Spider Farmer SF-2000 Led Grow Light Review 2022/23 – Most reliable?

Are you looking for a reliable Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED grow light review to help you with your decision and final judgment about the grow lights you are to get?

Don’t worry because, in this review, you will learn all the ins and outs of the Spider Farmer SF-2000, what this product is good for, how it compares to other light fixtures in its caliber, and many more!

Spider Farmer SF-2000 Led

Before we dive right into discussing the grow light, it’s important that you know where it came from, who made it, and why it is popular in the first place.

Who is Spider Farmer?

At first, you wouldn’t think that they are what they are because of their name and what they’re called, but Spider Farmer is a company — a horticulture lighting group that focused and has focused on producing and creating innovative material for indoor growing of plants.

They are an LED grow lights company that’s known because of their unrelenting service quality, as well as their delivery of commercial cultivation to the next level.

Besides LED grow lights, Spider Farmer is also frequent on the fly when it comes to growing plants as they offer other types and kinds of products, too, such as grow tents and grow kits!

There are a lot of other light suppliers and innovators out there in the market that you can trust, but Spider Farmer is one of the best. They have an excellent and easy-to-use website, a great customer service team, a better grade of components, and much more affordable price points than most of their competitors.

Other Spider Farmer Grow Lights

The Spider Farmer SF2000 has been one of the company’s hottest and top-selling products for many reasons. But, other than this, do they have other LED grow lights to offer?

Yes, definitely! The SF2000 is just what many people purchase, but that doesn’t mean your options are restricted to that only!

Spider Farmer is a breeder of LED grow lights. In fact, the majority of their products started sprouting from these!

Spider Farmer SE Series (Bar)

The SE Series is one of Spider Farmer’s grow lights category that mainly offers light bars. Different models have a different number of bars that have varying effects and intensities.

There are quite a few different types of Spider Farmer SE bars to choose from, all of which have varying degrees of intensities and spectrums! There’s the Spider Farmer SE1000, the Spider Farmer SE7000, the Spider Farmer SE5000, and the SE3000.

Spider Farmer SF Series (Board)

This category of grow lights offered by Spider Farmer tackles more onboard types instead of bars. What we mean by this is that the diodes that are part of the light system are installed and placed in quantum boards instead of LED bars.

For the SF Series or the board series, you can choose from the Spider Farmer SF2000, Spider Farmer SF4000, the SF7000, SF6000, SF300 33W, or the SF1000.

Spider Farmer G Series

Last and most definitely not least is the Spider Farmer G Series. This category contains the newest models of Spider Farmer, and they are the ones that have the most similarities with the SE Series.

They are technically similar to the SE but are different in terms of how they grow plants. Here’s a quick list to name a few of their differences and distinctions:

  • Chip
  • PPFD and PPE
  • Price Points
  • Market

Spider Farmer SF2000 Review 2022/23

Now, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know and learn about the Spider Farmer SF2000 in order for you to decide whether or not this is the grow light you’ll get for your indoor plants.

Spider Farmer SF2000 Specs

The specs are like the backbone of every product; it is what make up the entirety of the grow light. So, here are the specs of the Spider Farmer SF2000 that you ought to know before you go on further with this review:

  • Dimensions/Measurements: 658 x 268 x 59mm (light size); 705 x 330 x 125mm (whole package size)
  • LED Brand: Samsung LM301B (606 pieces of diodes)
  • Voltage: ACC100-277V
  • Weight: 4.64 kg (gross weight)
  • Power Draw: 200W±5% @ AC120V-277V
  • Light Intensity: Up to 840 @ 18″ height
  • Light Spectrum: Full White Light + Infrared Lights (660-665nm, 3000K, 5000K, 760nm IR)
  • Coverage: Core Coverage is 2 x 4 feet; Max Coverage is 3 x 4 feet
  • PPF: 527 umol/S
  • PPE: 2.7 umol/J
  • Lumens: 34500Lm±5% @ AC120V; 34460Lm±5% @ AC240V; and 34530Lm±5% @ AC277V
  • Certifications: CE Certification, ETL Certification, and UL Certification
  • Package Inclusions: The overall package includes:
  1. SF2000 LED Grow Light (x1)
  2. Dimmer Box (x1)
  3. Power Cord (x1)
  4. Hanging Kits (x2)
  5. Rope Rachets (x2)
  6. Daisy Chain (x1)
  7. User Manual (x1)


The make is how the product is as a whole in terms of both the external and internal components. Made with a sturdy and high-quality aluminum board; you wouldn’t need to worry about it being brittle and weak!

