Viparspectra VS Meizhi: A Complete Comparison 2023

Getting two choices and picking one out of them is a certifiable article. Especially when we are hunting down a sensible course of action, we have to manage each barely noticeable detail.

That is the reason I have driven a get-together for Meizhi VS Viparspectra. Presumably, two extensively known brands for their sensible yet execution arranged things.

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But are you worried about how to compare both to pick the best?

In this short connection review of Meizhi and Viparspectra, I am going to give every one of you the notwithstanding and less of all most asked for models from the different maker.

Moreover, the two brands have moored a place in various indoor yard nurseries with a couple of purposes. What’s more, everything by the two brands has something that influences it to rise up out of the rest. For clear yet short connection we’ll separate things into a segment which will be significantly expected points from a Best Indoor LED Grow Light.

Without a doubt, our central focusing centers in this examination are spooky limits, control efficiency, and incorporation potential.

As these are the most expected features or factors in a perfect LED grow light for indoor plants and especially for therapeutic cannabis plants.

Here we go!

A quick comparison

Before Starting our connection between Viparspectra and Meizhi, I would like you to explore these examination tables. Most likely, it’ll help in understanding it in a better way. Yeah, it’s been our custom, in any case, a brand introduction, so our peruser could get an idea in regards to with whom they’ve to deal.

It is definitely and definitely going to help you in comparing both products very well in a very less margin of time.

1) Viparspectra Reflector V300 300W vs Meizhi 300W

FactorViparspectra Reflector V300 300W table
Viparspectra Reflector V300 300W
Meizhi 300W table
Meizhi 300W
Dimension12.6" X 7.9" X 3"12.6" X 7.9" X 2.8"
Weight5.6 lbs7.2 lbs
Power Draw130W±3%140W
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IRFull Spectrum + IR
PAR Output412 uMol from 18"501 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity6060
Coverage2' X 2'3' X 2'
Daisy ChainYESYES
Veg/Bloom switchesNOYES
Warranty Time3 Years1 Year
Money return guarantee time30 Days30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

2) Viparspectra V450 450W vs Meizhi 450W

Factor Viparspectra V450 450W table
Viparspectra V450 450W
Meizhi 450W table
Meizhi 450W
Dimension15.8" X 8.4" X 2.4"15.8" X 8.3" X 2.8"
Weight6.4 lbs6 lbs
Power Draw200W ± 3%215W
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IRFull Spectrum + IR
PAR Output619 uMol from 18"535 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity9090
Coverage2.5' X 2.5'2' X 3.5'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time3 Years1 Years
Money return guarantee time30 Days 30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

3) Viparspectra V600 600W vs Meizhi 600W

FactorViparspectra 600W V600 table
Viparspectra 600W V600
Meizhi 600W table
Meizhi 600W
Dimension15.3" X 12.8" X 3"15" X 12.6" X 2.8"
Weight11.6 lbs12.35 lbs
Power Draw260W±3%230W
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IRFull Spectrum + IR
PAR Output592 uMol from 18"774 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity120120
Coverage3' X 3'3' X 3'
Daisy ChainYesYes
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time3 Years 1 Year
Money return guarantee time30 Days 30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

4) Viparspectra V900 900W vs Meizhi 900W

FactorViparspectra V900 900W table
Viparspectra V900 900W
Meizhi 900W table
Meizhi 900W
Dimension16.5" X 16.5" X 3"15.7" X 8.3" X 2.8"
Weight15.7 lbs13.4 lbs
Power Draw402W±3%450W
Spectrum12 Band Full Spectrum + IRFull Spectrum + IR
PAR Output936 uMol from 18"985 uMol from 18"
LED Quantity180180
Coverage4' X 4'3' X 4.5'
Daisy ChainYesNO
Veg/Bloom switchesYesYes
Warranty Time1 Year 3 Years
Money return guarantee time30 Days 30 Days
Check Price Check Price Check Price

What about the companies?

We habitually endorse our perusers to consider the brand regard and market reputation as an urgent factor while settling on anything.

Most likely, since spending your merited money on a poor and totally unable thing would wrap up being in the waste holder toward the end.

Along these lines, for a progressively canny decision look at the brand regard, brand’s essence accessible, how people are examining the creator, what are the experience of people who have used a thing from the maker, etc.

