Sensi Seeds Review 2024 – Household Name for Cannabis Seeds

Sensi Seeds BV is one of the oldest marijuana seed banks in the world. Check out the Sensi Seeds review down below to learn about the company and the services they offer.

If you list the highest-selling marijuana seed bank of 2024, you will find that Sensi Seeds is one of the top-rated online dispensaries. It’s like a well-known celebrity in the world of marijuana. Winning Cannabis Cups and other awards for cannabis is a piece of cake for them.

People love them for providing only the best quality cannabis seeds and excellent customer service.

Sensi Seeds Review 2024


Sensi Seeds seed bank - Amsterdam
Sensi Seeds seed bank review

Is The “Sensi Seeds” Seed Bank Legit?

If you use marijuana, you have probably already heard about Sensi Seeds. It’s a very well-known marijuana online seed bank.

Trustpilot has given them a rating of 4 stars out of 5. Furthermore, more than 16,500 buyers provide these ratings.

Did you know?Pro Tip

Sensi Seeds has won numerous awards at the international level for the quality of its marijuana seeds. Big Bud, Northern Lights, and Jack Herer are some of the most popular cannabis strains worldwide and won multiple Cannabis Cup over the years, which are bred by the Sensi Seeds Laboratories.

We always ask people to try new, trustworthy marijuana seed banks to get new experiences and new strains. And if you have not tried Sensi Seeds yet, you are missing a great opportunity!

History of Sensi Seeds

The company operates from Amsterdam, and they started doing the cannabis business in 1985.

The founder of the company is Ben Dronkers. Ben has been growing marijuana and making seeds since 1975. He started doing this as a hobby and later turned into a huge business, which is now a genuine name in the cannabis industry.

He takes the genetics of marijuana plants seriously and strives to collect and organize all the world’s best marijuana strains.

Ben has also been traveling the world during the 70s and the 80s to collect and store different cannabis seeds.

After getting many different seeds, he started to breed them and make new strains. After producing many genetically healthy seeds, he began to sell them in his “Sensi Seeds” shop.

Sensi Seeds Website

The website of the online shop is well designed. You can see the menu bar with direct links to feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, merchandise, hemp foods, and CBD products. It helps you to navigate to the page you are looking for quickly.

Additionally, they have a slider bar with all the most popular marijuana strains on the homepage. All the information is planned out and placed without making a lot of confusion for the viewers.

The cannabis store also has a great filter to find strains quickly. You can filter the marijuana strains by Seed type, THC/CBD levels, Breeder, Yield size, Flowering tie, Height, Flowering type, and package size.

Very handy, right?

Quality of Marijuana Seeds

The company sells some of the highest quality seeds in the online market.  People have been buying seeds from them because of their high reputation of providing only the best marijuana seeds.

Customers have been claiming that they germinated 100% of their seeds when bought from Sensi seed bank.

With over 35 years of experience in marijuana breeding and seed selling, you can genuinely trust them to provide you with only the highest quality seeds and loyal customer service.

Ben Dronkers went to different parts of the world to find their wild landrace strains and bought them to Holland. These strains were pure, and he used them to breed with other strains. You can be sure that you will possibly not find better marijuana strain quality anywhere else other than Sensi seed bank. It makes them a genuine vendor in the cannabis industry.

Variety of Strains

They have a great collection of different kinds of strains on sale. You name it, and they have it, be it feminized strains, autoflowering strains, medical marijuana strains, and many more.

People at Sensi seed bank always find better medical strains. They do have all the latest medical cannabis seeds in their shop.

You can find Cannabis Cup winner strains like Jack Herer, Big bug, Northern Lights, and Silver haze.

As we mentioned earlier, the popular strains like Jack Herer, Big bug, and Northern Lights are bred by Sensi seed bank laboratory, which shows how much depth the company has.

If you’re looking for a hemp museum, CBD products, cannabis cup winners, or hash marijuana for the first time, this vendor is your go-to place.

If you want to buy seeds that grow in less flowering time, you may find many photoperiod strains as well. These plants grow quickly in 7 to 9 weeks, so if you’re in a hurry, go for strains that have less flowering time.

