Spider Farmer SF-4000 Led Grow Light Review In 2023

Have you ever read a Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED grow light review, but you weren’t able to arrive at a decision on whether it is a good light or not? Don’t worry because, in this review, I will not only be enumerating the good points of this grow light, but I will also give you some of the drawbacks growers experience while using it.

Of course, we have that and more with this review!

Secure your commercial planting by purchasing the Spider Farmer SF 4000 LED grow light from Spider Farmer today!

Unlike other light reviews you know and could have read, this review wouldn’t be like any other. We will be highly transparent, and the flow of this guide will be pretty natural to give you basic information about the product.

Who is Spider Farmer?

Who is Spider Farmer

Spider Farmer is one of the oldest-standing light manufacturers, particularly in producing and manufacturing grow lights. Since 2009, Spider Farmer has been one of the leaders in terms of innovation on grow lights compared to other light suppliers.

They offer incredible light and excellent customer service, and their focus is mainly on high energy efficiency without compromising light intensity and quality.

Today, there are tons of other LED grow lights manufacturers that try and compete with Spider Farmer in terms of energy efficiency, light spread, light intensity, high-quality components, and many more, but Spider Farmer remains one of the best and most reliable manufacturers.

How Do You Choose LED Grow Lights?

How Do You Choose LED Grow Lights

Choosing the LED grow lights, you’ll use is not as simple as picking out flowers in a garden. There are a lot of things going on with your choosing, so you need to make sure that you get the specific grow light for your indoor garden.

Identifying the best grow light for you will require you to understand what you need to look for when buying one:

Know What Plants You’re Growing

Know What Plants You're Growing

While a lot of newbie and rookie growers believe that a grow light perfectly fits all the different types and kinds of plant growth, that is not how it works. Different types and varieties of plants love certain things from their environment.

For instance, in order for cannabis plants to have high yields, they need a more vigorous light intensity with much more controlled heat. Not only does this promote lower chances of light burn, but it can also be the start of your journey to learning all about high-yielding LEDs technology.

So, you first want to identify the kind of plants you’re growing and cultivating for you to partner with up with a great light that just complements it all the way through.

Calculate the Surface Area

Calculate the Surface Area

The next thing to consider would be the size of the area where you’ll be growing them. Knowing the surface area will allow you to know how many plants and lights would fit. These are significant numbers that would be relevant in terms of cultivating and nurturing your indoor garden.

Also note that most, if not all, grow lights have recommended spaces and sizes of tents; they’re going to be effective for both vegetation and flowering time.

Know and identify the surface area, so you get a good look at whether a grow light is good for you or not.

Check the LEDs

Check the LEDs

Next up would be the component that completes the grow lights — LEDs. For years, LED grow lights have been the standard for indoor growing, and therefore, tons of biological greenhouses and commercial growers use it.

The price is one thing, but a particular LED brand’s reputation and effectiveness are also up in question. Several factors come into play when you’re choosing LEDs that are worth it, and they are:

  • The LEDs should not be flickering
  • They must not produce too much heat
  • They should be built and constructed durably
  • Their positioning should be accurate and precise

All these are significant to the quality of light that a grow light has.

NOTE: Most units would give you details of their LEDs upfront. So, this should not be a problem for you, especially if you’re new to the industry. Find out what the LEDs are of a particular grow light, research it, check feedback and reviews, and take it from there!

Check the PAR

Check the PAR

PAR, short for photosynthetically active radiation, is the measurement of the waveband in the light spectrum primarily used for photosynthesis. In other words, PAR is the measurement of light in plants.

Plants love light, but giving them too much light can also be a positive turned into a negative.

Many growers consider PAR as the plant’s alternative to natural sunlight, and it is the one needed for them to photosynthesize. Different LED grow lights have different PAR values, and choosing the perfect one for your plants will allow them to vegetate and flower easier, more conveniently, and overall — better.

Consider the Cooling System

In lighting, heat is an inevitable factor, especially if you’re going to utilize a grow light with a rather powerful light output. So, what do you have to do in order to avoid anything from burning? — Check and consider the cooling system of your grow lights.

There’s not a thing innovated and invented that could stay cool if you have them turned on for more than 15 hours — unless, of course, there are external factors involved.

