Top 10+ Strongest Sativa Strains Of 2022

Do you want to feel how extremely ‘high’ weed can make you?

Try a potent Sativa strain!

A Sativa strain is generally known for its euphoric cerebral high that can easily make you sit on your couch for hours, wondering deepest into your thoughts.

It is how powerful a Sativa strain can be.

As per my personal experience, I am a big fan of the Durban Poison Sativa strain. It is a pure Sativa weed that makes me feel how ‘extreme high’ a Sativa can be! Check it Now.

Though thousands of Sativa strains are out there, don’t worry; our team has covered only the best for you.

Recommended by veteran smokers and cannabis connoisseurs, here are the best Sativa trains with extreme potency favourites of extreme weed lovers.

Let’s find out which one’s for you:

15 Strongest Sativa Strains To Get ‘Extreme’ High!

Before you know the 15 strongest sativa strains, ensure you have a high THC tolerance level.

Because if you are a newbie, you are more likely to get overwhelmed, couch-locked, sleepy, not focused on work, and even a bit dizzy.

So, proceed with caution.

Pro Tip: The best way is to start slowly and, according to your tolerance, not get overwhelmed by the extreme potency of a Sativa strain.

#15. Skywalker – A Strain For Firm High

THC: around 15%

Effects: gradual euphoria, relaxing effects

Common Usage: depression, insomnia, anxiety

Let’s begin slowly!

Skywalker is one of the Sativa strains that are a favourite among smokers for its fruity smoke.

And, if you are one of those Sativa fans who want to puff a weed to remember and not get extremely overwhelmed by potency, then Skywalker is perfect for you.

The moderate THC level gives you a balanced high that uplifts your mood, makes you feel better, and relaxes you at the end of euphoria.

It is why Skywalker is a favourite strain of many medical marijuana patients because this Sativa strain gives medical benefits to relax symptoms of anxiety and stress.

Further, growing Skywalker also gives you multiple rewards.

Apart from a heavy yield, this Sativa strain is easy to grow, making any new skilled marijuana enthusiast get the most out of their cultivation.

Also, the flowering time is around 9 to 10 weeks, which is compartively great because it is not too long to wait for buds.

Hence, this Sativa dominant hybrid has all the boxes checked in a balanced way so that it can be a favourite of any weed lover.

So, go for Skywalker if you ever want a balanced Sativa strain to relax and chill after office hours or on weekends. It must be best for you!

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#14. Purple Haze – A Beautiful Sativa Strain

THC: around 18%

Effects: energy, creativity, and happy

Common Usage: fatigue, anxiety, stress

Have you ever dreamt of a beautiful weed strain?

Purple Haze might be that!

From a green hue to purple hue conversion as it matures, the appearance of Purple Haze is a treat to your eyes when you grow it.

On the top, get ready to feel an energetic rush with its high THC content.

Around 18% THC level is more than enough to let anyone feel a high that can rush energy to finish their work faster.

Also, the euphoric effects last longer.

But, at the end of this euphoric ride, you get a deep sense of relaxation that calms you down and makes you feel better.

No doubt, whey veteran smokers feedback Purple Haze to relieve symptoms of stress and fatigue.

And apart from its medicinal benefits and high THC, you will also love the sweet flavour and fruity aroma.

This mouth-watering blend of sweet and fruity hints makes any marijuana lover fall in love with Purple Haze.

Above that, expect a super heavy yield whether you grow this beauty indoors or outdoors, with a flowering period of 10 weeks.

With a lot of super ‘high’ features, medical benefits, and an impressive growth profile, Purple Haze must be your next weed strain.

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#13. Blue Dream – Classic Sativa Strain

THC: up to 25%

Effects: energy, creativity, relaxing effects

Common Usage: anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue

Blue Dream is one of the most popular Sativa strains among weed lovers.

It is a cross of Blueberry with Haze; therefore, the taste and flavour profile also aligns with the tasty blueberry hints.

