6 Best Weed Humidor In 2024

If you’re a smoker and you’re not storing your buds in a cannabis humidor or a weed humidor, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t worry because I won’t take it against you because I was in your exact same position before – even worse.

So, in this guide, I will give you the best marijuana humidor boxes you can get from the shops I patronize! The best part? – You wouldn’t worry about your budget!

If you ask me which humidor is my favorite, then it’s 4-TIN Icky Humidor Box. Get it NOW!!!

What is a Weed/Cannabis Humidor?


6 Best Weed Humidor In 2022

A humidor is an airtight container that’s purposely made to maintain the humidity and freshness of your product.

Generally, the uses of cannabis and cigar humidors are generally the same– to balance out humidity levels inside and for proper and better temperature and humidity control.

What is the Importance of a Cannabis Humidor?

Before, I didn’t even know this was a thing! Cannabis humidors are specialized tools used for humidity control. This guarantees that you get the most out of your cannabis flavor.

NOTE: As much as possible, refrain from using cedar as your cannabis or weed humidor. The best materials for a cannabis humidor are mahogany, cherry, and Spanish cedar.

Are Cannabis and Cigar Humidors the Same?

While the majority of people would say you could, you SHOULD NOT.

Most, if not all, cigar humidors are often wood types that have been cured with oils. These oils can influence and modify the flavor of your cannabis.

In addition, cedar is also a common type of wood used for tobacco humidors, and in case you didn’t know, it is a magnet for insects.

It will be a challenge to get the best and highest grade of cannabis humidor, especially if you’re new. But don’t worry, I got you!

I’ve listed the best humidity packs that carry the best humidity levels from different shops!

6 Best Cannabis Humidors in the Market

Based on my years of experience, I am confident in enumerating and dictating the best cannabis and tobacco humidors in the market.

4-TIN Icky Humidor Box: – Editor’s Choice

4-TIN Icky

Icky may not be a brand that you know, but it’s well worth sharing. I consider this the best because of its excellent humidity controls. It can maintain perfect 62% balanced humidity, which is ideal for different types of buds.

It does not come with a lock, so that’s a give-off, but it has an airtight seal.

It’s made from 100% cherry wood, can hold up to 3.5 grams per tin container (a total of 4 tin containers), and has a lid compartment for humidity packs and pouches.

I consider it one of the best cannabis humidors because it’s magnificently discreet and it’s spill-free.

Specs of the Icky Humidor Box

  • Interior: 5 & 3/16” (width) x 5 3/4″ x 3” (height)
  • Exterior: 6 & 9/16” (width) x 7 ½” x 3 5/8” (height)

00 Box Humidor: Runner Up – Humidor With Accessories

00 Box

The next best piece of cannabis humidor I consider is the 00 box humidor with a hygrometer.

In case you didn’t know, hygrometers are instruments that are used to measure water vapor in the air or in a given space.

Many people brand and categorize them as luxury boxes because it’s made from the finest wood.

The lid is magnetized, and it also comes with a magnetized humidifier and hygrometer, a felt-covered base, and a removable glass see thru lid plate.

You’ll never leave out a single piece of your precious buds! The Spanish cedar lining tops it off with style and perfection! Not to mention that 130-micron pollen screen it has that acts as a sieve to filter out your buds!

It maintains humidity, and it will keep your strain or herb fresh while inside!

NOTE: The savor of your herbs will remain even if you keep it there for weeks!

Specs of the 00 Box Humidor Wood Box

21 x 16 x 7 cm and 8.25 x 6.3 x 2.75 inches

RYOT Box: Best Weed Storage For Security


If you’re looking for a wood box that boasts safety and security, going with RYOT’s humidor walnut smoke box will be your best choice.

Made from walnut wood, it’s extremely durable, classy, and functional all at the same time. The ingenious design makes it an efficient piece of accessory for smokers out there.

The style is impeccable, the space is enough, and it’s equipped with a lock and key!

The container has dividers that help out in the categorization and organization of all your accessories and paraphernalia. Furthermore, you wouldn’t be bothered by light exposure because there wouldn’t be any!

You can use it to keep your pipes, flints, and lighters – even your humidity pack will fit perfectly!

Specs of the Walnut Combo Box

11.25 x 8.75 x 3.25 inches, with a weight of 3.5 pounds.

Xhaal Collections: Most Stylish Weed and Tobacco Humidors


Xhaal’s collection humidor is what the company considers their “gem” in the collection. Finished in a black coating, it’s highly fashionable and stylish. The color will effectively deflect UV light and light exposure, which decreases the effects of your herbs and tobacco.

The storage box is complete with 100ml oil jars, 50ml oil jars, a grinder, silicone oil jars, rolling papers, and more! It’s the perfect paraphernalia. It has everything a smoker needs!

It has a functional design where you can store the jars, and humidity packs perfectly fit with dividers. Maintain the flavor and taste of your precious buds in the best ways possible!