Out of the many different types and categories, LED grow lights remain to be the best and least heat-emitting of all. The diodes don’t take up and consume too much heat without compromising the intensity and quality of light.

A grow light’s cooling system can be anything from external fans, heat sinks, or external environmental components inside a grow tent, like air-conditioning units, evaporative coolers, and so on.

Does it Have High-Quality Components?

Materials and make are two (2) things that entirely make up grow lights. Without them, the machine or the device itself wouldn’t be complete. In simpler terms, you want to make sure that your grow light is made up of parts and components that have withstood tests and examinations.

Most of the time, these parts and components are visible, and if you are experienced in the industry, you would be able to categorize those that are high quality from those that are not.

If you’re unsure whether your selected unit’s parts and components are great, you can ask and inquire from the store you purchased them from or do your due research to know more about them.

NOTE: Quality parts and components always equate to long-lastingness, efficiency, durability, and of course, safety and security.

Is it Energy Efficient?

Is it Energy Efficient

Last but most definitely not least would be the efficiency of the grow light. Who would want a grow light that consumes so much energy and electricity? While that won’t defeat the purpose, it can be troublesome and costly for other expenses you might have.

Multiple critical factors play in when it comes to energy efficiency, but the most common would be the wattage. Wattage dictates how much energy is needed in order for a particular grow light to function. The higher the wattage, the more energy it will need to turn on and function.

Try going for a grow light that has an acceptable wattage. However, you do need to make sure that the wattage fits the grow tent or grow area that you have. Some lights could be too powerful or too bright, and there could be instances where a certain grow tent is too big for a particular grow light.

After learning about all the essential things you need to know in purchasing grow lights, let us go to a more in-depth review of the Spider Farmer SF4000 LED light!

Without further ado, let us go through the Spider Farmer review and discover whether this grow light is the one for you!

Spider Farmer SF-4000 Led Grow Light Review

Now, let’s quickly juggle through the specifics of the Spider Farmer SF 4000 LED grow light. For this review, we won’t give you incorrect information that wouldn’t be of much value to you, instead, we will present valuable information that will be of grand assistance to your cannabis plants.

Specs of the Spider Farmer SF 4000

Upon purchasing the product either from Spider Farmer’s website or from an authorized dealer, you’ll see the list of specifications; they are:

  • Spectrum: 660 to 665nm, 3000K, 5000K, IR 760nm
  • LED: 1,212 pieces
  • PPF: 1217 µmols
  • Power Draw: 456.9W±5% @ AC120V; 438.2W±5% @ AC240V; 439.8W±5% @ AC277V
  • Max Coverage: 5 x 5 feet (150 x 150cm) vegetation; 4 x 4 feet (120 x 120cm) flowering
  • Lumens: 9296Lm±5%@AC120V; 79095Lm±5%@AC240V; 79395Lm±5%@AC277V
  • Light Size: 64853659MM
  • Air Temperature: 
  • -20-35C

Overview of the Spider Farmer SF 4000

Spider Farmer is a household name when it comes to commercial planting. They’re most known for their blurple LED grow lights but has since moved to a new series of lights that struck the industry by storm.

The Spider Farmer SF4000 LED grow light is as good as it gets, running on 440 watts, ideally suited for a 4 x 4 feet grow tent or grow space.

Unlike many other grow lights in the market, this fan noise-free unit will be a lot better and more efficient than your average HID grow lights. One light is equivalent to multiple grow lights, and its high safety performance makes it all better.

Size, Measurement, and Dimensions

Size, Measurement

First things first — let’s discuss the measurement and the size of this bad boy. The size of the unit sits at 648 x 536 x 50mm or 25.51 x 21.1 x 1.96 inches, which is pretty good and standard for an LED grow light that accommodates a 4 x 4 grow tent.

The entire package weighs about 14.3 pounds; yes, it is lightweight and as convenient as it gets, so you won’t have a hard time assembling and setting it up, even if you don’t have support!

Overall, the Spider Farmer SF4000’s dimensions and measurements are manageable, making it a lot better than other grow lights of its own caliber.