Several consumers and users tested it, and it was able to stand most of the tests it was subjected to. According to the durability tests done on it, all results returned a positive note!


The Spider Farmer SF2000 utilizes Samsung diodes — Samsung LM301B diodes, to be more specific, which is the diode category known to be more efficient, give very low heat output, give a brighter light intensity at half the power than most HPS and HID grow lights.

These Samsung diodes have been one of the best and most common turning points of most LED grow lights as they are perfect for canopy light penetration, resulting in higher-quality yields.

Light Output (PAR)

The light output of grow lights are measured in PAR or photosynthetically active radiation for plants and flowers. For us humans, the output of light can easily be measured via Lumen and Lux, but PAR is not something visible to the naked eye.

This measurement will be different, and it will vary from one height to another. The most common, though, would be at a 12-inch height.

As you can see, the area that gets the lightest intensity is the middle part, which spans from 1,042 to 1,518. Lifting it higher to about 15.5 inches above the plant can result in a canopy light penetration of 729 up to 949.

However, unlike other grow lights, you will rarely need additional grow lights to supplement light intensity and power since the SF2000 is designed to have more edge diodes than those in the middle.

What this does is increase and spread out the light distribution evenly and more uniformly.

In perspective, this is still good in terms of vegetation, having it turned on for about 18 hours per day, off for 6 hours, and 12 for 12 hours during flowering.

With the Spider Farmer SF2000, you wouldn’t worry about finding how many lights you need for your grow tent or grow area because it can be a single light with a complete spectrum than others that require supplemental side or edge lights!

The full spectrum LED grow lights it has is presented as follows:

  • 3000K – Good for the blossoming and flowering of plants
  • 5000K – Excellent for growth and germination
  • 660nm – Perfect high-yielding LEDs technology
  • 760nm – IR light – outstanding performance for speeding up phytochrome conversion

Heat Output

One thing that generates the most heat in grow lights is the driver. The driver is the component in a grow light that absorbs and takes the electrical voltage, using its resistance to convert it to constant current. This functionality is one of the primary things contributing to the heat and overall temperature of the light fixture.

When it comes to the heat generated by the light fixture, you can easily compare it to the heat of the rays of the sun. Thanks to the full spectrum capacity of this grow light, it is engineered and designed to specifically meet the needs of all cannabis growers.

The heat management of this fixture is pristine due to the solid construction, as well as the aluminum heat sink that it has. Heat dissipation is well-managed, unlike DIY setups, producing very little heat from the fixture down to the area where the light switch is.


Wattage is an important factor in choosing grow lights because this is the factor that will help you identify how much your next power bill will be. The higher the wattage, the more electricity, and energy it needs to produce the light you’re looking for.

In choosing a grow light, usually, knowing and understanding wattage is probably one of the biggest and most important factors to consider in commercial planting because you will know how much power you need for it to generate light.

Furthermore, it helps and guides you to fully understand how strong, bright, and vast the light intensity is of your unit.

Some LED grow lights claim inaccurate power or wattage draws, which is not good, especially because of the fact that it can confuse you, but the Spider Farmer SF2000’s power draw is exclusively accurate and precise.

NOTE: Upon further inspection, there is some discrepancy with the wattage that it isn’t true to its form. It will usually say that it will run at 200W, but there are instances where it lacks 5 to 25 watts less. It’s not a big amount, but it can be something you want to consider.

Size, Weight, & Appearance

The listed size and measurement of the Spider Farmer SF2000 are at 658 x 268 x 59mm, and its gross weight lies around 462kg as a whole (for the entire package).

Yes, it is this light, even if it already includes all the quality components that come with it.