Specs of the Xhaal Collections Humidor

The specifications of this wood humidor are not available.

4-Strain Cannador: Cannabis Humidor Premium Storage Brand

4-Strain Cannador

Cannador is known to be a premium storage brand or top-shelf collection regarding CBD paraphernalia. This mahogany humidor boasts its style, sophistication, and functionality.

It’s equipped with removable cups, each of which has an airtight container that can keep your buds fresh! You can store larger and bigger quantities of your favorite strains and herbs!

This mahogany humidor will make you carefree about wick moisture as it is porous! It can hold the proper temperature – you can choose to have it airtight or ventilated! Its container’s lid includes aerating hole components for ventilation!

You’ll never be disappointed with it, as it’s equipped with a lock, keeping your buds safe and sound as these luxury boxes provide freshness and security all in one place!

Specs of the 4-Strain Cannador

8.7” (length) x 8.7” (width) x 5.2” (height) and weighs 7 pounds.

Quality Importers Desktop Humidor: Best For Bulk Storage

Quality Importers desktop humidor

Last, and most definitely not least would be the desktop humidor of Quality Importers. This humidor can hold between 25 and 50 big cigars.

It’s the perfect container to maintain the freshness of your herbs and strains.

You can fit a 25, up to 50-piece tobacco inside. Whether you want to use it for long-term or short term storage, Quality Importers tobacco and cannabis humidor will be perfect for your application.

You can place Boveda packs for relative humidity, pipes, stashes, jars, containers, and other accessories and paraphernalia you can think of! 

Specs of the This Humidor

8.75 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches.

Over my years of experience, these have been the best and most ideal containers for cannabis. They’ve been effective in refracting dampness, which is a culprit for molds and mildew.

How Do You Store Marijuana? Marijuana Storage Methods

How Do You Store Marijuana

When it comes to storing your buds and herbs, it’s more than just placing them inside containers. You’ll figure out how important freshness is when you store these in plain bags and containers.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that they’ll smell, feel, and taste the same.

NEVER Use Plastic Bags

You might think of plastic as an excellent choice for your herbs, but no. In fact, it’s the other way around. Forget about using a plastic bag as a container, especially for long-term storage, because it can destroy the good stuff from your buds.

Make it Moderately Moist

You want moisture on your weed, but not too much. This is where the humidity control of accessories comes in. Subtle wetness or dampness helps in freshening your stash.

NOTE: If you can’t give relative humidity to your buds (if you don’t have a humidor), throw in a carrot, an orange peel, or a wet cotton ball. Also, only do this if you are going to use it in just a few hours or days.

Invest in Humidity Packs

The recommended humidity level of cannabis is somewhere around 50 to 65%, and that’s what a humidor will give you. If you want better results, invest in humidity packs to ensure that your weed will be moist and properly cured.

TIP: Boveda packs are what I consider the best and most reliable humidity packs for cannabis. It locks in moisture, keeping the potency of your weed intact. 

Choose Glass Instead of Metal

The type of style you’re looking for when it comes to humidors won’t matter. What you want is to put your mind on the type of material because some will unequivocally affect the taste of your weed. When it comes to material, always go for glass because it will be neutral (unlike plastic and metal containers).

NOTE: You need to make sure that your weed humidor is airtight so it’s protected against typical oxidation.

Keep it Away From Light

The environment where you place or store your cannabis plays a crucial role in its potency and efficacy. Placing it in a cold room can acquire too much moisture where molds and mildew grow. Furthermore, exposure to direct sunlight (or excessive light exposure) can break it down.

Make sure you store it in an environment where it will remain constant with subtle moisture to keep everything intact.

Just like people, you need to understand the wants and needs of your cannabis! Store it where it’ll be in the ideal humidity level and savor its flavor until it runs out!


If you ever find yourself in need of more information about cannabis humidors, here are some of the most asked questions about it.

How Long Will Weed Last in a Humidor?

Your cannabis will last inside a humidor indefinitely. What’s meant by this is that the potency, flavor, and overall physical attributes of your weed will remain the same if you store it properly inside a humidor.

Can You Store Cannabis in the Fridge or Freezer?

No, storing your cannabis inside the fridge or freezer will break off the THC-rich trichomes, decreasing your weed’s overall potency. It should only be stored at room temperatures but in an environment where it can get the moisture needed to keep its overall effects.

Would Vacuum-Sealing Cannabis Keep it Fresh?

Yes, vacuum-sealing your cannabis fresh and clean. However, there have been claims that the potency of cannabis is overly decreased. This is why many experts and enthusiasts (including me) prefer storing it in humidor containers and boxes with a rubber gasket for closure security.

The Bottom Line

Getting yourself a strong and exceptional grade of cannabis is one thing – purchasing a weed humidor is another. Invest in a humidor that’s smart, spacious, and secure to ensure that you’ll still get the same experience as the first time you opened and used it!

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