7 Reasons Why Edibles not working after 3 hours

Are you the one who doesn’t get high even after having cannabis edibles? Do you want to know the reasons why cannabis edibles not working after 3 hours on you? If the answer is yes, you need to go through the following blog carefully.

I can assure you that it will unwind the reasons you have been craving to know for a long!

Marijuana Edibles can be the best alternative for those who don’t want to indulge themselves in smoking weed. But unlike smoking weed, edibles work and affect you differently.

However, Edible products can sometimes have two faces. On the one hand, they’re a terrific alternative if you don’t want to smoke or vape or want to get high in a circumstance where that isn’t possible. On the other hand, they are enjoyable to eat and typically have a good amount of THC.

However, the dosages can be tricky to get right, and if you overdo it—which is simpler than you might think—you might find yourself high for far longer than you anticipated.

Even smoking cannabis edibles may sometimes disappoint you, as several people complain that edibles won’t work on them even after 2 -3 hours of consumption.

But why? What are the reasons why edibles won’t serve you and get a good high; Have a look!

All about Cannabis edibles hit


Many weeders consume cannabis to get a good high. These are gaining immense popularity over the days.

But in general, but not always, an edible will give users a potent, long-lasting high. Believe it or not, some folks might not experience any effects from an edible, and it’s not always their fault.

Suppose your friends are all feeling high after eating a gummy along with you. However, you’re sitting there completely sober and have concluded that “edibles are not working for me.” What gives, then? Why are edibles ineffective for me?

By describing how edibles function, highlighting reasons why they might not be a good fit for you, and providing some cannabis product alternatives, the 420 expert advisor team is assisting you.

First and foremost, the effects of cannabis edibles are different for everyone. The same edible you and your friend consumed may show different effects. For example, while seeing your friend in euphoria, you might not feel such a high.

Let’s get indulged in knowing the reasons.

What happens inside the body when you consume cannabis:

The body processes edibles differently from other ways to consume marijuana.

What happens after smoking cannabis:

You breathe cannabis directly into your lungs when it is smoked or vaped. The cannabinoids instantly enter the bloodstream after entering the lungs, where they proceed to the brain. This results in a quick onset time. Thus produces a great high immediately.

What happens when you consume cannabis edibles:

On the other hand, before you start experiencing the effects of edibles, it could take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

The process runs as follows:

  • When you eat edibles, they enter through the food pipe inside your body.
  • After having passed through several body parts, it reaches your intestine. The whole digestive system works to find out any anomalies in your food.
  • Your intestine then detects THC content, and the THC edibles go to the liver. Stomach acids must first break down the edible before the cannabinoids are ingested, processed by the liver through liver enzymes, and released into circulation. Gummies might occasionally take up to 1-2 hours to start working, depending on how much you consume and your body’s chemistry.
  • Then it gets mixed with the bloodstream and flows along where the blood circulates.

The whole process takes time, which is why you feel high after a long time of having edibles.

If you’ve been eating an edible for three hours and you’re still not feeling any effects, either the edible was not potent, your body doesn’t respond to it, or you have consumed a low dose.

Further, it is also important to know How long edibles stay in your system. This is also different for individuals.

How long do edibles stay in your system:

Cannabis can stay in various body parts in the following ways:

90 days for hair

48 hours for saliva

36 hours for blood

3 days to a month or more of urination

Another study from 2017 found that marijuana strains are also very important in defining this time frame.

One fundamental reality is that the longer it takes for nicotine to leave your system, the heavier the smoker you are.

Let’s check.

Reasons Why don’t edibles get you high enough?

The culprits for not feeling high are as follows:

The Dosage:

There is no criterion to tell the amount of effective dose for consuming cannabis to feel high. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect dose.’ However, store-bought edibles do have prints about their standard dose.

But again, it can be different for everyone!

Finding the ideal dosage of eating edibles requires a lot of trial and error. Indeed. It is all about experiments.

In general, a normal dose is regarded as containing 10 to 15 milligrams of THC. However, you won’t know the ideal dose unless you try.

Remember, some people need more to feel the desired results, while others need less.

There is also the matter of marijuana’s varying effective dose range. This means that each person may consume only a certain amount of THC until they experience any effects. For example, some people can notice effects after ingesting as little as 3 milligrams of THC, while others could require at least 30 mg.

Due to this varied, effective dose range, some people might not be ingesting enough THC to feel high without realizing it. However, they may believe the cannabis edible is ineffective, but they just haven’t eaten enough.

Check out, buddy! You, too, need higher doses!

The Quality of the Edibles:

One of the strongest reasons the edibles hit late is their quality or the difference in the cannabinoids in your cannabis-infused edibles.

Let’s admit it!

You could be using the incorrect kind of food. All edibles are not created equal. It matters what kind of cannabis is in the edible. While certain cannabis strains are richer in CBD than others, others are greater in THC.

If the ratio is off, it can affect your experience and prevent you from getting the desired results.

Thus, it is important to know the kind of high you want from your weed edibles. To experience psychoactive effects, the THC content must be on the higher side.

