7 Ways How to dry weed – Drying and Curing process

It’s harvest time!

Your marijuana, cannabis buds, and cannabis flower are fully mature and ready to harvest, but you can’t take off your grower hat just yet. Cannabis curing is a procedure that requires newly gathered cure buds to go through.

Why is this required? Even though weed can be harvested, dried, and smoked without being cured, the resulting smoke is often harsher and denser. Not only that, but when you smoke your pot, you’ll probably get a ‘strange’ green taste caused by inadequately fan leaves and improper curing.

When it comes to making your weed edible, drying and curing it properly is crucial; drying removes unnecessary moisture from the buds, while curing removes starch and sugar. As a result, your buds will not only smell more congenial, but the effects will be more intense, and the smoke will be less harsh if you dry and cure them gently in a controlled setting.

Expert growers always cure their cannabis buds since they know that those delicious buds won’t achieve their full potential if they don’t. So the curing process is what elevates your marijuana from merely acceptable to trophy-worthy.

Have you ever wondered why medical marijuana and cannabis stores sell ‘super special’ buds? They’ve been dried and cured to perfection. Regular cannabis users will tell you unequivocally that buds processed in this manner produce a significantly more pleasurable and smoother experience.

How Post-Harvest Bud Drying and Curing Affect the Overall Experience?

If you put the cannabis buds through a proper drying process, you’ll get the following results:

  • Your cannabis strain begins to preserve flavors and a distinct odor.
  • No more “green” taste reminiscent of freshly cut grass, common in newly harvested buds.
  • Reduced smoke harshness, which may otherwise lead to coughing or induce headaches.
  • Good chlorophyll breaking down significantly improves individual buds’ taste and overall smoothness.
  • Improved potency.
  • Anaerobic bacteria and mold growth on the tiny buds are less likely.

A suitable curing method alters your marijuana’s subjective effects by altering the makeup of terpenoids and cannabinoids in your stash. As a result, it significantly influences how you feel afterward. To grasp what we’re expressing, you must first comprehend the difference between smoking from the cannabis plant and smoking after a thorough curing and drying process. It’s almost the difference between night and day.

Seasoned growers claim that progressively drying buds and putting them through the proper drying process increases potency up to a point. They further claim that cured buds vaporize more quickly, smoke more nicely, and can even be made into edibles, owing to the changes in terpenoids and cannabinoids.

As a result, we’re left with several intriguing questions:

  • What’s the most excellent technique to dry out that weed slowly?
  • What are the most effective drying procedures, and how long should they be dried?
  • How can the buds be cured to perfection while avoiding the risk of a hotchpotch?

All solutions may be found in this post, so let’s get started!

Best Ways of Drying and Curing Your Weed

Brown Paper Bags

As long as you have popcorn cannabis, you can dry them with simple brown bags bought at your neighborhood bakery.

Place 2-3 freshly harvested buds in a brown paper bag and store them for 3-6 days in a superb, dry location. This assures that you have a hoard that will last at least a few days, if not weeks, until you can cure an enormous stash.

You may also utilize the heat from your laptop to dry the cannabis quickly. Place the buds against the laptop vent where heat is emitted while maintaining them in the brown paper bag. Every 10 minutes, you’ll need to flip the cannabis dry buds. Continue to do so until the buds are dry to the touch. It may take up to an hour to finish, but it is definitely worth the time.

Because this is one of the most basic techniques of drying marijuana, don’t expect a perfect taste — you can still get some of the harsh smoke we mentioned earlier.

Heater (gas or electric)

You can dry a substantial stockpile using a gas or electric power heater. Make sure the area you’ll be drying is sufficiently ventilated. However, be careful not to dry the buds too close together since this can lead to mold growth. As a result, you’d want to do the opposite because mold can spread, but it can also be lethal if the dry marijuana plants and drying cannabis plants are eaten.

When using a gas or electric heater to dry your weed, bear in mind that it should not be dried too quickly, as this will result in a less-than-satisfactory taste.

Find a dimly lit area and hang your dry buds upside down. The temperature in the drying room must be at least 32 degrees Celsius. You must make adjustments to your harvest from time to time — for example, if the air is too humid, increase the airflow without lowering the room temperature.

Additionally, make sure that the heat in the room “engulfs” all sections of your cured cannabis

crop; air circulating and uniform heat transfer are critical.

You may need to keep the drying cannabis in the drying room overnight or for at least a few hours.

Boiler Room

A dark room is found in the majority of residences. The water boiler is a particularly handy “gizmo” for drying buds and cardboard boxes since it delivers the required and consistent temperature for the work. The fact that the relative humidity is low also helps.

You may either store buds in brown paper bags and leave them in the boiler dark room for 3-4 days, or you can hang them up to dry for 3-4 days using strings. This approach is beneficial when drying large produce.

We don’t think this is the most practical solution on our list because you can expect significantly higher utility expenses. Furthermore, the flavor may not be ideal, but the strength will not be compromised.

The Baking Process

This method works well if you need to quickly dry your buds for immediate consumption.

Arrange your buds on an oven pan or a cookie sheet. Preheat the oven from 51°C to 60°C. Keep the buds in the oven for at least 10 minutes before removing them for 5 minutes, turning them over, and repeating the baking and drying process.

