King Palm Review – [Everything You Need to KNOW]

Recently, I received something on my plate that discussed probably one of the most-sold and most-sought-after blunt wrap alternatives in the market today.

So, I tested it out. You won’t believe how fresh this thing is!

I initially tried the King Palm banana cream and berry terps flavours – and I can only say that it was, so far, the best. I got these from this Dank Stop, along with other accessories!

Get it Now!

I’ll give out some of the most intricate details of this pre-rolled leaf and give you a complete and comprehensive review!

(So, you don’t have to experiment yourself)

Comprehensive King Palm Review


For years, various King Palm flavors have been iconic in the eyes of cannabis connoisseurs globally. The company successfully produced high-quality and premium rolls that are toxic glue and tobacco-free.

You can choose from the wide array of flavors available that would definitely make the most out of your smoking experience.

Benefits of King Palm Wraps

Let me start by enumerating a few of the benefits and advantages of choosing King Palm over other brands of rolling papers and pre rolled blunts.

Size Variations

One of the primary benefits and advantages of choosing these pre-rolled cones is the fact that you can purchase them in varying sizes and measurements. They start from the smallest or the rollie, mini to XL and XXL!

Confused? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of the different sizes:

  • Rollie – (11mm)
  • Mini – (12mm)
  • Slim – (12mn)
  • King – (14mm)
  • XL – (20mm)
  • XXL – (22mm)
  • XXXL – (25mm)

They Come Pre-Rolled

Rolling is a skill, and it should be practiced. For beginners, this can be excruciatingly harsh and frustrating because it will affect and decrease the awesome moment with your blunt.

That’s the great feature of the pre rolled blunts they’re offering! Not to mention that you can buy accessories, too!

Healthier and Better Alternative

Have you ever had a blunt straight from the farms and lands of Southeast Asia? Well, that’s the grade of King Palm’s rolls! They focus their growing in the depths of this region because this location is tropical and is grown healthily.

Without the dangers of a tobacco cone, your blunt will be better and healthier! Savor your rolled leaf as best as you can without the addition of artificial flavors!

Add the fact that the actual wrap has a corn husk filter, perfect for making sure that it wouldn’t stain your fingers, lips, and teeth!

Highly Efficient

The faster your cigar burns, the worse it is – and that is one of the many things King Palm focused on.

Both original and flavored rolls are equipped with super slow burning, leaving you smoking all night long!

I’ve tried a rollie recently, and it was burning for 10 minutes straight – and it was slow burning; I didn’t even feel and see that it was about to run out! The packaging is tight and straightforward!

Many Options For Flavors

Last, and most definitely not least, is the wide selection of flavors. I assure you that the taste will be distinct on these wraps. Although I was only able to taste the banana cream and berry terps, I can say that the taste was strong and distinctive.

Drawbacks of King Palm Wraps

I did not find many negatives and cons to using it. But, for the sake of transparency, here are a few things that should come to mind.

Fast Drying

If I were to leave honest reviews, I would say this is the main problem. Since they’re already rolled, it can dry out the flower pretty fast and easily.

That’s why if you’re going to buy one, make sure that you’ll smoke it.

Many smokers, especially new ones, make the mistake of smoking it and then leaving it halfway through. So when you smoke it, it’s always advisable to finish it (unless you have a humidor).

No Unrolled Option

The next drawback I figured was that you could only purchase them in rolls – you can’t really buy one that’s not. However, you can get the filters individually and separately.

What Others Are Saying About King Palm Wraps

Many smokers praise these rolling papers because they burn nice and smooth, they’re chemical free, and they come fresh.

Let me list some of the reviews and feedback customers have after trying King Palm leaf wraps!

“It does taste smooth, and it burns slowly. It’s definitely the best wrap I have used. Since knowing about this company, I never wished to try another – if it isn’t a King Palm Wrap or a rollie, I don’t want it,” says Channorary S., a verified buyer from the King Palm website.

“WOW. It’s extremely tasty, and the smoothness is out of this world! I can taste the cherry, but it doesn’t overpower my herbs! It is definitely a work of art,” says Jennifer R., another verified buyer.


Here are a few of the most important questions about the King Palm original or flavored hand-rolled wraps!

How Long Do King Palms Last?

After opening, a King Palm pack can last for up to a year! This is all thanks to the Boveda humidity pack, which intensifies and maintains your rolls, keeping them fresh and high-quality.

Are King Palms Harsh?

No, they’re not. In fact, it’s the other way around! It is a healthier and better option than tobacco paper because it does not contain glue, chemicals, and other toxic ingredients. All of what they have are all-natural ingredients!

Even the corn husk filter is healthy, and they’re tobacco free!

Final Words

You can try seeking another King Palm review, but I assure you that they wouldn’t be as complete and detailed as this. By now, you should have decided to fill in the missing piece in your smoking experience.

Your search for the best rolling paper ends today! If you’ve wished for a sign to get an absolute taste, natural flavor, and slow-burning papers, this is for you!

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