Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Lupus

From treating pain to reducing depression, we’ve seen that marijuana has been proven useful in many medical conditions. With many states authorizing cannabis for medical purposes, doctors and scientists study to see if it can be a holistic treatment for complex conditions.

Scientists and doctors are now recommending cannabis strains as a treatment alternative for a condition called lupus. Explore this article to learn how medical marijuana can lessen pain and other lupus symptoms. Also, go through more details about the best marijuana strains for lupus.

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What is Lupus?


best cannabis strains for lupus

Lupus is an inflammatory disease that is yet to receive a cure. The term “lupus” comes from the 13th century and originates from the Latin term for wolf since its most recognizable sign of face rash resembles a wolf’s bite.

Lupus happens when the immune system becomes overactive and cannot recognize the difference between bacteria, viruses, and healthy tissue. That’s when it begins to produce large quantities of antibodies that attack healthy organs of the body. Both hereditary and environmental circumstances play their part in forming this disease.

Women are nine times more inclined to experience lupus than men— 90 percent of cases are women. The disease is also more evident in those with African, Chinese, or Caribbean culture. Lupus usually occurs between the ages of 14 and 45, but it can happen anytime to anyone. The inflammatory response may occur when both B cells and T cells become overactive, harming healthy organs.

Systemic lupus is the most common type of lupus, but there are four types of lupus:

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that strikes healthy body tissues. It’s generally controlled with corticosteroids and NSAIDs, which can produce many side effects with long-term usage.

Most Common Symptoms of Lupus

The disease flare-ups when the condition is more active and reduces when only a few symptoms are present.

The different types of symptoms of lupus include:

  • Butterfly-shaped rashes across the cheeks
  • Hair loss (scarring and non-scarring hair loss)
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Skin rash
  • Mood changes, depression, and anxiety
  • Mouth sores
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Joint and muscle pain (usually in fingers, knees, wrists, and ankles)
  • Uneven heart rate

Diagnosis and Treatment of Lupus

The United States alone witnesses nearly 16,000 new cases each year, but there’s no cure for lupus to date. Thus, doctors treat lupus symptoms with specific treatments that include:

  • Corticosteroids to reduce pain and inflammation
  • NSAIDs for pain relief and fever
  • Antimalarial drugs to treat blood clotting, inflammation, and rashes
  • Immunosuppressants to calm an immune system

With these medications, cutaneous lupus patients might experience severe adverse impacts, including renal deterioration and cardiovascular problems. Lupus can be challenging to diagnose because the signs vary from person to person and quickly get mistaken for other diseases. Furthermore, the condition is diagnosed through urine and blood tests and in-depth analysis.

Lupus is a chronic disorder, and the disease is considered dangerous but manageable. With the right approach, lupus can be kept in check with anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppressants, and corticosteroids. Furthermore, steroids and anti-inflammatory medications have been proven beneficial to some extent.

Unfortunately, this mixture of medicines may produce many side effects that include vomiting, nausea, and upset abdomen, liver and kidney damage, and high blood pressure. That’s why several people explore other, less-damaging therapy alternatives. So, is medical marijuana the next best thing for lupus?

How Can Cannabis Help to Improve Lupus and Immune System?

The endocannabinoid has receptors placed throughout our bodies, including the systems that control immunity. Discovering how cannabinoids combine with the immune system still needs research, but when it comes to lupus, cannabis can help manage many symptoms, that include:

  • Pain relief: There have already been many studies on the efficacy of marijuana strains in alleviating pain and inflammation. It, copulated with infection, is two of the most common signs of lupus, suggesting weed might be handy.
  • Modulate the immune system: Cannabis strains can suppress the immune system by stimulating myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs). MDSCs may modulate the immune system response through epigenetic control.
  • Reduce inflammation: A study shows that cannabis can change the immune system by keeping it from shifting on the inflammatory response.

However, we still need more research to conclude if medical marijuana can really help with lupus or not. Always talk with your doctor first to understand how certain cannabis can be useful for your treatment. If misused, it may harm your body if it reacts with your current medications.

Using Medical Marijuana for Lupus

The right strain is essential to manage medical conditions. There are numerous methods of ingesting cannabis, and each has its advantages, and some of them also have few side effects. For example, smoking weed may deliver quick body healing and discharge carcinogens, but it can have adverse effects in the long term if frequently used in high dosage.

Vaporization could be better than smoking, giving relief faster with less marijuana, but the assistance is not long-lasting. Edibles are another alternative for delivering cannabis and produce long-lasting comfort but can take time to hit in, which is not excellent for quick deliverance. When it comes to lupus, ingestion is critical, particularly if you’re a patient on different medicines.