Materials and Make

Materials and Make

Spider Farmer lights are most known because of the Samsung diodes that they have. For example, suppose you’ve been in the industry for too long. In that case, you should know how important and significant Samsung diodes are when it comes to the strength, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of this particular part or component.

Quantum Board

In a more technical sense, the Spider Farmer SF4000 comprises four (4) quantum boards equipped with chips that are all attached to an aluminum panel. This panel is the component that acts as the heat sink, which helps dissipate and eradicate heat without fans.

The solid construction of the board makes it lightweight, as well as efficient and effective, allowing very little heat to stay within the unit’s vicinity.

Samsung LM-301B Diodes

The Spider Farmer SF4000 LED grow lights make use of LM-301B Samsung diodes. These are most popular because they have multiple types of diodes in place. Their first diode category is the 5000 Kelvin white light ones, and the second one is the 3500 Kelvin warm white light.

Apart from that, they also have red and deep red diodes, bringing more reddish light to the table. In addition, the company claims that the quality of the red light helps in boosting and accelerating the flowering time of your plants.

Mean Well Driver

Last and most definitely not least in its components is none other than its driver. For example, the Spider Farmer SF4000 is equipped with a Mean Well Driver, which is an entry-level driver considering the status and the height they have in the industry.

Unlike other units and grow lights, the driver is already connected to the lights, making it simple and easy to be used. It’ll be merely plug-and-play!

As part of the whole equation, it has a single set (two RJ ports) and is daisy chainable — meaning that a multi-light connection is applicable. That being said, you’ll have complete control over the lights!

Overall, the make of the Spider Farmer SF4000 is well-built and engineered. It has high-quality components, high-quality protective covers, a dimmer knob, and a light switch that’s easy to understand. The unit is also water and dust-resistant, making sure that it will function in the best ways it can.

Light Spectrum

Light Spectrum

The majority of grow lights today are built to have a full light spectrum to ensure that they’ll be eligible and fit to assist in the nurturing and cultivating of plants across their growth stages.

The Spider Farmer SF4000 is an excellent full spectrum LED grow light, having everything plants need to vegetate and flower. It is a full-spectrum LED grow light, meaning it can accommodate different intensities.

So, how many lights you have won’t actually matter any longer because this single light will be enough to make your cannabis plants grow and nurture naturally.

It is a full-spectrum light complete with all the necessary lights for the growth and development of your plants. It’s complete with white light, blue light, red light, and even IR light for development in the flowering stage! In value, these are the spectrums this grow light has:

  • 660 to 665nm (red to deep red)
  • 3000K (warm white)
  • 5000K (cool white)
  • IR 760nm (infrared)

Through constant innovation, Spider Farmer was able to produce the SF4000 with a new diode layout, guaranteeing not only exquisite design but also a more even light distribution, more convenient light spread, and uniform PPFD!


At a hanging height of 19 inches in a 4 x 4 feet grow tent, the average PAR is at 644 µmols/m²/sec across the center towards the inner edges. This value is considered excellent, especially if we consider it at its price.

With a uniform PPFD, you can be guaranteed that they’ll be higher-quality yields, making them absorb light better and more conveniently.

There aren’t a lot of grow lights (in this price range) that perform the same way as Spider Farmer lights. This is one of the best and most common reasons they’re at the top of their game.



As we all know, when there is light, there is heat — and it’s inevitable no matter what the situations are. For example, the Spider Farmer SF4000 is known to cover a 4×4 and a 5 x 5 grow space (flowering and vegetative), so it’s pretty clear how strong and how powerful this particular light is.

Passive Cooling

One of the best traits and characteristics of the Spider Farmer SF4000 is the fact that it has passive cooling. It has been built and designed to dissipate heat in the most fashionable ways possible.

Try comparing it with another LED grow light; you will immediately see the difference in terms of heat and temperature. The heat compared to other fundamental and standard grow lights is much less and tolerable because of the innovations and advancements it has.

Add the fact that the material used is aluminum, and it doesn’t put out as much heat as how you would expect other grow lights to be. So the unit itself gets hot to the touch, but not as hot as different types and categories of LED lights.

