9+ Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke on Your Birthday

Many individuals think of liquor as the classic addition to their social or birthday parties. On the other hand, Numerous individuals stay away from cannabis use during social events as they generally don’t get it. However, many people have claimed that cannabis made them relaxed with parties and people around them. Explore the best cannabis strains to smoke on your birthday.

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It’s been an excellent year for both recreational and medical marijuana users. With Canada having legalized recreational cannabis and most US states allowing it, we do have reasons to celebrate. On your birthday party or new year’s evening, get the best cannabis strains and get ready to hit the party for the fantastic buzz. 

Some pot smokers like to smoke or vape weed all alone. However, others want to blend it in with liquor to get high. Still, going too far with alcohol may make you wind up forgetting the entire night. And parties are a place and moments to cherish with your friends and family. 

Given this, if you need to go through New Year’s Eve with real power while staying in perfect shape the day after the grand party, it’s about time that you met some of the best strains to kick your buzz on this specific occasion. 

Best Cannabis Strains to Smoke on Your Birthday


#1 – Trainwreck (fem) by ILGM

Trainwreck strain ILGM

Some individuals go out on New Year’s Eve with the sole intention of becoming a train wreck. And when that happens, there’s no better cannabis strain to help with that than well, Train Wreck.

This strain is the powerhouse of cannabis as it’s mostly a Sativa and has that distinct skunk smell that will give the perfect mood to any gathering. The energy it provides will be enough to keep them on their feet and dance the night away. 

#2 – Durban Poison

durban poison cannabis strain

If you find it challenging to get your hands on some Train Wreck for New Year’s Eve, Durban Poison might be the following best thing.

Durban Poison has a high that can be described as super trippy, making you and those you choose to share it with feel happy, uplifted, and energetic.

With THC content that can reach up to 18 percent, it’s not difficult to see what brings that sunny high. 

#3 – Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha strain

Laughing Buddha is an excellent strain for your wake-and-bake custom.

It will keep you focused, uplifted, and clear-headed throughout the day.

So you may enjoy the incredible vibe for the New Year’s Eve preparations.

The strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a perky buzz with its soothing effects on the body. That is actually why you call it the Laughing Buddha.

The levels of THC reach up to as much as 18 percent, which makes the plant genuinely powerful.

That said, novice herb enthusiasts should start with microdosing to maintain relief from anxiety. Other than that, Laughing Buddha is a perfect strain for social interactions. 

#4 – Hawaiian Strain

Hawaiian strain

You’ll rapidly discover that most gathering strains will be Sativa in nature, and Hawaiian is the same. It has some pretty tasty terpenes on top, leaving a tropical flavor on the tongue.

Hawaiian will make you feel like you’re on the Island, with a happy buzz with energy. Moreover, it also tests well for inventiveness. This combination of factors is excellent for a gathering climate.

You won’t suffer through pretending to enjoy yourself and coming up with weak lines because you’ll be happy and prepared to mingle. 

#5 – Super Silver Haze

super silver haze

Any cannabis strain that includes the term ‘haze’ will guarantee a gathering, and of them all, Super Silver Haze might be the best. This Sativa-dominant strain offers a cerebral high, which can keep party guests inventing the best high-deas in the middle of bouts of laughter.

And when the gathering goes well past midnight, it will help party-goers stay awake and be one of the last to leave with lots of fun new memories. 

#6 – Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough cannabis strain

Another stay-awake and giggly smoke for New Year’s Eve is Strawberry Cough. There might be no different cannabis strain that provides quite the effects that Strawberry Cough provides. The high is immediate but can continue going long enough to host other get-together goers asking, ‘What are they laughing at?’

And while the facts demonstrate that a toke taken too profoundly may result in a touch of coughing, there’s a generally excellent possibility that you won’t give it a second thought. Plus, if it’s especially cold and snowy wherever you’re ringing in the New Year, you’ll get a little taste of summer berries with every hit. 

#7 – Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies GSC

Girl Scout Cookies is also an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, but it’s one that packs a punch. The average THC content in this excellence is around 22 percent. This strain will render a body stone but still provides the potential to focus on your parties when used with a moderate dosage.

The slight haziness it does bring will be just enough to allow you to forget about the somewhat dismal days of 2017 while getting you to increase to ring in 2018. 