To the degree Meizhi VS Viparspectra examination is concerned, We should need to make reference to it here that Both brands are incredibly reputed creators for indoor growing instruments.

Furthermore, Meizhi is extensively known for their moderate yet untouchable execution, of course, Viparspectra is known for their ability adequacy and horrible capacities.

In case we look at people’s supposition, it would be the best choice for the people who are running short on the spending plan and investigating for a perfect mate for their plant’s advancement and prosperity.

Plus, if we look at brand’s essence accessible, Meizhi is accessible for more than 7 years while Viparspectra is moreover accessible as far back as 8 years.

Moreover, in the midst of this noteworthy parcel the two brands have advanced toward overhauls in their thing and what we see today accessible are inside and out fabulous ideal masterpieces that are planned to perform and save.

Better value for money

The two brands are giving their things at significantly forceful and sensible expenses. In any case, dependent upon your distinctive requirements you should go for one which is better than the test. You need not worry, no matter you buy the product of either company, you are going to get every single penny returned.

How well-built?

By and by, comes the part which accepts a fundamental occupation in assessing durability and relentless nature of anything.

For taking a gander at gather and design, we’d take Meizhi Updated 300W VS Viparspectra Reflector Series 300W LED Grow Lights in our idea.

Most likely, it’d be less requesting for you to go to a decision in this manner as it will be restricted to a specific model.

If we talk about Meizhi, their two varieties 300W and 600W are invigorated starting late where they’ve included daisy chaining and separate mode changing switches in their latest model.

Also, as a rule, plan is elegant and goes with astounding blue wrapping up, in addition, Meizhi Updated 300W model incorporates 60 Epistar/Bridglux LEDs to spread brilliant light wherever all through the shades.

What’s more, better trust it, Meizhi’s beginning and end parts and build is ETL guaranteed. One shouldn’t worry about prosperity and security while dealing with this LED board.

Directly, if we talk about Viparspectra V300 A.K.A Reflector course of action 300 watts, it likewise goes with classiness concerning magnificence and plan.

Nevertheless, Viparspectra 300W model does exclude twofold mode separate switches.

Furthermore, it additionally incorporates 60 Chips of 5W each. Furthermore, daisy tying down feature is similarly open in all the Viparspectra models.

In this way, no uncertainty, in case we don’t rely upon the transfer of twofold mode switches. You’re looking for a LED with twofold mode switches in 300W variety by then running with Meizhi Reflector 300W would be a predominant choice.

Regardless, we endorse that don’t see this single segment. You better go to a decision in the wake of getting all the astonishing and dull sides of both the brands and models.

PAR output clash

For an unrivaled review, I have picked Meizhi Reflector 900W and Viparspectra V900 in my tests and studies.

If we talk about Viparspectra V900, from 18″ stature PAR results procured by this grow light is 936 umols. From a comparative height, Meizhi Reflector 900W grow light has achieved 985 umols in our tests.

In this manner, no uncertainty, for PAR and PPFD pass on to the Meizhi. This brand has won with respect to passing on better results.

Ordinarily, people look at HPS or MH substitution figures or lumens yield. In any case, we recommend our perusers to see for PAR/PPFD results in case they have to bet for a genuine thing.

Certainly, expelling HPS or HID substitution figures is the best course for a better essential initiative. In like manner, lumens yield is futile. It is so because it gives a survey of the measure of light is indisputable to the human eyes.

Additionally, PAR changing is the best course for what it’s worth responsible for no. of plants you can oblige inside your grow tent.

Also, in case you’ve gotten a champion among the best create tent accessibly, by then there will be a predominant reflection. It will be a phenomenal mix of reflection and event light with better PAR results for your plants as well.

Spectrum capabilities

By and by, comes the prime reason we generally placed assets into an indoor grow light.

No doubt, the basic purpose of a grow light is to pass on range essentialness to the plants so they could grow well and make amazing yield. If we examined Meizhi’s models like 450W and revived 600W, by then all of them are fit for passing on better lights to the plants.

Furthermore, as shown by sources scope of Meizhi LED create lights is a completed range which fuses IR too. Unquestionably, in term of wavelengths, Mezhi passes on light going from 450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm and moreover joins white light.

By and by, in case we talk about Viparspectra 450W, and Reflector 600W create lights, go passed on by these create lights are a completed full scope of 12 bands.