Also, the filter system will help you out in finding the right strain for you.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Along with marijuana seeds, they also sell merchandise and vaporizers.

The following are some of the most selling marijuana strains on Sensi seed bank.

Cannabis-Related Information on the Website

Do you love to read about marijuana-related things?

Well, you are just going to love their blog!

The Sensi Seeds Blog is a place where they post news, informative articles, CBD oil related posts, and much more. Check out the blog to read about marijuana-related stuff happening all over the world.

Seed Research

In the last 35+ years, Sensi seed bank has been breeding new marijuana strains and providing the best seed of every weed strain. They used to keep these new cannabis strains behind closed doors.

The breeding project was successful in making 11 new kinds of marijuana strains. And for the first time in the last 35+ years, Sensei Seeds is willing to share those newly created cannabis strains with the best customer service.

Really impressive!

Check out them below.

Germination Guarantee

According to most customers’ reviews, we can safely say that the germination ratio is exceptionally high for Sensi seed bank. People have even reported that they germinated 10 out of 10 seeds that they bought in a pack.

As per the FAQ page, 90% to 100% seeds should germinate when you follow proper guidelines. However, if you face any problems in germination, you can contact them, and they will help you out the best they can.

They test their batches, and if the germination ratio is between 75% to 80%, they discard that batch and get another one.

This practice is efficient to ship out only the best seeds.

Shipping Rates

Unfortunately, the company only ships their marijuana seeds in the EU. If you live in the US, then you can’t get them to deliver the seeds to you. Nevertheless, customer service for EU customers is exceptional.

The shipping times are speedy if you live in the EU. It takes less than 5 business days to deliver your order.

What to do if you live outside the EU?

You have to get Sensei seeds from some other seed bank that ships to other parts of the world. You have to find a redistributor, and that’s it!

You would see if the company ships feminized seeds or merchandise to your country.

The standard packaging and postage fee is 7.5 euros. If you are outside the EU, then the fees will be 12.5 euros.

Discreet Package and Protection

You can get a tracking and delivery guarantee from Sensi Seeds by paying an extra 5 Euros as insurance to them.

By doing so, you will track your order and even get another package delivered if it doesn’t reach the destination.

Yes, the parcel sent by Sensi Seeds is very plain and simple.

They always do stealth shipping, which has no marijuana-related images or text on the parcel. It is not possible to make out that the package is from a marijuana seed online shop.

Amazing, right?

Payment Methods

You can pay with credit cards on their website.

There is a cash payment option available as well. Moreover, you can also pay them with a bank transfer. Unfortunately, Sensi Seeds do not accept Bitcoin, international money orders, PayPal, or check as payment methods.

If you want to buy seeds and pay them quickly, paying with credit cards is a convenient option.

Furthermore, your bank statement or credit cards will NOT show cannabis-related reference. You might see the name ‘SSB Holland‘ on your statement. Consequently, you will be safe as nobody can know what and from where you have bought the item.

Promotions and Discounts

If you are after offers and discounts, you know that Sensi Seeds do not have any offers or promotions page.

Although they sell high-quality marijuana seeds, so you should give them a try.

Sensi Seeds Affiliate Program

The good news is that you can earn money by becoming a partner of Sensi Seeds’ affiliate program.

It’s very easy to join the affiliate program of Sensi Seeds. First, you need to join the program by creating an account, and once they approve you, you will be given an affiliate link, which can be placed on your website, social media profiles, or at places from where you can generate the clicks.

When visitors click on your link, they will be redirected to the Sensi Seeds website. If they place an order for cannabis seeds, you will get up to 30% in referral fees. Besides, if they buy CBD products, you can earn up to 17.5% in referral fees.

Here’s the process you need to follow to earn affiliate commission:

Step 1 – Add Links to Your Website

Place product links and/or banners of with affiliate links on your site.

Step 2 – Promote Sensi Seeds Products

Visitors redirect from your website to and purchase cannabis seeds or CBD oil.

