Besides concealing it, cannabis seeds are somewhat sensitive; improper handling and storage conditions can lead to the deterioration of the seed quality.

NOTE: You’ll find seed banks that have various stealth methods with their original packaging, as well as their delivery. Make sure to settle for more and choose reliable shipping to avoid shipping delays and other negative forms of shipping methods when ordering seeds.

Factor #5: High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

The quality of seeds usually goes hand-in-hand with the partner breeders and growers of a seed bank. In simpler terms, the more reliable the partners and affiliates are, the better and the higher the seed quality.

Checking the quality of cannabis seeds is neither easy nor a convenient task. Many customers fail to recognize this, especially new ones, because they don’t know what to expect.

However, here are a few pointers to remember how you can double-check the product quality a seed bank is offering.

  • Check the germination rate of the seed bank
  • Examine and assess the partner growers and breeders
  • Align and observe their shipping method (some seeds fail while on the way to the client)
  • Healthy cannabis seeds are often light brown to dark brown, not green, black, or gray.
  • Healthier seeds have a particular glow or shine in their shells; those that are poor quality are often dull

Factor #6: Wide Seed Selection

Last and most definitely not least would be the selection of cannabis seeds and seed strains that a seed bank offers. Typically speaking, a good cannabis seed bank would have a big library of cannabis seeds.

They should have regular cannabis strains and marijuana seeds, auto-flowering seeds, medicinal and landrace strains and seeds, high-CBD strains, and many more!

Always get high-quality strains by knowing what to look for in case you’re trying to purchase from a different seed bank you haven’t dealt with before.

Seedsupreme Reviews 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Want to get the best seeds from the best cannabis seed banks? In this review, you will know whether or not Seedsupreme is a legit seed bank, as well as if they have the quality of cannabis seeds you’re looking for.

And what better way to start this off than by discussing a bit of its history, right?

Seedsupreme History

Contrary to what people thought they are a new seed bank, SeedSupreme seeds is a company that was founded back in 2013. They started out as a small venture that only caters to the local market. Back then, they weren’t viewed as an outstanding cannabis seed bank because of the small size of their products.

Over time, they added a whole bunch of products to their library. They started offering high-quality cannabis seeds, medicinal, different types and kinds of feminized seeds, and many more!

A few years after its exposure to the market, it had a majority of negative reviews than positive ones. However, for the past 2 years, they’ve been reviewed, given feedback, and praised by a lot of cannabis consumers because of consumers because of all the improvements and developments of their business as a whole.

Overall, the history of Seed Supreme contains a series of ups and downs, but, in the end, it prevailed and became the one-stop-shop for many growers, cultivators, and breeders for a wide array of cannabis seeds and strains.

Website Quality

Website Quality and Navigation

Next up would be the first thing people see when they patronize a company — their website. Whether a seed bank has a physical shop or not, a neat, clean, and fully optimized website will be a big help to both long-time enthusiasts and smokers and those who are new to the industry.

This section is split into three (3) parts, navigation, language, and loading speed — three of the most important elements online seed banks fail to realize.

Website Navigation

Website navigation is as simple as the ease of jumping to and from different areas of the website. Looking at SeedSupreme’s website it’s easy to understand and get ahold of.

Opening the site will welcome you to the different seed categories they offer. Scrolling down, you will see and notice that they have sections with descriptions of what the category is all about.

This is something that everyone — newbie or experienced, will definitely love and enjoy.


The language of the website is designed to cater to the needs of experienced breeders, growers, and cultivators, as well as those who are just starting out. Unlike other seed banks, they use the simplest and most straightforward terminologies, so you don’t get confused while shopping or observing.

As a matter of fact, purchasing seeds from them is rated by a lot of people as easy, fast, and the least time-consuming, thanks to the language they use and the conciseness of their content.

Loading Speed

Last but most definitely not least is the loading speed or the speed of the website. What would you normally do when the website you’re trying to access is loading slowly? People would normally close it out and go to the next website with the hopes of it being faster.

One great thing about Seedsupreme is that they’ve heavily invested in their website. Unfortunately, the loading speed of their website is fast, and they often have little-to-no delays.

Many seed banks have average websites, but Seed Supreme is the seed bank you want to work with if you are looking for an exceptional-quality website.

Seed Quality

Seed Quality

The next of the more important things and factors to consider is the overall quality of the seeds they have as a seed bank. Many people consider seed quality the top priority in choosing a seed bank, but, for us, it is the second-most important (after the website).

To be straightforward and concise, the seed quality that Seed Supreme has is normal and average. The seed bank had instances of delivering wrong seeds, seeds that don’t germinate, female seeds in replacement of male seeds — and vice versa or even getting a clone instead of pure seeds.

Germination Guarantee

One of the primary drawbacks that Seedsupreme has is the fact that they don’t offer a germination guarantee for their products. Yes, most feedback and comments about the quality of their seeds are good, but Christmas is not always ’round the corner.

