VIPARSPECTRA 600W PAR600 LED Grow Light – [A Complete Review]

Looking for a 600W Grow Light for your grow tent? Then, Viparspectra 600W PAR600 is one of the Best 600W Grow Lights for cannabis growers.

In this Viparspectra 600W review, we’ll explain you all the technical specs, and it’s ability to perform in a detailed way.

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Viparspectra products are coming from reliable and trustworthy Chinese manufacturers.

Yeah, it’s because the company that manufactures this LED grow lights is admitting that they’re not official scientists, but they’re growing for a long time. In other words, they’re experienced, professional growers.

And, they know what’s best for their indoor plants, so they want to help fellow community growers.

Another thing to trust Viparspectra is that its performance is up to the mark and it does what it says.

We’re happy to admit that viparspectra have not copied other grow lights, And its unique and one of its kind of design justifies its uniqueness.

So yeah, At a fair enough price, you’ll get a fantastic grow light for your indoor cannabis plants.

But, still deciding without its pros and cons isn’t a wise way of decision making. And, we understand that.

Now, let’s move towards our Viparspectra 600W PAR600 LED Grow Light Review.

And, encounter all the right things about this fabulous piece of satisfaction.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 LED Grow Light: A Detailed Review

In this review, we’ll first uncover all the strengths of Viparspectra PAR600 and will check whether it deserves our money or not.

So, at first, take a look at its strengths.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600: Strengths

In this section, you’ll get familiar with all the technical specifications, and practical results of this Viparspectra LED Grow Light.

Design: A productive decoration for your grow space

If we look in to form factor of viparspectra then it’s 14.1″ x 11.8″ x 3.5″ and it weighs around 14 pounds.

Quality materials are used in the making of this Grow light, and its look is entirely different and unique compared to its competitors.

Yeah, it’s attractive and beautiful. And, don’t forget that its brightness is also unbeatable at this price.

Viparspectra has equipped this grow light with multiple cooling fans. And, these fans are facing directly at the canopy and will keep their leaf cool.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 -Build
Viparspectra 600W PAR600

This grow light is unique in all the senses, yeah one reason behind this statement is they’ve managed to produce a grow light with three mode switches at a reasonably labeled price tag.

And yeah, Outer body material is also pretty much durable compared to other grow lights in this segment.

So, yeah viparspectra PAR600 gets 10 out of 10 for its look and feel as well as for its build quality.

Efficiency: Unbeatable By The Competitors

Viparspectra PAR600 600W LED Grow Light is one of the best stands in the 600W segment.

Yeah, it’s able to provide your plants with highly efficient light. And, helps it to sustain better health and grow green.

If we measure efficiency based on its PAR readings then as its name suggests it’s not just a 600W grow panel for your marijuana plants but its PAR values also observed to be 680PAR from the heights of 24″. Look at the image below for the better overview.

Viparspectra 600W - PAR
Viparspectra 600W – PAR

So yeah, it’s evident that light emitted by Viparspectra PAR600 will be absorbed up to an extent level by your plants Because more PAR value means More intense light for your plants to absorb.

The secondary Focusing angle of 90 degrees plays a vital role in penetrating light directly on your canopy, so plants get maximum light instead of spread light.

Secondary optical lenses play a vital role in magnifying PAR, and it means you canopy’s light penetration will increase up to 200%.

Now Imagine, How this efficiency will pay you back at the time of Harvesting?

Yeah, It feels fantastic, we know that.

Spectrum : Optimal That Makes Plants Happy

We can’t doubt spectrum ability of this Viparspectra PAR600 LED Grow Light.

Yeah, because the light is built with 120 LEDs of 5W each and it generates an incredible spectrum with the help of a secondary optical lens. These LEDs are from well established and reliable manufacturers, Yeah, it’s from Brigdelux and Epileds.

Light generated by this PAR600 model is purplish.

Viparspectra 600W - Specrum
VIPARSPECTRA 600W PAR600 – Spectral Output

There are mainly two reasons behind Viparspectra PAR600’s success.

