Top 7 Best Vape Cartridges Canada 2024

The best vape cartridges in Canada are a “grey area,” if you ask me. Over time, vape carts and vape pen manufacturers improve their products’ overall quality, so deciding what the best vape pens are can be extremely challenging.

Of all the cartridges and pens I’ve used, I consider Mood Ring’s Jack Flash the best. Hand-crafted from a mix of Sativa-dominant hybrid and a cross of Jack Herer, Haze, and Super Skunk, Jack Flash is one of the THC cartridges you NEED TO TRY.

I’ll get to more of why I consider it the best later. Let me first go over some of the things you need to consider when choosing your THC vape pens and cartridges.

How to Choose the Best Vape Cartridges


I won’t complicate it further — I’ll give you a comprehensive guide on the best vape carts you can get, as well as a couple of the factors to consider before you get yours.

Refillable or Disposable?

Currently, there are refillable and disposable cannabis oil cartridges. So, you want to decide between disposable and refillable vape cartridges. Of course, a disposable cartridge would be one-time use, while refillable ones can be used over and over again.


Apart from knowing that THC vape pens contain THC oils and other types of cannabis-related content, it’s also good for you to know the exact contents of your vape cartridge. The most common options for content include:

  • Full Spectrum Oil — Contains all botanical terpenes and cannabinoids found in the plant.
  • Distillate Cannabis Oil — A type of oil where one (1) cannabinoid is isolated.
  • Live Resin — Also known as “premium concentrate,” live resin is refined and taken from flash-frozen cannabis. They’re typically more expensive, but their potency level has been tested and proven to be the best.

In other words, live resin is more potent than full spectrum oil and distillate oil.

Compatible Vape Pens

Not all vape cartridges go into all different types of vape pens. It would help if you made sure the cartridge you’re purchasing is compatible with your vape pen. There are three (3) most common types of vape carts, they are:

  • 510 Thread
  • Device-Specific Cartridges
  • Disposable Vape Pens

7 Best Vape Cartridges Canada 2024

Enhance your cannabis experience by making sure you purchase and use the best vape cartridge!

Jack Flash 510 Thread Cartridge: Editor’s Choice

Jack Flash 510 Thread Cartridge

Other than its awesome and striking name, the Jack Flash 510 Thread Cartridge is what I consider the best vape pen cartridge because of its flavors and overall effects.

The Jack Flash 510 is every sativa lover’s dream, as this sativa-dominant strain can give you the energetic and euphoric effect you’re looking for.

On my first hit, the heavy kick of spice, red berries, and an aroma of sandalwood enveloped my mouth and nose, giving me a smoking experience I have never had before.

According to its manufacturer, the Jack Flash cartridge is made from the heart, produced using the ethanol extraction method with a ceramic coil and core latched onto it.

  • CBD Level: < 3%
  • THC Level: 80% to 86%

Foggy Forest Orange Sunshine Liquid Shatter Kit 404: Runner-Up

Foggy Forest Orange Sunshine Liquid Shatter Kit

The next is Foggy Forest’s Orange Sunshine starter kit, which is a balanced sativa and indica hybrid. Unlike other hybrid strains, this strain can give you the specific effects you’re looking for.

What I loved about The Foggy Forest was its honesty when it came to what’s included in their cartridges and their devices.

The Orange Sunshine Liquid Shatter starter kit by Foggy Forest is a complete vaporizer that already contains the “liquid” or juice that contains the extracted CBD oil. Moreover, the information about the vape batteries is also included, including how it is 350 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable, use a ceramic atomizer, etc.

In terms of primary and other cannabinoids, it contains full spectrum, PG/PEG 400, as well as terpenes.

Fulfill your wishes of using cannabis through vapes safely without sacrificing potency and overall relaxing and calming effects!

Visit their site and browse through many different types of cartridges you might be interested in!

  • CBD Level: 0.88% to 0.99%
  • THC Level: 13% to 15%

Banana Kush Pax Era Pod: Best Natural Flavor

Banana Kush Pax Era Pod

From first glance alone, I already thought and knew that the taste of this cannabis cartridge would be next level. Sold in the market as “Banana Kush,” Aphria has done a great job of maintaining quality in all its THC vape cartridges.