Time to Consume weed edibles matters!

You might be surprised, but this is true.

Whether you are eating edibles on an empty stomach or after a full meal decides the high you’ll get.

However, Edibles may make some people feel something, but it may not be the outcome they were hoping for.

You may experience intense anxiety instead of relaxation. For example, consuming consumables on an empty stomach may be one of the main causes. Consuming an edible without any other food in your stomach can make the THC affect you more rapidly than if you eat beforehand and create undesirable effects, even if it still takes longer to hit your system than smoking or vaping. That’s how you can have a quick psychoactive effect.

You will find a lot many experiences on Reddit.

A user shared:

” I recommend eating edibles on a fairly empty stomach. We ate the same edibles several times on empty stomachs and felt the effects in around 30 – 45 minutes.”

However, there is a contradiction as some say that weed should not be the first thing to be consumed. For example, one must have weed with a wholesome or fatty meal at least 45 minutes of consuming weed edibles. Else your edibles will lose almost 75% of their potency.

Your Metabolism:

Metabolism is the generic term for the liver filtering out the toxins from your body ahead of its circulation with the blood flow.

Metabolism affects the effects of cannabis products on your body. It has more to do with maintaining your body figure!

Edibles function differently from other cannabis strains. Edibles must first be digested, in contrast to smoking, vaping, and putting tinctures under your tongue, allowing the cannabis to enter your bloodstream immediately.

Before entering your bloodstream, your body breaks THC, which is processed in your liver. The enzymes significantly influence your reaction to various cannabinoids in your liver.

Higher or lower levels of CYP enzymes can affect the pace of metabolism and even result in THC not being metabolized at all.

When your body metabolizes too quickly, your edibles get digested, and you will not have the desired effects. Sometimes heavy recreational users also face the same situations.

Because everyone has a unique metabolic rate, they will experience the same amount of marijuana in various ways and at different times. However, you cannot experience the effects only for a short time if your body metabolizes the substance too quickly.

What is suggested in general is that you must try on your doses. Try to increase them slowly and note the effects.

Your THC tolerance:

Your tolerance will increase if you consume a lot of marijuana or edibles. Therefore, if this is the case, you have two choices: try a greater dose or stop using marijuana for a while to allow your tolerance to return.

The simplest explanation for someone saying, “edibles don’t work for me,” is your high tolerance to THC and physical characteristics like body size. A person’s physical characteristics, such as their body size and high THC tolerance, are another reason why an edible may not be effective for everyone.

Therefore, the amount of THC in the edibles you eat may fall short of your physical needs and cannabis tolerance. But let’s say you’re a seasoned cannabis user and believe your edible has a very low THC concentration. So in that situation, you might cautiously experiment with edibles that contain more THC.

It’s possible that the amount of THC in the edible you consumed was insufficient, given your physical characteristics and cannabis tolerance.

Consider cautiously experimenting with increasing THC concentrations if you are an experienced cannabis consumer and believe the edible’s THC content may be too low.

Thus, if you are a fan of pot brownies and consume them more often, you may have developed a high THC tolerance, and that’s why you are not getting the effects.

You are using homemade edibles:

This could be one of the top reasons for you not getting high enough.

Yes, there is a huge difference between the effects of homemade edibles and store-bought edibles.

This is much more likely to be the case if you consume homemade eating edibles. Cannabis must first be decarboxylated, which is the addition of heat to activate the cannabinoids before baking, to have an impact as an edible.

You won’t get high if you consume raw cannabis that hasn’t been decarboxylated. However, if you consume handmade foods, this is much more likely to be the case.

Cannabis must first be decarboxylated, which is the addition of heat to activate the cannabinoids before baking, to have an impact as an edible. You won’t get high at all if you consume raw cannabis that hasn’t been decarboxylated.

Edibles inconsistencies:

Edibles come in various forms- hard candies, baked goods, etc. Every edible works differently. If you are taking edibles in various forms, it will affect you in different ways.

Moreover, potency difference is also the reason. You must check the recommended dose and then experiment as per your needs. Just be mindful of how potency functions for batch manufacturing if you still intend to consume your friend’s produced edibles.

Only edibles with active THC can get you a great high.

Particularly if purchased from the underground market instead of legal markets, edibles are famously unpredictable in terms of taste, strength, or the dosage required to get high. This element of edibles may put people off and for a good reason.

There are innumerable tales of people consuming an edible given to them by a friend far more potent than they had anticipated.

For instance, a plate of marijuana brownies will have certain pieces with higher THC concentrations than others. But its effects for any two individuals can differ.

For instance, you might have a brownie with 10 mg of THC while your friend consumes one with about 20 mg for the same high amount! Additionally, it is difficult to predict effects due to an edible’s cannabis content and kind of infusion.

Maybe Edibles are not for you!

I know it might sound a little disappointing, but there is a possibility that edibles don’t work for you. It happens; Cannabis edibles don’t work for everyone.

If this is the case, you can try out various other alternatives to cannabis edibles.

