Is weed legal in Honduras? All that you must know!

Did you ever visit Honduras? Do you know- Is weed legal in Honduras? What are the drug laws and law enforcement?

Don’t worry! I am not throwing a questionnaire here. In fact, with the complete research on weed laws in Honduras, I have come up with the summation of all in one place!

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Honduras: A small country in Central America with sandy beaches and rainforests that are far less traveled than any other country. Honduras doesn’t allow cannabis usage in any form. Cultivation, transportation, possession, or sale- It is illegal here. However, despite harsh cannabis laws, Honduras takes a lenient stance on marijuana.

Our write-up will help you in getting the points. So, stay with me!

Honduras Cannabis Laws


Honduras Cannabis Laws

Honduras’ cannabis laws are strict, and the country doesn’t welcome marijuana. The country has a very high crime rate. It is found that Crimes and their association with drug dealing might be one of the reasons for this expansion in viciousness. For example, Honduras was a transit country to the USA by drug dealers. The crimes and violence often had links with contentions between the groups in their disagreement regarding an area, coercion, tax evasion, and so on.

For this reason, a few officials proposed in 2012 to decrease drug dealing and further develop the legal framework and security powers’ straightforwardness and viability.

Current Status:

Medical marijuana: Illegal

For Recreational purposes: Illegal

Honduran citizens cannot possess weed or be involved in any related activity. No cultivation, buying, selling, or transportation is legal.

There is no such medicinal cannabis in the country. However, Honduras believes drug dependence for medical purposes harms health. It is better to take alternate remedies.

So, mug up the following Drug laws of Honduras and plan your trip accordingly.

Drug Law in Honduras: Can you use medical cannabis?

Drug Law in Honduras

Honduras has strict drug laws, and legalization doesn’t seem so soon. It is not a wise idea to smoke weed in public. If the police catch you, you would rather spend at least a day in the police station.

So, don’t try!

Honduras’s drug law was enforced by the government on 23 November 1989. The law was called – the Law on the improper use and illicit trafficking of drugs and psychotropic substances. After some amendments and modifications, this law still regulates the illegal use, possession, and production of marijuana.

Remember, weed is illegal for both medical use and recreational use.

  • For first-time possession offenders, the fine of 1000 lempiras (approx. 40 USD ). Also, the accused is supposed to be sent to the rehabilitation center for 30 days.
  • Again for second-time possession offenders, the accused must pay 5000 lempiras ($200)
  • If you dare to be caught for the third time, you will be taken to spend jail time and would be expelled from society.
  • For foreign tourists, and the police catch you for possession of marijuana, It’s a troubling time for you! You might be expelled immediately, even if you possess drugs for personal use. However, if the quantity found with you is minimal, you might be taken to the Judge of the Supreme Court, and if he feels, he might set you free!

After some time, in November 2012, a proposal was sent to modify the old drug law on Drug trafficking. As I mentioned, that drug was transported to the USA using Honduras’ territory. A bill was introduced to shoot down the aircraft that carried drugs and used Honduras’s airspace to set it back.

Many times, a debate was there to legalize marijuana for the treatment of chronic diseases. However, rejected.

Thus, you must understand that legal cannabis in Honduras is a dream! Unfortunately, smoking weed is not worth it in Honduras.

Medicinal cannabis in Honduras: Is medical cannabis legal in Honduras?

First, there is no medical marijuana in Honduras like in many other countries. The same prison sentence for those using weed for personal use. In recent years, many people have seen prison for illicit consumption and possession of weed.

We don’t see the decriminalization of illegal medical marijuana soon.

Law Enforcement:

After having such strict laws, the country is surely not for pot lovers. Police will take you to the police station for hours.

Well, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Don’t smoke weed in public. Marijuana is taboo here, and someone would complain about you to the cops.
  • Try to play the victim as soon as cops catch you. You can say you are tourists and don’t want to get into trouble as you are unaware of the drug laws.
  • Remember, you cannot grow cannabis plants in Honduras. It’s against the legislation and would be subject to severe consequences. So if you are a person who wants to grow marijuana plants, Honduras is not for you!
  • Many travelers say that police are usually corrupt here, and you can offer them a bribe to get out of trouble! However, we don’t want advice as we are not sure about that.

Where to purchase cannabis in Honduras?

Suppose you are not much concerned about the quality of weed. Then you can get to some cities like the cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the tourist places in Honduras.

If you are in search of weed, look for the pothead and look at the people around. It is not very difficult to find such people. After that, ask them for the cannabis. If lucky, you might get some.

Thus, don’t carry weed to avoid misfortune if you plan a road trip or by air.

Quality and price of marijuana:

The quality of cannabis may disappoint you in Honduras. To get quality marijuana, you must befriend locals and the hippie crowd. They might help you in getting the desired ones.

If we talk about the price, it’s interesting. Weed is quite cheap here. One gram of cannabis may cost you even less than 1 USD! Can you believe it?

The price One pound of weed will cost you about 1,200 lempiras approx. $100.

For one pound, less than. $20 (100-300 lempiras) is enough!

Isn’t it great?

FAQs: Is weed legal in Honduras?

Will medical marijuana be legal in 2023?

If we look at the government’s tough stance on cannabis, it seems difficult that medical cannabis gets legal status any time soon.

Can I grow weed plants at my home?

We don’t recommend it as cultivation is a criminal offense, and you may face a jail sentence.

What are the best strains to get in Honduras?

Amnesia Haze, Royal Dwarf, and Afghani are some good-quality weed strains.


Weed is not for Honduras. Laws are strict, yet their lenient behavior might help you get safe. If you are lucky, everything will be fine, and cops won’t reach out. Else, be ready to face laws.

However, we would like to say that using weed in Honduras is not a good idea. Better to stay safe and lead a happy, blissful life.

Though weed may provide you happiness, it can cause trouble for you! So, enjoy weed where it is legal. It should be a reason for your smile, not for your stress!

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