  • Vaporization: This is the ideal way for patients who are still on prescribed medicines.
  • Cannabis oil: This can be delivered via a syringe or tablet and is perfect if you’re a patient who wants to change to a cannabis-only regimen.
  • Edibles: Edibles can give long-lasting assistance if you have the spare time to set for them to kick in. It can be beneficial if lupus signs are stopping you from relaxing at night.
  • Topicals: Topical creams saturated with THC and CBD can assist with the joints’ discomfort and soreness.

Best Cannabis Strains for Lupus

If you have lupus and would prefer to explore the finest marijuana for lupus that can address the symptoms, the below-given strains are widely used by so many patients:

1 – Harlequin from ILGM


This high-CBD hybrid is a great smoke when for some psychological relief without feeling exhausted. Harlequin has received all its positive results from its parents — Nepali Indica, Colombian Gold, Thai landrace, and Swiss landrace strains. This variety is an excellent relaxant, with an ability to quiet the mind and let you stay focused.

With high CBD and low THC and a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio, Harlequin is an uplifting weed that can help you with lupus. Cannabis with Sativa-dominant traits can keep you active.

It means that it’s the ideal smoke to start a day. Instead of slowing you down, this variety may assist you with getting stuff done. It’s undoubtedly one of the best marijuana strains for lupus.

2 – OG Kush CBD from ILGM


Fans of high THC strains would be excited to see that there’s a CBD-heavy variety just for them. It makes the original strain’s great flavor without the uncomfortable high. It holds CBD to THC ratio at 2:1, with around 1% THC and up to 15% CBD!

It’s a great day toke that can potentially help with ADD/ADHD, PTSD, and depression. OG Kush CBD is undoubtedly one of the best cannabis for lupus symptoms. When used properly, you will get relief in symptoms of lupus, pain, and inflammation. OG Kush is certainly one of the best strains for lupus.

3 – Afghan Kush from Crop King Seeds


Treat lupus symptoms with one of the best weed strains, as it’s suitable for patients looking for a relaxing high. This landrace variety can give long-lasting alleviation. Afghan Kush is beneficial to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, and dull pain while sending your body off into a state of peaceful condition.

The THC and CBD levels in this Kush are equally high, making it a profoundly valued strain. Afghan Kush also makes for a delicious smoke, thanks to its mango smell. Many people use Afghan Kush to treat stress, depression, absence of appetite, and pain.

4 – Granddaddy Purple from ILGM


Indica strains are known to be used in many medical applications, and because GDP is a classic Indica, it can render an intense mental high with fresh brain buzz. For those seeking a profound and relaxing recreational high, Granddaddy Purple offers just that. It is a powerful strain to smoke just before sleep. We can that Granddaddy Purple may be beneficial to help lupus alleviation.

Not only does it assist you with unwinding and let go of all your stresses, but it also leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. GDP renders a sense of happiness and a strong desire to laugh. Treatment with GDP can also be helpful for patients to reduce chronic pain. Medical cannabis may reduce inflammation in patients to help them treat the pain, but use it with care as the proper dosage is essential to retain healthy tissue.

5 – Charlotte’s Web from Sensible Seeds

Charlotte's Web cannabis strain

Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa-dominant cannabis variety that contains higher levels of CBD. What makes this strain best-seller is due to the reason when a young girl, Charlotte Fiji, treated her seizures completely with this strain.

High CBD Charlotte’s Web gained its popularity among epileptic patients like Charlotte. Charlotte’s Web is mostly Sativa. However, because of almost zero THC, psychedelic influences are negligible. The CBD-rich strain will make you relaxed after a puff or two.

With high CBD and almost no THC, this marijuana holds a 5:2 CBD to THC ratio. The Sativa traits of this strain effectively treat lupus, deliver relief in inflammation and body seizures, and give focus and oozing energy. With anti-inflammatory properties and a great CBD content of up to 17%, Charlotte’s Web is one of the best marijuana strains for lupus when used properly.

6 – Dr. Grinspoon from Barney’s Farm

dr grinspoon cannabis strain

Dr. Grinspoon is a feminized 100% Sativa strain. The plant got its name from a marijuana researcher Dr. Lester Grinspoon. The actual source of this hybrid marijuana is still unknown. It has a THC level of up to 26%. Moreover, the flowering time of the plant is 90-100 days.