In terms of size, it is slightly bigger than most LED grow lights, which gave me the impression that it is better, more durable, and longer-lasting than most.

The rubbery coating reduces the risk of splashes, scratches, and other unnecessary damages that could be from natural occurrences like the splashing of water, mishandling, and even dust penetration.

Overall, it is a good-looking grow light that promises to be energy efficient while providing the necessary types of white light, reddish light, and IR light all in one package.

Other manufacturers try their best for their grow lights to imitate the high efficacy rating of this solid unit, but to no avail; they find it difficult and challenging.


PPFD, the abbreviation for photosynthetic photon flux density, is the measurement or the density of photons falling on a specific surface. What this helps us understand is to try and gather information about how many photons fall on the plant canopy.

PPF is similar to this, but instead of being measured by how many photons fall, this is the measurement of how many photons are released from the light source.

If we look at it on a relative scale, the Spider Farmer SF2000 is one of the grow lights that greatly exceed the factor of being extremely high when it comes to intense PAR intensity and spread.

Imagine, with a hanging height of 18″, the average par is at 579 umol/m2/sec, and the efficiency is at 1.99 PPFD/watt. What does this tell us? It tells us that the light spread is uniform and that it is the best light if you’re trying to look for one that can save you a lot of money on electricity.

Energy Efficiency

According to the majority of tests done by experts, growers, and people who do reviews, the usable PPE of the Spider Farmer SF2000 is at 2.05 umol/w, a power draw of 200 watts, all at a harvest potential of 8.1 to 11.0 ounces at 15.5 inches.

Other grow lights need to be closer to the canopy to get these types of yields; they require more wattage, which means they’ll need more power.

Furthermore, this LED grow light is also known to be one of the most energy efficient because of the more reddish light it has. Yes, it is full-spectrum, and it does touch the entirety of the spectrum, but the red and blue wavelengths it has made it an excellent, energy-efficient grow light.

Not to mention the fact that it has an external switch and a dimmer knob that you can easily toggle, too, so you really wouldn’t have any problems with your next power bill with the Spider Farmer SF2000! You’ll be able to control how much your next bill will be even if you have it turned on for more than 18 hours daily!


Let’s not forget about the support of the device when it comes to its manufacturer. Spider Farmer grow lights are usually sold and offered to people with a carried available warranty. For some, this may seem ordinary, but when you think about it, not all manufacturers offer it as openly as Spider Farmer.

Purchasing Spider Farmer grow lights directly gives you a 5-year warranty service and a 30-day return policy. Let me give you a deeper and more thorough rundown of their warranty and return policy.

A 5-year warranty sounds great, right? But there are a couple of things you need to do first before you become eligible for this.

  • According to the Spider Farmer Customer Service, the warranty service is only available in selected countries, including the United States of America (USA), Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the European Union.
  • You’ll need proof of purchase for the 30-day return.
  • The warranty is void if the damage is caused by abnormal use (inputting voltage error, breaking the light, disassembling, dripping water, etc.).
  • The warranty is only available for customers who purchased their products from authorized stores, which are Amazon/eBay stores, authorized retailers, distributors, and agents.


Price comparisons among different types and kinds of grow lights are common but did you know that the SF2000 is in the same price range as other HID and HPS lights that have weaker and lower spectrums and intensities?

What I mean by this is that you get more value for what you will be paying for Spider Farmer’s SF2000. Imagine paying for this amount without the need to purchase additional or extra grow lights. You don’t need your own supply of many other quantum LEDs, and the single Spider Farmer grow light will be more than enough!

Extra Features

Other than these features and advantages, when you first use this quantum board grow light, you’ll be welcomed by a whole lot of extra features that you will rarely see with other grow light manufacturers.

Best For All Growth Stages

What’s meant by this is that the Spider Farmer SF2000 is full-spectrum and applies to all different stages of plant growth just by toggling and changing the brightness of the grow light.

