6 Best Vacuum Seal Jars For Weed In 2024

As bad as it gets, keeping your cannabis fresh is more than just putting it inside a container — you will need to scour for the best vacuum seal jars for weed.

For years, I always wondered what type of jar or container would be the best, and upon trying tens to hundreds of smell-proof jars and containers, I found that the best is TightVac’s Solid Airtight Storage Container. This airtight vacuum seal weed jar is the best for keeping the shelf-life of products at their most pristine conditions!

Is Vacuum Sealing Marijuana a Good Practice?


Yes! In fact, there is NOT a reason for you not to do so. Apart from being fresh, Vacuum-sealed weed will ensure that no moisture and humidity will enter, keeping it in its best shape possible.

Other factors involved when you vacuum seal your cannabis include:

  • Protection from light and UV rays
  • No air will enter or come out
  • It will not be exposed to moisture and humidity

Does Vacuum Sealing Extend Shelf Life?

Yes, vacuum-sealing food products, as well as weed and cannabis, will keep them fresh and their shelf lives will be extended.

Even if the container does not have a built-in vacuum pump, the seal is more than enough to ensure that the potency of products will remain the same.

Out of the hundreds, if not thousands of vacuum sealers, you’ll find, which one do you think is the best stash jar for you? We all have different tastes, but as a dedicated connoisseur, here are the six (6) best, perfectly- crafted airtight container storages I would recommend that you use.

6 Best Vacuum Seal Marijuana Jars

Forget those Ziplocks and cheap plastic containers. Allow your buds and flowers to stay fresh no matter how long you plan on storing them by using these top jars in the cannabis industry.

TightVac Solid Airtight Storage Container: Editor’s Choice

TightVac Solid Airtight Storage Container

This vacuum-sealed weed jar is what I consider the best for many reasons.

For one, the complete smell-proof technology is perfect for keeping whatever contents you want for yourself and the people you know.

It has an airtight seal that acts as an odor protective barrier, keeping it even from the strongest sniffing dogs!

Rebel Initiate Glassworks Airtight Glass Stash Jar: Runner-Up

Rebel Initiate Glassworks Airtight Glass Stash Jar

Rebel Initiate Glassworks never failed to give the perfect size for whatever type of toker. The minimal and aesthetic design is discreet and fashionable at the same time.

It has a wide mouth and has been ultra-portable, according to some reviews from store websites they’re offered.

The cover and the entire body are made from military-grade borosilicate glass, which, in my opinion, is the best material that is the least susceptible to breaking. It also has a silicone underlining, which acts as the vacuum that would restrict air from coming in.

This is the next cannabis jar I would go for if you are looking for pure functionality.

BreadVac 5LB Container: Best Big Vacuum Seal Stash Jar

BreadVac 5LB Container

The BreadVac 5LB storage container is the container you want if you are looking for a perfectly crafted jar that’s durable, versatile, and has ample space.

A whole pound of cannabis would fit perfectly without you forcing it. One of the things I enjoyed most about this complete air-tight seal marijuana jar is that you can choose the color of your base!

Enjoy vacuum sealing your marijuana in style and simplicity at the same time!

FEBEEK Automatic Vacuum Canister: Easy Feature and Functionality

FEBEEK Automatic Vacuum Canister

This thick and ultra-long vacuum canister is perfect for your weed storage needs. It’s versatile and flexible, as you’ll be able to use it not just for marijuana but also for coffee, oats, wafers, and other things that would be ruined by being exposed to air.

The lid has a comfortable grip, which will allow you to handle and hold it easily. It has an aesthetic design, which is attractive and can protect your products from unwanted UV rays and direct sunlight.

The vacuum sealing mechanic is activated in just a single click! Its smell-proof technology is enhanced with thick borosilicate glass.

NOTE: As much as possible, refrain from storing your weed inside the plastic. Plastic has a static charge, which will not be healthy for your product.

Furthermore, it has an added functionality called the gravity sensor module. This is the component that will prevent the button not to be pressed when the lid is turned upside down — this motion activates automatically.

CanLock 150ml: Most Fashionable Vacuum Sealed Container


Many people think of this as small, but there’s actually a big difference in this size compared to the normal vacuum jar people purchase.

The CanLock cannabis seal jar is made with FDA-approved materials, guaranteeing perfect strength, durability, and longevity.

You wouldn’t worry about the seal because it is perfectly smell-proof, and can absolutely be effective and efficient in making sure that you keep your cannabis fresh.

The sleek and minimal design is not too flashy; it is, in fact, going to be a treat for you! It’s activated by a single clicking noise, so, when that happens, you know what to do!

Staze Vacuum Seal Jar: Best Vacuum Sealing Technology With Air Removal Indicator

Staze Vacuum Seal Jar

Last, but most definitely not least is the ever-famous Staze vacuum seal jar. The Staze jar, design-wise, it’s perfect. The minimal design is specifically created for people who are looking for simplicity and functionality.

The one-way air valve allows the air to move through a controlled space.

Moreover, it is equipped with an air removal indicator, which turns up a clicking noise when the vacuum seal reaches, telling you that it’s completely sealed.

These State features and functionalities are on fire! This airtight vacuum seal pull-up technology, as a product of reduced air pressure, which means zero levels of dampness and humidity inside.

Never settle for regular vacuum seal jars that can’t give you the assurance that they’re smell-proof. Extend and enhance the shelf life of your weed or cannabis!


Here are a few of the other questions people have when purchasing vacuum seal marijuana jars and containers.

What Happens If You Put Buds in the Freezer?

Putting your products in the freezer can make the flowers of your weed more brittle, leading to reduced potency. If you think that hiding them in the fridge will be successful in keeping oxygen or air from them, that is true, but the low temperatures will break the trichomes of your product.

Can You Vacuum Seal Edibles?

Yes, you can store your edibles inside vacuum seal jars to keep them fresher for longer timeframes. However, the best way to store your edibles would be by freezing or refrigerating them.

How Long Do Products in Vacuum Sealed Jars Last?

Typically, a high-grade vacuum seal jar like a Staze jar can allow your cannabis to last anywhere between 2 to 3 years in proper storage.

Final Words

Invest in good-quality vacuum seal jars for marijuana to keep oxygen and condensation levels at bay! Find the best ones in any online head shop you may find and extend the shelf lives of your weed long-term!

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