10 Most Famous body high Strains of 2024

Hey You High Lover! Your search for the best body high strains end here! Read the article to get familiar. Enjoy your body high.

One of the fundamental reasons people are inclined toward marijuana strains is body relaxation. We need to relax after a tiring day, a heavy week, or a hectic day. Our body needs this kind of deep relaxation to charge itself for the following challenges.

And, hence people want the solution through cannabis strains. An easy and enjoyable way to get the complete body high. Moreover, the legalization of marijuana strains took the hesitation away, and now the high is on!

Most cannabis enthusiasts have found Granddaddy Purple and Gorilla Glue strains the best body high survey.

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Indica Vs. Sativa? Which weed strains are suitable for Body High?


Whenever you choose a strain for you, the biggest question everyone faces is which one? When it comes to choosing a strain for a body buzz, It’s Indica strains to prefer.

An Indica or Indica dominant hybrid strain is the best to get your body relaxed. Indica strains cannabis with high THC can make you couch-locked, and you will no longer be ready to up for any tasks.

However, if you want to relax but still want some energy to perform essential work, choose Sativa or Indica dominant strains with a high THC, as these will do well and solve the purpose.

In a nutshell, you need to decide your preferences and then pick the best suited for you…

10 Best Body High Strains

Now picking up the best suitable cannabis strains is undoubtedly a matter of brainstorming. The marijuana world is full of fantastic weed strains, and we have tried our best to choose the best ones for you.

So here we are with our list:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Gorilla Glue
  3. Granddaddy purple
  4. Sour diesel
  5. Ghost train haze
  6. Girl Scout Cookies
  7. OG Kush
  8. Super Skunk
  9. Wedding cake
  10. Green Crack

Get indulge in the beauty of these high strains…

1) Northern lights:

Northern Lights strain is the pure Indica with no introduction needed. Its immense popularity worldwide made it available in almost every marijuana corner in dispensaries.

You will probably not search for more as the Northern Lights are what you are seeking. If we talk about the flavors, you will have sweet, pine, and woody flavors and a smell with a few spicy hints.

Just a couple of whiffs, and the strain will take hold of your body. With good THC content, Northern lights never fail to provide great relaxation to your body and mind. There is undoubtedly some euphoric time at the start, but soon you will find yourself in a full-body sedation mode.

This property of the strain makes it incredible for medical marijuana. It is able to soothe you through pain, insomnia, Depression, Lack of Appetite, etc.

That’s the beauty of the Northern lights strain. A must-try!


  • Genetics: Landrace of Afghani x Thai
  • THC: 18-22%
  • CBD: <1
  • Flavor and smell: Pine Woody, sweet, spicy
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted, Hungry, giggly
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, ADD/ADHD. Multiple Sclerosis

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2) Gorilla Glue:

The one Indica strain that can knock you out completely is the creation of the breeder Josey Whales. Gorilla Glue is probably one of the most potent Indica strains available.

This many cannabis cups winning strain is a cross of chocolate diesel, Sour dubb, and Chem’s sister. This highly potent strain emits a mind-boggling smell of coffee and chocolate with diesel hints. By the way, it also tastes like them but with earthy and sweet hints.

Now coming to its effects, This strain has excellent psychoactive effects as it owns 18-32% of THC content.

Isn’t it crazy? Indeed it is.

If you are looking for some energy, please don’t expect this with Gorilla glue cannabis Indica strains. THC will not let you up from your sofa as it’s exceptionally high. But, ultimately, you will get a highly relaxed body. Exceptionally hard-hitting Indica Dominant strain!

Undoubtedly, an ideal strain for your body’s relaxation desire!


  • Genetics: Chocolate Diesel x Sour Dubb x Chem’s Sister
  • THC: 18-32%
  • CBD: <1
  • Flavor and smell: Chocolate, coffee, sweet, diesel
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted, cerebral high,
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, Chronic pain, Migraine

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3) Granddaddy Purple:

Grandaddy purple strain is a great indica strain for full-bodied relaxing high. This Awardee Indica strain is not let you get over it so soon.

Get a bag full of GDP, and you will see the sticky potent buds with the pleasant aroma and outstanding flavors of grape, pine, and sweet berries. Indeed, you will want more!

Just incredible effects with a high mental stimulation. Be careful, and you will be turning couch-locked for long. Your mind buzz will take you to the euphoric world full of happiness. All thanks to this high THC strain. Simply irresistible!

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the heavy body and mind relaxing ride with the Granddaddy purple strain.


  • Genetics: Big Bud x Purple Urkle
  • THC: 21-27%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Grape, Pine, berry, sweet, sour
  • Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted, cerebral high, hungry
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, pain

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4) Sour Diesel:

Sour Diesel is a Sativa Dominant strain with high THC content. These celebrity Sativa strains are famous for their head-high effects and have won many awards.

Smoking Sour diesel will not turn your couch lock, but the slight indica present in the strain will give your body relaxing effects with a burst of energy. It’s cerebral high is out of the world.

And that’s why the love for this beautiful Sativa is visible worldwide.

Sour Diesel tastes like fuel, diesel

aromatic with citrus notes in the aroma. Its great THC level of 24-26% makes it suitable for curing depression, stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


  • Genetics: Chemdawg x Northern Lights x Skunk #1
  • THC: 21-26%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Pungent, diesel, fuel, citrus
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, energizing, relaxing
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Loss of Appetite

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5) Ghost Train Haze:

best body high strains

It is another Sativa on our list. Awarded as the ” Most potent strain on the earth” by High Times Magazine in 2012.

It is easily recognizable due to its extreme pungent smell with citrus and flowery hints. Taste is a blend of sweet, citrus, and pine flavors.