Therefore, it is also one of the delicious strains on the list.

You get a mouth-watering blend of sweet blueberry flavour and spicy undertones as you take a few tokes.

Further, this classic sativa strain fetches a THC level of up to 25%, making it one of the most powerful sativa strains.

The effects of Blue Dream are pleasant and give you a smooth high throughout the puffing session.

With just one puff, you feel an uplifting high that boosts your mood and relaxes you to chill.

Therefore, puffing in the evening sessions is best suited to relaxing with your homies.

Also, medical marijuana patients find this Sativa dominant strain better for anxiety, chronic pain, and stress.

In short, Blue Dream is one of the strongest Sativa dominant strains that every weed lover loves for its powerful effects and mouth-watering taste.

So, if you also want to taste a strong Sativa dominant strain with high THC, you must start your journey with Blue Dream!

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#12. Lemon Skunk – A Lemon-Flaovered Sativa Strain

THC: 22%

Effects: sedative, sleepy, cerebral

Common Usage: sleeplessness, stress

Want to try something unique?


Are you bored with classic weed taste and want to go for something new?

Try this lemon-flavoured weed – Lemon Skunk.

Known for its sour lemony taste with skunky undertones, Lemon Skunk gives a unique puffing experience in terms of taste.

Apart from the citrusy flavour, you will love the high that it delivers.

You feel a cerebral high with a THC level in the upper 20s to get instant sleep and relaxation. It is why consumers report Lemon Skunk to be helpful in sleeplessness.

Also, medical marijuana patients find this Sativa strain helpful in symptoms of excessive stress.

Further, even though the genetics of this cannabis aligns with Sativa, it has a short flowering time of just 8 to 9 weeks.

Unlike a usual Sativa weed, Lemon Skunk will not take much time to produce buds.

On top of that, this is one of the cannabis strains that makes weed buds rain when cultivated.

Lemon Skunk yields up to 800 g when growing outdoors, while indoor growers can expect up to 550 g.

Hence, you get a massive reward for your investment.

Therefore, if you want to taste something different from a normal Sativa strain and get a massive yield from your garden, then Lemon Skunk is perfectly made for you.

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#11. Pineapple Express – A Perfect Day-Time Sativa Dominant Strain

THC: up to 25%

Effects: creativity, uplifting, focus

Common Usage: anxiety, stress, and pain

Pineapple Express is one of those Sativa dominant hybrid strains that perfectly hits you to start your day well.

And therefore, weed lovers treat this Sativa beauty as a wake and bake strain.

With a THC content of up to 25%, Pineapple Express is one of the strongest sativa strains.

Therefore, tokers with good THC tolerance levels should puff this weed.

As you take its first joint and puff a few tokes, intense euphoria occurs in your body.

You feel lightweight and sky-rocketed to cloud nine while you watch all of your worries fade away.

In short, it gives you a powerful euphoria that can easily de-stress you to feel good, energetic, and motivated towards your work.

Therefore, consumers recommend this marijuana strain as a daytime weed, which can be puffed anytime you want.

Further, Pineapple Express is enriched with terpenes as well, along with THC.

Hence, it produces a strong flavour profile of bright citrus notes, pineapple taste, and hints of earthiness.

So, you get a beautiful taste every time you smoke the Pineapple Express strain.

Due to its potency, medical marijuana users alleviate symptoms of pain, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and initial symptom of depression.

Further, the best part is that this Sativa dominant strain has a very short flowering time of just 7 to 9 weeks; therefore, it is ready to reward you.

The best part?

It can easily thrive indoors and outdoors if you provide the right temperature and controller climate.

In a nutshell, Pineapple Express is the strain that fits newbie to veteran growers and rewards amazingly if you do things right.

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#10. Jack Herer – One Of the Most Famous Sativa Cannabis

THC: in the upper 20s

Effects: energy, euphoria, focus, social

Common Usage: anxiety, stress, pain

Named after one of the marijuana activists, Jack Herer is one of the most famous Sativa cannabis strains.

Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer by crossing Shiva Skunk, Northern Lights #5, and a Haze hybrid.

The strain was bred in the 90s, and since then, it got so popular that it must be available in nearly all coffee shops and medical-grade pharmacies or dispensaries.

Jack Herer has won multiple Cannabis Cups for its potency, taste, and cultivation profile that fits almost every grower.

Within 50 to 70 days of flowering, it gets ready to reward you with an impressive yield.

On top of that, THC content in the upper 20s ensures you get one of the best puffing sessions.

Additionally, the medical benefits of this strain are a cherry on the top.

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#9. Moby Dick – An Energetic Sativa Strain

THC: up to 21%

Effects: energetic, uplifted, relaxation

Common Usage: fatigue, muscle aches, nausea

Moby Dick is one of the Sativa strains with more energetic effects than relaxation.

Therefore, tokers who want to stay energized all day puff this weed.

It is a cross of legendary White Widow and Haze strains, while the genetic lineage is towards Sativa to produce Sativa effects.

Moby Dick fetches high THC up to 21% and gives a fast-acting euphoria, which medical marijuana patients use to treat fatigue, muscle aches, and nausea.

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#8. Sour Diesel – One Of the Highest THC Sativa Strains

THC: up to 26%

Effects: energizing, cerebral

Common Usage: migraines, appetite loss, and stress

By crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk, Sour Diesel is one of the most potent weed strains introduced to the marijuana world.

The strain provides the classic diesel taste, earthiness, and an intense aroma.

Along with that, you get an intense high. Thanks to THC content up to 26%.

Due to its potency, Sour Diesel may treat depression, pain, appetite loss, and stress symptoms.

Further, the cultivation profile of Sour Diesel is impressive.

Within a flowering time of 9 to 11 weeks, it grows beautifully in outdoor conditions and rewards you with a high yield.

In short, every marijuana lover must try Sour Diesel if you want to bless your taste buds and enhance the smoking experience with classic Sativa weed tastes and gives an extreme high.

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#7. Green Crack – One Of The Most Powerful Sativa Strains

THC: up to 24%

Effects: uplifting, creativity, spacy/cerebral

Common Usage: anxiety, fatigue

Do you want to get sharp energy high?

Want a mental buzz like never before?

Puff Green Crack!

Bred by crossing Skunk #1 with an unknown Indica strain, it resulted in Green Crack, one of the market’s most popular and powerful sativa strains.

The THC content in Green Crack goes up to 24% and easily makes anyone stuck to one place if they are not tolerant of intense euphoria.

The cerebral buzz takes effect immediately as you puff a join of Green Crack.

You feel strong mental stimulation and energy, which you can divert to focus more on getting the work done.

However, remember that this weed strain is highly potent and can lead to couch-locked effects.

So, if you want to take your puffing experience to the next level, try Green Crack. It will be extremely worth it.

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#6. Super Silver Haze – One Of The Most Popular Sativa Strains

THC: in the upper 20s

Effects: energy, euphoria, focus, and uplifting

Common Usage: chronic pain, lack of appetite

Green House Seeds breed Super Silver Haze or SSH by crossing Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze.

Since its origin in the cannabis world, it has been a favourite of cannabis connoisseurs.

Super Silver Haze is one of the strongest sativa strains in the market that fetches high THC content to give you an intense euphoria.

Tokers report that you feel like flying high into cloud nine with just a few tokes.

And therefore, they demand SSH more than other strains.

No doubt why it has won several Cannabis Cup awards for its potent high, flavour, and growth features.

Additionally, Super Silver Haze is one of the strongest sativa strains that alleviate symptoms of nausea, lack of appetite, and chronic pain.

Overall, it is one of the featured-pack marijuana strains that every weed lover must try at least once.

