Top 5 Best Online HeadShop – Smoke Shop 2023 – [Must Check]

The search for the best online headshop never ends, especially if you’re always on the hunt for the cheapest, most trustworthy, and highest-quality products you can find.

So, if you are seeking the best online headshop, I mean the most reliable and the one with the best variety of products, DankStop is the one for you.

In this guide, I won’t just discuss why DankStop is the go-to of smokers, but I’ll also impart the runners-up and why we consider them the best!

Top 5 Best Online Head Shop

Understanding What Online HeadShops Are


We don’t need further explanations for us who have been hearing and reading about headshops all day.

However, for the benefit of everyone, especially those with little-to-no experience, let me give you a brief rundown of what a headshop is.

Headshops are stores designed to produce and offer smoking accessories for people who have cannabis and 420 lifestyles. The common misconception is that these shops offer cannabis itself – they do not.

They could offer variants such as CBD or cannabidiol, twisted hemp loops and bits, concentrates, topicals, and many others, but not cannabis directly.

Where Does the Term Headshop Come From?

Are you curious as a rock, and have you ever wondered where the term headshop came from?

Different sources and beliefs sprouted a ton of imaginative conquests as to how this terminology came to be. Some claim it to be an acronym for He Eats Acid Daily, while some relate it to the expression, get your head right.

The latter is evident for the majority of older and more classic headshops as they had a few selections of pipes, a few bongs, papers, and other similarly themed paraphernalia.

Over the years, the number of headshops grew, leaving people confused about what the best is.

But don’t worry, I’ve rummaged through the best of the best, and I won’t give you scrap!

Pros and Cons of Shopping in Online HeadShops

Getting your head straight into deciding whether you should shop for smoking accessories and products from online headshops is difficult.

So, to help you decide, here’s a list of the pros and cons of shopping in online smoke shops:

Pros of Using an Online HeadShop

  • You have better visibility of the product’s details and specifications
  • There are more options as they won’t need to fit in shops
  • Typically, they have cheaper and more affordable prices
  • Most products have good quality and are often rare finds
  • Flexible payment options

Cons of Using an Online HeadShop

  • Delay on the delivery (not within the day)
  • You wouldn’t be able to see the product physically
  • Some shops crate and package it tightly, which could be difficult to unpack
  • The discreet shipping they follow contributes to the time wasted/spent

You’re here because, just like me, you want to get the best and most value for your money when it comes to your hit!

So, without further ado, I present to you the most trusted and best online headshop in 2023!

The 5 Best Online Headshops in the U.S.

After dozens of window-shopping sessions, inquiries, and transactions, I figured out the top and best online smoke shops you’ll find in the U.S.

DankStop: WINNER – Best Online HeadShop 2023

I consider DankStop as the best online headshop for me because of a few reasons:

  • They have a wide library of bongs, smoking pipes, papers, and other supplies
  • You can order rare and unique accessories
  • They offer multiple promotions and discounts regularly
  • They have fast shipping procedures!

DankStop is your one-stop shop for all products that smokers would want and need.

Armed with employees and staff members that have unrelenting experiences, you can rely on DankStop for the best and highest quality of accessories and supplies you will need.

What Products Can You Purchase From DankStop?

DankStop is an exemplary headshop for all types of goods for smokers. You’ll find a vast library of products in DankStop – a literal department store for all types of goods related to CBD!

You can choose from bongs, hand pipes, vaporizers, dab rigs, accessories, and even home & lifestyle products such as clothing, munchies, bundles, and many more!

Not to mention, DankStop’s also offering mystery boxes, top-shelf products, and clearance deals at their most affordable prices!

There’s a big chance that what you’re looking for is available in DankStop because of the extensive collection of smoking gear under the best and most popular brands!

DankStop Reviews and Support

DankStop has a total of 140,000+ reviews, all of which are focused on the products bought and purchased from the website.

Regarding support, the website has a reliable knowledge base, and the support team was able to get back to my inquiry within 12 hours.

Why Choose DankStop?

Operating in 50+ countries and having more than 200 employees in the United States, you can never go wrong in choosing DankStop for all your smoking needs!