#8 – Amnesia Haze


Another cannabis strain from the Haze family, Amnesia Haze, is another excellent strain to bring to any New Year’s Eve bash. It’s giggly and euphoric and will give an instant shot in the arm for anybody looking to get an enjoyable gathering.

But the genuine reason Amnesia Haze is probably the best strain to have on you on New Year’s Eve? It doesn’t have a ceiling. So if you need to smoke all night without shutting down, this is the strain for you. 

#9 – Blue Dream

Best Strains for Pain

For those who need to be awake to see the clock strike midnight on New Year’s Eve but also don’t have any desire to have so much energy they sense that they’re jumping out of their skin, Blue Dream is the perfect cannabis strain. It provides some giggles, and lots of alertness, and is simply a cold smoke all around.

Blue Dream is a super mellow strain. If you need to hang back and need to stay awake for a Netflix binge-watch, it’ll help without putting you to sleep. 

#10 – Jack Herer


Jack Herer is a particular cannabis strain that has a ton to bring to any night, and New Year’s Eve is no exemption. A Sativa dominant strain, it provides all the giggly fun that one would anticipate from a Sativa.

Still, it also takes a ton to drag one down – meaning that the fun can go on well after the clock has struck midnight, and partiers can enjoy the first couple of seconds of 2018.

While enjoying them, it’ll be easy to look towards the New Year loaded up with trust, too, as Jack Herer is known for the feelings of well-being it brings. 

Final Thoughts

So these are some well-known cannabis strains for parties. With the right variety, you feel energized, social, and on top of the world. Make sure to purchase the right quality strain from an authorized seed bank like ILGM, MSNL, and Crop King Seeds. Don’t go over the edge with the consumption of these strains. 

There are various types of New Year’s Eve celebrations. And regardless of whether you’re headed out to a companion’s gathering or just chilling at home, there’s a strain of cannabis that will assist you with doing it. 

What about you, fellow weed enthusiasts? Which strains do you prefer for your birthday bash? Please comment below on your favorite cannabis and experiences that you bring to the gatherings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sativa better for a night out?

This easy-going, cheerful sativa is an excellent pick for a long night out. Hawaiian Haze is ideal for social occasions since it makes you pleasant and chatty.

What is the best strain for a night of partying?

The Super Silver Haze. The most well-known sativa plant in the world. Hawaiian, Laughing Buddha, Chronic, Girl Scout Cookies, and Chocolope are among more.

Which strain is most significant for making you laugh?

Blue Diesel, Liberty Haze, Church OG, Laughing Buddha, and Sweet Diesel are the best-laughing stains.

Is sativa suitable for dancing?

If you want to go to a club or concert and dance the night away, an energetic sativa would be better. Indica, on the other hand, maybe a great choice if you want to melt into the sofa and be lulled into a meditative state.

Is indica or sativa more euphoric?

The often accepted rule of thumb is that sativas are more revitalizing and energetic while indicas are more soothing and tranquil — but it’s not that straightforward. Even with the same variety of cannabis, individual plants have mixed results.

What strain produces the massive buds?

Super Silver Haze is one of the highest-yielding indoor strains, producing up to nineteen ounces of flower per square meter. This variety is ready to harvest in nine to eleven weeks. Super Silver Haze can be cultivated outside, but it thrives in an indoor hydroponic system.

What kind of stress inspires you to be creative?

Because of the dominant genes, Sativa dominant cannabis strains are often the greatest for creativity. Stoners typically choose pure Sativa strains or Sativa-dominant hybrids to increase intellectual stimulation and creativity.

Is Green Crack all sativa?

The most widely ingested variety is the sativa form of Green Crack, which is legendary for invigorating and providing a battery-like power boost to everyone who consumes it. The second strain, which appears to be less popular, is a 75 percent indica variant of Green Crack.

What effect does marijuana have on you?

THC, the primary psychoactive element, activates the area of your brain that reacts to pleasure, such as food and sex. This causes a dopamine chemical to be released, giving you a euphoric, relaxed sensation.

How do you feel about being stoned?

When you begin to feel high, attempt to unwind by engaging in low-stress activities such as watching TV, playing a video game, chatting with friends, drinking some water, and eating the snacks you bought earlier; if you’re feeling anxious, take a seat and remember to take deep breaths.

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