From germination to flowering, it’s the single type of light you can use with varying light intensity. As per the company, you can use it for the following:

  • Germination Phase: For this phase, hang the Spider Farmer SF2000 at about 24 to 30 inches from the canopy, set the dimmer knob to 50%, and have it turned on for about 18 hours (off for 6 hours).
  • Seedling Phase: For the seedling phase, hang it at about 24 to 25 inches from the canopy, set the knob to 50 to 75%, and turn it on for 18 hours (off for 6 hours).
  • Vegetative Phase: During vegetation, hang it at 18 to 24 inches above the canopy, set it at 75 to 100%, and leave it on for 18 hours (off for 6 hours).
  • Flowering Phase: When it’s blooming or flowering, hang it at 12 to 18 inches from the top of the canopy, turn it on at 100%, and have a 12/12 light cycle (12 hours on and 12 hours off).

Innovative Diode Layout

You will find many different grow lights that are in similar styles and designs where the majority of the diodes are placed evenly. The Spider Farmer SF2000 does not only have high-quality components (Samsung diodes), but it also has them strategically placed throughout the quantum board, where there are more diodes found at the edges and fewer in the middle, giving that more even light intensity to the entire plant canopy without the need to add extra grow lights.

The quantum LEDs sold by Spider Farmer SF series have been rated by experts to be the best and the highest quality LEDs that are offered on Amazon.

Thanks to how it’s positioned, the way it’s laid out, and how it interacts and reacts when turned on, you will really feel and see the difference it has over other quantum boards and quantum LEDs in the market.

Daisy Chainable

Another extra feature that the Spider Farmer SF2000 LED grow light has is the fact that you can daisy chain it to extend and expand it further. I get and understand that this is common to most LED grow lights, but in this regard, you’ll be surprised at the maximum efficiency you can get from it.

This multi-light connection can help you become more flexible and more versatile as you wouldn’t worry about how you can set it up.

You can connect and extend it to up to a total of 60 lights! If you have a large area and know that a single Spider Farmer LED grow light isn’t enough, or if it isn’t extremely bright for your indoor plants, you can extend it further!

NOTE: Not all grow lights are compatible with the Spider Farmer SF2000 in terms of daisy chaining them. You need to make sure and double-check the cords and the lines of your other grow lights to see if they can be connected to the LED grow light or not.

Excellent Customer Service

One of the best traits that the company has is its feedback and concerns department. The Spider Farmer customer service team is not only there for you if you have questions and concerns about the grow light, but almost the entire team is knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to an indoor plant growing in general. They’re easy to contact, easy to talk to, and approachable, and they are experts in their field.

I always tell people to choose the product based on the manufacturer, and Spider Farmer is one of those companies that will not make you regret your decision.

Easy Controls

Part of the best things you can get from any type of product would be the fact that they can easily be controlled. Now, I’m not talking about controlling using a remote control because the fixture itself has external switches ready to be toggled.

The back of the product is easy to understand, and, as you can see in this photo, everything is in one place! So you have the dimmer knob, the light switch, the enter and exit dimmer knobs, and the ports.

Another excellent feature that this LED grow light has is that if you have multiple Spider Farmer SF, even other series of grow lights, you’ll be able to control them easily using just a single device.

Extremely and Effectively Water-Resistant

The entire unit has been assessed and tested to be water-resistant. You’ll find a lot of grow lights in the market, claiming that they are resistant to splashes of water, but, in reality, they’re not.

Spider Farmer SF grow lights have been durability-tested, water-tested, and quality-checked multiple times, and they all reflected and returned with excellent results.

Noiseless Grow Lights

Another hyped feature of the Spider Farmer SF2000 is the fact that it emits very little noise; in fact, it emits no noise at all! This is all thanks to its passive cooling feature, which gives it the capability to function even without fans installed.

What adds more to its noiseless functionality is that the diodes used for this are the newer and more advanced diodes compared to other grow lights manufactured and created years back. These diodes don’t give you the crackling and shackling sounds you typically hear with other diodes.

Samsung Official Partner

Last and most certainly not least is the fact that Spider Farmer is one of Samsung’s official partners in the grow lights industry. You might not see its worth right now, but when you think about it, you can directly go to Samsung if you find any diode you have there damaged, broken, or dysfunctional.

You don’t need to give them serial numbers, codes, or anything; just let them know that you have a Spider Farmer SF LED grow light, and they’ll know how to attend to your concern.