The crazily high THC content of around 27% makes it a no-no strain for novices,

Due to heavy THC, this strain has strong psychedelic effects to produce an excellent relaxing high with immense energy. That means it does not make you a couch potato, and The relaxed body can be comfortable in communicating with others with happiness and euphoria.

Overdosing may affect you with Paranoia or headaches. Else it is a perfect weed strain to relax enough!


  • Genetics: Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck
  • THC: 21-27%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Pungent, Pine, flowery, fuel, citrus
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, energizing, relaxing
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Fatigue

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6) Girl Scout Cookies:

Girl Scout cookies are sweet Indica strains. It began in California, but now it is one of the most desirable Indica dominant hybris cannabis strains all over the USA and the world.

Just like the name, it is known for its sweetness. Sweet, lemon, and mint flavors and smells are something beyond pleasant ones.

Girl Scout Cookies can have THC from 17-27%. However, it can be tried by novices. Its long-lasting lethargic and relaxing effects are powerful with happiness all around.

Obviously, a relaxed body can never have stress, anxiety depression.

So what’s it say? Do you want to try it?


  • Genetics: Durban Poison x OG Kush
  • THC: 17-27%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Sweet, Mint, lemon, woody,
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, energizing, relaxing, creative
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Insomnia, migraine

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7) OG Kush:

OG Kush or ‘Original Gangster’ is the most valued and desired cannabis strain. Since its creation, this indica leaned hybrid strain has been used to create many other weed strains.

The fat green nugs covered with milky white trichomes and orange hairs can be so attractive to behold. Well, its citrus, sour and spicy aroma makes it familiar among the various other strains.

OG kush produces a strong body buzz with a 21-26% high THC content. The buzz is enough to produce a high sense of deep relaxation, and you are ready to socialize if you don’t sleep after taking it.

And, please make some snacks ready for you as it is going to induce your hunger like anything.

Relax your body by enjoying hunger with yummy snack bites. Certainly is going to feel like you are on vacation.


  • Genetics: Chemdawg X Hindu Kush
  • THC: 20-26%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Citrus, Skunky, Sour, Herbal, Pine, Woody
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, Relaxing, giggly, socializing, energizing, relaxing, creative
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, mood swings, nausea, migraine

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8) Super Skunk:

As the name suggests, Super Skunk is an Indica strain with a highly intense aroma and high relaxing effects.

This strain has a pungent smell. It smells like a melted chees with hints of sweetness like a honeydew. This flavorful marijuana is a must to try.

This global sensation has won the hearts of both veterans and novices. Its significant average THC levels of 19% to 22% and CBD content from 0.25- 2.6% makes this strain ideal for treating a medical condition like body pain, anxiety, nausea, etc.

Super skunk is a full-body relaxing and a great stress buster strain. With an uplifting mood, focused mind, and relaxed body, anyone is ready to take up new challenges.


  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Afghani
  • THC: 19-22%
  • CBD: 0.25-2.6%
  • Flavor and smell: Spicy, sweet, woody, aromatic, Earthy
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, Relaxing, giggly, socializing, energizing, relaxing, creative
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Asthma, PTSD, migraines

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9) Wedding Cake:

We are talking about a potent Indica strain with a lovely and soothing aroma and flavors. This strain is a powerfully valuable tool to kick off your anxiety and depression.

The wedding cake has a sweet aroma of cherry and sweet but citrus hints. Definitely, a must-have strain to satiate your taste buds.

Also with a high THC of about 23-27%, this strain is quite relaxing. But the beauty is that the clear-headedness follows the high. Deep relaxing creative euphoria is what the wedding cake is all about.


  • Genetics: Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies
  • THC: 19-25%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Sweet, Berry, fruity
  • Effects: Cerebral, uplifting, Relaxing, creative
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Asthma, PTSD, migraines, Fibromyalgia

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10) Green Crack:

green crack -best bod high strains

Enjoy your creative juices flowing with this Sativa Marijuana strain. Yes, Green crack is Sativa, but you can rely on the best marijuana strain to uplift the body’s relaxing effects.

Green Crack strain was initially named Green cush, but later on, the name was changed to the Green Crack by the renowned rapper Snoop Dogg.

Known for its highly creative effects, this strain has a fruity citrus aroma and flavors that you can never forget.

Also, this potent cannabis strain has a good THC of around 24% but low CBD content. That is it possesses a high THC to CBD ratio. It is suitable for everyone as its main effects will make you focused and creative, relaxing in mind and body.


  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Sweet Leaf Indica
  • THC: 19-24%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Flavor and smell: Sweet, fruity, citrus
  • Effects: Cerebral, Energetic, Happy, uplifting, Relaxing, creative
  • Therapeutic Use: Pain, stress, depression, Social anxiety,

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These are our top 10 best marijuana strains for body relaxation.

Read our next segment FAQs…

FAQ’s about the best weed strains for body high:

Disadvantages of using cannabis strain for body relaxation?

Common Side effects like couch lock, cottonmouth, dry eyes, and anxiety are some adverse effects you may experience.
However, if you take care of the doses, you will rarely encounter any adverse effects. Hence stay alert while having marijuana.

What are the favorite dispensaries to get these weed strains?

Try getting from renowned and genuine seed banks like IlGM, Seedsman, and Cropking.

Wrapping Up the Best body High Strains:

If closely put, there are many strains to give you a sense of ultimate body relaxation. We tried to cover the best among the best strains with relaxing effects. Choose wisely and keep checking on the doses.

Enjoy your exquisite body high; someone once said,

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” ― Bob Marley.

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