Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review 2023 – Must read before you BUY

Hey buddies, today I have brought Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review for you. I know many of you are not familiar with the name of this company. Today, you are going to be fully familiar with this 1000W LED grow light.

The Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp is an extraordinary choice at that price segment. It tends to be viewed as a promising decision for growing weed, nursery growings, blossom displays, and numerous different occasions.

It utilizes 10-watt LEDs like the large portion of other alternatives available. This implies it’s fit for creating significantly more serious light than the lights that utilization LEDs with lower wattages without delivering excessively warm that can harm your plants.

I know you are quite excited to know about this grow light. So, without wasting a single piece of time, let us read the review!

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review in 2023

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review
Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light review : The first glance

The Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum grow light devours around 185 watts of vitality which implies it’s pretty darn vitality productive. It won’t cause a flood in your power bill regardless of whether you abandon it on for a more drawn out timeframe.

Furthermore, you don’t need to stress over overheating on the grounds that the unit accompanies an extremely effective cooling framework made of two cooling fans incorporated with the unit and a warmth sink. This cooling framework can deal with all the warmth that this unit can deliver.

This light gives all that anyone could need the capacity to average buyers. This is genuine in view of a couple of reasons. Above all else, it utilizes a 10-watt triple LED chips, which means it can convey more than normal vitality while expending less power.

This is some great building at work. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you used to utilize a solitary LED chips previously, you should need to think of some as minor modifications in your grow light situating. These alterations are fundamental for maintaining a strategic distance from any sorts of irregular characteristics.


Product Dimensions 12.3×8.3×2.9 inches
Item weight 5.68 pounds
Quality of LED chips 15W x 100 US made LED chips
Lifespan 100,000hours
Input voltage AC85-265V
Avg. Power Draw 180W
Working temperature -20-40 degrees C
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 5.5×5.5ft
Bloom Coverage area 3.5×3.5ft
PAR value 516 umols
HPS replacing capability 1000W HPS
Warranty period 36 Month
Money return guarantee period 90 Days


Yehsence 1000W LED grow light Features
Yehsence 1000W LED grow light Features

This 1500W model isn’t just power-packed but is highly featured at the same time. Keep reading if you want to know what all is Yehsence 1000W LED grow light capable of doing, and also what all it lacks!

Outstanding cooling system:

Presently, we should talk a smidgen about cooling. Each and every individual chip on this light has its very own warmth sink made of aluminum, which is a standard for warmth scattering in each gadget from TV to supercomputer. There are additionally two blow fans for each chip.

The cooling arrangement of the Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp isn’t exactly appropriate for smaller spaces since it’s essential that the cool wind currents through it. For the best cooling, it’s best that you put the light in an outdoor tent or at room temperature.

In a muggy and warm condition, there is a great deal of things that can harm this unit. In the event that the temperature is excessively high, the cooling framework may experience some difficulty managing the warmth from the chips. This can result in fizzled segments or lines of the LEDs.

Dampness can harm the fans by reaching an operator. This will make the fans work at lower RPMs and along these lines have a lower effect on the warmth. The beneficial thing is that the LEDs deliver a humble measure of warmth, so you don’t need to stress over your plants consuming or something.

Decent quality building material:

With regards to the nature of the materials utilized for Dimgogo Triple Chips Full Spectrum Grow Lamp, it’s pretty spot-on. The feeble metal has been enhanced, and the covering is included for a superior look and more secure taking care of.

The metal is somewhat thin, and hypothetically, this ought to be a disadvantage with regards to quality, however, remember that these are made to be hanged. More slender metal methods lighter light, and that is vital. The weight of this grow light is also quite low.

Veg and bloom switches:

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light Veg and bloom switches
Yehsence 1000W LED grow light Veg and bloom switches

Having Veg and Bloom switches is always such a pleasure, especially for advanced level growers. Now, even if you are a complete fresher, it is not going to consume much of your time in learning the utilization of these switches. It is as simple as-Turn On the veg switch when your plants are new to the world, and when they are familiar with the world and ready to bloom, you turn On the bloom switch.

The warranty

Here, you are getting similar sort of period for the warranty, which you generally get with LED grow lights today. Yes, it is 3 years. However, the money return guarantee period is very impressive. It is 90 days, which is exactly three times more than normal. The warranty is holding some terms and conditions regarding the shipping and labor charges.

What were the results?

Now, I haven’t tested much LED grow lights of this company. So, I thought why not to make a comparison. So, when I tested this grow light for cannabis, I tested one more LED grow light of a very good company parallel to this one, which was 80% expensive than Yehsence 1000W LED grow light.

Now, the results were quite shocking! I will not like to mention the name of that grow light here, but it completely failed in front of this 1000W model regarding the cannabis results. The cannabis that bloomed under Yehsence 1000W LED grow light were bigger, better, and had a stronger aroma.

You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Yehsence 1000W LED grow light?

This grow light has got a boom launching on Amazon. Not more than 57 reviews, but you see, 4.5+ stars out of 5 it has achieved! Touching 4.5/5 stars is such a difficult thing for any LED grow light on Amazon, but this one is flying over that and 86% people didn’t find a single piece of fault in this grow light.

Tremendous achievement! You can see humongous reviews written over there on Amazon, which are entirely filled with joy. Only 4% of users have given three stars or below!

What does that mean? That means this grow light is providing tremendous results to the growers, and not giving any trouble. You hope for the same as a grower, right?

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light reviews : Cons

Neither while testing, nor while going through the consumer reviews, we found any sort of cons. It is really tough to find such a LED grow light, which is reviewed by more than fifty buyers, and still no big complains? You know what was the only complain? A defective unit received!

The only thing you need to look after is regular cleaning of the fans, for their smooth and noiseless function. Besides that, protect the unit against water. That’s it!

  • Extremely low price.
  • Presence of advanced features such as daisy chaining and Veg/bloom switches.
  • Highly durable and very bright.
  • Full spectrum.
  • Extra-large grow area.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • 90 Days money return guarantee, which is three times bigger than normal.
  • Cleaning of fans required at regular intervals of time.

Yehsence 1000W LED grow light reviews : The final verdict

Honestly, this is one of the best choices for beginners with a low budget. It works to perfection at giving the expected vitality to the plants, and all that while keeping the power bill at an unassuming dimension. The grow area is the thing, which pleases you highly as a grower, and daisy chaining feature is always a bonus thing with such low price grow lights.

It gives a full range of lights including the UV and IR which is magnificent, and it highlights optical lens technology that expands conveyance of the vitality. The cooling system works at its best. One of the biggest factors which force you to buy Yehsence 1000W LED grow light is that there are no complains against this time even after 57 reviews!

While this isn’t the light for expert producers, it’s more than appropriate for amateurs. It’s anything but difficult to set up and use.

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