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#5. Amnesia Haze – Award Winner Potent Sativa Strain

THC: in the upper 20s

Effects: laughing, energy, euphoria

Common Usage: anxiety, fatigue, lack of appetite

Need an indoor sativa strain?

Grow Amnesia Haze!

It is one of the best sativa strains because it possesses all the ideal features of a Sativa weed that you can expect.

Amnesia Haze produces compartively compact Sativa plants that can easily fit into a limited space.

The cherry on the top is the short flowering time of just 9 weeks.

If you grow this beauty well, it can reward you with heavy yield and beautiful buds.

Moreover, the Amnesia Haze strain is highly powerful. Therefore, don’t fall for its THC level.

It gives a strong high to remember. Therefore, medical users find this strain perfect for various medical conditions such as stress and anxiety.

Further, Amnesia Haze also fetches a spicy aroma with its distinct taste of sweetness and lemony blend. That means it is enriched with terpenes as well.

Amnesia Haze is a daytime strain when you need something to kick and get back to work with more energy and creativity.

However, the effects are strong; therefore, it is necessary to start slowly. Especially the newbie weed lovers.

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#4. Strawberry Cough – A Delicious Sativa Strain With High THC

THC: up to 26%

Effects: energy, social, uplifting

Common Usage: anxiety, fatigue, and nausea

Strawberry Cough is for you if you are a fruity and delicious weed strains fan.

Strawberry Cough is a highly potent marijuana strain made by crossing Haze and Strawberry Fields.

With up to 26% THC, fasten your seat belt to get on a roller coaster ride of euphoria.

As you take the very first toke of Strawberry Cough, you get an instant cerebral hit that lasts longer.

From head to toe, you feel a rush of energetic buzz that motivates you, bursts the muscle aches, and treats nausea and anxiety symptoms.

Therefore, this potent strain is mostly reserved for veteran smokers who can handle an intense high.

Hence, novice smokers need to start slow with this potent strain.

Further, apart from the potency, Strawberry Cough is also known for its delicious taste. Thanks to the enriched terpene profile.

The strain fetches a beautiful strawberry profile with a sweet flavour and earthy undertones.

Additionally, Strawberry Cough’s compatibility to thrive indoors and outdoors makes it one of the favourite strains among marijuana lovers.

Most consumers treat it as one of the best sativa strains for boosting mood and getting an energetic high.

That means, if you can tolerate a high THC, then you must try this powerful weed.

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#3. Super Lemon Haze – Strong Sativa Strain For Mood Elevation

THC: up to 25%

Effects: focus, happiness, creativity

Common Usage: anxiety, chronic pain, stress

Do you ever feel like you need something to pick you up when you are extremely tired? To give a kick re-start to get back to work?

Let Super Lemon Haze help you!

Super Lemon Haze is an award-winner strain with a refreshing and unique lemony flavour that produces uplifting and energizing effects.

And around 25% THC content perfectly matches the pleasant aroma and taste to give you one of the best smoking sessions.

As you puff Super Lemon Haze, you feel an instant rush of euphoria from head to toe. That makes you feel happy, uplifted, and focused.

Therefore, Sativa lovers keep this marijuana strain to alleviate chronic pain, stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

Coming to the growing profile, this is one of the cannabis strains that fit perfectly to thrive indoors or outdoors.

And with 9 to 10 weeks of flowering time in warm climates, get ready to have many buds in stock.

SLH produces up to 1kilograms of buds when grown outdoors. However, under an indoor climate, it yields up to 700g.

In short, Super Lemon Haze is one of the best Sativa strains with perfect taste, intense high, and a massive yield that can make any weed lover fall for it.

And even you must also try this potent weed if you are a fan of citrusy flavoured weed. Also, if you want a high yield.

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#2. Ghost Train Haze – One Of Potent Sativa Strains

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THC: up to 28%

Effects: energetic

Common Usage: appetite loss, pain, depression

Want to get on the ‘extreme’ level of puffing weed?

