Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review

There are plenty of online seed banks to choose from; it becomes difficult to tell who is trustworthy and who isn’t. Fortunately, our team at 420 Expert Adviser has done the challenging work and prepared this Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review to understand where does the well famous seed bank, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, stands among the other industry leaders.

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review 


Amsterdam is a hub for cannabis lovers as there are many sources to get your hands on cannabis. Perhaps the best alternative to purchase cannabis seeds is from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. To get a good picture, read our Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review below! 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – History and Market Reputation 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds was established in Amsterdam in 2002 by Joe Green. Joe Green has been growing cannabis for more than 20 years and has experience in all aspects of the cannabis industry. 

Nowadays, the AMS office is still based in Amsterdam, though it has rapidly gotten one of the largest seed banks. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds aims to serve both large-scale growers and home growers equally. This means that they have something for just about everyone. 

They have always valued delivering seeds, as well as expertise. In addition to a comprehensive display of great products, they also offer a ton of tips for novice growers. 

According to, more than 62% of reviews got the highest grade of “excellent.” There are numerous reviewers who couldn’t stop shedding praise regarding customer service and the growability of the seeds. This shows that AMS has demonstrated itself to be a dependable source to purchase marijuana seeds online. 

Seed Selection 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the largest seed banks on the internet. They are always ready to serve the genuine cannabis connoisseurs, the small-scale home growers who demand the highest quality.

They have many clients all over the world who are extremely pleased with the brilliant services. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has a huge inventory. Some strains fall into different categories, but to make your shopping easy, they have different categories, and here they are: 

  • All Cannabis Seeds
  • Autoflowering seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Regular seeds
  • Indoor seeds
  • Outdoor seeds
  • Indica seeds
  • Sativa seeds
  • White Seeds
  • CBD Seeds Low THC <0.2%
  • Cheap seeds
  • Combination Packages
  • Medical seeds
  • Hybrid seeds
  • Premium Lines

What do you think when you hear the word premium? High prices, perhaps? Well, that shouldn’t be the case, with the premium line of cannabis seeds in AMS.

The seeds in this category give premium yields, yes, but they are nowhere close to being high priced. You would probably think that why the term premium, then? 

Well, the main reason for having this a name as the category is because the seeds in this variety are stellar-quality hybrids.

 They are best known to give the high yields, offer the best results be it medical or recreational. Moreover, they grow faster than other cannabis plants. Some of the premium strains by AMS are AK 47 XTRM Feminized, Bonfire Feminized, AMS XTRM Feminized

The descriptions for each strain are a long way from being unreliable. Each strain has a couple of full pages of detailed information following a decent graph that includes THC levels, ideal climates, indoor yields and outdoor yields and heights, flowering time, and growing difficulty. 

One slight crack, especially in contrast to the number of strain offerings, is that you can buy cannabis seeds in 5, 10, or 20 seed quantities.

Seed Quality 

Given the vastness of seed varieties, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds must be quite sure about their seeds, and they are for a good reason. 

According to numerous online forums, the seed quality at AMS is high, and customers report large yields and strong, healthy, bountiful plants.

It’s clear that AMS is passionate about providing high-quality products for its customers, and each strain’s page features reviews through Trustpilot so that customers can analyze honest input progressively.

Of course, there are a couple of negative reviews along with the positive. 

Most negative reviews were about germination, though that can easily be influenced by the process which the customer used. AMS offers replacements for the seeds that don’t germinate or arrive to solve such issues. 

Overall, most of the customers report being highly satisfied with their seeds and with their overall purchase. 

Shipping and Discretion 

As far as shipping service goes, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds ships worldwide, plus they offer stealth shipping with security. 

Sometimes the phrase “free shipping” can be somewhat misleading, as many companies will say it and then jack up the prices of their products. That is not the case with AMS. 

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds does not ship to countries with strict cannabis restrictions, but their shipments to the U.S. and Canada can usually take around two weeks. However, they do not offer track numbers, but they ensure that your order reaches you within 31 days. 

If you do not receive the order within those 31 business days, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will resend your order for free. 

Click Here to check the list of nations where they do not ship.

Payment Methods 

AMS offers customers different payment methods to choose from, including Credit/Debit cards (Visa and Mastercard only), Western Union, bank transfer, Bitcoin, and cash. 

According to Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds’ official website, Bitcoin could be the preferred technique and is processed the quickest, around one hour after the order is placed. 

The other methods typically are processed within 48 hours.

Let’s understand each quickly!

A bank transfer usually takes up to three or four business days to receive, depending on the nation the transfer is issued from. 

Cash obviously will be the longest to be processed, as these need to extensively use the speed with the international airmail transporter. 

One thing we appreciate about the payment technique page of AMS is they also intend the secrecy of your payment procedure. 

This is another reason Bitcoin is favored as a payment technique, as every transaction is totally anonymous. 

Bank transfer transactions and Credit/Debit cards are the least discreet, as the transaction will post to your card. 

Any cost of AMS will be discreet and won’t include anything about marijuana in the charge description. Overall, all the payment methods are comparable to similar seed banks’ options. 

Customer Service 

Overall, most customers report AMS as having a responsive and considerate customer service team. 

On various online forums, AMS solved the negative input or complaints/concerns immediately, and they offer help to the customers to solve the issue. 

Plus, AMS does guarantee their products, so if an issue occurs, we would advise you to get in touch with AMS as fast as possible to allow them an opportunity to work with you to find a resolution. 

What Do the Customer Reviews Say?

Reviews for AMS are primarily optimistic, with their average rating on TrustPilot hovering around 4/5.

Most reviews we discovered were overwhelmingly positive, and most customers had high esteem for AMS. 

AMS is also exceptionally responsive to several online forums, addressing customer complaints, concerns, and praise responsively and amicably. 

Let’s see what one of the satisfied customers of AMS has said on Trustpilot!

Thank you, AMS!!!

I ordered two strains, MOAB and Blue Dream XTRM, from AMS. This was in April 2020, during the early COVID quarantine/lockdown. The seeds were shipped out within a week, and they arrived in under a month. Sat at the border for a week or so. Completely within reason for the times. 8 out of 10 seeds popped. Super happy with that turnout. They are both now in their third/fourth week of flowering, and they are HUGE. MOABS are bushy ten footers, and Blue Dreams are 6-7 feet. Both full of monster colas. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase and definitely put my nervousness about ordering herb seeds from overseas!! Thanks so much, AMS, I will definitely be a returning customer!!

AMS cares about the overall customer experience and works hard to resolve any issues that arise instantly. 

Website Usability

Even for someone who is not extremely familiar with technology, the website is really easy to use. All you need to do is choose the category of interest, from regular to feminized, medical, auto-flowering, or all strains from the top menu and go from there.

There are also top strains, value packs, and wholesale on the website. 

Besides, even though the organization is based in the Netherlands, they can ship the seeds worldwide. Therefore, you can order seeds at AMS as long as you have a legitimate address.

What We Liked

  • Free shipping
  • Guaranteed Delivery (even if it’s seized at customs)
  • High-quality strains
  • Highly supportive staff

What We Didn't Like

  • Long shipping times
  • Does not ship to a few countries

Final Words 

All in all, we can say that AMS is a seed bank you can trust. It has got a couple of negative reviews, though, but the positives outline the negatives. We trust this review will be of great use when you want to buy seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the legality of cannabis in your nation!

Happy Hunting!

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