Although water and excess moisture will be effectively removed from your buds, the taste will not be superior to slow-cured buds. The smoke will be unpleasant as well. However, this will not influence the potency.

It’s vital to remember that they’re useless if your buds are burned. Also, never use an oven that is hotter than 65°C.

Oven toaster

Place the buns on a baking pan on top of the toaster. Before putting your wet trimmed buds on the tray, make sure they’re all sliced up into small branches. The heat from your toaster oven will suffice for the job, so don’t put those buds in there by accident!

After every 5 minutes, rotate the buds. You should be done in about 20-30 minutes, and there should be plenty of THC left to keep the potency. So that you know, accidentally putting them in the oven will decarboxylate a lot of the THC.

Humidity packs of Silica Gel/Desiccant

These are made to remove excess moisture, prevent dry ice cure, and keep it out of any areas where it can grow. In addition, if you place your bud next to a desiccant pack, it will assist absorb all of the more moisture.

Desiccant packets and silica gel are readily available at stores, car shops, and other locations where things are sold in bags, such as shoes. Just pay attention to the “poison, do not ingest” warning.

Sun-dried buds 

Ganja producers have been drying marijuana for thousands of years by laying it on rocks in the sunlight.

This may not be the most practical method for drying cannabis, but trust us when we say it works well. However, this drying method may degrade overall flavor and potency because natural heat and light can diminish overall quality. If you don’t want to try the other techniques, it’s still worth a shot.

This method is quick because of the warm and bright climate and heat-drying tiny curing marijuana buds. Put the buds in a paper bag and pin them down indirectly light with a rock or paperweights. Your buds will be lovely and crispy after a day or two of exposure to the warm and dry weather and ready to eat.


Now that your cannabis buds are nice and dry, you’ll need to cure them in a couple of airtight containers, which should be kept somewhere cold, dark, and dry, preferably inside your home.

Curing properly can take anywhere from a few weeks. Meanwhile, any remaining chlorophyll traces that were not eliminated during the drying and curing processes can now be removed. However, don’t overcrowd the glass mason jars. Three buds per jar are the maximum amount we propose.

Check the airtight jars at least once a day to ensure no mold or mildew. Then, open the mason jars first week to increase the flavor and produce a smooth, lingering taste.

That’s all you’ll ever need to know about cure cannabis drying and curing. However, it’s critical to remember that patience is a virtue. Don’t try anything we wouldn’t recommend – rushing the drying and curing of your cannabis will almost surely result in unsatisfactory results.

How to revive dried weed?

The first suggestion is to use a damp cotton ball or a q-tip to place your old stash in Tupperware (glass Pyrex is preferred if feasible) and place a wet cotton ball into the Tupperware without contacting the dry cannabis. On the other hand, over-moisturizing can lead to mold growth in marijuana.

How long will the weed take to dry out?

Ortho Weed-B-Gon might take 24 to 78 hours to dry, depending on the conditions. Until the herbicide has evaporated, keep yourself, your children, and pets away from the grass.

When it comes to weed killer, how long does it take to dry?

You wouldn’t be able to grow anything if drying weed killer was still present in the soil. Most weed herbicides are designed to dissipate within 24 to 78 hours. This means that, for the most part, planting anything, edible or non-edible, in an area where weed killer has been sprayed after three days is safe.

How to get rid of cannabis with a dry tongue?

Sipping water often, preferably with a straw, keeps you hydrated.
Chewing gum, beef jerky, or dried fruit promotes saliva production.
Suck on hard candy or lick a lollipop.
Cough medicines, often known as demulcents, assist in decreasing mouth dryness by creating a dewy coating on the mucus membrane.

How to Quickly Dry Wet Weed? 

Use A Dehumidifier
Use The Sun
Put It In A Bag Of Rice
Hang It In A Dry & Well Ventilated Area
Use Your Oven Carefully
A Low-Temperature Blow Dryer

How do correctly dry weeds leave so they can be used for resin?

Curing cannabis resin contains most of the psychoactive component (THC) that makes marijuana so popular. Although many individuals prefer to smoke the bud, the resin can also be used, which many people are unaware of. In addition, its color ranges from golden to red to black.

How to produce curing cannabis that isn’t wet trimming?

Gather your dried cannabis, a resealable jar, a citrus fruit, a knife and chopping board, and resealable plastic containers.
Place the curing cannabis in a resealable jar and close it.
Carefully cut a piece of citrus skin off with a knife.

How long does cannabis take to dry out?

The drying and curing process usually takes three to four weeks, depending on the quantity and profile of the blooms. Finally, the drying and curing process is a crucial postharvest phase for marijuana and hemp growers of cannabis flowers. It adds value to the end product’s quality and increases humidity levels.

How to Defrost and Dry Frozen Weed?

First, remove the sugar leaves, fan leaves, growers cut the stock, and place the cannabis inside turkey bags or other moisture-resistant bags. The plastic bags would then be frozen until you were ready to process them. Unfortunately, the buds aren’t dried or cured when they’re frozen.

Is it preferable to grow weed when it’s moist or dry?

If cannabis is kept too damp, mold might grow, threaten your health, and increases humidity levels. On the other hand, excessively dry cannabis will lose its flavor and strength and burn too rapidly. The right amount of moisture inside your cannabis buds will help you get the flavor, smoke, and effects.

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