Some people can’t seem to get edibles to work no matter what they try. However, specific conventional drug types don’t work for everyone.

Instead, you might want to think about experimenting with a different cannabis variety.

Like you can try a tincture if you don’t want to smoke or vape.

Many people can experience the effects of cannabinoids without smoking or vaping, but not everyone will benefit from cannabis edibles.

Further, if your edibles’ effects aren’t what you’re looking for, ask your dispensary for advice or to suggest something different that might better fit your needs.

In our next segment, I will tell you the best possible alternatives to be used in place of cannabis plant edibles. I am sure that some will definitely work for you!

What are the alternatives when Edibles not working for you?

Here are other top cannabis options if edibles aren’t working for you. Flowers and concentrates are two of the most popular substitutes. Additionally, the ideal substitutes for patients who want to consume cannabis products that have benefits comparable to edibles but don’t require inhalation include:

Hard Candies for the tongue

The edible variant is more flavorful, but you won’t swallow it because the body will absorb the cannabinoids through soft tissues in your mouth.

Mints and tinctures are some of the greatest sublingual choices, and they start working in only fifteen minutes.

In contrast to a traditional edible, the effects will wear off more quickly.

Tinctures and Sprays for sublingual absorption and consumption

You can take edibles by sublingual consumption. Sprays and sublingual tinctures deliver THC straight to your bloodstream through the mucus membranes below the tongue.

Cannabis oil is contained in a tiny bottle with a spray tip or a dropper in a tincture or spray. Place the product below your tongue and let it absorb. It will give you a good kick.


Cannabis products called suppositories can be inserted into the vagina or anus. As the substance melts, THC is released into the delicate tissue of your body.

It might seem weird, but it has been gaining popularity over the years.

Additionally, the most efficient way to take cannabis therapy is through using these cannabis products.

Topicals For The Skin And Patches

Transdermal is a cannabis skin product. As a result, THC will enter your body through your skin and may impact your mental health.

Non-transdermal topicals and patches reduce inflammation and pain, although they don’t have a strongly impact.

So, we have discussed the various reasons why edibles were not working after 3 hours for you.

What to do when edibles don’t work for me:

The following may help you:

Drink caffeine before having weed edibles:
Because of everything said above, metabolism may be a crucial factor in how quickly edibles function when combined with exercise. Since recent studies have shown that caffeine can increase your body’s metabolism, this suggests that coffee may provide a tiny boost to your edible reaction time.

Drinkable weed edibles:
Drinkable marijuana is becoming increasingly popular; sure, these products are classified as edibles. THC-seltzers and other liquid concentrates can pass
through your digestive tract much more quickly than solid foods. As a result, drinking your edibles may shorten the time it normally takes for the THC to enter your system.

Purchase Quick-Acting edibles only:

This is more of a suggestion than it is a trick. Fast-acting edibles can be something to consider if you want to get high from edibles more quickly. They won’t continue as long, but they should occur between 15 and 45 minutes rather than for 1-2 hours.

Exercise beforehand
Your body begins to metabolize
more quickly when you exercise. This will only be successful if you make exercising a habit because your body will need to metabolize more quickly to keep up with the additional energy you’re burning. Cannabis is digested in the stomach and then absorbed into the liver, which is processed before entering the bloodstream. Greater liver metabolization speed

Still queries! Please have a look at our FAQs.


What are the medicinal benefits of consuming weed edibles instead of smoking weed?

Edibles work with other medications to benefit you from various health ailments:
Chronic pain relief
Targeted pain relief
Anxiety relief
Muscle spasms
Anti-seizure relief

Is overdosing on cannabis edible a good move?

No, not.
We meant that if you are not feeling high, you can continue consuming higher doses but gradually, very slowly.
Always remember overdosing on cannabis edible can become a reason for many cardiovascular symptoms and other problems. So higher dose should not always be considered to get high.

How Long Will the Effects of Edibles Last?

The potency and dosage of an edible and other variable affect how long a high effect lasts. Unlike the high experienced from orally absorbed products, the high from a cannabis product that is eaten or chewed will remain longer.
Although it’s difficult to estimate how long, other characteristics like weight, a rapid metabolism, and a high tolerance affect the time taken by edibles. It may take a few moments to a few hours.
Generally, Six to eight hours may pass before the effects wear off. After three hours of consumption, the blood levels of THC components in edibles reach their peak, which causes a stronger high.


Most people choose to eat edibles. It merely requires figuring out what kind of edibles you require and the right dosage.

Make sure to decarboxylate your marijuana and infuse it into butter or oil before eating it if you’re going the DIY route. The desired results won’t be achieved if you don’t.

The effects of edibles may take many hours to act. After taking a suggested amount, you must wait at least 24 hours before eating more edibles. Moreover, consuming another dose can lead to various adverse effects.

Only edibles with high THC content can create a euphoric high. In contrast to edibles, which take up to two to three hours or more to start working in the body, smoking THC has a quicker effect.

Keep in mind the reasons and alternatives, and choose wisely!

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