Yeah, one is 3 mode switching. And, another is its optimal spectrum that comes with everything that is expected in real sunlight.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 - 3 Switches
Viparspectra 600W PAR600 – 3 Switches

The spectrum of Viparspectra 600W covers all the essential bands including IR as well.

Yeah, it becomes possible with the help of 48 LEDs of Red spectrum range, 34 LEDs of Blue spectrum range and 34 LEDs of White Spectrum and 4 LEDs for IR in the lighting panel.

Though it’s a matter of confusion for us as well whether it has UV lights or not?

Because manufacturer has not clarified anything about UV. But, people who are using it are saying that it has UV because plants are observed to be healthy and greener after getting light from PAR600. And, their yield increased compared to yield by their previous lights.

We are clarifying this point here because UV also plays a vital role in maximizing trichome production which results in higher yield.

And, IR may look dim to the naked eye, but it does its job perfectly. If you don’t know then, IR improves the process of photosynthesis in your Cannabis plants.

So, yeah thumbs up for spectrum abilities of Viparspectra 600W PAR600 model.

Coverage And Cooling : Above Expectation At This Price

Viparspectra is known for its powerpack performance inside grow tent as well.

This PAR600 watt LED Grow Light can cover an average grow space of 3′ X 3′ from the height of 24″ during blooming. And maximum coverage that PAR600 can provide is 4′ X 4′ as stated by the manufacturer.

Viparspectra PAR600 works like a charm inside your grow tent, and it can cover a pretty amazing grow space too.

And, another thing to notice here is, this grow light provides you with larger coverage space compared to its sibling from Reflector Series and in 600W Segment.

Yeah, we’ll compare Reflector 600W and PAR600 later on in this review itself.

Just Hang On!

One more good thing about Viparspectra PAR600 watt is its cooling abilities.

Yeah, Viparspectra equipped this grow light with 3 cooling fans and that too front facing cooling fans which keeps the temperature inside your grow tent very much balanced compared to other LED grow lights.

Vipaerspectra 600W PAR600 - Cooling Fans
Vipaerspectra PAR600 – Cooling Fans

If we look at form factor of these cooling fans, then it’s 3.2″ in dimensions. And, an upgraded aluminum heat sink of 0.8″ height also perfectly does its job.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 - Heat Sink
Viparspectra PAR600 – Heat Sink

These upgraded cooling amenities are observed first time in the grow light industry. Yeah, it’s part of their advancements in a grow light based on experiences and experiments.

These both the cooling factors are doing well. So, yeah Heat dissipation should not be a factor to worry about if you want to go with Viparspectra PAR600.

All in all, coverage is impressive if we look at others at this price. And second cooling abilities are unique in all the ways. So, it’s not a point to feel skeptical about.

Cost : Money Saver From Start To End

This grow light is an ultimate money saver for indoor growers.

Yeah, starting from its initial cost it’s a money saver because it costs a bit less compared to its competitors in the same 600W segment.

But, A wise man always thinks about the cost in a longer run.

Now, you get my point. It’s not a cheap grow light which makes a hole in your pocket in the longer run And, consumes a hell lot of electricity for its operations.

Because, “By bringing this grow light for your indoor garden, you’re bringing a power saver unit.

The reason behind our previous statement is its actual power draw of mere 285W. Yeah, with this low power draw this grow light can replace an HPS system of 600W with ease.

And another thing, with intense light this panel is going to provide you with better and a higher yield at the end.

The wise man doesn’t look at average power draw; he’ll look at yield per watt of electricity.

And, as manufacturer states, it has a large lifespan of 100000 hours if appropriate care has been taken. Yeah, it makes a long-term investment instead of a regular purchase.

So, Don’t worry about its power consumption because it’s not going to make a hole in your pocket as we already said.

It’s an affordable grow light mate, And, not a cheap grow panel like others.

Warranty : Viparspecra Wants Long-Term Relations With You

“A manufacturer with better after sales experience stays on the top of the competition for the longer term.”

