Top 5 Best Unbreakable Glass Bongs In 2023

Best Unbreakable Glass Bongs: Have you ever heard of unbreakable glass bongs? Do they even exist?

I was as dumbfounded as you are, but to my surprise, there are! I saw multiple glass bongs in the right conditions, labelling them as unbreakable!

I consider the best out of the many glass bongs I used is the Rebel Initiate’s 7mm glass bong from DankStop. I like it because this original tank beaker is durable and versatile – I’ll get to more details about that later.

Are Unbreakable Glass Bongs Really “Unbreakable?”


To put it into perspective, when the term unbreakable glass bong is mentioned, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s indefinitely indestructible. It can also break, but not as much as standard glass bongs.

Glass, as we all know, is offered by stores at your own risk. If you’re a clumsy stoner or toker, you need to take extra precautionary measures. Otherwise, you will only see a broken piece or the remains of your water pipe.

Unbreakable waterpipes, to clarify, are simply water pipes that have higher and stronger breaking points. They’re not indestructible per se, but they’ll get you the most value for your money because they usually last longer.

What Materials Are Unbreakable Bongs Made Of?

If you’re looking for bongs that are unbreakable, then what you need would be a silicone bong.

Haven’t you heard of the existence of silicone bongs before? Well, they’re actually a thing! These are proudly blown and have been intended for the age when bongs are often dropped and broken.

Another type of material that’s used to create unbreakable bongs is tank glass. If you’re not aware of what tank glass is, don’t worry, I’ll go on a deeper discussion on what that is a bit later.

Can Silicone Bongs Break When You Drop Them?

No! Silicone bongs don’t break when you drop them! Not to mention that they’re easy to clean, they’re durable, they’re temperature-resistant, and they’re ultimately affordable! 

This is the reason why silicone bongs are chosen by many traveling smokers.

What Are Tank Glass Bongs?

Tank glass bongs are bongs that are made by the brand Tank Glass and are proudly blown in Los Angeles, California. Don’t confuse yourself – the company or brand name is Tank Glass, and they provide unbreakable water pipes.

They offer a warranty for life for all their new products from your usual bongs, dab rigs, and dozens of other products.

Per their website, the shipment is between 7 to 10 days depending on your location inside the country. It can take between 10 and 15 days if you are outside the USA.

Top Brands of Unbreakable Bongs

You’ll find many brands that offer unbreakable bongs in the market. However, the best and top brands of unbreakable bongs, whether glass or silicone bongs are:

  • Tank Glass
  • Eye
  • LA Pipes
  • WaxMaid
  • Roll-Uh-Bowl

These may be the best and top brands, but most of them would have an adult signature required when delivered. They are perfect for both cannabis and tobacco use.

5 Best Unbreakable Bongs

In my years of changing up various bongs and dab rigs, I can say that these five (5) are what I consider the best – they are the best in their very own ways.

Tank Glass’s Original Tank Beaker (From Smoke Cartel): Editor’s Choice

Tank Glass’s Original

This bong is, for me, the strongest and most durable type of glass bong there is. The product is simple-looking, and its purpose is direct and straight-to-the-point.

Tank Glass’s 9mm beaker is designed to have a reinforced base and is somewhat better and stronger than most plastic bongs.

Designed by a team of glassworks professionals, computer engineers, and even a few talented tokers, you will never regret the price you will be paying for!

You can purchase products like this in Smoke Cartel, but you have the option to buy them directly from Tank Glass’s website. Most, if not all of their bongs are made with specially formulated, patent-pending glass that resists breakage of up to three (3) times regular tempered glass.

NOTE: Smoke Cartel is a store that’s suitable for purchasing bongs and other new products for toker paraphernalia like bowls, trays, and many more!

Rebel Initiate Glassworks (RIG) 7mm Beaker Bong: Runner-Up

Rebel Initiate Glassworks

Rebel Initiate is a brand that boasts durability for smoking. Their sales are driven by many products and dozens of other accessories.

Made with some of the world’s best borosilicate clear glass and shatterproof tempered glass, it will be worth the money.

It’s 7mm thick and is capable of resisting temperature fluctuations, breaks and cracks, and even shatter!

Los Angeles (LA) Pipes “Thick Boy” Beaker Bong: Most Affordable Unbreakable Glass Bong

Los Angeles (LA) Pipes

I’m not kidding when I tell you that these cheap, affordable, durable, and tall bongs are made specifically for smokers like you.

Made in the hustle & bustle of Los Angeles, they’re easy to get!

If you’re waiting on a sign, then this is it! The 9mm tubing will fill the need of you wanting to have a strong and long-lasting bong.

Not to mention the 5mm base with a long chamber that reaches up to 9mm.

Purchase this unbreakable glass bong from Smoke Cartel for as long as they have it in stock! Make your move now because they won’t be staying for too long in the market because of the arsenal of properties and characteristics they have.

Eyce Beaker Bong: Most Versatile Silicone Bong

Eyce Beaker Bong

Let’s take our mind off a glass bong for a bit. Now, let’s look at a truly unbreakable bong – silicone.

Patented, carefully researched, and known in the world as one of the best, Eyce is offering their customer magnet of unbreakable bongs.

Perfect for smoking both indoors and outdoors, you’ll be able to use this silicone bong without the fear of it breaking and cracking.

I’ve been a customer of Eyce once, and I am excited to be one again! They also have a few freebies, such as a borosilicate bowl, an ice catcher, a rolling tray, and many more!

NOTE: Don’t worry because the silicone material does not influence the smell, taste, and experience when smoking.

GC Generic’s Toke Tank Silicone Molded Tank Bong: Longest-Lasting Unbreakable Bong

GC Generic’s Toke Tank

Taking my mind off a tall unbreakable bong, I introduce the Toke Tank silicone molded bong.

I was able to discover this cute bong not too long ago, and I fell in love. It would NEVER shatter and has decent properties and features, too.

It comes with a 14.5mm glass bowl

Easy to access, clean, and maintain

Price is decent – cheap, in fact

As a customer, I write this with the consideration that you need to get the best and as much information as you can before you click enter or purchase.

Instead of watching videos, I present to you a comprehensive review of the best unbreakable bongs I think are the best for a clumsy smoker like me.


Not sure about the unbreakable bong you’re eyeing? Here are a few of the most asked questions about them!

How Strong is Tank Glass?

Tank glass is so strong that its tensile strength shows that it can resist 19.3 to 28.4 megapascals.

Can Silicone Bongs Get Moldy?

In no account can molds grow in silicone because silicone is a non-porous surface. You can wash and dry it as much as you like, and it wouldn’t pest you with molds and mildew.

Final Words

Do you now believe that unbreakable glass bongs are a thing? There are tons of options to choose from, but for starters, you can use this guide to help you discover the best bong for you!

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