This is more pointed towards the free cannabis seeds they give out to their customers and loyal patrons.

You’ll understand it better and more properly when you see a couple of their reviews. Here are a few reviews of customers in Kiyoh, a prominent forum or website filled with feedback for web stores, shops, and other retail categories.

This is my very first transaction with them, and I received it more or less 11 days after making the order! I’m looking forward to doing more business with you guys, and I want to thank you for making everything easy! “

Tom Pearson from Bolivar

Hey there, I just received my first order, and I’m pretty sure that they are great seeds. They look A LOT BETTER than the seeds of Seedsman. I’ll definitely consider future orders.”

Jerry from Albuquerque

Seed Selection

Seed selection simply is the variety of cannabis seeds that a particular cannabis seed bank is offering. The more seeds they have available, the higher chances of people finding what they’re looking for in their inventory.

One of the best things about Seed Supreme is the fact that they’re so versatile and flexible that they have a sizeable inventory of marijuana seeds. They have cannabis seeds, female seeds, autoflowering seeds, and medicinal seeds.

Cannabis Seeds

It’s not exaggerated when I tell you that Seedsupreme has a lineup of 1700+ regular seeds in their inventory. All these unused seeds are top-shelf and are grown with the best and most affiliated to the environment needed.

Do take note, though, that the seeds under the cannabis seeds category are all the seeds they have, presented as a whole. So, the maximum number of cannabis seeds they have are 1700+.

Feminized Seeds

Seedsupreme is known to have high-quality strains; therefore, you wouldn’t be disappointed with its lineup of female seeds because whatever marijuana seeds you’re looking for (that are females, of course) will probably be here.

Autoflowering Seeds

Let’s stray from the usual feminized seeds and now discuss auto-flowering seeds. This seed category is the one that’s easy to grow with the expense of shorter and thinner yields. Seed Supreme has 490+ autoflowering marijuana seeds you can choose from!

Medicinal Seeds

Lastly, Seedsupreme will never leave you without a list of the medical cannabis strains and seeds they have. Amassing 1200+ medicinal seed strains, you can never go wrong if you choose to buy seeds from Seed Supreme!

With Seedsupreme, it wouldn’t matter whether you need hybrid strains, indica strains, sativa strains, or dominant ones — try finding what you need and if you do, don’t waste time and order it right away!

The next thing you’ll need to know and check about Seed Supreme would be their shipping and delivery processes.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping _ Delivery

Seed Supreme is based in the UK and the US (they have hubs in each of the countries), making them eligible to perform worldwide shipping. Royal Mail is the service that the seed bank uses, and Rapid UPS delivery (for the US).

However, according to their website, they do not have options for purchase if you are buying from a different country.

Guaranteed Shipping

One of the best things about Seed Supreme is that they offer an option to guarantee and safeguard your orders. By adding $10 to your order, you’ll get a shipping guarantee, meaning if you don’t get your orders (for whatever reason), the seed bank will resend and reship your order FOR FREE.

Please don’t confuse it with getting free cannabis seeds, though, because it’s not. You will only receive seeds if the initial package you ordered has not been successfully delivered to you.

Stealth Shipping

In the middle part of the homepage, you will see that the company is reassuring everyone that they practice stealth shipping or do their best to conceal or hide the contents of the package.

Seed Supreme took their stealth shipping methods to the next level by discretely packaging your orders using standard packaging, and then they’re repacked and placed inside industry-standard Ziplocks.

That said, whoever touches the package wouldn’t know information about it, like seed prices, the breeder, the classification of the seeds, etc. So the problem that many customers faced with this type of packaging is finding their orders. People often needed help locating their orders because of how concealed they were.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is one of the primaries, best, and most reliable pieces of information that would determine the accountability and trustworthiness of seed banks.

The better the customer service of a seed bank, the more seed orders they get. This probably is one of the drawbacks they have compared to other companies. Their customer service team is reachable only via email — and, sad to say, they’re not 100% consistent.

Furthermore, Seed Supreme needs germination guarantees, leaving people unsatisfied with their seeds’ quality and service.

Although the ratio of unsuccessful seeds to successful seeds is low, it can still leave a mark, especially for those who find it frustrating.

Payment Methods

Payment Options

Other than the guaranteed shipping option Seedsupreme has, they’re also a company that accepts various forms of payment methods from their customers. Unlike other banks you’ve found, Seed Supreme has a wide array of options for payment; you can pay them using the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Potcoin
  • Cash
  • CashApp
  • Zelle
  • Check (via Mail)
  • Money Order
  • ACH
  • Mesh

There was feedback about not being able to see a payment method, but this will only happen if you are ordering from overseas, as they’re currently not allowing it.

These payment options are exceptionally vast, and they will not restrict you from using the method you want and you’re comfortable with.