You’ll be surprised at the overall performance of the light because it rarely heats up like other grow lights you’ll find in the market. Although the light puts heat off naturally, it’s not like other units that become extremely hot to the touch and sensitive when they’re turned on and activated for long periods of time.



A lot of times, people think they’re being tricked when they read “wattage” on the packages of LED grow lights. The reason for this is the fact that the labeled wattage on the packaging isn’t actually 100% accurate; it could be a little less or a little over the wattage label.

With Spider Farmer’s SF4000, you won’t feel like you are being tricked! The labeled wattage is the exact or actual wattage of the light. For you not to be confused, though, there’s this light switch present on the unit to help you have complete and total control over the wattage of the LED grow light.

Here’s a quick and simple guide you can follow in terms of the wattage and the distance of the light to the plant canopy:

  • 450 watts — 20 to 25 inches
  • 340 watts — 15 to 20 inches
  • 226 watts — 12 to 15 inches
  • 114 watts — 10 to 12 inches

Often, people categorize these distances as the different stages of growth and development of cannabis plants. But, of course, you’ll need to have the most wattage during flowering in order for your plant to get the needed energy to flower and produce buds.

Light Coverage or Light Spread

Light Coverage

The next thing worth mentioning about these Spider Farmer lights is that they’re known for coverage that is uniform. Based on the SF4000’s PPFD map, you can get constant growth in a 4 x 4 tent, unlike low-quality LED grow lights, where you need additional or extra lights to promote uniformity.

Thanks to quality components, cutting-edge technology from the diodes, the drivers, the placement, literally everything about the materials and make of the unit is perfect for accurately monitoring plant health.

It’s constructed well and designed for growers and cultivators who don’t want a multi-light connection, and, of course, those who want to save up because you wouldn’t be needing another LED grow light to add to the formula!

Light Output

Light Output

Another thing you need to take note of when shopping for grow lights is the light output. When it comes to other types of appliances or sources of light, lumens are this measurement. It is used to determine how bright a particular flashlight is.

However, when it comes to grow lights, it is best to measure this via the PPF or the Photosynthetic Photon Flux. In the simplest terms possible, the PPF is the amount of PAR or the Photosynthetically Active Radiation produced by a particular light source.

The PPF is often measured in micromoles per second or μmol·s-1. The PAR value of the Spider Farmer SF 4000 sits just above 1200 μmol/s, which is a little over the best and most recommended value at 500 to 1000 μmol/s.

If the PAR value is below 500, then the growth stages will be less than what’s expected and going above it runs the risk of burning the plants, as well as being too much when it comes to energy consumption.

Spider Farmer takes pride in their quality LED lights that are known for a highly-efficient PPF. Add the fact that there is a dimmer knob, and you will have complete control over the light output.

Control is among the most critical things a grow light can have because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to control the results or even the yield of your plants.

Customer Service

No matter the industry, customer service or customer experience is one of the most important and significant things a company could have. They can be so high-quality and sophisticated, but their customer service is poor — it automatically defeats the purpose.

But what about Spider Farmer? Do they have good customer service? Let’s start by checking all the educational resources they have on their website.


One of the best things you can get from a company is its resources. And when it comes to questions about shipping, products, and even technical information about something would be the FAQs.

FAQs, or the frequently asked questions section of a website, lists down some of the questions commonly asked by people. Spider Farmer has a decent FAQs section, but frankly, it’s not something you want to rely on.

Most of the questions would be about ordering, tracking, and shipping — less about particulars regarding the products.

However, if you are looking for information discussing specifics in ordering and shipping, this would be the best place to go. All your questions will be answered right then and there, and you rarely need additional support for them.

Customer Support

If you weren’t able to get the answers you’re looking for in the FAQs, what’s the next step? Luckily, you can actually contact Spider Farmer if you have questions, inquiries, and concerns about certain things that aren’t found on the FAQs.

As of the moment, the only outlet they have is via email. You wouldn’t be able to call them or dial them. So at the bottom part of the page, you will be able to see all their contact information.

Alternatively, you can also access the Contact Us section, where you can put in your message to them directly with your name, email, phone number, and company (if you have one).

I would say that this level of customer support is not at all urgent because you have to wait for a response from their customer service team. They usually respond within a few hours; they responded to me approximately 3 hours after my first email, and take note, that was nighttime from where we are.

