YGROW 600W LED grow light review 2023 {In-Depth review}

Hey guys, Today I have brought YGROW 600W LED grow light review for you. I know very well that many of you are not close to the name of this company. No need to start shivering after hearing the name of a new company, as I am here to do a complete operation of the product.

I will not just explain about the product, but most importantly, I will also explain post-purchase things. How does the warranty roll, what issue can trouble you, how responsive is the warranty service, etc?

I believe in filling my review with the content, which I received from personally testing the product. I am a strict one, and only recommend you the products, which are exceptionally fit for you.

So, how fit is YGROW 600W LED grow light for you?

Come on, let us discover together!

YGROW 600W LED grow light review in 2023

YGROW 600W LED grow light review
YGROW 600W LED grow light review

YGROW 600W LED grow light review : The first glance

The design of this LED grow light is quite mainstream. When you turn it, you might get a bit surprised. This grow light is having just one fan. You can see, there was a margin of fitting one more fan there. The issue is that if the fan malfunctions, the things go worst, and you need to hurry for repairing it.

So, it is always better to have two fans, as if something happens to the first fan, the second one is still there to do the job, and in this way, you get time for repairing.

This one is a reflector model, and the LED chips angle is bit different. Usually, you get 90 or 120 degrees, but here you get 60 degrees. The low price is the best thing. At that price level, YGROW 600W LED grow light provides you with all essentials.


Product Dimensions 15 x 11 x 4 inches
Item weight 3.2 pounds
Quality of LED chips Epileds LED Chips
Lifespan 50000 Hours
Input voltage AC100~240V
Avg. Power Draw 150w
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 4ft x 4ft from 24 inches height
Bloom Coverage area 3ft x 3ft from 18 inches height
PAR value 612 umols from 18 inches height
HPS replacing capability 1000W Hps
Warranty period 2 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


I know when you are paying such a less amount for it, you might be feeling very curious and inquisitive about what all features you are getting and what all are the capabilities. Mush idea you got from the specs only. But this features portion is for quite vital knowledge.

Optimal full spectrum:

YGROW 600W LED grow light Spectrum
YGROW 600W LED grow light Spectrum

As you might be knowing, your plants need varies wavelengths of light, and YGROW 600W LED grow light provides all necessary lights for the best growth. The percentage of various lights is very good. It provides, 380nm-740nm light. What else does your plant need? IR and UV, right? Both are there! White light is present as well.

Temperature Controller System inside:

Contrast with other LED grow lights available, the company has included The Newest Temperature Controller inside, the light will consequently kill while the temperature is higher than 95 degrees. It will avoid harming the light when the fan isn’t working.

The high-speed calm cooling fan is there in addition to winding radiator & warm sinks to keep incredible warmth dissemination notwithstanding running at 18 hours/day. That is brilliant!

60 Degree Reflect Cup:

YGROW 600W LED grow light Reflector cup LED
YGROW 600W LED grow light Reflector cup LED

The company adopts focused 60 degrees reflect angle to control the lights in the explicit zone, spare power by up to 32%. No light waste,100% completely light ingestion and discharge the light more equally than a conventional bulb, ensure higher light power and productivity.

The makers claim that other LED grow lights have 90/120 degree conventional globule or glass which is scattered causing light waste and lower light intensity. That implies your plants will get more lights vitality under our plant light.

Energy Saving capabilities and Higher HPS replacing ability:

I have come across very less grow lights, which were having such brilliant ratio of actual power draw and HPS replacing ability. Being a 600W model, it is replacing a complete 1000W HPS light system, and what it sucks from the wall? Not more than 150W! That is insane!

I have been testing such light since long, and I tell you, only 2 out of 100 LED grow lights have such a brilliant actual power draw and HPS replacement ratio!

Fantastic coverage area:

Way below $100 mark, how many LED grow lights do you know, which provide you a 16 square feet coverage area for the bloom? Very less for sure. I am not cent percent sure, but at this price segment, YGROW 600W LED grow light is the best in terms of coverage area.

The core coverage is 9 square feet, in which you can comfortably grow half a dozen of cannabis plants, the same way I did! The light intensity is also brilliant, so the quality support as well as the quantity support, both you are getting!

The warranty

2 Years warranty plus 30 days money back is what you receive with YGROW 600W LED grow light. The best thing is that you get 24 hours responding customer service, and your issues are absorbed and solved in quite short time. Many customers displayed their joy regarding the customer service of YGROW!

What were the results?

First of all, let us say, a big grow area, brilliant canopy penetration, and most importantly the great PAR value 1612 umols from 18 inches! Now with all these record-breaking numbers, do you still feel that anything can be bad with the yield?

No, not at all! The cannabis were triple brilliant, and no one can put forth questions regarding the quantity, quality, or aroma! After testing so many lights under $100, I don’t think that any other model can bring more satisfaction to the grower than YGROW 600W LED grow light.

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you say about YGROW 600W LED grow light?

This grow light is already successful, but the estimation is that both the sales and ratings will experience a hike in upcoming days. 100+ reviews in total, and 4+ stars rating out of five, which is brilliant, and why not?

I wasn’t the only person to get such an awesome yield on cannabis. Many others also enjoyed, and not just the cannabis, but many other things also. A major part of the happy customers was of weed lovers.

The best thing is that the LED burnout cases were very less. Some users were not satisfied with the strength of the light! This thing really flew two feet over my head! Guys, this is probably the most powerful LED grow light at that price level, what else are you expecting?

One complainer broke all the world records! He was unhappy with this light and complained that it is very bright!

YGROW 600W LED grow light review : Cons

As you read in many things, YGROW 600W LED grow light proved itself the very best! But the darker side matter much, remember that. Well, you can get cheered up with this one, as there are hardly any cons associated with this 600W model. No daisy chaining feature, and no Veg/Bloom switches.

These are deficiencies, not cons! However, the absence of these features have not brought any significant differences, as this grow light is built for growers of small scale, and not for the professionals. So, if the grow light is working well in its department, then there is nothing left for complaining!

  • Unbelievably low cost.
  • A full spectrum with the inclusion of both UV and Ir.
  • Max coverage area at that price segment.
  • Great actual power draw and HPS replacement ratio.
  • Unique 60 degrees focus angle.
  • Extra-ordinary PAR value.
  • 2 Years limited warranty.
  • 30 Days money return guarantee.
  • Fantastic post-purchase support by the company.
  • No Veg and Bloom switches.
  • No Daisy chaining feature.

YGROW 600W LED grow light review : The final verdict

See guys, my reviews are always entirely based on my will, and I do not believe in endorsing any brands or items. I trust in providing you with pure knowledge. Here, I feel that YGROW 600W LED grow light is the best choice for you at this price segment.

Even the LED grow light models of the best companies around the world are beaten up by this 600W model. The performance of grow light is brilliant, and the best thing is, the LED chips burnout chances are exceptionally low. That’s a most regular issue with the LED grow lights.

Hardly anything to complain here! The absence of Veg/Bloom switches are not going to turn the scene upside down, neither the absence of daisy chaining feature. The company has done experimenting by adding 60 degrees focus angle with this model, and it went entirely successful. I highly recommend YGROW 600W LED grow light to all!

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