Even if you’re a new smoker, you’ll never lose your way with DankStop as they have and offer guides to people new to smoking, too!

Other than shopping, you can also use DankStop’s reach and network to sell some of the stuff you believe has value, too!

GrassCity: Best Headshop For Customer Service

GrassCity is what I consider my next go-to headshop because of how excellent and high-quality their level of customer service is.

Akin to DankStop and other headshops, GrassCity also has a wide range of products, and their typical best feature would be their excellent customer service.

They have excellent service, the return process is simple and easy, and most especially, they have free shipping for orders over $50! Thousands of members left 40,000+ reviews spread across 650,000 forum members and 20 million posts.

An army of people can back up whatever product or accessory you dig with your research!

What Products Can You Purchase From GrassCity?

GrassCity is offering a heap of products for new and old smokers. They offer bongs, dab rigs, vaporizers, grinders, rollers, pipes, and other smoker parts and accessories.

Akin to other headshops, you can also purchase different CBDs such as CBD oil, flowers, legal dry herb, pre-rolled, and even CBD for pets!

GrassCity Reviews and Support

The majority of reviews you’ll find on GrassCity would be reviews of the products purchased from the shop. Based on 130,000+ reviews, the shop carries a 5-star rating based on their overall user-submitted reviews.

GrassCity is equipped with an online support team ready to answer all your queries, a knowledge base for all your information, and raw and complete reviews from clients and customers.

Why Choose GrassCity?

GrassCity is the place to go if you want information on certain products.

Their vast knowledge base and online support are entirely useful for any questions regarding product delivery, ordering, availability, etc.

Daily High Club: Best U.S. Online HeadShop For Papers

Some days, I feel like using my bong, but when I’m on the go, I need a reliable paper for emergency use. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a shop that offered larger variants and high-quality paper than the Daily High Club.

I’m talking about themed rolling papers, king-sized rolling papers, ¼ rolling papers, organic papers, and many more!  

And it’s not like they’re a shop solely offering the smoke paper. The headshop is also open for bongs, pipes, accessories, dab rigs, stickers, and many more! So let me dig deep into that a little deeper.

What Products Can You Purchase From Daily High Club?

Daily High Club is a headshop specializing in the production of custom subscription boxes, dab rigs, bongs, pipes, and other accessories you want to have for smoking.

One of the most versatile products they have is paper.

From the usual plain rolling papers, tasted papers, and many other variants, the DHC should be your go-to. The prices are right, and you will never find anything wrong with how they’re offered and presented.

The DHC, just like other online headshops, also offers bongs, pipes, and other similar high-quality smoking accessories!

Daily High Club Reviews and Support

The DHC has all social media channels open for inquiries, concerns, feedback, and even questions regarding orders, the process, and even information about certain products.

You’ll find multiple reviews of the Daily High Club on YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitter! And what do people have to say about DHC? – Nothing but smooth good news.

Why Choose Daily High Club?

Besides being verified, certified, and approved, the Daily High Club is a shop you want to be in because of its unique and flavorful approach to making accessories.

They have the cutest and most beautiful pipes and rigs I’ve seen. Moreover, the engineering and design of most of the products are minimalistic so that they wouldn’t mess up with the styling of your space either!

It’s 420 Somewhere: Online Headshop For Next Day Shipping  

The name is catchy, and it offers something to think about.

There’s no better headshop for fast, speedy, and urgent delivery than It’s 420 Somewhere. One of the best and most ideal benefits of choosing It’s 420 Somewhere is the same-day shipping.

Do note, though, that it’ll be shipped the same day if the orders are placed before 4:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time (EST) from Mondays ’til Saturdays.

What I loved and liked the most about It’s 420 Somewhere is the fact that they have discreet shipping and packaging. It’s 100% secure; you wouldn’t worry about people eavesdropping on the contents of your package.

What Products Can You Purchase From It’s 420 Somewhere?

Wherever you are in the country or even on other continents, there’ll be a time that it’s 4:20, even if you still have to count hours!

So, if you ever think you need herbal containers, bongs and accessories, dab rigs, self-roll papers, vapes, and even hand pipes, it’s available!

You’ll find a multitude of amazing products from them!