I can say, overall, that their customer experience is solid and great, but it could have slight improvements, especially if the matter is urgent. Nevertheless, let us not let go of the fact that they have great customer service as they do their best to respond swiftly and urgently.


Spider Farmer is one of the few light manufacturing companies that don’t charge a hefty price tag, even if the value and functionality are over-the-top. So if you’ve been patronizing the brand or are aware of its few models, then you know its products are substantially lower and cheaper than other grow lights of its caliber.

Out of all these, it is already a good price considering its effectiveness and efficacy in functioning from the seedling stage, the vegetative stage up to the flowering and blooming stage, too!

This fan-noise-free unit is the epitome of a complete package when it comes to grow lights, and even if it is not as expensive as you think, it is still not going to be over and beyond your budget, especially for commercial home growers!


Last thing — what happens if it somehow breaks down? Do you need to rush it to the nearest local maintenance center? Or does the product have a sensible warranty?

According to the company, there is a free return or replacement policy that is within 30 days of delivery if it is of non-artificial damage. There is, however, a 5-year limited warranty for the LED grow lights.

There are, however, specifics when it comes to the policies of replacement and repair, and to help you, here are detailed information regarding the unit’s warranty:

  • One (1) to Five (5) Years — Free accessories, but the buyer or the client must pay for the shipping and maintenance fees. They’re shipped from China.
  • Three (3) Months to One (1) Year — Services, repairs, and accessories are going to be given free of charge.
  • Thirty (30) Days to Three (3) Months — Services, repairs, and accessories are going to be given free of charge. There will be no return or replacement processes without quality problems.

Requesting the warranty is simple. You’ll only need the screenshot of the order and the product model. The order “time” must be clearly seen and visible, and there should be documentation on the issues of the product — videos and photos are going to be accepted—lastly, a written description of the problem or dilemma that should be accurate and precise.

By knowing this information, you’ll know the Spider Farmer SF 4000 like the back of your palm!

Spider Farmer Lights SF-4000 Pros and Cons

You’ll find a lot of pros and advantages in the Spider Farmer SF-4000, especially if you’re after quality and efficiency. But along with that, you will also find several drawbacks and disadvantages, just like other grow lights.

Pros of the Spider Farmer SF4000

There are a couple of pros and advantages to using the Spider Farmer SF 4000. The most popular benefits at a glance are:

  • The coverage area is enormous; it’s typically great for a tent that is 5 x 5 for vegetation and 4 x 4 for flowering but can be for 6 x 6 and 5 x 5, respectively.
  • It is full-spectrum, meaning it can imitate the natural rays and colors of the sun. You can use everything from cool white and warm white to red lights — even IR lights!
  • You wouldn’t have to worry about noise because it is noise-free! It does not have external fans that produce loud sounds.
  • The design is solid and has been designed to last for more than 100,000 hours of use.
  • It uses powerful Samsung LM301B diodes, which are the best and highest quality in the market today.
  • Its power is comparable to an HID grow light that runs at 600 watts.
  • It promotes deep penetration to the canopy, which many plants love.
  • You can use it for different growth stages of your cannabis plant because it is a full-spectrum light (perfect for commercial planting).
  • You can achieve high-quality monster yields if you position and use it properly.

Cons of the Spider Farmer SF4000

If you look and read between the lines, you will see and notice that the cons are somewhat manageable and normal, considering all the benefits and advantages put towards it.

  • The heat sinks are flimsy and not sturdy enough.
  • It would be more helpful and beneficial if the Mean Well driver had a knob.
  • The products aren’t made in the U.S.A., so some of you might be doubtful of the quality.
  • Flickering has been one of the most commonly reported types of issues.

Nevertheless, this set of LED lights will be definitely be your go-to if you’re looking for a good light at a price you will never regret to pay for.

What Other People Say About the Spider Farmer SF 4000

A lot of people have tried out the Spider Farmer SF 4000, and all have mixed feelings about it. Some were excited about it, some were people who became technical and were satisfied, but there were still those who weren’t satisfied.