Ghost Train Haze can take you there!

With an extreme THC content of up to 28%, Ghost Train Haze is one of the most powerful sativa strains ever.

It delivers one of the most energetic highs that only experienced ones can tolerate. Newbies must stay away from this highly potent weed.

Due to its strong effects, Ghost Train Haze is found better for pain symptoms, increasing appetite, and relieving initial symptoms of depression.

In short, Ghost Train Haze is the extremely powerful version of the Sativa strain. So, you need to proceed with your responsibility as it can easily make you overwhelmed with its effects.

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#1. Durban Poison – A 100% Sativa Strain With One Of Strongest Effects

THC: 22%

Effects: energy, uplifting effects

Common Usage: chronic pain, lack of appetite, nausea

Want a strain for after office hours when you just want to relax and burst your work stress and fatigue?

Get this pure Sativa strain!

Durban Poison is a South African landrace marijuana strain with 100% Sativa genetics to give you one of the best puffing experiences.

With a THC level of around 22%, Durban Poison comes under one of the most powerful Sativa strains that can easily make your anxious thoughts disappear.

The euphoric effects of Durban Poison quickly come into effect as you puff it.

You feel a gradual rush of energetic high that will make all your worries burst and relax you at the end.

Therefore, it is good for symptoms of stress and fatigue.

Further, you can grow this strain anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and it will reward you with an excellent yield.

However, the flowering time may be a little more (14-16 weeks) due to pure Sativa genetics.

But, after harvest, all the wait time will be worth it.

If you ever wanted one of the pure Sativa strains to puff, start with Durban Poison. This cannabis strain will give you one of the best puffing sessions.

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Pros And Cons Of Sativa Strain


  • Sativa strains produce cerebral high.
  • Usually, Sativa strains produce bigger plants and, therefore, high yield.
  • Sativa strains are best to stay alert, awake, and energized.
  • Sativa strains also possess medicinal benefits like Indica strains.
  • A Sativa cannabis strain can fetch massive THC content.


  • Dry mouth, eyes.
  • Dizziness and anxiety for people with low tolerance to THC.

Why Smoke Sativa Strains?

If you want to get ‘head high,’ energizing effects, and reduce anxiety and stress to increase creativity and focus, Sativa strains are best to puff.

On the other hand, Indica strains are generally associated with full-body effects.

Also, weed-growers who love to grow outdoor prioritize Sativa strains.

It is because Sativa plants are generally bigger and produce massive yields when they get ample space to spread their branches out.

Further, Sativa strains also fetch some benefits to increase arousal, as per experience smokers have reported many times.

Therefore, when you want to boost your energy and mood and get back to work with more focus and energy, you can always puff a Sativa cannabis strain.


What are the most potent sativa strains?

Durban Poison, Ghost Train Haze, and Green Crack are one of the most potent sativa strains.

What is the most energizing strain of Sativa?

For the most energizing effects, you need a pure sativa strain. And Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa dominant strain, which can give you a powerful energetic high.

Also, it possesses a THC level in the upper 20s.

What is the best Sativa on the market?

Concerning Sativa genetics, Durban Poison, Ghost Train Haze, Amnesia Haze, Jack Herer, Green Crack, and Blue Dream are considered the best sativa strains.

What strain is 100% Sativa?

Durban Poison and Jack Herer are 100% Sativa strains.

What strain keeps you high the longest?

You need one of the most powerful sativa strains to stay high the longest. Ghost Train Haze and Green Crack are the weed strains that can keep you high the longest.

Buy Strongest Sativa Strain To Enjoy Extreme High

The list of strongest sativa strains never ends.

However, by filtering out to find only the ‘best,’ we got the 15 strongest strains for you that can enhance your smoking experience.

Go and start puffing now. Do also tell us which one is your favourite and let us know your experience. We would love to hear from you.

Till then, Happy Puffing!