Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review 2023 – [Is it Best for Beginners?]

Hey you all buddies, today I bring you Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review for you. Now, this is a bit different sort of LED grow light, about which many of you won’t be having knowledge. So, I am here to make every reader familiar.

Now, this is a sort of LED grow light, which one can use for growing just a few pots. This one is available at exceptionally cheap cost, but it is powerful one no doubt. Now, you would be thinking that is this grow light powerful enough to support the cannabis plants. The answer is YES! But the quality and quantity might not satisfy you. As a result, it is better for fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs, etc.

No need to get bewildered, I am here to explain everything about Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light to tell you in what all ways is this light going to support your plants, plus what all you can do with it.

Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review in 2023

Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review
Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review

Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review : The first glance

When you open your package, you will find a thin lightweight LED, with the hanging kit, and a long enough power cord. This LED is thinner than even one inch. This model gives a full spectrum of light and wavelengths are 655-660nm, 620-625nm, 460-465nm, IR, and White(6000-6500k). Although there are no cooling fans present, but you do not need to worry about the overheating issue.

It is capable of emitting uniform and bright light, and you can grow a good variety of plants under it. Even in cold winter days, you can conveniently harvest your vegetable and fruits. Now, let me describe Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light with the help of some numbers. Here comes the specs table.


Product Dimensions 11.8 x 11.8 x 0.7 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds
Power 75 watt
Lumen 4019.0 lx
Input voltage AC100-250v
Working Frequency 50-60hz
Lifespan 50000 hrs
Certificates CE, FCC, ROHS
Suggested hang height Around 12-18 inches
Actual power draw 23 watts
Brand Toplanet
Coverage area 5.8sq.ft. from 24” and 2.6sq.ft. from 12”
Warranty period Twelve months
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


Now here comes the portion of the review, which is the most essential one, if you want to get fully familiar with the capabilities of Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light.

Full spectrum

I already showed you want kind of spectrum you are getting with this model. The ratio of Red:Red:Blue: IR: white light is 46:83:24:4:12. You are not getting the UV diodes with this model, as the company claims that they want to protect your as well as your pet’s eyes. The ratio is very balanced, and if honestly said, then the absence of UV is not going to turn the tables here.

Wide variety of plants selection

Toplanet Grow light is broadly utilized for indoor green plants, blooms, for example, succulents, orchid, dendrobium, roses, basil, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, strawberry, and some other products of the soil frame seeding to reap. Plants will become more advantageous and have a more drawn out sprout time with it.

Reasonable for indoor greenery enclosures, nurseries, plant industrial facility, nursery cultivating, pruned plants, etc.

Improves the value of nutrition

Choosing the most useful light waves for plant development, Toplanet indoor LED grow light can quickly advance the plant’s development rate. Likewise, it can manage the sustenance quality, add to enhancing the blend of gainful synthetic compounds, evacuate unsafe synthetic concoctions and enhance the estimation of nourishment.

Heat dissipation system

Ultra-low warmth yield. The company has constructed an aluminum warm back board, in addition to a little heat sink for each chip to accomplish amazing warmth dissemination. Great structure and brilliant material determination make this indoor plant light is the best decision for plant specialists.

Larger Effective Illumination Area

Updated bigger reflector cup design is there in addition to anti-crystal reflective material that guarantee glowing productivity reach up to 98% with no waste. The new structure will deliver a more extensive scope of light to develop more plants.

The warranty

Big bigger grow lights, you get two or three years warranty, but with this one, you are getting one year warranty, and that is never a matter to complain. From your purchase date mentioned on your receipt, till the end of the first year, you are getting free repairs and replacements. Not just that, suppose this model failed to please you, then you can return it within 30 days, and you will not be asked for any reason.

What were the results?

Now, my experts were divided with the opinions that this LED grow light is good for growing cannabis or not. So, we didn’t try it out on cannabis. We tried to grow a few flower species, tomatoes, and a couple of other non-seasonal veggies.

The results were not terrible, but we were satisfied with those results, as we paid quite a little for these lights, and the light paid us back very well. You can check the pics HERE!

Hey Amazon, what do you have to say about Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light?

This light is not among the very trendy or high selling one. As a result, there are 100+ reviews on Amazon, and this 75W model is successful in earning 4+ stars out of five overall. That means this 75W model is a very successful one. I said that because whenever we talk about this much cheap LED grow light, there are mostly so many complains there, and some complains are really horrible!

So, for such a small, lightweight, cheap, etc. grow light. It is very difficult to earn even an 80% success rate on Amazon, while this one has touched 84%.

Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light review : Cons

When we tested this 75W model, we didn’t find anything that serious to complain. It is supplying you power as much you are paying for it. Two or three complainers were there on Amazon, which complained that this grow light wasn’t able to supply enough bright and strong light, so their plants died.

Guys, there are certain height placements for certain growth stages. If you are placing it even a few inches above than the recommended height, it is not going to do the job. Similarly, there are some plants, which need more intensity of light to thrive. Yoplanet 75W LED can’t fulfill the demands of some plants. Well, what all you can grow, I have already mentioned up there.

  • Easily affordable.
  • Full spectrum with IR and White light.
  • Highly durable.
  • Tremendously balanced red and blue light proportion.
  • Energy saver and utilizes just 23 watts as an average.
  • Powerful enough to support a large variety of plants.
  • 1 Years warranty period.
  • 30 Days money return guarantee.
  • Absence of advanced features.
  • No UV diodes included.
  • Smaller warranty period.

Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light Review : The verdict

Now, I hope you received all the info, which you were expecting from me. Now, I think there is no need for me to repeat that how many benefits are falling in your pocket after spending just that much bucks. There is no doubt regarding the fact that this 75W model is providing you more than your money that you have paid.

The biggest advantages are the full spectrum of light and high durability. Besides that, you can choose from such a wide variety of plants to grow, The customer service is also very supportive, so I do not think that we still have a reason for stepping back from buying it. I highly recommend Toplanet 75w LED Grow Light to you.

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