Why Do I Twitch When I’m High? [Reasons & Solutions]

If you are wondering why you twitch or experience cannabis shakes when you are high, you have come to the right place.

Don’t worry.

Twitching is common, and it happens with almost every stoner. Mostly there is nothing to be worried about. However, today, we will discuss the reasons for twitching after smoking weed and the solutions you can look for to get rid of it faster.

Let’s get started:

What Exactly Is Cannabis Shakes Or Twitching? Do You Need To Worry When You Are Twitching?

Twitching is also known as cannabis shakes.

First, you need to know exactly what symptoms fall into the category of cannabis shakes to know the solution to avoid this.

Above all, you also need to know when to be worried about this.

Smoking weed has one major effect:

  • To make you high.

But smoking marijuana affects differently to every person. And every human body is different, with a different central nervous system.

When you take too much THC or get high above your tolerance level, you feel sudden body muscle movements that can happen anywhere in the body without your intention.

It is what is referred to as twitching, mostly.

There is nothing to worry about or panic about when your muscle twitches. It is a very common phenomenon that happens with most cannabis users.

However, this implies to the users with normal health conditions.

If users with underlying health conditions are experiencing discomfort and too much twitching, which is not common, they must seek a doctor and professional help.

Although in most cases, twitching or cannabis shakes get triggered by higher doses of cannabis strains.

Reasons For Experiencing Twitching


Although no one can exactly point out the reason for twitching but these are the four main reasons that people experience cannabis shakes. Let’s have a look at them:

1. You May Have Consumed Too Much THC

The first and very common reason behind having cannabis shakes is consuming too much cannabis, which leads to a high intake of THC in your body.

It leads to overdose and leading to an experience of twitching.

When you consume a higher dose of marijuana, your body temperature also drops a little bit (just a little bit), leading to the feeling of cold.

It is called THC-induced hypothermia, and you may experience shivering or coldness if you are in a cold environment.

However, you don’t need to be worried, as even after a higher dose of THC, you can be alright after the effects of THC fade away within a few hours.

2. You May Be Anxious

Another possible cause that may be giving you tremors is that you may be feeling paranoid or anxious.

Well, this reason is also related to the dose of THC.

Because some cannabis users are not likely to be tolerant of higher THC, the feeling of being high can lead to anxiety and, thus, twitching.

The simple reason is that everybody handles weed differently, and it can make some users anxious or paranoid.

Therefore, you need to calm yourself and bring down your anxiety levels. You can do the same by either performing breathing exercises or changing your environment where you feel good.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be panicked. The situation will pass soon.

3. You May Be Overstimulated

Being overstimulated is also one of the reasons why people feel twitching after smoking weed.

Some people add tobacco to their joints to get an intense high. However, this overstimulation releases high dopamine levels.

It stimulates the nervous system, but higher doses may lead to anxiety and twitching.

Further, consuming a lot of caffeine can also result in overstimulation and lead to twitching.

Some people are prone to anxiety due to smoking weed or consuming caffeine. So, if both are combined, then one may surely feel shaky.

4. You May Be In A Cold Environment

When you consume THC, your body temperature drops a little bit. So don’t worry; you don’t have to start panicking about freezing to death from a bit of weed.

However, the body temperature may drop slightly, leading to cold or shivering. This thing is known as THC-induced hypothermia.

Due to cold, your body may start twitching or shaking to make itself warm.


Some other reasons may cause twitching, such as alcohol withdrawal or serious health conditions.

And combined with the consumption of marijuana, you may experience weed shakes.

How Long Do The Weed Shakes Last?

Now you know what twitching is and the causes or reasons that lead to weed shakes.

However, you might now wonder how long the weed shakes last.

Just a few minutes.

Few, as in around 15 to 30 minutes, if you have been smoking cannabis or sharing a bong. Therefore, smoking cannabis and induced weed shakes do not last long.

However, if you have consumed weed edibles, you may be in the long haul.

But don’t worry, we have got some proven solutions for you.

Solutions To Avoid Cannabis Shakes Quickly

Although there is nothing to worry about weed shakes, there are certain solutions that can relieve you from the twitching.

Don’t Panic; Cannabis Shakes Fade Away Within 20-30 Minutes

First, if it is your first time experiencing such a thing, don’t panic.

Everything will be fine within a few minutes.

Even panicking can lead to making things worse. Therefore, the better option is to stay calm.

Remember that the twitching will fade within 20 to 30 minutes if you smoke weed.

And even if you have taken edibles in low doses, the timing can vary to longer, but remember you will be alright.

However, higher doses of edibles can make things worse.

Then you can try out further solutions to that situation.

Change Your Environment

If you are at a party with loud music and people covering you from everywhere and you are feeling anxious, then the best option is to adjust to the environment that you are in.

Change the environment and get yourself in a comfortable place.

Also, sitting in one place and being anxious will not help. Therefore, you can change the environment around you.

Changing scenery will help you focus on things other than being uncomfortable in one place.

You can watch a movie or talk to your friend if you want.

By doing so, you will surely feel relaxed and better.

Breathing Exercise

The moment something uncommon happens with your body, your breathing pattern changes.

You can try breathing exercises to control the situation and make yourself calmer. Deep breaths and calmness in your mind can help to relax muscle twitching.

Distract Yourself

Tobacco and joints are both central nervous system stimulants and cause involuntary muscle spasms.

However, the symptoms can fade away within a few minutes, but till then, you can distract yourself from getting rid of this situation.

If you are panicking, calm and distract yourself to avoid such situations.

You can also try different methods to reduce psychoactive effects, which will eventually help you to relax.

Switch Strains

Besides having much THC, some cannabis cultivars may not suit your body type.

There are thousands of cannabis strains that have unique properties of their own. However, there may be a chance that the strain you are smoking causes you the symptom.

You can try switching strain and see if it helps you.


The alternative way to eliminate weed shakes is to use CBD.

We all know CBD is the antidote to THC. CBD products reduce the effect of THC and thus help to reduce anxiety.

If you are feeling overwhelmed due to the extreme dose of THC, you can try CBD oil or CBD products to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC.

Disclaimer: If you have alarming symptoms for any reason (whether due to health conditions or anything) and can’t control your symptoms, you must seek a doctor with immediate effect.

FAQs About Cannabis Shakes

Can being too high make you shake?

Being too high can shake you if you are prone to cannabis THC content. Even if you are not, higher doses of THC can do the same.

How do you stop twitching?

Distracting yourself, changing the environment, breathing, and using CBD oil as an alternative are the immediate ways to stop twitching.
However, if you are underlying some health conditions or feeling extreme discomfort, you must seek professional help.

How do you stop the effects of being high?

There are many ways by which you can stop the effects of THC or be high. For example, you can stay hydrated, take a shower, or even try CBD to get relief from being high.

Why does my body twitch a lot when I’m high?

It is common for your body to twitch when you are high until it creates extreme discomfort.
Weed affects every smoker differently; therefore, higher doses of it can lead to weed shakes if you are not tolerant.
Additionally, being anxious, paranoid, or prone to smoking weed can lead to twitching.

Is it normal to have a twitch after smoking weed?

Yes, it is completely normal to have a twitch after smoking weed.
But, if you have underlying health conditions and are having issues related to your health, you can contact a professional doctor.


Weed gives you pleasure.

But sometimes you may feel some typically harmless shaking symptoms known as twitching. And this may happen due to any reason.

However, the good part is there is nothing to be worried about. It is a common thing that happens to almost every weed user and is not life-threatening.

Remember, if you are having uncontrollable shaking and can’t control your symptoms even after trying various ways, you need to seek a doctor.

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