Here are reviews from the most famous people regarding the particular unit to give you the most popular takes on the Spider Farmer SF 4000.

The Hippie Geeks

The Hippie Geeks is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping home gardeners and growers with projects and other innovations. They’re popular for their harvesting videos, reviews, as well as lighting and growing guides.

They have a little over 71.4K subscribers on their YouTube channel. Here’s what they have to say about Spider Farmer’s lights.

We will end up saving $390 each cycle, and that alone is already incredible. This amount of savings on top of the much higher light levels means that it will bring more growth at much lower running costs.”

  1. Canucks Grow

Probably the most popular content creator particular in cannabis is Mr. Canucks Grow. He has about 910K subscribers at the time of writing, and his channel focuses on educating people about cannabis.

He has a disclaimer that where he is (Canada) cannabis is LEGAL and can be used for recreational purposes. Here’s what he has to say about the magical Spider Farmer grow light.

This unit makes use of Elite D technology being used as the Samsung diodes and those chips are being powered by 2 Mean Well drivers. It’s one of the best grow lights for a 4 by 4 grow tent. Full blasting this will push 456 watts at the highest efficiency at 2.7 micrometers per Joule.”

Pigeons 420

I don’t know about you, but from the name of the channel alone, what they do can easily be obvious. Pigeons 420 is a channel dedicated to documenting growing cannabis — medical cannabis, in particular.

Their content is not solely about growing medical cannabis, though, they also have other types of content like different companies offering exotic flowers, educational videos about growing cannabis, and many more!

They have a video of the best lights they’ve used, and, of course, in their opinion. Quite frankly, the Spider Farmer SF4000 is one of those; here’s what they have to say about it:

Look at the diodes on this. There’s a bit more of a spread towards the middle of the panel. The intensity is to be a little higher in the middle. Then, as you get towards the outside of the panels, you’ll see that the spacing of the diodes is closer and crumpled together. What this does is increase the PPFD going towards the outer perimeter of the tent and footprint.”

Albopepper — Drought Proof Urban Gardening

Last and most definitely not least is AlboPepper — Drought Proof Urban Gardening. Their content mainly focuses on helping people understand the science of plant-growing more. As how they say it, “they want people to understand not only what to do, but WHY they do it.”

Garnering a little over 122K subscribers, you can definitely rely on their opinion about gardening. So, here’s what they have to say about the Spider Farmer SF 4000:

The Spider Farmer SF 4000 has these highly-efficient white diodes (Samsung LM301B series). These offer broad spectrum white light where you can actually see your plants as they grow. It grows deep into the canopy. Moreover, these units don’t need other wasted energy like fans, they’re designed to be cool — it’s the best.”

We’re pretty sure that other people who were able to try the Spider Farmer unit out have a lot of good things to say about it. For some, especially new growers, the price may be a bit too much, but compared to other grow lights in the market; you won’t complain about it any longer.


Do you have more questions that haven’t been clearly discussed in the review? Don’t worry; we gathered some of the most common and frequently asked questions about it!

Does Spider Farmer Make Good Grow Lights?

Yes, they manufacture and produce good-quality grow lights. Spider Farmer is considered one of the best light manufacturers adopting innovation in terms of material and make. At the moment, Spider Farmer lights stand as the best and most reliable that are fair in pricing and functionality.

Are Spider Farmer Lights Worth the Price?

Yes, Spider Farmer lights are worth the price to pay for, especially if you’re looking for sets of high-energy efficiency LED grow lights that would accommodate your indoor plants’ needs of growth and cultivation. The rates and prices they have compared to other brands and manufacturers

What is the Yield of the Spider Farmer SF4000?

According to most growers and cultivators, the Spider Farmer SF 4000 is said to have higher-quality yields with about 2.5g/W in the appropriate veg tent or grow tent.

Is it Possible to Overuse a Grow Light?

Yes, longer exposure times are standard when it comes to indoor growing. In fact, this becomes evident with the physical appearance of the plants — the burning of the canopy or the surface of the leaves.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you were able to pick up a lot of things out of this Spider Farmer SF 4000 LED grow light review that you can use before you buy one. If you want to produce high-quality medicine via cannabis plants, this LED grow light can be the perfect one for you.

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