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and Promos

Now, we’ll go to the fun part — we’ll talk about discounts, promotional offers, and whether or not they offer free seeds!

I know that it is a bummer, but the company just recently halted one of its most popular and famous programs, Kush Money.

Kush Money

The accumulation of Kush Money points was just like how regular loyalty points were. For every order, you’ll get points. A total of 200 points would equate to £1 deducted from your order.

As the company is making changes and modifications to its overall platform and website, the Kush Money Points program is put on hold temporarily. But hey, this was one of the things people loved about them — they’ll definitely be bringing the Kush Money program back!

By now, you should know Seedsupreme like the back of your palm. They have the best roster of seed breeders, growers, and cultivators in the world, and they have the best marketing strategies to lure people in. They have reasonable shipping costs, spread shipping hubs, and their customer service is somewhat reasonable.

Overall Verdict

Overall, SeedSupreme is definitely one of the best, most reliable, and most experienced seed banks you will ever work with. They have programs, methods, and processes, other factors you wouldn’t see elsewhere.

Seed Supreme is a legit seed bank that can be your one-stop shop if you’re looking for high-CBD strains, female seeds, medicinal, and even auto-flowering ones without such a hassle.

Seedsupreme Pros and Cons

Now that you got an idea of how Seed Supreme is let us try comparing all the positives and negatives to get a better sense of how they are in terms of being a seed bank.

As we all know, there is a huge library of physical and online seed banks you can trust when purchasing marijuana seeds. So, where does Seed Supreme stand in that?

Pros of Seed Supreme

Here are some of the pros and benefits of Seed Supreme over its mountain of competitors:

  • Their cannabis seed strains are thousands; you won’t run out of strain categories to choose from
  • They have a guaranteed shipping option
  • Their stealth shipping methods are planned and executed accordingly
  • They have shipping and delivery protocols that no other cannabis seed bank practices
  • They’re always trying to figure out more ways to reward their loyal customers and clients

Cons of Seed Supreme

On the flip side, here are things you might want to press harder thought on about Seed Supreme:

  • Its most famous loyalty program, Kush Money, is taken down, and there’s no concrete information about its return
  • They currently don’t ship outside the US
  • A lot of breeders reported having found inconsistencies in the germination of the seeds they got from Supreme Seeds
  • Shipping delays are fairly common, especially if the orders happened during peak seasons and hours

As bad as you think it may be, Supreme Seeds is a one-of-a-kind seed bank that you can bank and count on if you need cannabis seeds. The pros largely outweigh the cons, and you wouldn’t need to exert extra effort to find information about them.


It’s understandable that it can be too much to absorb right now, and that is why we’ve gathered some of the most-asked questions about Seed Supreme.

Does Seedsupreme Ship and Deliver to Other Countries?

Unfortunately, they currently do not ship out to other countries, only the US. There was a time that they did, and they used First Class Royal Mail for it and USPS for USA orders. Who knows? Maybe they’re just resetting, and they’ll offer worldwide shipping again. For now, hold your thoughts about how you can get the best Royal Mail service to your location because it’s not being accepted!

How is Seedsupreme Better Than Other Cannabis Seed Banks?

One of the strengths Seed Supreme has compared to other cannabis seed banks is the vast library of cannabis strains they have available. Seedsupreme is in partnerships and collaborations with 100+ breeders.

What is Kush Money?

Kush Money is the loyalty program that SeedSupreme Seeds have. What this program allows you to do is collect points based on the total of your purchase, and then, you can use this amount to get discounts on your future orders — even better, free seeds!

Do You Get Free Seeds From Seedsupreme?

Yes and no — let me explain.

Yes, because Seed Supreme is one of the seed banks that hold multiple offers of free seeds to resellers and customers depending on their orders. And no, of course, because they don’t offer free seeds 100% of the time. If they did, they would already be out of business.

You can check out Seed Supreme’s offers and promos to its clients!

What Categories of Cannabis Seeds Does Seed Supreme Offer?

Seedsupreme has almost everything you’re looking for in a cannabis seed bank. They have female seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and even medicinal ones!

Is Seedsupreme Trustworthy?

Yes, Seed Supreme remains one of the best, most reliable, and most trustworthy cannabis seed banks you will encounter. The question of whether or not they are a legit seed bank will have an answer for itself when you work with them.

What Other Seed Banks Are in the US?

The US is the hub of the top seed banks in the market. When I say top seed banks, what I mean is that they are considered the best, longest-running, most powerful, and most sought-after in the cannabis seed industry. They are I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), Crop King Seeds, Seedsman, Seed City, and Herbies Seeds.

The Bottom Line

So, whether or not you know who Seedsupreme is, you should now have the most concrete of ideas about this particular seed bank. You’ll find many other Seedsupreme reviews out there. Still, this particular one will be the best, the most detailed, and the highest quality, especially when it comes to finding the best seed quality and selection ever!

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