Bong Bowl Sizes – Which One Is The Best For You?

Want to know what the best bong bowl sizes are? Most, if not all of us, have experienced problems with the way we hit the pipe, and it’s excruciatingly frustrating.

Whether you cannot hit it properly or if the nail or bowl drops on the floor, it’s such a nuisance. So, save yourself a headache and let me help you ace your bong bowl in under a minute!

I got you if you’re looking for the best and fittest diameter bong bowl! I’ll list down 8 of the best bong bowls I’ve tried!

What is a Bong Bowl?


What is a Bong Bowl

Your bong won’t be a bong if it does not have a bowl. This bong part is the piece that sits on the joint of your water pipe, and its primary use is to hold the legal dry herb or tobacco in place.

In finding your bowl, you need to make sure that it fits perfectly to the joint of your bong. If it doesn’t, it can be too loose or tight, tampering with your smoking experience.

Knowing the Bong Joint Type


To start, you need to identify whether your bong is made in either female or male joints. Why? Because the bowl needs to be the opposite of the joint gender to fit inside perfectly.

Male and Female Joints

The majority of bongs are made with a female joint, meaning you’ll need a male bowl. However, if your water pipe is made with a male joint, you’ll need a female bowl.

NOTE: Knowing this will necessarily eliminate errors and incorrectness.

How Do You Identify Male and Female Joints?

You can easily identify joints by looking at your glass smoking bowl.

Should the joint fit the bowl tapers at the end, you have a male joint. For males, the accessories you’ll put would be over it. Female joints, on the other hand, usually have wider mouths and the bowl that will be attached is thinner. Accessories are usually inserted for female joints.

NOTE: You also need to take note of the joint size. The joint size, along with the joint type, will determine the fittest and best new bowl piece you’ll install.

Types of Bong Bowls

Now that we’re done with the joint type, let’s go to the different types of bong slides or bow bowls per the material used.

These include:

  • Glass Bowls
  • Metal Bowls
  • Silicone Bowls
  • Ceramic Bowls
  • Wood Bowls

What Bong Bowl Size Should You Get?

While there are a ton of different sizes you can imagine, there are only three (3) most common and most used bowls for dab rigs and most bongs, and they are 10mm, 14mm and 18mm bowl sizes.


This is the smallest size you can get for your bong bowls. Commonly referred to as nano and mini bowls, these bowls are perfect for small water pipes and pendant dab rigs and are typically used for legal concentrates.

NOTE: You will easily identify 10mm bong bowls because they are the smallest! They’re pretty rare because there are fewer small rigs than larger bongs.


The most common size of bong bowls is 14mm. You might find it difficult to identify, but to be able to, here is how you can do it. 

Using a Dime

Take one and if the dime falls and is larger than the female part, it’s 14mm. And for enlightenment, 14mm bowl and bong joint sizes are usually for small, medium sized bongs.

You also need to check the joint size to see if it will fit!


Last but most definitely not least are 18mm bong bowls. These bowls are pretty common and are usually equipped with larger types and kinds of bongs and dab rigs. If a dime falls when you insert it, or if it fits (not all the way through), you have an 18mm in your hands.

NOTE: You can use a dime and insert it into your dab rig opening to determine the joint size.

What Bong Bowl Should You Use?

One piece of advice I can give is to know and identify whether you have a male or female joint on your dab rig or your bong. When you know whether you have a female or male joint, use the opposite gender of the bowl slide.

Knowing the joint size and gender is the key to getting the perfect bong bowl.

NOTE: If you’re still unsure, don’t put your bongs at your own risk. Contact the support and let them know about your dilemma.

Top 7 Bong Bowls (And Why I Love Them)

Being a toker for years, I am confident that I’ll be able to help you determine seven (7) of the best bong bowls. Whether you’re looking for glass bowls, silicone bowls – even ceramic bowls, I got you!

GLYCO Glass Bowl: Editor’s Choice (No Female Joint)

GLYCO Glass Bowl

Of all my personal experiences with smoking, this is what I consider the best. This large male glass bowl size is perfect for your dry herb or tobacco.

It’s made from glycerin-filled borosilicate glass that retains coldness and coolness without requiring you to store it inside the freezer. It will 100% fit your 14mm female bong joint, as it did mine, and I can assure you that you will never worry about water running up your pipe.

It has a height, length, and width of two (2) inches and a thickness of 4mm.

Various user submitted reviews found and described its competence, style, and overall functionality to be the best!

GC Generic’s Multi-Colored Glass Bowl with Handle: Runner-Up: Best For Strength and Durability

GC Generic’s

Made from the best and most durable borosilicate glass, Glass City’s generic multi-colored bowl will be your strongest and toughest slide.

Equipped with a curved rubber handle, you’ll never have problems attaching and using it with the female joint size of your water pipe.

You can order it in two (2) different sizes: 18mm or 14mm (14.5mm and 18.8mm).

Its eye-catching design will lure you in!

Daily High Club 14mm Bowl: Best For Versatility and Flexibility

Daily High Club

DHC’s 14mm bowl is available in either male or female, so it’s extremely flexible considering whether you have a male or female bong joint.

It’s a premium quality bowl and the perfect bowl size, and the best part? – It comes in a wide variety of styles and structures!

You have to let DHC know what you’re looking for!

Glasscity Glass Skull Bowl with Crown: Most Stylish Waterpipe Bowl

Glasscity Glass Skull Bowl

When I used this bowl, I felt like a king! The magnificent styling and structuring of Glass City’s skull bowl are impeccable.

You can use it for glass-on-glass joint applications, it’s available in 14.5 and 18.8mm joint sizes, and you can customize it to amber, yellow, green, and blue colors!

Whether you’re traveling or you’re storing it at home, it will be your perfect slide!

Maria Ring Glass Bowl: Best For Simplicity and Functionality

Maria Ring Glass Bowl

Equipped with industry-standard Maria Ring Grip, this male bowl is the deep bowl you can absolutely count on. Unlike other bowls in this list, this one is minimalistic – but don’t be fooled because its functionality is over the top!

It grips perfectly to your 14mm or 18mm bowls, and this bong adapter is extremely durable! It will increase airflow and enhance the effects of vaporized substances!

Waxmaid Diamond Silicone Glass Bowl: Best For Longevity

Waxmaid Diamond Silicone Glass Bowl

Are you looking for 18mm bowls that can last for more than a year? Try out Waxmaid’s diamond silicone glass bowl.

It has heat isolation, which prevents your fingers from burning, and its body is made from durable silicone.

This is the right bowl if you want to add more herbs than usual! If you’re looking for highly durable and long-lasting bowls that are slightly larger, this is for you!

Whether you have a 14mm or 18mm joint size, it will be available!

Purchase on this website to get notified of future discounts and promos for other smoking accessories!

Pulsar Rounder Bowl: Best For Ease-of-Use

Pulsar Rounder Bowl

The pulsar rounder bowl is the easiest and most straightforward application for your bong joint you’ll ever find. It’s available in either male or female bowls, and it’s strictly made from borosilicate glass.

You’ll be able to handle it easily, it’s simple to load and attach to your bong joint, and it’s not plain either!

Which Bowl Piece is For You?

Can’t decide what the best smoking bowl is for you? Don’t know what your joint size is? Identifying it is an essential part of being a toker, and that’s what this guide is here for!

Whatever dab rig you have, and no matter how complex you think your bongs are, these are the best that I have tried and have experienced so far!

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