You can use it in your Pax Era vape pens as it can perfectly fill the missing piece of your vaporizer. The Banana Kush is a proven solid THC cartridge, with over 800 to 800 mg/g of THC in comparison to 0 to 10 mg/g of CBD.

Delve and have a taste of the tropical flavor as this cartridge will give banana, citrusy aroma, and earthy flavors all coming together.

This high-potency distillate oil will definitely be one of your favorites if you’re looking for that sweet, musty, earthy, with a little hint of lemon flavor out of your Pax Era pods.

  • CBD Level: 0.1%
  • THC Level: 80%

Straight Goods Mango Haze 403: Best Vape Pen and Cartridge For Utility

Straight Goods Mango Haze

If you’re looking for disposable THC vape pens that are indica dominant, ten Straight Goods’ Mango Haze is the perfect solution for you.

These rechargeable distillate vape pens are perfect for a plug & play type of smoking experience. The vapour produced is something you wouldn’t expect to be from cannabis oil because it wouldn’t smell the same.

Get that funky, uplifting vibe and kick out your inner batteries with this Mango Haze goodness!

  • CBD Level: N/A
  • THC Level: 1000 mg

CBN: CBD Lemon Skunk x CKS & CRM: Best Low THC and High CBD THC Vape Pen

CBN CBD Lemon Skunk x CKS & CRM

The market is filled with a ton of THC vape pens right now, so if you are looking for CBD oil or vape cartridges with little-to-no additives, this is the perfect pod for you!

For an extremely heightened vaping experience using cannabis, the CBN:CBD Lemon Skunk x CKS & CRM is the perfect cannabis liquid cartridge for your vapes.

This oil is comprised of a sativa-dominant strain with just a light flavor profile and quality formulation. I can say that all other cartridges I have tried and tested this has been one of the best!

It has a low THC level with a high CBN and CBD, which is perfect for your relaxing and calming experience.

  • CBD Level: 46.00 to 52.00%
  • THC Level: 0.20% to 0.60%

Trainwreck Redecan 510 Vape Cartridge: Best Homegrown Cannabis Oil

Trainwreck Redecan 510 Vape Cartridge

Do you want to smoke a homegrown cannabis oil, which is the perfect match for your vaporizer? Don’t fret; Redecan’s Trainwreck is here for you!

This bad boy is equipped with high levels of THC and decent levels of CBD, which will definitely leave you energized and focused!

You will really delve deep into how it tastes as it’s pungent, earthy, and piney with floral notes and a hint of black pepper — it will feel like you just purchased it from your local store!

  • CBD Level: 77.00% to 88.00%
  • THC Level: 0.00% to 0.50%

Goo Goodness THC Oil Blueberry: Best Vape Cartridge For Compatibility

Goo Goodness THC Oil Blueberry

If you are a fan of many different vapes and you can’t seem to choose which is the best for you, then the Goo Goodness THC oil cartridge could be the one for you.

The company is honest and open about them not having any solvents, additives, as well as hazardous components in their juices, such as propylene glycol or vitamin E acetate.

Because of its structure, you can use this THC cartridge in many different vape pens you can purchase within or outside Canada!

This is one of the things that I loved the most about it!

  • CBD Level: 89.00%
  • THC Level: N/A


If you still have questions about choosing the best vapes, cartridges, and pens, here’s a quick FAQ guide for you!

Are Vape Cartridges Legal in Canada?

Yes, cannabis vape cartridges have been pronounced legal in Canada way back in 2019. This legalization included cannabis, cannabis oil, THC vape pens, as well as other hemp-derived products.

Which is Better: Pods or Cartridges?

In terms of longevity, vape pods would be the answer. In terms of content (like what you see inside vape cartridges, which is a live resin), it would be vape cartridges.

How Long Does the Battery of Vape Pens Last?

Typically, a vape pen’s battery will last between 1 to 3 days or about 200 to 300 puffs. Should you be asking about the overall battery health, well, a regular battery of a vape pen can last anywhere around 7 to 9 months.

The Bottom Line

A huge selection of vape pens and vape carts are filled with different features and functionalities. Sometimes, what people consider would be the content of oils, as well as extracts from the pod or the cart of their devices.

So, if you are looking for the best vape cartridges in Canada and you can’t seem to find the best and highest quality products for them, here’s a list that you can follow!

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