BuyMyWeedOnline Review – Most reliable?

Are you trying to find a BuyMyWeedOnline review to determine whether it’s legitimate? Do you want clarity on whether they can have weed delivered straight to your doorstep?

For years and counting, we’ve been checking and assessing online dispensaries ourselves, so you don’t have to!

Buy My Weed Online Background and History


Buy My Weed Online Background

Buy My Weed Online is an online dispensary that’s comprised of cannabis enthusiasts and experts that have 50+ years of experience and finesse in the industry.

As per them, marijuana is more than just a business…

“We have been at the very forefront of the legalization movement. This is why we strive hard to ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best.”

As one of the best, most trusted, and most sought-after Canadian online dispensaries, you can bank and count on their goals and aspirations.

To summarize, they yearn for nothing but to focus on product quality and ensure that customers and clients are kept happy with whatever purchase they have made.

BuyMyWeedOnline Review 2023: Are They Legit and Worth It?

If you’re ever wondering whether this mail-order marijuana is one you can bank on — one that is legit, then you are in the right guide! So we will unravel the truth behind Buy My Weed Online’s popularity and fame in the market, and we will delve through it thoroughly!

Do They Have a Good Website?

Do They Have a Good Website

Before we go off about anything, it’s imperative to discuss and talk about their storefront — in this case, their website. A mail-order marijuana dispensary’s site is like their physical shop but online.

Quite frankly, their site is excellent. It has all the details needed, each link is appropriately directed to where it’s supposed to be, and it has quite a faster loading speed compared to the websites of other dispensaries.

The MoM company is not kidding when they’re structuring and designing it. It’s a 9 out of 10 for us in every aspect of an online cannabis dispensary.

Do They Offer Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

Do They Offer Medical and Recreational Marijuana

Buy My Weed Online sells many different cannabis products, different strains based on quality, and many more! They have everything you’re looking for in a mail-order marijuana dispensary, from regular smoke, cannabis flowers, concentrates, edibles, even mix and match products!



The cannabis portion of Buy My Weed Online is the “flowers” section of most dispensaries. It’s where you’ll see all the cannabis flowers they have in stock.

On the left side of the site, you’ll see its categorization from pre-rolls, dubs, trips, and quads to super quads and ganja bags you can purchase per gram.


Besides their cannabis flowers, they also offer cannabis concentrates. Their shop contains different types and kinds of concentrates from hash, budder or wax, live resin, live rosin, THC and CBD oil Canada, shatter, etc.



Buy My Weed Online sells edibles, too! As of writing, though, the only set of edibles they have are THC Gummies. These are high-level edibles that contain THC and are usually taken for their benefits against depression, stress, anxiety, and even other types of mental health issues like bipolar conditions, ADHD, and many more.



Vaping is one of the most common types of marijuana consumption nowadays, especially since people have access to a lot of them in the market. Most dispensaries are typically positive to have a few different types and kinds of vape.

NOTE: Some people use vapes for security against carrying flower strains or buds. Based on reviews, vapes are also convenient to use and secure to the extent that they’re safe.



Buy My Weed Online also has a set of CBD products in their shop. They have tinctures, hemp flower oils, vape liquids, lotions, and many more! The dispensary has this mix of products they sell and offer to the market.

Personal Care

Personal Care

And while others thought that Buy My Weed Online is simply for the recreational population, think again! They’re also inclined to medical marijuana as they have personal care products, too!

Pet Health

Buy My Weed Online dispensary also supports pets and pet lovers as they have CBD oil and medicated cat treats. The packaging won’t make it seem like it’s from a head shop, but it doesn’t matter so long as the products have been adequately tested and assessed to be efficient and effective.



In need of extra support for your hobby or your cannabis experience? Buy My Weed Online has accessories that can give you a break from your regular trip to your local shop! They have rolling papers, cartridges, and many more!

Tinctures and Topicals

Last and most definitely not least would be their topicals and tinctures. They have transdermal patches, balms, night extracts, and many more! They’re not “just your regular dispensary!”

Those are most of the products they have, Browse and take a look at their shop and see the value they have for your money!

How’s Their Customer Service?

In all business industries, it’s essential to have customer service. Without it, it’ll be like a person with incomplete limbs. Luckily, Buy My Weed Online is equipped with high-quality customer service.

Contact Page

They don’t really have a contact page. However, their contact information can easily be seen at the bottom of any page within the site. Their social media handles are also displayed there for a faster and easier response!


Their FAQ is informative, well-built, and structured, and contains the information and data that people are asking or looking for from an institution like this.

Live Chat

This is probably one of the best services in the cannabis industry. Apart from the fact that they have a live chat functionality, they’re always online! If you have questions about their service, product quality, and even with shipping and delivery, you can raise those questions here!

Are Their Prices Decent?

A lot of reviews about it talk about how cheap they are. Let’s now dive deeper into it!

Price Range

Many experts and veterans consider price as a sign of quality, and they’re not like, “the cheaper it is, the better.” Instead, they try to look for a company that has a decent cost. However, Buy My Weed Online is one of those shops that don’t rip you off when you pay.

They’re extremely cheap, even if the strains you ordered are high–quality.

Do They Have Promos and Deals?

Rewards and Coupons

Rewards and Coupons

They have these reward programs where you can get $2, $5, or even $20 for every review you do that match the description they’re looking for. This is why many of their customers and clients say good things about them online!

Buy My Weed Online is also great when it comes to coupons and other deals for your purchases!

Free Gifts

Buy My Weed Online actually has a “free gifts” section in their menu, and as of writing, their gifts would be free 7 grams of AA-grade flowers for orders that are $345 or more!

They also have a guide on how to claim this free gift in this section, too!

How Long Do They Ship and Deliver?

Packaging and Security

Based on a couple of reviews about Buy My Weed Online and their delivery, it’s half and half. Packaging-wise, they make use of generic prepaid Xpress envelopes and then vacuum-sealed, bubble wrapped for discretion and protection.

Shipping and Delivery

Buy My Weed Online makes use of XpressPost. Therefore, they’re only able to send and deliver within Canada. Delivery will be between two and three business days, but most reviews say that they got theirs in about two.

In case it says delivered in Canada Post, but you don’t have it yet, wait for the next day because the worker could have scanned all packages. If it’s gone three days and you still have it, contact support and try to inform them that the product has been lost.


Have more questions about Buy My Weed Online? Don’t worry; we listed all the most common down for you!

What Payment Methods Does Buy My Weed Online Accept?

As of writing, Buy My Weed Online only accepts Interac E-Transfers as the payment method. You can also pay using Tangerine, but that has a different payment process.

Is This Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary Trustworthy?

Absolutely. Buy My Weed Online has been one of the best in the market. They have the most reviews, recurring customers, and clients, and they have new products and deals every week!

The Bottom Line

Compared to another BuyMyWeedOnline review, you’ll find ours is completely fair and just. We are transparent and honest about how a Canadian cannabis store should be when doing business with clients.

We do hope we were able to give you the proper insights about Buy My Weed Online from their product quality to customer service, and shipping and delivery!

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