Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers Review In 2023

In this Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers review, I’ll discuss what it is, why I LOVED it, and why I KNOW you’ll love it as much as I do!

If you’ve been smoking for years now, you probably have had the problem of burning your lips or your fingers because of how close the flame is. This is where the importance of Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers comes into play.

I always purchase these 1-1/4″ rolling papers from Its420Somewhere. They always have it in stock! It is the perfect size of paper me and my friends enjoy!

What is Randy’s?


Randy’s is a brand that’s been in operations since 1975. They’re a brand specializing in smoking paraphernalia and have been a hit with many smokers.

Born out of San Francisco, California, they decided to move to the Midwest to cater to more smokers in the early 2000s.

Newer and younger tokers aren’t fans of their rolling papers, but veteran smokers have understood the value of their products.

On their website, you’ll find a bunch of the best papers that can enhance your roll and give you the best smoke session you’ll ever experience.

You can purchase a ton of things from Randy’s website, such as vaporizers, trays, cleaning solutions, wired papers, and many more!

What’s Special About Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers?

The commotion about Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers is the reason you’re here. So, let me give you the thing that’s special about these.

100% Natural Hemp and Vegan

Randy’s papers take pride in being made with 100% natural hemp, vegan, and RAW products. The paper is intended for cannabis use, and it’ll definitely improve your smoking experience.

Highest Quality Paper

They’re clustered and hand-packed using original USA-produced paper. It’s safe, and it can be your perfect (not substitute) rolling paper. Everything is manufactured, assembled, and completed in the USA, so don’t worry about bad quality!

Easy Rolling

One sign that a smoker is inexperienced is that they’re having trouble rolling. That’s actually what Randy’s is trying to help everyone with!

By using their wired rolling papers, everyone won’t have trouble rolling their joints. It will come in a pack where you can pour in your buds and flowers, and you have to roll it.

Usually available in two (2) sizes (king size and 1-1/4″), you can get the exact paper that you need.

NOTE: You can use the steel wire to assist you in rolling it perfectly, too!

This alone answers the many challenges people have when it comes to rolling.

Made From 100% North American Stainless Steel

You might be wondering what stainless steel is for, and this is something that could surprise you. They’re labeled as “wired rolling papers” simply because of the fact that the papers have a thin piece of wire that’s threaded and attached to the paper.

The purpose of this wire is to help shape and keep your joints in place and, at the same time, protect you from burnt fingers whenever what you’re smoking is already too small for you to touch.

Customers laugh and are dumbfounded by this, but a ton of people find it extremely useful. With Randy’s rolling papers, you won’t need a roach clip, you won’t be burdened by the butts, and you won’t search for another kind of paper.

Wouldn’t the Wire Deliver a Different Taste?

This was actually my first thought, but upon trying, the wire makes no difference. It does not give you any feeling that there’s a wire attached and installed on the paper.

Not to mention that it’s also safe for your health and non-toxic, too!

So, don’t worry about the taste, the aroma, or any other effect it can have on your health. It has been carefully evaluated!

NOTE: You’ll encounter a ton of false claims about it being dangerous, but those aren’t true!

How Do You Roll Randy’s Wired Papers?

Don’t confuse yourself when it comes to rolling. I’ve read a lot of customer reviews saying how complicated it was like the wire gets in the way, but that’s not the case.

If you check the pack, you’ll see how the direction of the roll should go. As a matter of fact, it’s neither far nor different from how you regularly roll up a joint.

  • Open the rolling paper and then put your buds and flowers in
  • Position them, but avoid compressing them too much
  • Start by rolling the end of the paper farthest from you
  • While rolling, push the buds back so that they remain concealed within the paper.

NOTE: You can leverage the wire and use it to roll for you to get a clean, neat, and packed roll.

You can also find a few videos on how you can roll it online!

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers Review

Overall, upon trying Randy’s wired rolling papers, I never felt any different when I was smoking out of a regular paper.

There’s no difference in weight, and I didn’t catch a disease because of it — everything was good!

When I compared it to regular papers, I noticed the subtle hint of the hemp ingredients, but it was fine because that was what I was here for!

You can get them in the King Size or the 1-1/4″ size, whichever you like and prefer! So long as you’re in the USA, you can get them swiftly and urgently!

3 Shops to Get Randy’s Papers

If you’re growing interested in Randy’s papers and you don’t know where to find them (if they’re unavailable on the main website), here are three (3) of the shops I get them from!

Its420Somewhere: Editor’s Choice: Easiest Transaction


If you want a smooth and fast transaction, go with Its420Somewhere. Offers for Randy’s rolling papers might not be as vast, but you wouldn’t have a problem with their transaction processes.

Say goodbye to burnt fingers as fast as the next day you order because the company ships the next day!

Whether you’re in San Francisco, in another state, or in a neighboring country, you’ll be able to receive your rolling papers urgently!

They’ve sold hundreds to thousands of the king size and small size of wired rolling papers. You can even purchase it in a pack if you wish to!

Smoke Cartel: Runner-Up: Wide Variety of Choices

Smoke Cartel

For a vast option of these high-quality rolling papers, you can bank and rely on Smoke Cartel. You’ll see a ton of options and a wide array of reviews on their website, too.

I never had any bad experiences with them, and I’m sure that you will be as satisfied as me.

Prices are similar, and some might have different shipping rates and prices, but the products are all fresh, authentic, and legitimate.

Check their site and be in awe of the options you have before purchasing.

Leaf Only: Flexible Modes of Payment

Leaf Only

The site is intended to offer smoking paraphernalia, and that’s why they’re one of the best shops you can get Randy’s rolling papers from.

Their website is complete with all the details of the shipping, various images of the product, as well as a description of what it’s all about.

Upon checkout, you’ll see that they’re offering a ton of different payment modes.


Here are a few questions about Randy’s rolling papers.

Why is There a Wire in Randy’s Rolling Papers?

The purpose of the wire content in these rolling papers is to assist in the rolling, as well as when you smoke your joint. You can roll it easier, and you don’t have to throw the butt out even if it’s already short.

Are RAW Papers Healthier to Smoke?

Yes, RAW rolling papers are healthier, better for the environment, and easier to smoke because they are organic. Just like Randy’s products, they are also healthy compared to other brands and types of papers.

Are Wire Rolling Papers Safe?

Yes, absolutely! The common misconception people have is that the wire would mix and combine with the smell and taste of your joint, but it wouldn’t. It’s engineered to be durable and not burn with that amount of flame.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know about Randy’s wired rolling papers from someone who has evaluated it carefully and thoroughly, then you are just in the right guide.

Of all my many years of smoking, I can say that I am completely content that I am not experiencing a ton of negative things in smoking any longer.

No more burnt fingers scattered butts, and I didn’t even have the urge to buy a roach clip ever since I used this!

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