In like manner, it passes on light expanding 440nm-730nm and consolidates white light with 3000K and 7500K regions for better execution.

As we routinely express, the range is a key part responsible for better yield and results and here is the check. Unquestionably, in our diagram, we saw that Viparspectra Models are fit for passing on a better range to the plants.

Furthermore, the bigger piece of customers who have an association of using lights by the two brands has uncovered that yield by Viparspectra’s light better appears differently in relation to Meizhi’s light. That is my self-experience as well. Not just me, but my expert team also thinks the same.

Thusly, no uncertainty, for better spooky expectation keep running with Viparspectra 450W or 600W.

Regardless, extraordinary models have the identical supernatural reaches. It depends upon your consideration expectation you can pick one which fits in your requirements.

Who covers more area?

In our overview or examination, we for the most part like to decide the qualification in consideration limit of the impressive number of varieties for a prevalent review. Almost certainly, we’ll seek after a comparative tradition for the relationship of Viparspectra VS Meizhi too.

In case we consider Viparspectra V300 VS Meizhi Updated 300W, past one, gives a decent effect up to 2’X2′ of grow area. Later one gives 3’X2′ of the Coverage area.

Moreover, if we talk about Meizhi 450W and Viparspectra 450W, Meizhi variety could cover around 2’X3.5′ of the area. On the other side, Viparspectra variety could cover around 2.5’X2.5′ of grow space. For Meizhi revived 600W VS Viparspectra Reflector 600W consideration domain is 3’X3′ in both the models.

In like manner, for Viparspectra V900 VS Meizhi Reflector 900 watt consideration region is 4’X4′ and 3’X4.5 independently. Thusly, unquestionably it differs between model to model, and we endorse our perusers to pick with their insight.

In like manner, don’t just consider consideration zone and besides look at power viability and PAR results by then settle on better appearance in your grow tent will manage the preoccupation at another end.

Not much of difference here. So, just considering this part, you must not come to a decision. Wait and read more!

Who saves more power?

As we normally see, your action won’t end frank in the wake of placing assets into a grow light. Better trust it, light bills would be your sole obligation in regards to utilizing a LED for your indoor growing.

Along these lines, you should pursue something that supports you in saving a few bucks. That to every month by utilizing less power for its errand.

Almost certainly, it is OK to pay few bucks even more at first. The condition is that if there is a chance of appearing of enhancement and power capable light for you.

For Comparing Power capability, we’ve considered Meizhi invigorated 600W and Viparspectra V600 in this Meizhi VS Viparspectra examination cum review.

To begin with, we’d talk about Meizhi Updated 600W as the model name proposes. It is the latest and revived model by the brand, and it utilizes around 230W for entire exercises.

On the other hand, Viparspectra V600 exhausts 260W for proper working.

Along these lines, better trust it, for saving more you should buy Meizhi Updated 600W. I said so because Viparspectra pulls around 30W more from the wall. That is about 360W consistently, and it ends up being a gigantic figure regarding your merited money.

Post-purchase support

By and by, to the warranty certification and client care are concerned, the two brands are right in what they supply. In any case, Viparspectra’s multi year’s close-by warranty is better than Meizhi’s 1 year’s assurance.

No doubt, as shown by their conditions, Meizhi states that conveyance and exchange will be free for simply early in one year. Moreover, a while later buyer need to pay for the transportation of parts. In any case, Viparspectra doesn’t state anything like that and takes perfect thought of their customers.

Viparspectra hits a punch here!

Viparspectra VS Meizhi: The knock out punch

We fathom the condition of falling into overwhelming situations between two clearly comprehended brands. No doubt, everyone keeps running over this situation at any rate once in their indoor planting foundation.

Moreover, that is the reason we’ve made this examination for our perusers. By and by, as we would see it by then we’d simply express that depending upon your necessities and expectation you can go to a decision.

In any case, if you can’t leave confusion, according to our experts for better and perfect execution keep running with Meizhi Updated 600W LED Grow light. Furthermore, Viparspectra has some extraordinary key parts as we referenced in our range divide.

Unquestionably, yield results gotten by Viparspectra is also better overall, so we can’t misconstrue or have a poor opinion of its potential.

Likewise, our proposition of Meizhi’s LED board is for most perfect expectation. So you can change the variety subject to your consideration of trust.

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