Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w review 2023 {In-Depth Review}

This is our GL60LED 180w LED Grow light review for you, that will help in recognizing this 1870W model very well. This GL60LED grow light from Apollo contains 60 diodes of 3W LED grow light chips. Apollo Horticulture has structured the GL60LED with 5 grow light groups extending from 430 to 730 nm in wavelength.

In this manner guaranteeing that regardless of the plant growth organize, the plant can get the fundamental light vitality. Curiously, this apparently low power grow light can cover an amazing 5 square feet. What’s more, in doing as such, infiltrate the shelter to adequate dimensions too.

Now, this one is among the highest selling 180W LED grow light of the last year. But you see, fame isn’t the only thing. Drawbacks are what you need to know before buying so that later on, surprise element is not there.

Here we enter the review!

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light review

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light review
Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light review

Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light review : The first glance

Apollo Horticulture’s items stay cool notwithstanding when running ceaselessly. Which makes the item perfect for little grow rooms equipped for pleasing just a single develop light.

Apollo agriculture acknowledges the pretended by lighting in plant growth and that is decisively why it has structured the Apollo Horticulture GL60LED Full Spectrum 180W LED Grow Light.

This is an extraordinary LED lighting framework which goes about as an ideal substitute for regular lighting in regions where vital dimensions of enlightenment are not accessible for ideal plant development. It accompanies a large group of energizing features that make it simple to introduce and utilize.

Apollo has additionally given hardened steel cuts that are specially crafted for the item. Helping you accomplish the required covering infiltration by encouraging the light suspension and alteration.


Product Dimensions 12.7 x 12.5 x 5.9 inches
Item weight 5.6 pounds
Quality of LED chips 60 x 3W US Made LED chips
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Input voltage AC100-265V
Avg. Power Draw 109 Watts
Working temperature -0-131 Degress Fahrenheit
Working Frequency 50-60Hz
Veg Coverage area 2.5’ x 2.5′
Bloom Coverage area 2′ x 2′
PAR value 322 umols (Bloom)
HPS replacing capability 120HPS
Warranty period 2 Years
Money return guarantee period 30 Days


First of all, you are getting Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light at the rate of sands. So, if some features are missing, then also you cannot complain. Well, no need to worry, the company is providing you more than you are paying. Let’s have a look at what all you get with this 180W model.

Decent temperature control system:

Given the long-running long stretches of common place grow lights, it isn’t astounding that they get very hot. In any case, these lights deliver little warmth and have been uniquely intended to withstand grow room temperatures of up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit.

This LED lighting framework additionally accompanies an interior cooling fan. It works unobtrusively and does not upset different exercises. This cooling framework makes counterbalances and other complex cooling frameworks pointless and in this way spares the cultivator a great deal of valuable cash.

But there is a certain limitation. inside the limit, the cooling system works perfectly, but I will recommend you not to run this light over 16 hours per day, as it might affect the durability.

Highly durable:

The Apollo Horticulture GL60LED full range 180w drove grow light has a more extended life expectancy that stretches to 50,000 hours, therefore enabling the producer to appreciate the advantages of this item over an all-encompassing timeframe.

Although there are complains in the customer review section of Amazon regarding the LED burnouts, but I will justify that a bit later.

Hanging kit of stainless steel:

The company provides you with a stainless steel hanging kit with Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light. This hanging unit is very much shielded against destructive impacts emerging from the dampness created by the plant’s transpiration procedure.

Moreover, it empowers the lights to work in a wide mugginess scope of 0-95% Apollo Horticulture GL60LED 180w LED Grow light.

Highly satisfying coverage area:

This Apollo Horticulture GL60LED has wide region inclusion, which makes it proper for use for lighting a large number of plants. For the vegetative stage, its veg grow area is 5 Square Feet while for the Flowering stage, its inclusion is still at 4 Square Feet.

It additionally appreciates a LED see edge of 120 degrees, which is adequate for guaranteeing a wide span of lighting for your plants. To wrap things up, the lights’ wide region inclusion guarantees that you can utilize it in a wide scope of circumstances, including grow tents, H2O frameworks, in substantial business nurseries and all other conceivable assortments of hydroponics based growth.

The warranty

When you purchase GL60LED, you get a two years standard warranty, that ensures free replacements and repair of your grow light. For a fixed period, the company will not charge anything from you, and the fixes will be entirely free. Later on, you will be asked to pay for the labor and shipping charges.

Other than that, clients have referenced that the client service of this company is likewise speedy reacting. Many have composed that their substitutions were set aside a very short time. That is always a huge advantage though!

What were the results?

See guys, you can yourself easily figure out that what is the limitation of this grow light, and what all is it capable to grow. You can definitely grow cannabis, but you will be happy with the yield only if you do not bother much about the quantity.

When I grew, the quantity was equal to what I paid for it, and the quality was good, but not excellent. I would repeat, look at the price tag! After paying that much, GL60LED is providing you the yield, with which you must feel happy. Now, what I received from GL60LED, I have shared the pics.

You can check the pics HERE

Hey Amazon, what do you say about GL60LED Grow light?

This one is a high selling grow light, and a big reason is a low price. But there is one issue as well. You see, even after paying very less, a huge number of growers expect too much from it, and as a result, when they receive the yield, they do not feel satisfied.

As a result, the ratings of this item on Amazon are not highly pleasing. I have tested it, so I very well know the capabilities of this light. So, when I came to know that form 500+ reviewers, it has only managed to receive -4 stars, I was actually shocked!

GL60LED Grow light review : Cons

Now, when I read the ratings on Amazon, I decided to keenly go through the public reviews and discover what all issues are the users facing with GL60LED grow light. I filtered the complains, and picked out the issues, which were legit. Here I have explained them so that the image of GL60LED grow light gets clear in your mind.

Less powerful:

See guys, as I said, we can’t complain regarding the strength and brightness, as what it is providing you is enough at that price range. Now, here, the issue is a bit different. The light is not able to work continuously for longer time. If you run it over 16 hours a day, there are bigger chances of your chips getting fused!

Not one or two, but many users complained the same thing in the public reviews. I tested it by keeping it ON for 19 hours to see what happens. The chips were OK, but the temperature started rising a bit, and when the temperature rises, then it is surely going to affect the lifespan of the chips.


We are connected to one other group of LED light testers. Now, what they did was, they brought a fresh unit, and ran it right beside the one, which they were using since eight months. The same model of course. They noticed that the LED chips of the older one were less bright than the new chips.

I went there with devices to check the light intensity and found that there was a 14% difference between old and new. So, I conclude that this light goes dull after a certain time, but for the first three years or so (Only if you use it appropriately) it is not going to affect your yield that much.

  • Low price.
  • Full spectrum.
  • Supports cannabis plats very well.
  • Big coverage area.
  • Less power draw.
  •  2 Years warranty period.
  • Less powerful.
  • The chips might get dim with the time.
  • Not fit for running over 16 hours a day.

GL60LED Grow light review : The final verdict

GL60LED is a sort of light, which is built to serve you for a shorter time, but serve you well. However it gets dim with the time, but I honestly tell you, it very well returns you what you pay for it. You can definitely grow cannabis with this one, and you are getting a very good coverage area as well.

GL60LED consumes very meager amount of energy, and the cooling system is also very good. In short, the value for money is high, and if you are thinking of growing on a small scale, without shedding much dollars, buy GL60LED Grow Light without any doubt!

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