It’s 420 Somewhere Reviews and Support

It’s 420 Somewhere has a direct contact us page on their website where you can input your name, email address, and message category before the proper message body or text.

In case you’re still oozing with questions, they have a blog, and to be frank, that’s where I got most of the answers to the questions I have.

Why Choose It’s 420 Somewhere?

If you want fast and free shipping of smoking supplies and accessories, go with this headshop. So far, they’ve been the fastest and most responsive shop.

They’ve received multiple praises for the quality of their bongs and water pipes or the sizes available and their quick delivery and excellent customer service.

Enhance your smoking experience wherever you are!

DankGeek: Best Smoke Shop For Different Pipes and Bongs

And last, but most definitely not least, is DankGeek. I found DankGeek to be the centermost attraction when choosing pipes, bongs, and other types and forms of vaporizers.

DankGeek is an online headshop equipped with 15+ different styles and models from your regular bubblers, hand pipes, stealthy pipes, water pipes, spoons, dab rigs, and many more.

I recommend DankGeek to people looking for style and sophistication regarding other smoking accessories.

From simple and minimalistic glass pipes to colored accents, silicone-skinned pipes, and some of the other finest materials for these tubes, they can help you!

Not to mention – they offer quality glass bongs, too!

What Products Can You Purchase From DankGeek?

For smokers who are rooting for aesthetics in their craft, DankGeek is the perfect smoke shop for you.

They offer all things you can think of, from bongs and water pipes, vaporizers, accessories to hand pipes, home accessories, and even heavy-duty concentrate rigs.

Like how buds grow and spread, the product line of DankGeek grows, too!

DankGeek Reviews and Support

DankGeek is equipped with a one-pager support area where you can send all queries, questions, concerns, and feedback about whatever.

I tried sending in my feedback about one of the orders to test, and they were able to get back to me in less than 8 hours.

Why Choose DankGeek?

DankGeek is the online headshop for all smoker aesthetics. They have the best designs, the most unorthodox structures, and most importantly, quality accessories that you won’t be able to find in other shops.

DankGeek also offers great prices, even for new releases!

Their product line isn’t strictly limited to hippie accessories and add-ons, so don’t worry!

Which is the Best Online HeadShop For Me?

As I mentioned above, and from my personal experiences, I consider DankStop as the best online smoke shop overall.

It’s perfect as it has everything you need, from the simplest pipes and papers to unique glass bongs, extraction and smoking supplies, munchies, and various CBD products and variants.

I can say that whatever you need for your smoke sessions, you’ll definitely be able to get it from DankStop. Shopping online for an extensive smoking experience will never be as easy!


In case you’re still clouded with doubts, thoughts, and questions about the finest online smoke shops you can find in the U.S., here’s an FAQ to help you get through it!

Why Shop at Online Smoke Shops?

The transaction is easy – you don’t have to go back and forth because all the information on the product you’re eyeing is there. So, it would help if you considered the delivery time, though, because you’ll be able to get it in days versus coming into a physical headshop.

What’s the Difference Between a Bubbler and a Bong?

Bubblers more often resemble dry pipes, for it usually has a mouthpiece, a carb, and a bowl. On the other hand, bongs are more comprehensive as they possess a splash guard, bowl, ice and water chamber, and percolator.

What’s the Best Bong Under $100?

The best cheap bong, in my experience, would be the Famous 8″ Fumed Glass Beaker Water Pipe from DankGeek. It’s structured from thick and reliable borosilicate glass, a base, removable stem, and it’s available in different colorways.

Is it Legal to Own a Bong, Vaporizer, or Water Pipe in California?

Yes, there’s no rule stating the restriction of owning paraphernalia as they are harmless and legal. The real question would be when they offer real marijuana.

For vaporizers, though, be sure to consult with a licensed health care provider first to be sure.

Which is the Best and Most Trusted Online Headshop For You?

If you are interested in knowing the best online smoke shop, this will be a good 3-minute read!

In my journey, I found a couple of more interesting stuff and shops, but these five (5) are what directed me to a better and lighter path.

Check out each shop and see what fits best your smoking habits, applications, and requirements – and then go from there.

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