These are all the positives and additional benefits going with the Spider Farmer SF2000 has.

Key Takeaways

Here are some of the takeaways you can check after reviewing the Spider Farmer SF2000 as a whole:

  • It draws less power than lights while putting out a stronger light intensity.
  • It’s usable for different stages of plant growth.
  • The size is perfect for an average-sized grow area.
  • Its price is affordable and is worth the value of how much you’ll be paying for it.
  • Downsides include it being possible for light burn, especially if the temperature is raised or increased, it is typically small to be a solo grow light for a big area or a big tent, and it does not shine as bright as other grow lights.

Overall, LED grow lights can appear to cost more and be more expensive than HID, HPS, and other types of lights. But, in the long run, it will give you the electrical bill savings you have always been looking for!

Are There Cons to the Spider Farmer SF2000?

All of the information stated above are positives — they contribute and conspire to the overall effectiveness of the grow light, and they are for the benefit or advantage of growers.

Let’s take a look at the other end of the spectrum here. What do you think the drawbacks are of the SF2000? Are there things that need and require attention?

Light Burn is Possible

This is defined as the instance where there the leaves degrade, in which they turn white (yellow leaves), caused by a strong exposure to light. This is especially common to plants where lights changed from HID or HPS to LED grow lights as they aren’t used to receiving that amount of light.

In order to avoid this from happening, the best tip you can get is to make sure that the light intensity doesn’t go over the factory settings. You’ll see what the exact factory settings are on the packaging of your grow light, so following this can help you a lot in maintaining the color and the health of your indoor plants.

Not As Bright As Other 2000W LED Grow Lights

This drawback is among the most straightforward ones and is one that you’ll notice when you place it side by side with other grow lights. Spider Farmer grow lights are not as bright as other LED grow lights in the market.

On a larger scale, its footprint is somewhat one (1) foot or two (2) feet smaller than other lights. You might think of it as something that’s easily solvable, but when you look at it on a larger scale or if you are accurately monitoring plant health, it will be a big factor.

Yes, it has a full white light and even IR light, but the footprint and overall brightness are not as fit as other units you will find in the industry.

Heavier Than Most Grow Lights

Another thing worth noting is its weight. You know what many people say about things that are heavy, right? That they tend to appear more legitimate and more authentic because you know that they have quality components. However, the weight of Spider Farmer grow lights are far heavier than they should be.

This imposes quite a few issues along the way, which include:

  • Difficulty in lifting and in elevating for installation;
  • Slower to adjust and maneuver; and
  • Danger or hazard in toggling it entirely.

NOTE: When installing it, be sure to ask for help or assistance from another person if you’ll be using a ladder. It is heavier than it seems, and installing it can take some time.

Light Intensity Distribution is Less Than the Ideal

If you take a closer look at the PAR map above, you will see that a 2 x 4 feet grow a 500 umol PPFD does not fully cover space. Basically, there are regions or areas that the intensity would cover less than it should have.

Compared to other grow lights and doubled-ended HPS systems, it is weaker, but upon checking the usable PPF or the amount of light that the entire lighting system puts out — which is about 412.3 umol, the PPFD is just at the best and right amount.

This, however, will completely change if we consider the grow space to be at 2 x 3 feet or a 60 x 90cm grow space as in this grow space, at the same height, provides better and more uniform PPFD.

Unless you get another set of grow lights, it will be enough.

Not Available as DIY Kits

Unlike HLG or the Horticulture Lighting Group grow lights categories, Spider Farmer grow lights aren’t available as DIY kits. Instead, they are ready-made and designed fixtures, where you don’t necessarily need to perform DIY or free-hand designing or constructing.

If you are the type of grower who wants to play with your lighting setup, then Spider Farmer grow lights might not be the best one for you. Its aluminum board (quantum board) is already set up and engineered to be a push-and-play type of setup, so, you don’t need to stress out about it.

More Expensive Than Most

And of course, let’s not forget about its price. Compared to other grow lights in the market, Spider Farmer grow lights are better, and more performing but are typically more expensive and costlier.