That’s the reason viparspectra expects you to feel worried free for 3 years. Yeah, viparspectra provides 3 years of warranty period. And they also offer 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.

Because, if people will not get satisfied with your after sales experience. Then, they won’t refer others. And in severe disappointment, people may stop others from buying a product from such manufacturers as well.

But, in the case of viparspectra, there is nothing like it. In fact, people are praising manufacturer for making this amazing product. And, sharing their great experience on social media as well.

All these positive points prove that viparspectra is a good manufacturer who manufactures good products.

So, yeah, thumbs up for warranty period and reliability of this product as well.

Viparspectra PAR600 : Weakness

Though there are not any weakness, one thing is there where it lacks. This thing can’t be considered as a weakness at this price because even heavily labeled grow lights are not offering this feature.

Waterproof : Made For Indoor Use Only

Viparspectra 600W is made for indoor use only. And you need to take extra care from dripping water while PAR600 is at work.

It’s not a weakness. Instead, consider it as a tip to get maximum out of its ability for a longer time.

That’s all about its positive and negative.

Now, it’s up to you.

What you want, A long-term companion for your green leafy friends or a regular fixture that can work for a single harvest?

We’ll advise you to think about it twice.

But before that, watch this video about PAR600’s final results in real life.

How Viparspectra 600W PAR600 performs in Real Life?

The video will start from 8 minutes.

And Now, take a look on the difference between Reflector And PAR. In case, you’re confused between both of them.

Difference between Viparspectra Reflector 600W and Viparspectra PAR600.

First and foremost difference between Reflector 600W and PAR600 is the intensity of light. Yeah, with the help of secondary focusing angle using optical glass it can maximize the effect.

If you test its PAR readings, then it’ll be a sky-high difference of 224PAR. Yeah, you’ll get more PAR in this advanced version of 600W grow light from Viparspectra called PAR600.

So Yeah, More PAR means better growth and higher yield.

The second difference between Reflector 600W and PAR600 is the average power draw. Yeah, PAR600 consumes a bit more power compared to Reflector 600W.

In case, you’re concerned with digits then Reflector 600W consumes 269W while PAR600 consumes 285W. It’s a mere difference of 16W, but it decreases the intensity and results into less coverage area by Reflector 600W.

So, yeah at the end your yield per watt of electricity will be higher in the Viparspectra PAR600 model.

All this difference between this both amazing lights may give a deep insight into which one to buy.

If yield per watt of electricity and quality of cannabis buds is you prior concern then Buy Viparspectra PAR600 otherwise you may go with Viparspectra Reflector 600W which is comparatively less pricey.

If you’re concerned with what you’ll get in the box of Viparspectra 600W PAR600 then watch this video for more information.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 Unboxing And A Quick Overview

Watch Now.!

Still confused?

Then let’s help you with our bottom line.

Viparspectra 600W PAR600 : Bottomline

In this section, we’ll try to help you in making a decision.


Should I Buy Viparspectra PAR600 for my 4′ X 4′ Grow Tent?

Definitely, You should. Because this light has everything that a light should have.

Viparspectra itself saying that it’s an upgraded version for professionals as well as for beginners.

If we talk about comparison with other grow lights with the same price in 600W Segment of Grow lights, then it has far better performance. Not only performance but better yield and results as well.

So yeah, at an attractively labeled price tag this light is giving you optimal spectrum, far better efficiency than others, pretty amazing heat dissipation, decent and cost savvy power consumption, longer lifespan and best of the kind buying experience.

Now, I don’t have any reason to say no to you.

In case you’ve comparatively smaller grow space then Viparspectra PAR450 is also a better option.

In case you’ve comparatively larger grow space then you have can choose from PAR700 and PAR1200 as well.

But, if you don’t want to invest your money in viparspectra due to any of your reason and wants to go with something new and latest, then COB Grow Lights For Cannabis is a buzz nowadays.

We Hope You Liked It.

If you still have any query then drop your words in comment box below.

Happy growing mate.!

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