The reddish-brown flowers of this strain can be used to smoke and enjoy its delightful high. Due to very high THC, it provides a long-lasting effect and energetic body buzz. The strain’s flowers have a lemon and floral smell. The smoke has a tropical fruit taste with creamy pine nuances and honey notes. Dr. Grinspoon is one of the best marijuana strains for lupus symptoms.

7 – Green Crack from ILGM


Green Crack is another coffee-replacement cannabis that is suitable for daytime use. This Sativa-dominant strain is almost unparalleled in its energy-boosting effects. If you’re not getting comfortable sleep, the mind-soothing effects of Green Crack can be a solution.

It’s also a brilliant variety for those experiencing depression by giving users bursts of happiness with a mango flavor profile and sharp-citrus aroma—even the Snoop Dogg shoutout for Green Crack weed strain. It’s unquestionably one of the best strains for lupus.

8 – Blue Dream from ILGM


The smoke of Blue Dream is well known for full-body relaxation. Another effect it has is the feeling of a gentle cerebral high, an attribute that makes it perfect as a day-starter. Moreover, it can ignite a feeling of inspiration to let you be more creative to get wild ideas on whatever you do.

Blue Dream will not make you lazy, and you can even enjoy social interaction with people. Its capacity to make a mental state calm and clear renders a fluffy feeling that is hard to resist.

9 – Strawberry Cough from ILGM

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Strawberry Cough is a distinct Sativa that is famous because of its intense strawberry smell. Although its exact blend of cannabis strains is diverse, it renders clear thoughts. This Strawberry can be more efficient in the mediocre state of mind and is an easygoing strain. You will have some coughs after taking a puff or two. Your throat will get a tingling sensation after smoking it.

It’s not a fast-acting weed, but a healthy boost of energy can arise in the body. This Sativa will make you do your work with more energy. It’s one of the best strains for chronic pain, resulting in dry eyes if you smoke much. This strain will loosen up you without making you feel tired. Thus, it will make you welcome its refreshing effects. It could be a beneficial marijuana strain to manage the adverse symptoms of lupus.

10 – Purple Kush from ILGM


Purple Kush cannabis holds glutinous resin, which can be useful to create the Hash. The white trichomes and sweet, sticky resin of Purple Kush can settle your insomnia and chronic pain. Apart from that, the strain’s medical benefits include relief in stress, nausea, and appetite loss.

Some Indica strains are great for calm you down. And the Purple Kush Indica-dominant hybrid is no different. It’s a well-known variety that holds high THC content of around 17 percent. Before trying this strain to manage your lupus, take care of the dosage, and do not overdo it, as it can induce laziness. Lupus is a chronic disease, and to manage that, this Purple weed is one of the best strains to manage different types of common symptoms, including hair loss, pain relief, and mouth sores.

How To Find The Perfect Strain For Lupus?

You will find thousands of marijuana strains in the catalogs of seed banks. Many would attract you to buy them, having a high CBD ratio for lupus. But you should carefully select the strain that works best for you.

Each body reacts differently to the same cannabis strain. We recommend you consult your physician as he or she would know what suits you.

You can also take the help of your budtender if you’re going to buy cannabis from a physical store. However, consulting a doctor is a more reliable way.

Which Is The Best Way To Consume Cannabis For Lupus?

People with lupus usually avoid smoking, so it won’t be a good option for you. But don’t worry!

There are other ways you can use cannabis. Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking. Plus, it is healthier than smoking. Those who don’t like getting high can try CBD products, including oil, tincture, and tablets.

The dose of your CBD product would be based on a number of factors, like the severity of your disease and your body weight.

If you don’t like oils and vapes, edibles are your best option. Though be careful while dosing edibles as they kick in a bit slower than other methods.

Final Words

There are many types of lupus, and some of them can affect children and adults. Although many adults have already chosen medical marijuana to treat the symptoms and maintain quality of life, there is no known cure for lupus. Inflammation and anxiety are the two primary symptoms of lupus, which cannabis can treat effectively. Both CBD and THC have excellent characteristics that can benefit patients by regulating inflammation and pain.

Considering the pain and other difficulties lupus patients go through, they need relief with medical marijuana. Users might find suitable cannabis for lupus easily at authorized cannabis dispensaries. As the stigma around cannabis continues to change, more research into the subject will provide proper applications. Stay tuned and consult with your doctor on using medical marijuana in your pain relief regimen.


Cannabidiol products from hemp (with less than 0.3% THC) are allowed on the federal level. However, they are still banned in some US states. CBD products originated from cannabis are regulated on the federal level. Still, they are legal in some states. You should review your state’s laws before you obtain to use it. Also, remember that the FDA does not recommend nonprescription marijuana products.

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