It is because of the reported higher-quality yields they offer, not to mention the expensive and high-quality components they have. Since they’re based in Canada, you can expect the shipping costs to be staggering, but hey, the company has tons of offers to help you with shipping costs, so don’t worry!

Overall, when you look at it, the pros definitely outweigh the cons big time. Spider Farmer grow lights, are grow lights meant to replace two lights you have in your grow space with just one (1) that fits it perfectly and sustainably.

Spider Farmer SF-1000 vs. SF-2000 vs. SF-4000

Let us briefly look at other Spider Farmer lights (SF category) and see how they’re different from our main product, the Spider Farmer SF-2000.

The company made it extremely bright for its pacing and caliber, meaning you wouldn’t need an extra quantum board, a bar, or any other additive to it.

In a nutshell, the Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a grow light that’s comprised of two (2) SF-1000s, and the SF-4000 is comprised of two (2) SF-2000s or four (4) SF-1000s.

Their differences lie in how much light spread they have, as well as, of course, the power they draw or need in order to be functional. Let’s not forget the weight. Of course, the SF1000 is the lightest, and the SF4000 would be the heaviest.

General Warm Tips

These tips have been given out by users who purchased the SF1000, SF2000, or the SF4000. Mostly, these are for the protection or security of the user; be sure to follow these steps:

  1. NEVER touch the quantum board while turned on or while in operation.
  2. AVOID looking at the LEDs directly to avoid eye damage.
  3. If you live in a hot and humid region, you can improve your HVAC by using cooling fans or an air-conditioning unit. The heat could tamper with the technology of the grow light.


If you find yourself asking more questions, here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Spider Farmer SF 2000!

Are Spider Farmer LEDs Any Good?

Yes, in fact, a lot of cannabis enthusiasts and cannabis growers doing commercial planting consider Spider Farmer grow lights excellent. The Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a great light — even extremely promising. Furthermore, all other Spider Farmer products are extremely high-performance, too! The chips of the device are mounted on a steel plate, acting as the heatsink of the fixture.

How Many Plants Can You Have Under SF2000?

The Spider Farmer SF2000 is a usable light for cultivating your cannabis plants across all their growth stages. You can use it for both the vegetative and flowering stage, and you won’t need multiple lights! Instead, its vegetative footprint sits at about 3 x 4 feet, while for flowering, it’s a great light for a 3 x 3 feet grow space.

What Driver Does the SF2000 Use?

Akin to all other Spider Farmer SF light series, the SF2000 uses a Mean Well Driver. It’s the one that takes the voltage, transforming it into electricity. The Mean Well driver is mounted and installed on top of the fixture’s steel plate.

I Live In Europe, Would the Free Power Cord Be Compatible with Where I Live?

Yes, the power cord you will be given and supplied will depend on the region or the area where you live. We’ll take that to the address you want it to be delivered to.

How Big is the Spider Farmer SF2000?

The Spider Farmer SF2000 is measured 648 x 268 x 59mm or 25.5 x 10.5 x 2.3 inches. It fits as a standard-sized grow light and has almost the same amount of energy and power as HPS and HID lights that are double or twice their size.

Do Spider Farmer Lights Have UV?

Unfortunately, the Spider Farmer SF2000 is not equipped with diodes that have UV, but the newest flagship LED grow light by Spider Farmer, which is the Spider Farmer SE5000, is a grow light that has enhanced red lights, a full UV and UR spectrum, and is daisy chainable!

What’s the Difference Between the SF1000 and the SF1000D?

The SF1000D is the newer, more advanced grow light than the SF1000. It has higher energy efficiency, topping it at 2.6 umol/J. Furthermore, it has better and high-yielding LEDs technology; it consumes only 100W, whereas it’s also comparable with HID lights that consume 200 watts. It does not have a dimming function, it utilizes regular or standard drivers, and it uses Samsung LM301D diodes instead of LM301B.

Final Verdict

There are a lot of things to consider before going with an LED grow light to work with. But, even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to strangle yourself with all these doubts and questions.

Before you judge and say no in grow lights, check this Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED grow light review first! You’ll understand that this will be the only light you’ll need for your indoor grow space or grow tent!

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