Step 3 – Earn Referral Fees

Earn affiliate commission for each purchase of Sensi Seeds cannabis seeds or CBD oil.

The company claims that you will earn a guaranteed commission when a visitor buys from your affiliate links!

What makes this affiliate program more trustworthy is the technology that drives this program — Post Affiliate Pro (PAP). It’s a tracking software with innovative technology that can let you track your earnings in real-time!

Moreover, you can also download and install the app for this program. Click on the following links to download the app:

You have a chance to become a reseller of absolute top-notch cannabis seeds and CBD products by joining this innovative affiliate program. Apart from that, if you have any concerns or queries regarding the program, their dedicated affiliate team is there to help you and provide answers to any questions you might have.

Is the Customer Service of Sensi Seeds Good?

According to the customers of Sensi Seeds, the customer service experience they provide is positive and helpful.

They even show all their reviews on their website without hiding anything.

You can visit their customer service page to find questions about orders, payments, products, and shipping. They have a vast database of questions and soliton, which will help you find a solution to your problem right away.

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact them via the customer service page, they are always glad to help you.

Last Words

If you are inside the EU, then you should give Sensi a try for sure. Not buying from them is like missing a golden opportunity to do business with an honest brand the provides high-quality cannabis seeds and loyal customer service.

We are sure, and once you do business with them, you will fall in love with them.

The amount of time and resources they have dedicated to breeding only high-quality strains is awe-inspiring and shows us their expertise.

Ben is genuinely a PRO at making seeds and selling them. Make sure you give them a try at the earliest!

Happy Seed Shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are sensi seeds located?

Sensi Seeds, often known as Sensi Seed Bank, is an Amsterdam-based Dutch cannabis seed firm. The firm was established in 1985.

Do Sensi seeds ship internationally?

Sensi seeds do not ship to places outside of Europe.

What are the best CBD products available at Sensi Seeds?

Sensi Seeds is particularly famous for being the largest seed bank in Europe. They have a wide range of the best CBD seeds and other products such as CBD oils and vape juices. Clothes and accessories are also available. In addition, our team enjoyed the wide range of products that Sensi Seeds’ CBD Shop offers.

How do I make a payment at Sensi Seeds?

Sensi Seeds employs traditional yet secure payment options to provide you with the most significant purchasing experience possible. Following your order, you will be able to finalize your purchase with credit cards or a bank transfer, which will be provided immediately. For some orders, cash payment is also an option. However, we recommend reading the online store’s terms and conditions

What are the Sensi Seeds shipping times?

Sensi Seeds handles your purchase once money is received. Therefore delivery time will be determined first by your payment option. Second, Sensi Seeds can arrive between 1 to 10 days, depending on your location. Finally, your packages will be delivered discreetly and safely by professionals.

Is Sensi Seeds a genuine product?

Sensi Seeds has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality goods. You know they’re among the best money can buy when you buy their seeds. But, on the other hand, the brand exploits its reputation to maintain its pricing somewhat high, albeit multi-packs give value.

Is Sensi Seeds a genuine product?

Sensi Seeds has earned a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality goods. You know they’re among the best money can buy when you buy their seeds. But, on the other hand, the brand exploits its reputation to maintain its pricing somewhat high, albeit multi-packs give value.

Is it true that clones develop quicker than seeds?

Clones, as opposed to seeds, require a shorter vegetative phase. They will also develop quicker than seeds since the clone is not a newborn but is the same age as its mother. Again, this may appear favorable at first, but such artificial growth also has negatives.

Do Sensi seeds have a return policy?

Yes, you will get a 100% return if you are not satisfied with the products. You can initiate the return process within 14 days of receiving your order.

Do they provide free seeds?

They don’t always. However, keep checking their website for further details.

What are the best seeds to buy from Sensi seeds?

The best-selling feminized seeds are  White Widow, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, and Gorilla Glue.

Is purple punch a flower that blooms on its own?

Purple Punch Automatic, a new generation autoflower, doesn’t have to compete with photoperiod cannabis types in terms of strength and flavor: With 19 percent THC, it has a powerful impact.

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